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Not Going Anywhere! NEWS!
Date of Scene: 04 January 2022
Location: April and Harley's Apartment.
Synopsis: Terry tries to convince April and Harley to evac the city. It... doesn't work.
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Harley Quinn, Terry O'Neil
Tinyplot: Path of Glory

April O'Neil has posed:
The Channel Six News Van is parked outside the front of the Antique Store.

April is inside the apartment bagging up some supplies and wearing her yellow leather jacket that helps keep cars from slamming in to her... so she hopes. After all, reporting on the sides of busy streets is a dangerous job! Let alone riding your bike to and from work every day!

In the now, April has a pair of backpacks loaded up with water and whatever bagged and canned food she can get out of the usually well stocked pantry.

She's got her bike helmet on still too, even though the van is outside waiting for her, her bike is still on the rack on the back of said van.

"Everyone is being evac'd." April says to her phone which is laying on the counter....

It's her sister on the other end, June. 11 years older than April, she lives in California and has a husband and four kids... they rarely see each other anymore.

"And when are you leaving?" June asks through the speaker.

"I'm not." April replies as she stuffs some apple sauce cups in to a grocerry bag, then in to one of her backpacks.

"april. God damnit. You have to get out of there. That city is doomed, either today or a year from now. It's a mess!"

"And I have to help people." April counters her sister.

Harley Quinn has posed:
If April is staying so is Harley! There hadn't been much of a discussion about that because no one changes the mind on Harley when she is set on something. And if a meteor is coming down on New York they will just have to ride it down and hope Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck save the day. Or something....

"Alright, guys. Everyone settled and ready?" She has fashioned both the hyenas and Gerti with little helmets for their little heads. Along with lil jackets because nights can get nippy during January. And who knows what will happen! Harley has, of course, her own helmet on. The roller derby one, that is. And the protection pads. A casual FLAMETHROWER is on her back (blame April for it being her Christmas gift) and a load of baseball bats are fashioned inside strips of leather, which she has under one arm.

She gets back up to her feet, "IT'S OKAY, SIS!" she says a bit loud, "I AM HEAH TA PROTECT HER!" Harley is being helpful! (not really maybe)

Then to the hyenas. "Hut hut, to the van!" She tells them. And they obediently start making their way out! Such nice hyenas. So sweet once they stopped gnawing on humans.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
A Rabbit Hole. A bona-fide Rabbit Hole appears in midair, with a very flustered-looking Vorpal emerging from it, right into April's apartent.

"April! Are you still he-"

The cat pauses, ears twitching as he recognizes the voice coming from the phone on the counter. "Cousin June, is that you?" the Cheshire cat says, immediately spotting April. And the marching Hyenas. And Harley. A quick survey of their equipment gives him the totally wrong impression, and a relieved look spreads across his face.

"Oh, you're evacuating already, guys?"

April O'Neil has posed:
"You're not a super hero, April." June counters her sister before she stops and then sighs.

"Harley. Would you please talk some sense in ..." She stops herself and can quietly be heard muttering. "What am I even thinking asking that..."

April lifts up her backpacks after zipping them, shoves the pantry door shut with her booted foot and slings the bags over her shoulders. "June. Look... I." April stops when the rabbit hole makes her jump and yelp! "Terry!" April says.

"Terry?" June says. "Terry. Would YOU please talk some sense in to your cousin?"

"June. I gotta go, the van is outside, and we gotta be in Manhattan for the evening shift!" April then says as she reaches for her phone and lifts it up off the counter, taking the charger out of the wall with it. "I'll call you later tonight, okay?"

"April, wait!"

"Love you too, sis!" April says before hanging up.

She turns then to smile at Vorpal. "Good to see you. What's the scoop with the hero side of this?" She asks as she THEN turns to Harley, smiling at her roomie.

"Are we ready? Gerti got her stuff? Lets get going..." April then says reaching for her Press lanyard with her credentials hanging off of it... it's clear they're going back to the city now!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Right?" Harley says when June speaks of talking sense into April, "What are you even thinkin', you know April is stubborn as a mule!" yep, totally the wrong impression on WHY June doesn't want Harley talking sense into April. Or does she? Maybe she just decided to overlook it. But then there's a wild cat dropping in!

"Heya, Terry!" She greets him, wide grin, "You dropped in at the right time." she goes to the sofa and picks up a couple of backpacks. "Help us carry this downstairs to the van." she won't wait for him to say yes, or no. She just hands it over to him..

And then goes to get a few more packs to carry down. The hyenas and Gerti need their food!

"We ready to go." She nodding at her roomie. "Is it true that there are aliens coming in?" she then asks Terry. "I have been goin' through these conspiracy theory sites and they awhe talkin' about it.."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry is volunteered to carry backpacks, and so he carries them. As he does so, he puts together the actual scenario. "Wait, wait wait wait. Cousin June wanted me to- April, Harl, are you guys not evacuating at all?" he says, shifting the packs around as he carries them down. "Guys, no, you can't... you can't do that. It's not just the meteor, that's just half of it."

