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  Agent X  
Alex Hayden (Scenesys ID: 1480)
Name: Nijo Minamiyori
Superalias: Agent X
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: US (Forged)
Residence: NYC
Education: Inherited Memories
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 04 May 1991 Played By
Height: 6'0" Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: None Eye Color: White
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The man known as Agent X arrived hungry, helpless, and drooling at Sandi Brandenberg's doorstep, begging for help. He had no memories, but he did have one driving ambition, to be the best mercenary in the world! Leveraging Sandi's connections, he began to train with the likes of Taskmaster and Outlaw. Armed with an regenerative healing factor and a 'Can Do Attitude', Agent-X has begun to make his mark as a mercenary.


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* 1991 - Born in Kyoto, Japan to a minor Yakuza family
* 2014 - Four Winds crime family is assassinated by Black Swan, Dead Pool takes credit
* 2015 - Nijo contracts with Black Swan to kill Deadpool for falsely taking credit of Four Wind job
* 2016 - Deadpool confronts Swan. During the fight, Nijo is killed by Swan for refusing to kill Sandi Brandenberg but immediately resurrected when Swan's powers go out of control. Nijo gains Deadpool's healing factors and Black Swan's ambition to be the world's greatest mercenary. He is otherwise devoid of memory.
* 2017 - A thankful Sandi connects Nijo (now Alex Hayden) with Taskmasker and Outlaw for training.
* 2020 - Alex is a known element on the mercenary circuit, he travels to NYC to pick up contracts.

IC Journal

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Be the Best:
Agent-X inherited his ambitions from Black Swan and was effectively born with only that ambition to guide him. His talent as a mercenary is a cornerstone of his self-esteem.

Easily Bored:
Agent-X does not have the cool composed patience of a veteran mercenary. If you ask him on a stakeout, he's going to fidget, complain, and eventually do something to provoke action.

Inner Child:
Agent-X seems to enjoy some of the simpler things in life. He's not against play. Enjoys a good candy apple and the zoo. It may be because he's trying to fill in his childhood, but he can get very excited about things others may describe as childish.

When you've lost everything, you really only have upwards to go. His lack of memories has given him a singular focus in his life, and while some of the jobs he's taken have been less then grandiose, he has been successful. He is quick to find a silver-lining and quick to make 'Lemonade out of Lemons'.

Alex really enjoys his snacks. Corn dogs, hot dogs, pudding. He habitually is putting something in his mouth, and nothing brightens his mood faster then good junk food.

He's not the 'Merc with the Mouth', but he's not lacking in witticism and can throw some good shade with the best of them.

Character Sheet


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Chemical Resistance:
Thanks to the benefit of his Healing Factor, Alex is highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. Intoxication or sedation require massive dosages to be effective.

Disease Immunity:
Alex's immune system is powered by his healing factor and has rendered him effectively immune to all known diseases and infections.

Healing Factor:
Alex posses a superhuman factor which allows him quickly repair destroyed tissues and regeneration damage with greater efficiency then the average person. He is able to heal burns, lacerations, punctures, and impact trauma. He is able to regrow lost limbs and organs. He can even survive brain punctures.

Peak Agility:
Agent-X is able to train harder and longer then normal human beings thanks to his healing factor. As a result, he has superior agility, balance, coordination, and reflexes.

Superhuman Stamina:
As a byproduct of Alex's advanced healing factor, his muscles fatigue significantly slower then the average human. He is able to exert himself at peak capacity for upwards of 24 hours before fatigue begins to set in and impair his ability.

Superhuman Strength:
The rapid regeneration of Alex's muscle tissues has allowed him to develop significant muscle mass of abnormal density. He is able to push his physique well beyond normal human limits, granting him the ability to carry upwards of 800 pounds and lift upwards of 3 tons.

Telepathic Immunity:
Alex's brain cells are in a state of constant regeneration and flux. This unique physiology renders him effective immune to psychic manipulation and also makes his actions more difficult to predict. A fact discovered by Taskmaster himself during his initial training.


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Expert Marksman:
Agent-X has been trained both by Taskmaster and Outlaw in the use and application of modern firearms. He has additionally proven to be ambidextrous, able to wield twin pistols with high accuracy.

Martial Arts:
Trained under Taskmaster and absorbing some of the skills from Deadpool and Black Swan, Agent-X is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and is a master in multiple unarmed combat techniques.

Pain Tolerance:
Partly as a by-product of his healing factor, mostly as a product of being Taskmaster's personal punching bag. Why is that guy so stabby?!


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Agency X:
Agency X is ran by Sandi Brandenburg who has significantly experience running mercenaries. She assists Alex with finding jobs and putting him into contact with other mercenaries.

Guns and Toys:
Nothing too fancy, but being the mercenary business and through the help of Agency X, Alex has a collection of melee weapons, firearms, and explosives.


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Agent-X is REALLY well-trained, but the amount of practical experience he has for someone of his skill is lacking. Lacking this on the job wisdom, he makes the occasional rookie mistake.

Lost Memories:
Alex remembers nothing from before his resurrection. He has no childhood to draw upon or nostalgia. He often resents or is saddened when people reminisce.



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Alex Hayden has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Good Luck via Bad Luck May 22nd, 2020 A stroke of luck saves Alex from having to break out of jail, which is a bit harder then climbing out of the wreckage of a crashed police van. He escapes to a nearby apartment building only to stumble upon the apartment of Felicity Felix. Someone how the luck plague has become his lucky charm!
For Hire and At Odds May 21st, 2020 Agent X and Security Special Winters clash over smuggled cargo. His client wants it. Hers wants to keep it. Bullets are shot. Behinds are wounded. Foreheads are stomped. Agent X ends up cuffed and served to the police. Miss Winters potentially earns a paycheck.


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Alex Hayden has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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