Arthur Pendragon

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Arthur Pendragon was the son of Uther Pendragon and the demigoddess Igraine. He was raised in obscurity by Sir Ector until he pulled the sword Caliburn from the Stone of Winchester Castle. He was crowned King of Camelot and guardian of Avalon and Britannia. Arthur ruled for four decades in the 6th Century BCE. Merlyn the Magician proved his staunchest ally and provided Arthur with the legendary blade Excalibur and a mystical scabbard that protected him from harm. With these relics in hand, Arthur conquered great swathes of Wales and England and consolidated them under his benevolent rule.

He was betrayed by his half-sisters, Morgan le Fay and Morgause, who arranged for his downfall after he thwarted Morgan's attempts to summon the malevolent Chthon. Mordred, Arthur's bastard son by way of a liasion with Morgause, mortally wounded his father and fractured the fraternity of the Knights of the Round. Arthur was taken to Avalon by the Lady of the Lake and slumbers there in a healing trance, until the day Britannia is threatened and a hero king must once more defend the realm.