He glances from Clonette to Reporter and back, spreading his hands in a gesture of pleading, "There's more. Way worse stuff. There are /angels/ coming this way. Angels intending to invade and obliterate. And I mean the real deal- I got hit by their holiness and I tripped balls for /hours/."

April O'Neil has posed:
April is out on the landing and using her keys to lock the apartment up... which she never does since the building locks from the outside too...

She helps everyone get out and start down the stairs, walking with Harley and her fancy Flamethrower, while April is wearing her Bumblebee helmet atop her head.

"Harley, did you get their dual leash so we can keep them inside the van? If needs be we can run off any assholes who try anything during the broadcast... desperate times after all." She says with a sly grin.

April looks back to Terry behind her as they go down the winding staircase to the ground floor.

"Angels? Real Angels?" She doesn't sound convinced... "Why would REAL Angels 'attack' us?" She pauses at the bottom of the steps to let Terry go ahead of her now through the Antique Store.

"I mean, I believe you... I just... I mean we went to Church until... my mother died." She says that last part like she'd never thought about that before. "Hmm. But yeah, aren't they supposed to be... the good guys?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Come on, Gerti. Time to go.." Harley makes cooing sounds at the turkey, who amazingly starts following her out. Most likely linking those sounds to food being provided soon. It doesn't stop Harley from thinking she's a real turkey whisperer. Ah well. She steps out and nods sharply at April. "O' course!" this about the leash. "Got the pad and cage for Gerti too if things start gettin' rowdy sa well."

She continues walking down with April and Terry, baby blue eyes going to the latter at the mention of angels. "Heh what? Angels? Get outta heah..." she shakes her head. Yes, the clownette is disbelieving that! That's how far out of her expectations that one is. "You trippin' still? Yes, you awwhheee.." for someone with such crazy stories as Harley normally does it's certainly ironic she isn't the first to believe him!

She looks at April, "It'd be a bettah sell if it was demons."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Guys... I'm serious. Ape-" Terry reaches out to grab April by the shoulders. Not to detain her, but so she can look at him straight on. "I am not kidding. The Archanbgel Michael is coming to invade Earth and wipe us all out, because he thinks humanity doesnt work anymore and he wants to rebuild the universe so humans don't have free will anymore. Think- Angels /have/ tried to do this before... remember Milton? Paradise Lost? Lucifer rebelled because he thought humans were unworthy of being served by angels. According to the story, that's why he was cast out from heaven and into Hell- because he led a rebellion." He glances over at Harley, "And it looks like Michael is trying to do Rebellion 2.0, so he's going to-"

Pause. ".... is that... a turkey?"

April O'Neil has posed:
April is flipping the light switches in the Antique store to turn all the chandeliers and wall lights off as she looks from Harley to Terry, and then he halts her by grabbing her shoulders. She flutters her eyelids a few quick times at what he says, then tilts her head to the right a little. "Why would ... I mean... God wouldn't ..." She looks to Harley, then back to Terry.

"It's gotta be something else. Like an Alien society got ahold of a Bible and are using it to 'fool all us dumb Humans', right?" She states then as she flips the last light switch off. Her phone buzzes in her yellow jacket pocket, the Pirates of the Carribean theme song as her ring tone this week.

"Superman will stop them. And if he doesn't, Wonder Woman will. And if she doesn't... I dunno. That one with the weird boob window? She's pretty tough too." She cracks a grin at Terry, then starts to head for the front door again.

"Either way. I'm a reporter, and it's my duty to send out the news, even if it means... well... the end, of everything. It's part of the job, you know this, Vorpal." She uses the V name for the first time in conversation.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It is a turkey." Harley confirms to Terry. It's clearly the important part of this conversation! Not the incoming destruction of New York! "We weah gonna eat her foh Thanksgivin' but then we fell in love." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "She's called Gertrudes. Or Gertie." she ushers the turkey out of the room so it can continue on to the van outside and into her little pad.

As for the rest? "Someone will do it. My money is on Wondah Woman." she nods, then another look at Vorpal. "But if I had ta bet I was gonna say you've been at it already too." sharp eyed and all that.

She does note the two of them getting perhaps a bit more serious, and being the psychologist that she is she understands those cues! Cues that it might be good for her to do something else. "I am goin' ta get the hyenas settled in the van. Meet me theah." she tells the two, then going over to where vorpal is to relieve him of his backpacks. "I will take those." then leaning for a mwah on his cheek. "Good luck!"

