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  Morgan Le Fay  
Morgan le Fay (Scenesys ID: 794)
Name: Morgana Lefey
Superalias: Morgan Le Fey
Gender: Female
Species: Half fae witch
Occupation: None
Citizenship: English
Residence: Happy Harbor
Education: Tutored by Merlyn
Theme: Marvel (TPC Villain)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 31 October 2002 Played By
Height: 6 ft 2 in Weight: 140 lb/63.5 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Twitter: ThatMorgana
Theme Song: Eagles - Witchy Woman

Character Info


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Morgan is an ancient and powerful witch who precedes contemporary written history. She has been responsible for the downfall of more than one kingdom and above all else desires power and to see her nephew Mordred elevated to the throne she sees as his birthright.


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Timeline: Morgana was once a high priestess of the goddess Gaea and a sorceress of no mean talent in ancient Atlantis, some 40,000 years ago. Her mother was a demigoddess of the New Gods, named Igraine.

Even by the standards of Atlantis, Morgana was haughty, proud, and arrogant. She tampered frequently with powers that the Atlantean Council forbade, including temporal manipulation and mind control. Much of her early life was spent under the influence of the dangerous immortal [[[Vandal Savage]]], who indulged her cruel streaks and experimentation. She had a softer side, however, and upon her wanderings through the Astral Plane, she would encounter the hoary mists of Faerie. They would become crucial allies in the millennia yet to come.

Upon learning of the existence of the forbidden realms of Nullspace, Morgana became obsessed with the Old Ones. They seemed an avenue of power to conquer the gleaming Atlantean city of R'lyeh. She attempted to open a gate and compel a minor Old One into attacking the city. This created a rupture into the Nullspace and almost allowed one of these nightmare beings into reality. Atlantean mages repelled the creature and sealed the breach. Abandoned by Savage, Morgana fled Atlantis bare steps ahead of a death squad. She found herself in Otherworld shortly thereafter, in the company of Merlyn, the immortal Magician.

Her asylum would turn to an apprenticeship, then to intimacy. Merlyn and Morgana walked the realms of Yggdrasil, meeting many races. Her close alliance with the Faerie would create a deep rapport with the Tuatha de Danaan. Enlisting the help of the Fae in defending the Outer Gates to the Nullspace, she inspired the creation of the High Courts of the Seelie and Unseelie-- Summer and Winter, eternal guardians for Otherworld and all reality. After a prolonged assault on Faerie breached that realm, Morgana led many of the survivors of the carnage to The Nine Realms. There, they settled in Alfheim, and survivors of the Seelie courts became known as Light Elves and Dark Elves.

In 38,000 BCE, Morgana's lust for power overtook her patience. She engaged with her former lover Vandal Savage and launched a campaign to conquer Otherworld. She reached into the Nullspace and drew forth a strange stone. The High Goddess Brigid, of the Tuatha de Danaan, forged it into a blade, which Morgana gave to Vandal Savage. This blade was unique beyond all measure, as one of the few weapons that could slay any immortal. In a rare direct action, Vandal led the Seelie armies in an assault on the Starlight Citadel. Merlyn's power, magnified threefold by the Vishanti, crushed vast numbers of the Seelie with little effort. All was done in a bid to buy Savage a single opportunity to strike, and his blow was nearly a mortal one. Prepared to finish Merlyn off, he was attacked by a suddenly repentant Morgana. This gave Merlyn the moment he needed to marshal his defense and blast Vandal back to Earth, flinging him unprotected through the dimensions.

Weakened, Merlyn was forced to withdraw to the Starlight Citadel. There, at the peak of Otherworld, he was truly unassailable. Momentarily content with her conquest, Morgana set about appointing herself the new ruler of Otherworld. The Fae were encouraged to repopulate Otherworld, and eventually the harmony of that dimension changed to the point that the ancient home of the Fae Folk-- Tir na Nog-- manifested next to the island of Avalon. Morgana became something less human, turning into a Fae Folk herself.

Never forgetting her ancient enmity with Atlantis, Morgana spent millennia waiting for the right opportunity to exact her revenge. Her machinations became more subtle over time; Atlantis was too powerful to confront directly.

