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  Hellstorm, Prince of Lies  
Daimon Hellstrom (Scenesys ID: 1257)
Name: Daimon Hellstrom
Superalias: Hellstorm, Prince of Lies
Gender: male
Species: Human-demon lord hybrid
Occupation: Author, demonologist, hell lord.
Citizenship: American, Hell
Residence: Fire Lake, MA, USA
Education: Home schooled, Jesuit monastery, PhD at District University, dark cults, and demons.
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 01 May 1994 Played By Matt Goss
Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lb
Hair Color: dark red Eye Color: red
Theme Song: "Mother" - Danzig

Character Info


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Half-demon ruler of a small Hell. Was almost a priest. Expert exorcist. Charismatic. Bad temper. Neo-Antichrist with a PhD.


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1992 - A demon, Marduk Kurios is drawn to an Earth woman named Victoria Wingate. It's possible an occult group she was given over to mystically altered her to be an ideal host for half-demon children. They are soon married, the demon pretends to be human.
1994 - Daimon is born to Victoria and "Satan" a bit more than a year after their marriage, with a strange birthmark on his chest. It's implied he was partially weaned on human blood.
1997 - Daimon's sister, Satana, is born. Both children are home schooled at the family's mansion.
2003 When Satana was born, their father seemed to favor her. When she was six, Victoria walked in on her and her father performing a dark, mystical ritual. Victoria succumbed to madness (or maybe guilt) at this and was institutionalized.
2004 - Daimon and his sister are sent to different foster homes. Satana is taken by their father, Daimon is left alone, never being adopted.
2009 - Daimon visits his mother in the asylum where she tries to warn him about his father and give him some tips on protecting himself from him. Daimon sees "the devil" as a metaphor.
2012 - Daimon joins a Jesuit monastery where he studies to become a priest for 3 years (also taking college courses and earning his BA, and starts studying for a Master's).
2015 - Daimon is set to be ordained when his mother dies. Inheriting the family estate, he goes there, finds his mother's diary, meets his father, is offered a place at "Satan's" side, decides against it, uses his newly-awakened demonic powers to escape. Confronted with the reality of this, after some indecision he throws himself headlong into the occult, becoming a freelance exorcist. His life becomes a nonstop roller coaster of occult battles, studies, and interventions: possessions, cults, angelic encounters, the odd brush with a superhero here and there, and his reputation as an exorcist, occult scholar, and the "Son of Satan" begins to grow. He also starts his doctorate program (likely some magic is involved here due to the time normally needed).
2016 - Daimon meets up with his sister again, learning of her nature and history. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they "quarrel".R2017 - Daimon's philosophy evolves. Encounters with inimical divine forces have him start to push back against more occult interference in human affairs. His influence among certain "Satanic" cultists grows and he becomes a bit of a "cult-figure" among them. He is becoming known in the mystical community as a "player", with both surprising knowledge for his age and a good deal of raw power.
2018 - Daimon unlocks more of his infernal potential, accompanied by a great change in personality, becoming more callous, aggressive, and demonic. Eventually, while trying to lead a group of displaced souls to "Heaven", finds that what is there is not what anyone (even he) expected. Several of these lost souls outright -refuse- to go there, falling back to Hell. Daimon confronts his father, reveals his true name (putting the lie to "Satan") and claims that section of the astral-afterlife territory for himself. He has his father's former servants keep it quiet as he starts making some changes.
2019 - Daimon makes some moves on Earth (and continues his education). By this time he has published several books, numerous articles, and is known in certain circles as an expert on occult matters and a -really- interesting guest on any number of shows. Daimon sweeps up "salvageable" cults into a loose network. His focus is on teaching them a "do as thou wilt and it harm none" mantra while providing, not protection, but -vengeance- if they are interfered with.
2020 - Finally having enough of a cult network to actually be considered to have worshippers, Daimon is now using his section of Hell as both a prison for truly evilXXX souls and beings he encounters and defeats, and a refuge for souls that, while not evil, are ill-suited to Heaven. He has also just earned his PhD.

