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  Death Reaper  
Death Reaper (Scenesys ID: 1349)
Name: Death Reaper Sinclair
Superalias: Death Reaper
Gender: Female
Species: Human Mutant
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Citizenship: Off the Grid American.
Residence: NYC
Education: Self-educated.
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 14 Aug 1998 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 145 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @blklkmys0ul 'Arapaho Anne and the Scream Ghosts'
Theme Song: Blues Saraceno - Devil You Know

Character Info


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Death Reaper Sinclair is a young and hungry magician and wielder of the Darkforce who's a villain. Not a villain because she's in opposition to governments or because she was wronged in the past or because she wants to be rich or die trying. She's villainous because that's the life she knows; living in one hideout or the next and looking for the next great opportunity to throw an elbow into Justice.


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* 1998: Born in Parts Unknown to Nekra Sinclair and an unidentified father, raised in a constant state of avoiding manhunts.
* 2003: Abandoned in Kennebunkport, Maine, on a town hall doorstep.
* 2004: Retrieved from Kennebunkport, Maine, after awakening talent for the Darkforce and bringing down too much heat during recess.
* 2008: Given a basic education in general studies, Necromancy, while living in California as a junior Cult of Kali altar attendant.
* 2010: Ran away from home to join the circus; received first tattoo while learning to play patsy in various cons.
* 2013: Ran away from the circus to join a different magical cult.
* 2018: Joined the Gang With No Name under the leadership of Zodiac to destabilize the government and uphold the villainous way of life.
* 2019: Left the Zodiac gang to do some freelancing while searching to aquire magical tomes to broaden her horizons.
* 2020: Arrived in New York to tap into the American Occult Underground in furthering her goals.

IC Journal

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Lifestyle Villain:
Not in it for any political, ideological, mystical or other reasons, Reaper is a villain because that's the life she was raised in. Her known parentage doesn't do her any favors and a life on the villainous fringe is the vast majority of what she knows. Her basic personality and upbringing make her much more comfortable outside of the law. 'Home is where the cops and capes won't find you.'

Low Morality:
Being infused with the Darkforce isn't necessarily an indicator of being a bad person, but it does reflect Reaper's personality pretty well. Cold, amorphous, and unsettling. Her set of personal values are thoroughly warped and quintessentially selfish - while not diagnoseable as a sociopath or borderline personality, Reaper does not work well with legitimate authority or laws and is incredibly blase towards acts that'd earmark someone for FBI's most wanted lists.

It's not that she's incapable of keeping things covert and incognito, but there's usually a very short flip from playing it cool to strutting her stuff. In normal circumstances or at least when not actively engaged in criminal activity, she's got a low-key flamboyancy (Goth-fashion diva compared to loud-colors social peacock), and even when working it doesn't take a lot of provocation to break role and express herself.

Character Sheet


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Having innate control of the Darkforce, Reaper is capable of manifesting it to her exact whims and specifications, usually as a way of providing herself clothing and a uniform when nothing else will do. In addition to giving herself claws made of animate dark and bolstering her otherwise unimpressive physical capabilities, she's capable of using it in combat with a high level of talent to make herself a match for more experienced and combat-focused opponents. Her control of the Darkforce is her escape button as well, for getting herself out of situations that her uncertain and still-growing magical talents get her into, like escaping from other realms when things haven't gone her way.

Reaper has innate talent for magic but not much of an education in it, and lacks many of the essential grimoires and tomes that give other magic users their power and utility. Most of her magical training has been in what she can provide for herself - a lot of it works with the power of blood (Usually someone else's), physical sensation, and high emotion which may be the legacy of her mother at work. Without any other source of spells her effects are primarily immediate and personal; physical force attacks, mystical tearing, etc. She has had access to the Faerie Grimoire in the past and had no trouble understanding and using the spells from it, though it was required to create a bridge to the fae realm.


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Dirty Deeds:
Most of her understanding of more complex criminal acts - bank robbing, hacking government systems, ransoming the entire planet - is theoretical, but she's had her whole life to absorb the thoughts and practical experience of others in learning this. Her understanding is just lacking personal experience. With mid- and low-tier crime, like kidnappings and theft, she's got the makings of a truly brilliant young talent simply because so much of it is ingrained in her day to day life. She understands the workings of a good con and is a natural at stealing, in addition to all the minor side skills necessary for living a life of crime.

Eclectic Education:
While calling herself a citizen of the world, it's more that she's never lived or settled in one particular place while growing up or in her adult life. She's not a polyglot but her training in different archaic and forgotten languages has allowed her some degree of linguistic flexibility in making herself understood and brazening her way through in unfamiliar situations, and while her overall proficiency is in the lunatic fringe of villainy and crime, she's not set to any one way of doing things that allows her to move more smoothly in different settings and cultures.

Villapedia Editor:
Reaper's knowledge of villains, criminals, ne'er-do-wells, terrorists and existential threats is incredibly broad. She doesn't have /complete/ access to things that other amateur snoops wouldn't know, but her lifestyle has lead her to picking up a lot of the behind-the-scenes information on various villains as well as their exploits over the years.


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Lunatic Fringe:
Her skills and experience don't make her an immediate stand-out, but her time spent growing up among villains and criminals does offer her some immediate credibility. She may not be tapped for the Legion of Doom but when finding smaller or less ambitious groups, she has references to call on in order to prove herself - though many would, at best, probably just recall her as 'Nekra's kid.'


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Not uncommon among magic users in general, Reaper's path to power would ideally be short and sweet and involve some felonies. Long term planning is capable but she'd rather have an immediate payoff, and she's willing to step on the toes of some major players to get what she wants as quickly as she'd like it.

Limited Magic:
The power and will to dominate is there, but Reaper is direly short on the material and spiritual components that make other sorcerers and warlocks truly formidable. She doesn't have a specific magical lineage or tradition that'd give her a shortcut to necessary spells and components. She's not the inheritor of any innate sorcery like chaos magic or fae spells, and doesn't have the connections to any organization or cult that can provide unusual ingredients. And she's incredibly reliant on other people's work when it comes to more powerful effects.

While avoiding stints in jail that'd give her a real record, there's nothing that really ties Reaper to any country or place, leaving her legal status questionable at best. Even if she was born in the USA there's incredibly limited documents of her existence outside of a few years of school here and intermittent employment during her teenage years - and even that was mostly in off the books, paperwork-averse environments like carnivals and quasi-legal salesmanship.



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Death Reaper has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Anything is The New Orange May 7th, 2020 Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
A Gothic Gathering May 5th, 2020 Andi sneaks out to a club and meets someone with the best name ever, who could also be a bad influence.
New Roommates May 4th, 2020 Satana and Sinclair meet!
To Faux Pa a Fence May 2nd, 2020 Diamondback and Death Reaper both tried to sell the same fake ray-gun to a Brooklyn fence. It didn't go how they hoped, but maybe they came away with a new bond! A crime bond.


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Death Reaper has 4 finished logs.

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