On the talk to try and convince April? Or against the angels? She isn't sure on what will be harder! And then she is out, leaving the two alone.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Ape, please!" Terry follows after April, "These are the real thing. Not aliens. I got blasted by /holy/ magic. Ape, I am completely useless against that. I can't protect anyone against them. I can't protect you. I can' t protect mom- I can't open a rabbit hole and come save you guys if a building starts crumbling in on you, because I'd be too stoned on angel magic to even notice what is going on..." he sighs and raises his hands in a pleading gesture, "Let me at least send one of my friends with you? He's a Spider. He's super strong. He can 'thwip', so at least he can thwip you guys out of the way of fallen debris. I'm not asking you not to do your job... just, I'd want someone looking out for yo-"

And right as April reaches for the door, there is the screeching of tires.

A red sedan pulls up to them, parking right behind the news van.

"... oh god... says Terry.

The door to the sedan opens, and Agatha O'Neil appears in all of her tall, willowy presence. Wearing a leather jacket, practical but durable pants. Sunglasses, and-

Is that a shotgun.

"April, you're still here. Good." She walks up to them with her usual calm and collected intensity. "I was hoping I wouldn't be too late."

"... MOM!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April is on her way outside when the car does indeed pull up. She doesn't reocgnize it outright, but she does recognize the license plate...

When Terry's mother steps out, April just hooks her thumbs under her backpack straps on her shoulders, narrows her eyes for a second, and then looks between the two of them.

"Agatha." April says. "Why on Earth did you drive down here?" April stops herself. "I mean... Hi!" She moves to hug the other woman. "It's been forever since I saw you!"

Denied or not, April would pull back then and wince a little at herself, social situations can be awkward like this!

She motions to Terry. "He's trying to convince me to get out. But I got a job, and that job is in the city. It's part of the gig. It's a serious job, you know?"

Hyena and Turkey noises come from the inside of the News Van parked along the street...
Harley turns on some spice girls music inside the cab too...

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Terry told me what was going on," Agatha says by way of explanation, giving April a one-armed hug (because shotgun.) "He tried to tell me to evacuate and then said he'd come to see you."

Terry doesn't say anything, he simply /stares/ at Agatha.

"I don't know why. O'Neils don't run. And I figured that you could probably use..." she glances at the van, as animal noises and Spice Girls tunes echo through the street, "an extra hand. It's been some time since I've done any skeet shooting."

She lowers her sugnlasses to glance at April, green eyes not too different from Terry's glance at her, with a certain glint. "Besides, I thought it was high time I saw my favorite niece at work."

The Cheshire cat stares, and then he rubs the bridge of his nose. "You are goingo to send me to an early grave."

Agatha glances at April and raises an eyebrow, "Now he knows how I feel."

April O'Neil has posed:
April slaps the front of her denim covered thighs at all of this. "Oh boy..." She says then with a light laugh. Her eyes look over to Terry, then back to his Mom. "You sure pick a strange time for a ride along. But... I mean, you're here now, so if you want to... I guess I can ride in the back with the ... guard animals." And a Turkey.

April starts toward the back of the News Van, knowing full well what Terry is thinking. She opens one of the doors, and stuffs Lou's head back inside, then puts the backpacks in to the cabinet just inside. She stuffs Bud's head back in then before she moves the door to mostly keep it closed. Both Hyenas looking out the crack now as the music comes roaring out louder.

"Look. Terry. If things get real bad, just call me. We'll figure something out. We got options, right? Harley has contacts all over the city who can help too." For ill or for good.

"We'll be okay. We got all the best supers in this city after all anyway." Braggadocious toward home turf!

April motions forward for Agatha. "You can hop in, Harley is driving..." She looks at Terry then and goes EYES wide for a second, like 'Was this your plan?!'

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry EYES back. No. It was not. It is telegraphed. Semaphored. If he had signal flags, he'd use them as well.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll just leave the car parked here," Agatha says, pressing the key fob. Beep Beep. "It's a rental."

All rental cars have insurances for supervillain-based catastrophes, after all. "I'll go ahead and get settled in."

Terry exhales, "Fine. Fine. Just... keep me up to date, okay? Keep your GPS on so I know exactly where you are. The moment you lose signal-" he says, wagging a finger, "I'm either coming or sending one of the speedsters to check on you. And please try not to-"

"Terry, come over here, you've got something on your fur," Agatha says, reaching for something in her jacket pocket. The beginning of a napkin is seen.

"... Okay, gotta go and help with the Embassy!" Terry says, taking a very quick sidestep into a Rabbit Hole, and vanishing from sight.

"Works every time," Agatha says, stuffing the hanky back into her pocket.

April O'Neil has posed:
April watches Terry react to his mom with the napkin and as he's retreating she speaks up. "Hey, was your spider friend the Shadow one--- and he's gone." She sighs then. "He was nice..." She mutters then before showing Agatha a quick restrained smile. "Are you ready for Action News, with an extra helping of Action?" She asks as she swings the door open.

"Okay, lets get this dog and pony show on the road!

The action News Van rumbles to life, and Harley turns up the music inside.

"Move over!" April shouts in the back at the various animals in her way of settling in!