Her moment came when Atlantis was facing Ragnarok-- the Cataclysm of the death of the Demiurge. She traveled to her ancient home of R'lyeh and convinced a select group of Atlanteans that the Old Ones could protect them from the oncoming storm. So desperate were they that they gave her access to the lost relic known as the Cosmic Cube. In a moment when the Demiurge was at its weakest, when the forces of Atlantis were compromised and vulnerable and exposed, Morgana looked at R'lyeh and gave in to her anger and resentment. She used the Cube to smash through the walls between reality and open a Gate into the Realm Between Worlds, calling forth the ancient Great Old One known as C'thulu.

C'thulu promptly slaughtered hundreds of Atlantean mages and drove many others insane. The imbalance of his presence destroyed the careful architecture of the Atlantean survival strategy. It took all the collective life force of the Atlantean archmages and the last flickering power of the Demiurge itself to contain the monster, binding its awareness into the The Dreaming to silence it.

The nations of Atlantis were destroyed in a single day and night. So horrified was Morgana by her actions that she vowed never to open the Outer Gates again, and she watched as her home sank under the ocean and became known as the Sunken City Where C'thulu Sleeps.

With her powers badly sundered due to the collapse of the Demiurge, Morgana's immense magical talent was reduced to almost nothing. Still, she knew the secret Ways of the Fae Realms better than anyone, and would often use these backdoors to slip in and out of many dimensions across Yggdrasil's branching reach. She spent many centuries wandering Earth, looking for surviving Atlanteans and collecting fragments and artifacts that survived the cataclysm.

During the Hyborean Era she encountered the warriors Red Sonja and Conan The Barbarian. She would be frequently stymied by the duo for much of the Age of Barbarians.

In 10,000 BCE, the [[[Cosmic Cube]]] was used to repair the damage to the Demiurge. Morgana's powers returned haltingly. Far from the Fae Realms, she found herself increasingly outpaced by ambitious and talented Sorcerers Supreme appointed by the Vishanti to protect Earth. Rebuffed by the newly immortal Amazons of Themyscira, Morgana conspired with the Sorcerer Supreme called Semiramis of Nimrud. She encouraged Semiramis into luring the god Hercules to Earth to attack Themyscira and destroy the island nation. Semiramis refused to surrender her title to Morgana and instead attacked the other woman. Morgana was forced to flee to Otherworld.

In 600 AD, Morgana discovered that her mother, the demigoddess Igraine, had borne a son named Arthur Pendragon. She encouraged her sister Morgause to seduce their half-brother, and Morgause gave birth to a young man named Mordred. Morgana's obsession with personal power was transferred to her nephew, whom she saw as the rightful heir to Britannia and the realms protecting Otherworld.

She would frequently undermine Arthur's efforts to protect Britannia, including stealing his legendary scabbard for Excalibur and flinging it into a tributary of the Fae Realms. Arthur's greatest knights-- Lancelot, Percival, and Galahad-- embarked on a great quest to capture the ancient book of the Darkhold, containing spells and incantations long coveted by Morgana. She intercepted the knights, and used it to summon Chthon, an ancient and malevolent Elder God to do her bidding. Instead it unleashed Chthon, and the mighty entity immediately struck out at Camelot-- the lock on the door to Otherworld, and therefore the door to conquering all the realms of Yggdrasil.

The combined efforts of the Knights of the Round, Merlyn, and Morgana herself were required to seal the entity away once more, under the peak of Mount Wundagore. Humiliated, Morgana withdrew to Otherworld once more, plotting and planning again how she might give her nephew the eternity of domination over man that she felt was his birthright.

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Brutally Honest:
Morgan does not hold back on telling people what she thinks. This can be both good, if somebody deserves praise. And....bad if they have earned her anger. She's got a tiny bit of tact, though...

Morgan is, if anything, even inn this incarnation, manipulative and just a little controlling. While it's not overt, it's certainly there but oh so subtle. She's a mistress of nudging to get what she wants and aling with her goals.