IC Journal

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He's the son of a major demon. He's lord of a bit of Hell. He's faced down demons and angels alike. He is one of the more powerful sorcerers on Earth. This can go to your head. Daimon usually believes that there are few challenges he cannot handle, few foes he cannot defeat, and few obstacles he cannot overcome. He is often correct in this reasoning, but not always. Daimon also doesn't like to be talked down to by anyone, ever. He can also be somewhat stubborn where order-taking is concerned. It takes at least a minimal effort to get him to listen to almost anyone's ideas unless they are on familiar terms with him or speaking on a subject wholly outside his experience. He is resistant to taking orders or directions unless he personally deems it a good idea. Coupled with his dislike of authority figures, this means he is not an easy person to include in a team unless there is some sort of bond there already or he accepts the command structure as a good idea.

Daimon is an incredibly charismatic individual. Not just the sort of charisma that attracts potential lovers (although he has that in spades), this is the charisma of a natural leader, a king, a Lord of Hell. Daimon enjoys an almost cult status among those who follow his particular branch of occult studies. He can ask favours, get information, and is generally known and admired. On top of this, Daimon's charisma applies to many so-called 'normal' people as well. People in general seem to be drawn to him unless something in their nature is antithetical to him. Ordained priests fully aware of his nature will still be friendly to him. He has attracted friends and followers from every imaginable walk of life over the years.

Due to his nature and upbringing, Daimon is not someone who likes to back down from anything. He is confrontational to the point of belligerence, especially when he is being questioned by people he doesn't like. He has backtalked mighty sorcerers and several powerful demons in his time and isn't likely to stop anytime soon. This is not to say that he won't listen to reason, but you'd better convince him first.

Not quite the typical definition of the word. Daimon will lie, cheat, steal, and kill when he believes it to be necessary, but due to his nature and inherent (twisted) morality, he will honour an agreement freely entered into to its bitter end. If he tells you something, you may or may not choose to believe him, but if he strikes a deal with you, he -will- uphold his end so long as you do the same. Cheat him and all bets are off. This means that he can be trusted, especially if his own interests coincide with yours. However, there must be an actual stated bargain of some sort for him to behave in this totally honourable fashion.

Daimon is a very strong believer in humanity's ability and intrinsic right to either elevate or damn itself without outside interference. He believes that the seeds of great good and abyssal evil lie in every human soul and that the expression of such is a very personal thing. This isn't to say he's going to stand idly by while an occult murderer kills people trying to bring a demon to Earth, but if you're going to be a jerk and ruin your own life, he won't stop you or even care. If you want to devote your life to helping homeless kittens, same diff.

Open Minded:
Daimon believes that it is completely normal and healthy (for a certain value of that word) for people to indulge their appetites, no matter how potentially depraved, harmful, or strange they might be. This isn't to say these indulgences -have- to be like that, he just doesn't see a meaningful distinction if they are. He also doesn't approve of such activities when they cause direct harm to others, but self-harm has a lot more leeway to it. He finds it strange and unhealthy for people to deny or suppress their appetites. Of course, some such indulgences will come with consequences, but he genuinely feels that that's just part of the deal. He won't judge, and he may even help.
As such, he is often very upfront (but never crass) about his own such desires or those he senses in others, but because he's a big believer in free will, would never -compel- such indulgence. But he will offer temptations in a way that is ironically generous considering what he is.

Despite his opinionated nature, Daimon is remarkably tolerant of any sort of life a person chooses to lead so long as they don't step on others' lives. He doesn't care about sexuality, lifestyle, self-expression, race, creed, colour, genetic state, political affiliation, et cetera. There is a great deal of leeway where this is concerned. While he may disdain the average priest, and indeed may openly -mock- them, he isn't likely to attack someone just for being a priest. If said priest were hunting down a werewolf for killing some innocent parishoners, there's still no problem. If said priest were hunting down a werewolf purely for -being- a werewolf, then we have a problem.

Character Sheet


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Astral Travel:
Daimon can project himself into the astral plane, either mentally, or his entire being (the latter carries considerable risk). The astral form is invisible, intangible, and can only be harmed through mystical or psionic means. However, it has no effect on the physical world. While in astral form, he can engage psionicists or mystics whom he meets on the astral plane with his mystical abilities, as if they were in the physical world. He can bring others along, but they'd "snap back" if he loses focus on them. He can also perceive ripples or changes in the astral plane itself, like most mystics.

Daimon can access a physical form slightly more demonic and less human than normal. Daimon's sister shares this exact ability, as most human/demon hybrids seem to. Daimon has expressed 'levels' of this as well. Most commonly, he has manifested deep bronzed, slightly dry-seeming skin, glowing eyes, fangs, small claws for fingernails, pointed ears, and a demonic cast to his features. However, he has, on rare occasion, taken on a form reminiscent of a traditional devil with wings (he can fly), claws, furred legs, and odd feet during times of great duress and unleashed power. His strength seems to increase slightly, but this could simply be a side-effect of unbridled aggression.
The most common use for the first level manifestation of this ability is to increase the efficiency of certain dark magics, a "full demon" manifestation usually indicates a total loss of self-control.

