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Barney Barton (Scenesys ID: 1532)
Name: Barney Barton
Superalias: Trickshot
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Between jobs, ex-FBI
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Variable
Education: GED
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 04 Aug 1989 Played By Norman Reedus
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Barney Barton is the Barton that not only went the 'wrong direction', but hasn't quite found his way out. He probably won't ever without a shove, and even then...


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* 1989: Born in Waverly, Iowa to Harold and Edith Barton.

* 2000: Parents die in a car accident; Barney and his kid brother are sent to St Ignatius, a foster home.

* 2006: Barney and Clint run away to the carnival. Every kid's dream, right? Wrong. Barney falls in with the 'wrong crowd' while there. He is actually helping steal money. Trained in use of sword and crossbow and do both well.

* 2010: Carson's Carnival of Wonders is hit by the tidal wave at Coney Island, and the Carnival is wiped out. Barney is swept out to sea and fully believed to have drowned. Heck, even he believed it. Instead, he's rescued by one of Annihilus' men in the belief that he can be used against the humans, and was trained before being released with that giant target on his back.

* 2011: Barney joins the FBI. Is trained as a 'Civil Affairs Specialist'. Does his job well... too well.

* 2012: Severed by the FBI, strings are pulled to laterally transfer to the Army for him to be moved overseas.

* 2016: Barney is quietly severed from the Army. Bribery and racketeering. As it was in a war zone where the US is currently not officially deployed, and in locations where it would be 'embarrassing' to be discovered, different charges are brought up and the official record reflects, 'Incompatible' with a dishonorable discharge.

* 2018: Barney misses all the fun in NYC as he's in Japan, feeding off the (rich) misery of the Japanese. This does not ingratiate himself to the Yakuza.

* 2020: Barney lands back in New York where he might be able to 'hide' in plain sight with the Bratva.

IC Journal

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Even Tempered:
Barney doesn't like threats, real or perceived, but won't respond with a hot head. When he does finally answer, it'll be calmly.

Protective of His Own:
Barney may not have many things, or know many people, but those things and people he does 'have' in his life, he is fiercely protective of. Comes from having nothing.

Barney holds a great deal close to his chest. There are things that no one but he knows (simply because he killed the other(s) who knew).

Character Sheet


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When one spends time as a carney, one picks up certain things! While he didn't spend a lot of time on that high wire, he knows a few things about balance and the most advantageous use of body mechanics.

Barney is good with a crossbow seemingly naturally. He is just as good with a snap-shot or a hip shot as someone with a gun and just as accurate.

Armed Combat:
Barney was trained with the Army to fight in Korea as well as trained by the FBI. He is good with pistols and the longer-ranged rifles.

He's a veritable MacGyver. He's usually pretty good at cobbling things together for use, though it ends up being more for defense than for offense.

Due to his time in service, Barney's handlers believed the nation's interests would be best served by his learning French, Russian and Chinese. One that he holds near and dear, but he'd never admit it and it's not seen use in a very long time for simply conversation is ASL. American Sign Language.

Sleight of Hand:
Barney has to make money somehow. Whether it's a 'game' here, or an easy mark theft there.. he certainly manages to keep that skill in practice.

Spy Craft:
Working within the auspices (and mostly outside) of the FBI, Barney has been taught skills such as but not limited to demolitions, lockpicking, breaking and entering, counterfeiting, surveillance and infiltration.

Unarmed Combat:
Again, trained in the Army and later in the FBI, Barney has a good working knowledge of modern 'combat' techniques that have been honed for his specialties.


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Favorite Crossbow:
He has a crossbow that he almost always carries in one form or another. It's his favorite and most cherished possession.

Barney knows people who can move anything. Fine art? Sure. People? No sweat.

Safe Houses:
Barney knows where the defunct FBI safe houses are. Those which were 'made' years ago and are no longer useful for government consumption.


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He's a wildcard, and as such, he has friends but more enemies within the FBI. It makes it difficult in that he no longer has immunity within the borders of the US. Bratva and Yakuza are the only 2 known enemies...

Those that he cares for, he considers family. He'd ultimately do anything for them to make sure they're not in harm's way. How that plays out, however, may not be as expected!

Limited Resources:
Guns and bows require ammunition. Ammunition requires pocket cash. He counts his bullets, makes his own arrows and checks his gas tank, riding more on fumes than not.

Always worked alone, prefers to be alone. There are few people who know Barney, and while he may 'know' a lot of people, he really doesn't 'know' them, nor does he want to.

Barney no longer has an employer. Things are a little tight...



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Title Date Scene Summary
Random Rescuers June 29th, 2020 Rescued kids, creepy Hilde, murderous Barney! The
Just like old times June 24th, 2020 Hilde tells Barney about a pick-up call... is she crazy?


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