Morgan is ruthless in her pursuit of what she wants. She'll do what it takes to achieve her goals. From spreading dirt about students, to going so far as bigger and better methods....Morgan ca be summed up by many words, but the most apt one is ruthless

Character Sheet


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Energy Projecting:
Morgan is able to project beams and bolts of energy, roughly equivalent to a Taser, from her hands. She's no clue how she does it, or that much control over it (it's an anger response mostly) but she can harness it when she's fighting.

Morgan has magic running in her veuins and the ability to cast spells. Though the more powerful and more complex, the trickier it is to pull off successfully and the more chance of it backfiring on her.

Aside from being able to teleport to the portal to her castle, Morgan has little else in the way of useable teleportation, currently. It boils down to 'she can teleport around a city and get into anywhere she chooses' and that's about it. If she's in the wilderness, she's able to teleport it small increments. Once she's been to a place, or if a place is sufficiently powerful, she can telepportt ther e from anywhere, it just neeeds to have some magic to latch onto.


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Morgan is a grade A bookworm type student and applies herself in every class she takes with a surprising ferocity. Mostly since that's the Le Fey teachinggs pushing her. Hey, political studies will be useful!

Hand To Hand Combat:
Morgan took up swords at a ren faire and, because of who and more importantly, what she is, is a natural at it. Swords and daggers are her main methods of fighting. She much, much prefers them over guns. She's no Errol Flynn, but she can hold her own with a skilled opponent. Thanks, half fae blood.

Again due to her heritage, Morgan is a natural on horseback. She's able to work up to jumps and cantering into a gallop with no hands or feet in the stirrups. That is to say, relying solely on her balance. She can sort of, to a minor degree, fight on horseback if needed

Morgan gravitated towards the two wheeled side of getting around. Her horse riding skills translated pretty well into motorbikes, really. She's got a bike that's painted up to look like n Arthurian era horse. Dirt bikes are much easier to paint than street bikes, really. She's fiercely protective of her bike, too

Morgan is half fae, She's got a grip on magic that't's made for a woman many times older than her. The actual harnessing of that magic though is a different story. Or, theory? Good. Practical magic? Not so good

In this day and age and incarnation....Morgan has learned how to use technology. She has learned the arts of texting and social media. Plus, she's able to figure out computers fairly easily


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Morgan has had, through every incarnation, a castle. This time is no different. It's her home, where she goes to unwind and relax. It's somewhere she feels safe and belongs. Plus it makes a fine fine place to catch up on homework or studies. There's a portal to and from it where the drawbridge should be on any normal castle, the portal leads to/from wherever Morgan happens to be living away from said castle.

Dirt Bike:
Morgan has a dirt bike patterened after an Arthurian era horse. It's one of her prized possessions.

Morgan has her witches familiar, a black kitten with green eyes, called Merlin. No, she didn't pick the name, either.


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Morgan loves to read. And study. She absolutely will pick reading over anything else given a choice. Or not given a choice, she's rarely seen without some sort of book in hand.

Morgan has flashbacks of her many, many past lives. These are usually preceded by a crippling headache and a ringing in her ears. To everyone else's dismay she acts out the flashbacks as well as if she's really there. Which is bad news depending on the flashbck in question. These flashbacks also take the form of nightmares too when she sleeps, usualy her being killed over and over and over.

Le Fey Teachings:
Morgan has what she claims to be an 'invisible friend' teaching her. In actuality, it's magic, it's Le Fey magic teaching her and shaping her to become who she realy is. On the other hand, being 17 and having an 'invisible friend' isn't exactly cool

Out of Time and Place:
Morgan is out of her time and her place. She has no pop culture knowledge. She's 17, and has no idea who Taylor Swift is. This, thus makes hanging out with people who fire off references awkward. Also she's homesick for Britain, and Tintagil castle in particular

Weak To Iron:
Morgana as a half fae, is weak to iron or other ferrous metallic objects. She does not react well to the touch of cold iron, however and will go out of hreer way to avoid touching it.



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Fey-ling classes March 3rd, 2020 Morgan gets saved from (serious) trouble by an unexpected friend.


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Morgan le Fay has 9 finished logs.

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