Demon Mind:
Daimon's will is like molten iron in regards to mental intrusion and possession. It may be nigh-impossible to possess him. He has experience battling highly psionic foes (one such, Mindstar, was powered by an Egyptian god) and is very resistant to mental intrusion or thought-reading of any sort. Entering his mind may be traumatic for the invading psi since he is so intimately connected to a hell-realm. On the other hand, a sufficiently prepared mystical mental invader or someone with the might of the Phoenix might have better luck at least getting in. Daimon is not really vulnerable to purely psionic coercion since doing so would mean going against his spiritual nature, which is something a 'demon' can be compelled to do only via spells. It is potentially possible for a skilled psionic to 'skim' his surface thoughts, but he would likely be aware of the intrusion and could possibly strike back at their spirit. In addition, unlike some demons, he can mystically tear specific information he seeks from a human mind or implant the odd command (OOC consent, obviously). This process is not at all pleasant for the target.

Demonic Body:
Daimon looks human, but isn't really anymore. His body is enhanced to superhuman levels. He could flip a garbage truck over, leap several stories, or tear a human being apart with his bare hands. He doesn't seem subject to physiological needs like breathing or eating (though he can and does) and cannot get sick or be poisoned by conventional means (magic is always different). He sees and reacts fast enough to get a warding shield up before someone holding a gun on him can get a shot off. His base durability is proportional to his strength.

Daimon is nearly impossible to permanently kill. He will not age unless he wishes, he cannot die unless slain. He heals at a slightly higher rate than a normal human does even when actually injured (a mystic hole through his leg and he was walking with a cane later that day). If he dies, his soul will go back to his Hell where it can reincorporate (he could be vulnerable if this happens, though).

Daimon can levitate and fly at low speeds at will. He will often hang there in the air while performing an exorcism or addressing a really tall enemy. Without growing wings (which is rare for him) he's limited to maybe 30 mph in any direction. He could maybe carry a single passenger (or two children). If he blasts a surge of hellfire through his netheranium trident to produce thrust he can go much faster, but he has to concentrate on that action.

Daimon can perform magic both innately and from study for a wide variety of effects. The quickest and easiest involves shaping or even just generating mystical energy. It's raw and unfocused, like a blast, simple shield, or just blowing a possessive presence out of a victim. As a mystical being himself, he can generate a lot of raw power when he needs it, but it can tire him out if he does this.
Daimon really shines where ritual magic is concerned. This is where the lion's share of magic happens. Scrying, soul-bonds, artifacts, exorcisms, curses, and so much more. It takes time, often materials, the right circumstances (only on the third full moon...), and precision.
He can also cast spells, ritualized exchanges of power between himself and other mystical entities. As such a being in his own right, he is very reluctant to do this very often, which can be a bit of a disadvantage that he often tries to make up for with his innate powers.
Some places or items can resonate with mystical power, he can tap into those and use that power either for whatever the artifact was designed for, or something having to do with the place (like causing unreasoning aggression by using the power of an ancient battlefield).
Finally, Daimon can do what devils are so well-known for - strike a bargain. This is -very- rare (and needs OOC consent) and he's not a genie. To some extent, the bargainer is providing the power by the strength of the sacrifice they make. The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the change that can be made. This is binding and cannot be backed out of, but there are often loopholes.

Soul Power:
Daimon owns a bit of the afterlife and has gathered a loose network of cults around himself. He can tap into his followers' worship or the very souls of beings in his Hell for power. This usually acts like a passive "battery" for him to tap into should he need it, but he can also perform sympathetic magics (like moving right through a ward set up by a follower who directly called on him for aid). A roomful of chanting disciples can augment his powers, as can sacrifices (he is very reluctant to do that, generally).
He can also claim souls for his Hell based on arcane and complex rules agreed upon by the rulers of Hell. He can't just steal them or rip them out of people, but he can bargain for them or claim any worshipper (if this involved a PC this would require major OOC consent). In addition, being what he is, he can try and guide a soul -out- of Hell (even one not his own) should he choose. This is neither simple nor easy, but few other beings can even make the attempt.

