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Andrew Rivers (Scenesys ID: 877)
Name: Andrew Rivers
Superalias: Vorlego
Gender: Male
Species: human
Occupation: CEO of RisingSun
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: MFA
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 07 Jul 1998 Played By
Height: 5'7 Weight: 160
Hair Color: Rose gold Eye Color: Emerald green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Vorlego was born to Marry and Alexander in london. When he was eight, he was going to the shop to buy some candy when he was almost robbed and killed by a thug. Luckily however, he escaped. When he was 12, his father was heavily wounded and had to be hospitalized. Upon seeing his father in this state, Vorlego was angry that he could not protect his family or himself. His power, which was caged do to his body not being able to handle it until then, was released and his skin and bones toughened and became more resistant to dammage, while he was able to manipulate earth easily.


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* 1998 born and raised in london to pairents marry and alexander.
* 2006 robbed by a thug(escaped)
* 2010 father wounded by villain, abilities unlocked do to feeling a strong burst of anger. mutant,
* 2015 through almost unhealthy amounts of training, gained the ability to raise earth walls and create weapons out of earth.
* 2016 started the company RisingSun.
* 2018 The Rising Sun company has grown in size. Started to fight thugs and thievs. Discovered the toughening of bones and skin ability.
* 2020 Rising Sun company has grown in size and now gains millions of dollars by the day do to the selection of computers, computer related things and software. Setting out to fight big villains now that powers are able to be used for ful offence and defense.

IC Journal

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Anti Hero:
Vorlego is rarely anti hero, however, if a situation is bad enough, such as friends or allies being hurt or he is under a heavy attack, he will become anti hero and cause as mutch pain as needed to end the threat.

Vorlego is courageous. When he knows that he has a chance to win, he will pounce on it no matter the wrisk to himself.

Lie Detecter:
Vorlego does not lie. If he thinks you are lying, he will point it out to you and whoever you have lied to.

Vorlego is loyal to anyone he consideres to be a friend. That loyalty shifts only when they betray him.'

Vorlego does not socialize with people often. He is quiet most of the time, prefering other people to continue the conversation.

Vorlego is incredibly protective of the people he consideres allies or friends, to the point that he will give his life up to do so.

Character Sheet


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Dammage Resistance:
Vorlego's body is heavily resistant and enhanced. He can withstand a small explosion full with glass and debris, but incredibly high amounts of strength will dammage him, though less than it would a normal human. He can also improve his resistance further by using a rock suit, built by shaping earth into a humanoid shape, though the suit will not have mutch purpose other than improving his resistance and strength slightly.

Earth Manipulation:
Vorlego can control earth to shape statues, or move enough earth to create a hill. He can manipulate earth to create weapons, shields, walls, or any shape he could imagine. With enough focus, he can also create an intire house or building, by gathering enough resources such as cement, concrete, rock, and any other resource that is not wood or carpet. though this will make him very tired and may need days of recovering. He can also move earth to his location from a far. The last thing to be known about the ability, is that he can control earth walls and other things he creates with his mind instead of physically.

Wall of Earth:
Vorlego is able to grow an earth wall that is controled by his mind.


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Watching many boxing shows, Vorlego was interested in boxing and he has nearly mastered the skill.

Through many years of hard training, Vorlego is able to fight very well, using swords, hand to hand combat, bludgeners, and whatever weapons he manages to get his hands on.

Through years of sneaking and attempting to detect sneaking people, Vorlego's listening has improved greatly.

Vorlego learned to wield and forge weaponry of all kinds.

Watching crafting shows and learning how to craft using wood, Vorlego can now craft many kinds of objects using wood.


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A Bag of Rock:
This bag of rocks is full. Vorlego uses it when he run sout of earth.

Vorlego owns the Rising Sun company which sells software, computers/computer related things.

Vorlego has 200,000 euros in a bank account as a gift from a distant relative

Vorlego forged this katana a long time ago. It is still sharp and ready for use.

Vorlego bought this motorcycle. He uses it to travel when he feels like going really fast.

Vorlego bought this shield with his katana to improve his protection, even though he has dammage resistance.


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Anti Social:
Vorlego does not like socializing. He will socialize, however, not greatly.

If it is hot enough, Vorlego will seak cold places. Vorlego hates strong heat, as it makes him uncomfortable.

Lack of Earth:
If Vorlego does not have earth close nearby, he may not be able to attack or perform most tasks that require earth.

Lack of Movement:
Lack of movement will cause Vorlego to feel bored and if still for a long time, angry.

Short Turm Memory:
Vorlego has a very bad memory. He can forget things in hours of learning them if he does not consider them important enough.

If Vorlego is in a bored mood, he will often become unpredictable.



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Andrew Rivers has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Genosha Burns: Survivor's Stories March 11th, 2020 Heroes comfort the Genoshan survivors, and find nuggets of information in the stories they have to tell.
Making a Scene March 9th, 2020 Shuri, Spidey, and the Earthbender converge on a TV film scene and give new meaning to the term
Kitchen Corner March 9th, 2020 Roy runs into Vorlego in Hell's Kitchen.
Can I quote you on that March 8th, 2020 Vorelego and Alexander meets Mike Hannigan and Wade Shaw


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Andrew Rivers has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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