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  Captain Britain  
Brian Braddock (Scenesys ID: 1481)
Name: Brian Braddock
Superalias: Captain Britain
Gender: male
Species: Human
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: UK
Residence: Cliffside manor in Gotham
Education: Private School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 03 Jul 1997 Played By Henry Cavill (But Blonde)
Height: 6'6" Weight: 257 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: LordBraddockOfficial
Theme Song: "Rule Britannia!"

Character Info


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Lord Brian Braddock is a member of English nobility who is also a genius and a scientist. He's moved to Gotham in an attempt to pursue his PhD at Gotham University. He is considered a rather pursued bachelor. In secret he is Captain Britain, a prestigious and powerful superhero who is fueled by the magical, otherworldly energies of Britain.


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1997: Born in England, along with his twin sister.

1997-2016: He is a brilliant and dashing young man. He attends a private school and passes through his classes swiftly due to his absolute genius intellect. He is welcomed into Cambridge at 17, and earns his Bachelors in Physics at 19.

2017: At 18 he discovers his father's lab being broken into by a group of villains, and he escapes, only to have his motorcycle plummet over the edge of a cliff. As he lay dieing he is approached by Merlyn, who says he will save his life if he becomes Britain's new champion. He is offered wither the Amulet of Right, or the Sword of Might. Refusing to see himself as a warrior, he choses the amulet and becomes Captain britain.

2017-2020: He serves the public good as Captain Britain, becoming quite famous. Meanwhile, he earns his Masters. Eventually Merlyn replaces his amulet with his suit...which works as an antenna for the magical power of the UK. Able to his his powers outside of the UK (While in his suit), he accepts an offer to pursue his Doctorate in Theoretical Physics at Gotham University.

IC Journal

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Brian is incredibly brave. He will throw himself into danger for other people and to defeat evil-doers. Sometimes this is to his detriment, however. He is not foolish, though. He understands he is not immortal.

Brian wants to help people. He is not a warrior, but a protector. He takes his role very seriously, and wants to lift people up.

Character Sheet


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Energy Conduit:
His powers come from interdimensional energies focused around the UK in the different dimensions, as well as the Otherworld. Without the suit, the power grows weaker the further from the UK you get. While wearing the costume to harness the energies, he has the following abilities:

Strength: He is able to lift around 90 tons. He is very, very strong.

Stamina: He builds up less fatigue toxins. While wearing the costume he can go at peak exertion for up to 24 hours before he begins to fatigue.

Durability: He is surrounded by an invisible forcefield that makes him incredibly resistant to physical damage. He can sustain bazooka shells and superhuman punches. Repeated blows from a powerful enough source will weaken and eventually shatter the force field.

Agility: His balance and grace far exceeds what is possible by a human being.

Reflexes: He has the reflexes of a maximum peak human athlete.

Senses: He has improved senses while in the suit, and he can focus to increase them further. He can zoom in on something far away, or listen to a conversation on the other side of a building. His taste and smell and touch can also be enhanced.

Flight: While wearing the suit he is able to fly around 770 miles per hour, breaking the speed of sound.


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He loves to read. He can quote some of the classics, and knows a lot about history, anthropology, art history and similar.

Brian is a very skilled combatant. He knows various combat techniques and styles, though he tends to focus on a combination of boxing with a few other things. He can go toe-to-toe with some skilled fighters, even without his suit.

Brian is an absolute genius. He can understand things that are very complicated, and break things down without issue. He memorizes and takes in new information at an astonishing rate.

He has a Masters in Physics and another in Engineering, and he is currently attending Gotham University for his PhD in Physics.

Brian knows how to accord himself in society. He can get along with people and react with proper etiquette and decorum. He has a harder time in more street-level scenarious, but he can push himself to try and fit in.


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The Braddock family is old money. He is a Lord, and his money is tied to the vast wealth of the family. Most of the money is tied up in credit, bonds, investments and material possessions and property and such, but he can call on enough money to generally buy what he wants or do what he wants.

He has access to the family castle back in Essex, which is fully maintained while he is away. It is a lovely old castle, and he sometimes finds himself returning there for holidays.

Hellfire Club:
He is a full member of the Hellfire Club, as his family has held membership for a long, long time. He has only attended a few events, but is interested in getting more involved with the group. The contacts alone are worth it.

Brian purchased an old mansion in Gotham. It belonged to another old money family who fell on hard times (And eventual supervillainy), and he was able to pick it up at surprising cost due to it. It's a gorgeous 18th century estate that dates back to the original days of Gotham. It is cliffside and sprawling, with many modern additions.

Brian is a British Lord. That comes with all kinds of political and economical benefits, though most of them only really apply in the UK.

He has an amazing sister in Betsy Braddock. They are loving twins, though, like any siblings they sometimes butt heads. Generally, however, they can rely on one another.


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Over the years as a superhero he has made a number of enemies, often magical, but sometimes other. Many are happy to take his life, ruin him, steal his power, or do anything else they can to him.

James Jr:
His older brother James Braddock Jr is...a bad man. He is a decade older then the twins, and he always felt distant from them because of it. He has been officially pushed out of the family from his crimes over the years, but that just makes him more dangerous. A dark magic user with various forms of reality manipulation, Monarch is a real thorn in Brian's side.

Only a select few people know that Brian is Captain Britain, and he tries to keep it that way. He may tell people that are very important to him, but he tries to keep it on the down low.

His costume acts as an antenna. The suit only works for him, due to the magical energy it works off of, but he only has access to his powers while wearing it. He can have it on without the mask and it still operates, but it is a bit too notable to wear under clothing. He can usually change into it pretty quickly if he has it with him.



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Brian Braddock has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Violent Intervention September 5th, 2020 Captain Britain, Julie Yan, and Alexis Carr stumble across a gaggle of criminals auctioning illicit goods. All seems normal in Gotham until Bane arrives to reclaim his property. Goons are pummelled. Explosives explode. Braddock takes a nap in the ocean, though he's likely fortunate Alexis is nearby. Julie tenaciously apprehends one of the Militia. Bane rides off into the sunset with his venom secured.
Zodiac Rising: The Henley Crowne Affair August 29th, 2020 Daytripper and her allies confirm Henley Crowne died because he possessed a piece of the Tablet of Zalmoxis. And they catch a glimpse of the mastermind behind the attack.
Queries and Connections August 25th, 2020 Amanda Sefton receives a call from Brian Braddock and must explain to him what she knows about the magic pulse out of Romania.
Braddock Family Reunion August 23rd, 2020 Betsy and Brian get reacquainted after a long time apart.
Gotham Art--Misnomer August 22nd, 2020 Brian and Mori meet at a Gotham City University Art Show
A Day On The Beach May 27th, 2020 Brian and Martinique have a brief encounter, and she ditches him in the crowd.


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Brian Braddock has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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