Soul Skimming:
Daimon has a rather unusual ability to perceive broad patterns in the souls of those he encounters. Basically, he can tell what sort of soul you have. He can, in a general sense, tell if you are a 'good person' or a 'bad person' and all the subtle shadings in between. He can occasionally perceive specific sins or actions that eat away at someone or that they try very hard to deny or hide.

Soulfire and Hellfire:
Daimon can generate and hurl mystical energy called alternately "hellfire" or "soulfire". Soulfire is mystically "corrosive" and can eat away at certain spell-effects. It causes intense, chilling agony and violation on any living target (even some living machines might be vulnerable). It can, with sustained or repeated use, damage a being's very soul. The physical counterpart, hellfire is mystical flame that can burn without fuel or oxygen, it can incinerate a normal human in seconds and burn almost anything vulnerable to heat with enough time. He can use both at once as one effect if he chooses. As a side-effect, he is utterly immune to conventional heat or flame of any kind. He can even shield nearby people from it if he so chooses.

Daimon can teleport almost globally. This is not instant and is very unsubtle, involving portals and symbols and gouts of hellfire. He has to know where he's going (looking at a map is enough), but if he does, he can arrive with great accuracy, like when he teleported into a demon-hunter's study then immediately incinerated him.
He can also transport himself and others through dimensions using more ritualized magic, all pentagrams and chanting and the like.


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Daimon's life has been marked with conflict and he has learned to respond in kind. One thing that Daimon does, whether it's a physical brawl or with his demonic and magical powers, is fight dirty and fight to win. He will use "forbidden" magics, he will literally attack and consume lesser demons when in his "Darksoul" form, he will use raw power to force a possessing spirit (or even god) out of a host, he has teleported directly into an elderly demon-hunter's house and incinerated him without any warning, he took an angel who possessed a satanist and warded the area so it could never escape after the victims were all dead. If magic won't work, he won't hesitate to just shank someone or have them shot. His tactics tend to be shockingly brutal, fast, and often inventive. He can sometimes throw other mystical foes off-guard in this manner, and his innate aggression helps a great deal as well.

Daimon Hellstrom is one of the foremost, if not -the- foremost demonologists on the planet, and possibly off it. His intense study of the habits, nature, and habitats of demons have only increased after he became the lord of his own hell-realm and more akin to a demon himself. Daimon is familiar with the names, MOs, realms, past plans, known enemies and agents, and basic facts about major and minor demons from numerous dimensions. This also extends to Elder Gods, extradimensional horrors, degenerated deities, and other entities that inhabit the dark corners of the multiverse. Daimon has personally met many of these entities, spied on others, received reports on still others, and read up on as many as possible. If it's infernal and/or awful, Daimon likely has at least some knowledge of it.

From his Jesuit education, his occult studies, and being a hell lord, Daimon knows a good number of additional languages. From the priesthood, he learned Latin, from his sorcerous researches, he picked up several ancient tongues no longer spoken, such as old Atlantean, Lemurian, and some languages used by wizards in the Hyperborean era. Finally, he also knows a bit of Italian, German, and Spanish, mostly from the modern crowd he runs with.

The art of getting people (and other things) to do what you want by any means necessary. Daimon is a past-master of it. Simple bribery, temptation, bargains, reasonable discussion, nightmarish threats, the application of force - it doesn't matter so long as it gets results. This is a skill possessed by many demons, but Daimon also trained to be a priest and is very good at reading people even without his demonic nature and powers. He can get someone to change their mind about something little or he could potentially make someone considering giving up their very soul for something they want, or get a slavering pack of demons decide being somewhere else is a good idea.

Mystic Lore:
Daimon Hellstrom is one of the more knowledgable people on Earth (or off it) in regards to the world of mystical beings, powers, artifacts, and locations. He is intimately familiar with all things infernal and angelic and has kept up on the local competition, so to speak. He is adept enough to recognize totally new mystical phenomena and figure out ways to deal with them. He knows the ways of ghosts, spirits, elementals, gods, and most anything else strange and mystical. He has an extensive library, good connections, and an excellent memory for such things. He ranks right up there with the big guns in terms of what he knows or can find out and what he can't personally find out, he can ask his colleagues.

Daimon is a born researcher. This applies to both mundane and supernatural topics. He has a staggeringly good memory for book titles, authors, related works, and the like, even if very much on the obscure side. He's good at rapidly skimming both paper and online sources for info and can read references like a champ. If there's info to be had or a path to a lost tome in an existing work, he is absolutely excellent at finding it.

Writing and Speaking:
Daimon is an exceptionally adept and engaging public speaker and lecturer. Despite the topics he tends to cover he manages to captivate audiences with his viewpoints, research, wit, and informed opinions. He's had a good run through numerous universities and private clubs and still occasionally gets contacted to be a guest speaker at all sorts of functions as well as podcasts, radio, and TV talk shows.
He's a pretty good writer and has had guides on occultism and demonology published. His audience is somewhat limited, but his research is impeccable, his interviews compelling, and his writing style very easy to follow by the amateur without talking down to a reader and still satisfying a scholarly audience. Daimon still receives some royalties from book sales and does sign the occasional copy, if he's in the mood.


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Contacts and Cults:
Daimon has quite a network of contacts as well as a loose networks of cults beginning to give him worship. Daimon can call other mystics, some members of the clergy (he is a known exorcist), and an extensive network of occult scholars and researchers operating throughout the world. The hub of this network is Anton Devine's Church of Lucifer. Anton and his followers have been used as go-betweens when Daimon wishes to impart information to others but doesn't want to do so personally. He can also access some mundane resources through them (like drugs, guns, etc) Through other contacts, Hellstrom is also able to track the doings of the underground 'freak' communities. He's also had a few run-ins with the world of "superheroes" and can be contacted by some of them if need be as well.

Fire Lake Mansion:
Daimon's 'home base' on Earth. There is a portal to his realm in the basement and he keeps a sizable occult library (one of the best of demonology and exoricism in the world) with artifacts there. He also owns several acres of the surrounding wilderness. It's well-appointed and kept fully stocked with all the basic needs and then some. He has a private movie theatre, several guest rooms, and facilities for occult research as well as all the normal modern amenities. Needless to say, the mansion is -heavily- warded and protected magically. In fact, no 'angelic' or 'demonic' being or artifact can enter unless Daimon purposefully allows it in (he and his are, of course, immune to this restriction). The 'proximity' of an actual hell-realm means his wards are even harder to tear down or break through, shored up by it.

Daimon holds sway over his own section of Hell and all its inhabitants. He makes the rules, he gives the orders, he calls the shots. He can summon demons from his hell for aid or specific tasks, he can travel there and bring others with him. He can even remove select souls fom his realm and try to guide them elsewhere (such as to a 'heaven'), but he cannot restore the dead to life with such ease. He can also control the terrain and 'climate' of his realm by an act of will. In many ways, Daimon defines what 'reality' is in his domain. There are limits, of course. He cannot simply render a visitor instantly dead, but he -can- make the place rather nasty, with geysers of fire, acid lakes, et cetera. He can even make it nice for his faithful.
It's not impossible for someone to outwit or defeat him there, he can be tricked, bargained with, and so on, but in terms of raw power, he is very nearly the pinnacle - only able to be outdone by beings of vast cosmic and mystical might like an Endless, an Abstract being, or the Morningstar.

Occult Artifacts:
You get into magic, you're a half-demon, you end up with things. Daimon has a nice collection of mystical artifacts for use, study, storage, or safekeeping. He has a Netheranium Trident (which he can summon at will), that's a psychoactive, magic-amplifying pitchfork, an incredibly powerful weapon against demons, possessive entities, and the like. He has a demonic chariot drawn by four hell-steeds, grimoires, magic mirrors, and all that sort of thing.

Satana Hellstrom:
They are siblings and even if they do not always (or even often) get along, Daimon does keep a bit of a tab on Satana (her life is very complex) and if need be would (reluctantly) call on her for aid if he needed something she could provide. He knows she'd exact a price, but the part of him that is still vaguely human still remembers his baby sister, and it's better if the mystic world knows the Hellstrom children have each other's backs.


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Daimon has had time to gather quite the impressive array of enemies. He has crossed paths with some nasty people and things. He has made a foe of his father, the demon Zahgurim, the demonic child Diabolique, an entire sect of "angels" called the Asura, many demons, numerous magic using demon-hunters such as Gabriel Rosetti, a degenerate god or two, their agents, as well as several demon cults who work at cross-purposes with him. These are the kinds of entities who take being foiled VERY personally. Daimon is subject to attacks and insidious plots from these beings, as well as many others. All involved know the stakes, they know Daimon plays for keeps and so will they.

Daimon is a half-demon. This comes with some downsides. He can never be considered "pure" or "innocent" in any sense. Mystically, this distinction matters. He can be partially warded, held, or summoned with the same sort of rituals or magics used on demons, but you'd better know all details perfectly or it won't work, and he -will- fight it. "Divine" magics or forces work much better against him than typical magics. It's not an "I win" button (he's a hell lord and has fought angels), but it's a definite edge against him.
Daimon's physiology is also somewhat unusual. For instance, despite the fact that he has a blood type, using his blood in a transfusion is NOT recommended if you want your subject to survive the process. A typical exam will reveal very little, but something very high-tech may reveal a few anomalies. Mystical exminations will obviously show some scary stuff going on.

Known Satanist:
Professor Daimon Hellstrom is publicly known as an academic, occult scholar, and "devil worshipper". While technically this is not true (Daimon worships no one) his attitudes, morals, and philosophical outlook fall in line with those who profess to worship "The Devil" and he has made no secret of these facts. This means that there are places Daimon is not welcome (several academic institutions and churches) as well as people who will cause trouble for him or speak out against him when they can. This includes but is not limited to certain members of the clergy, moral crusaders, staunch conservatives, and the occasional prude. Daimon doesn't tend to care, but it can be inconvenient to his "normal" life.

Daimon is known as the betrayer of his father in demonic and sorcerous circles. While to most human magicians this isn't a huge deal, among demons Daimon is known as a usurper. It's testament to the hypocracy of demons that almost any of them would do the same if given a chance, but he still gets a lot of vitriol saved up for him when dealing with these creatures. Many of them will also seek to deliberately interfere with his plans out of spite. Humans and mystics aware of his nature who don't know him very well may also mistrust him or treat him as a potential threat. He's basically an antichrist who runs a patch of Hell. That doesn't scream "trust this guy".

Daimon is the lord of little patch of Hell. As ruler of this place, Daimon has a responsibility to see to its upkeep. He spends a good portion of his time there (like an office job), ensuring that no one thinks to rise against him, enemies are tormented, and the faithful are rewarded. In accordance with his views, his hell is not entirely a realm of horror and torture, but it -is- an alternative to what some departed souls see as the banal existence of "Heaven". But Daimon cannot ignore the fact that he is lord there and has to devote some time and effort to maintaining it. Indeed, a sufficiently large threat to it could occupy his time, keep him from earthly matters, or draw him off as a distraction.

Daimon has a temper. A bad temper. A -really- bad temper. Daimon has the kind of temper that has led to him killing dozens of people because they were really, -really- annoying him (they were also a cult of evil nihilists). He has slapped people standing next to him when frustrated. He is argumentative, viciously cruel when angered, potentially lethal to others, and in general, does not respond to stress in a well-adjusted way. He also almost always feels totally justifed in his anger, usually making it worse when someone tries to calm him down. He doesn't fly into mindless fits of destruction, but his anger is usually directed in a fashion he feels is "appropriate". Ask him a dumb question after a failure and he may smack you. Really ruin his plans and threaten him and he may kill you.



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Borrowed Spaces February 21st, 2021 Hellstrom pays a visit to Cloak and Dagger. They get up to some darkforce dimension craziness. Featuring the Predator.
Fateful Meetings February 19th, 2021 Peggy Carter asks a certain Professor Hellstrom for assistance looking for a HYDRA artifact. An interesting friendship begins. Peggy learns a lot of answers to questions she's had for a while.
Lost After Midnight October 13th, 2020 Daimon and Ariah meet during an attempted shakedown. A handful of mutants find themselves outmatched. It is a show of infernal and arcane, blood consumed. Another late night in New York City.
Devil's in the Details June 22nd, 2020 An intellectual discussion peppered with riddles and teases.
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Very Good Title May 23rd, 2020 A pair of satanists do black magic. This is a very good idea that has no hiccups at all.
Fangs and Hellfire May 5th, 2020 No description
Glassware... of the Damned! April 26th, 2020 Nick gets an interesting commission, and an interesting component to incorporate into it.
Double Devil Dare April 25th, 2020 Sally has helped Daimon create a duplicate of himself to make an appearance in his Hell so the inhabitants will assume he can be on Earth and there at the same time, in actuality, not as an illusion. This should, hopefully, free a bit of his time up topside. Sally made some decent dosh, but had to experience a glimpse of Hell to do so.


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Daimon Hellstrom has 9 finished logs.

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