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Anything is The New Orange
Date of Scene: 07 May 2020
Location: Lost Pond Mall
Synopsis: Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
Cast of Characters: Pamela Isley, Harley Quinn, Peter Parker, Death Reaper, Artemis

Pamela Isley has posed:
So one way to easily get spotted, other than being green of course, is to wear an inmate's orange getup from Arkham. So that had to go, that is getting burned in April's stove. It also meant shopping was in order, but in order to get there and be decent, Ivy had to raid April's wardrobe. Sadly, that's how she wound up wearing a freakin' yellow overall. She wasn't happy about it, but it indeed, it was still better than an inmate orange. Barely.

"Harl, before I decide to mercy kill myself, let's go get me some real clothes?" Before Frank could even try to suggest he should come along, Ivy snapped, "zip it, you're not coming, now watch over the hyenas or something," and down she went towards the gorgeous red Ferrari F8 that Harley absolutely legally obtained with very legal money. Their destination? The inconspicious Lost Pond Mall in Westchester.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Enter Harley Quinn, wearing a yellow coverall with sparkly mutlicolored glitter, cut off short just above her knees (just haha), high top sneaker heels, two big ass pigtails, and a loud ass pink tube top. A pair of Gucci glasses, with diamonds rest up on her forehead.

Waiting for Ivy to burn the orange jumpsuit, "Yea.. ya look like a ritz fruit hahd candy... Ya know tha banana shape't one?" Motioning at Ivy's yellow attire with a bemused, wide grin around her teeth popping bubble gum.

Down to the fire engine red red ferrari that is 100% obtained legally. Riding on over to Westchester with Lisa Loeb - Stay playing at full blast.

"YOOOOU SAAAAAAY! I Only heah what I wanna...~"

"~Yoooou saaaaaaay, I talk so all tha timmmMMmeeeE..."

Peter Parker has posed:
Hmmm...baggy jeans...baggy shirts...decisions, decisions.

Peter Parker is doing fairly well for himself. It's a little startling when your first paycheck is a little over 2,000 dollars, and after paying all the bills, stashing some in savings, and treating Aunt May to a dinner out, he still has plenty left. So, he's cashing in a coupon and heading to the Lost Pond Mall to get some clothes. Something a little less...oh...threadbare.
He picked up a couple of T-shirts, smiling wryly at the Bat-symbol on one of them and Captain America's shield design on the other. DEFINITELY keepers. He needed some decent button-down shirts, some slacks, blue jeans...and of course, underwear.

MAYBE he can pick up some new hardware with the NEXT paycheck...

Death Reaper has posed:
    While the little black dress goes with everything.. the downside to wearing the Darkforce for clothing all the time is locking yourself into a monochromatic style. Which will obviously not do; Death Reaper surveys the offerings and is mostly tending towards purple. It's in one of those boutique stores that tends towards rivets and black no matter what, but she manages to find some simple things in appropriate colors. Mainly imperious purple, feverish green, and jaundiced yellow; currently she's reviewing a set of blouses in the dressing mirror and discarding each based on how well it does/doesn't flatter the Yakuza ink on her arms and the Vory junk across her collarbone.
    Whatever she decides on isn't being paid for, of course, but why make someone work when they don't need to?

Artemis has posed:
So, this is a mall. Artemis had seen many things since she traveled around the world. Yet, now she really does find this to be the strangest. She has seen shopping bazzars and the like, sure, but this was different. For one, it was quite clean. Two, the strange stores all had their own sort of space designated for them and seeming carved out as individual stores but with stalls also littered in between. Not to mention the variety. A whole area exclusively for food made sense but then from there a store for electrobics next to a store for shoes? Then clothing next to a store for Hobbies in Lobbies? None of this made sense.

Now the tall redhead stands before a map of the place and debates the various options. She draws quite a few looks given she is wearing armor but if she notices or cares, it is hard to tell. "Maybe go to this arcade and see which stores are there. Seems small for one though..."

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Look it was your friend's wardrobe, I'm not going to take any blame for this travesty of an outfit," Ivy groans, not at all pleased with the banana candy comparison, but also unable to refute it for the time being. She's in real dire need of normal clothes. So much so, she doesn't even begrudge Harley her choice of song, "so...it's finaly? No more Joker? You sure about it?" Ivy quizzes Harley as they make their way to the mall, in their perfectly legally legal vehicle of legality.

By the time they make it Lost Pond Mall, Ivy has gotten a reminder of Harley's taste in music, and at least some of it was tolerable, and some of it even good. So all in all, the ride was pretty balanced. And not even a crash, shootout or police encounter, so that was great! "Harl, I really appreciate you doing me this favor, now you know any shops that don't condone practices that harm mother Earth?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"No moah Jokah." Harley confides, rather pleased with the banana comparison. So much so that she glosses right over Ivy's quiz questions about her relationship status in favor of diving right back into it, "A banana is a fruit, Ivy... I thought ya'd like tha comparison. Ya know cus'uh.. like yah whole plant motif." Wiggly fingers, Lisa Loeb yet crooning in a way only early 90s lady singers could! Truly it was a revolutionary time for the can't make it without a man movement.

"I tol't ya, I'm wit Powah Girl." Nonchallant and matter of fact. Pulling in next to a beat-up family sedan with her beautiful if rented sports car. "Yeah yeah.. Ya know what Natalie Imbruglia would say... Nothin's right, I'm torn." Which has nothing to do with anything regarding Mother Earth... "Theahs a lil boutique tha' specializes in corsets tha I think ya gonna dig. Earthy colahs like Captain Planet an' everything."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter is deciding on a set of black slacks and looks out through the archway of the store entrance to see...

Well...there's something you don't see every day. An Amazon in a shopping mall. Peter wondered if she knew Wonder Woman.

He handed the articles to the cashier and gave her his card, pondering if he should get involved. If this was three years ago, he'd have avoided a woman like that.
But as the book title says, that was then, this is now.

"I'll pick those up before I leave," he said to the cashier as she held up a receipt. He smiled apologetically to her, then stepped out of the store walking towards Artemis without a seeming concern for the tall woman in the armor right out of Xena: Warrior Princess.

He stops about 15 feet away, then asks politely, "Need some help, ma'am?"

Death Reaper has posed:
    It's decided; bruise purple blouse, gangrene yellow boxer shorts. With that decided it's down to sliding the anti-theft beepers off of both items and then walking out with them, Death Reaper pretending that the glare of the counter worker is because she's far too fabulous. A little petty theft is nice, but it's mostly mild entertainment. The real joy is in stepping out from the shop and then leaning against the bannister that looks down on the rest of the mall while she considers the rest of her needs. Clothing, taken care of. Food.. well, it's a bit early still, her favored shops in the food court won't be open yet.
    Money, well. That's why she's staring down over the rest of the crowd, fingertip tapping against her labret spike in thoughtful tnk-tnk-tnk noises.

Artemis has posed:
A blink from Artemis and she looks around briefly for a moment as Peter speaks and then she hmms at him, "Yes, I suppose you can help." She debates him briefly and his outfit, "Maybe." She then shrugs, "Do you know where the women of your country shop for clothing that is both fashionable and practical?" She nods her head as she approaches him, "I do not wish the strange fashions that I have seen, such as pants without pockets or dresses. I need something useful but I also need to better fit in."

She says at over six feet tall with red hair down to her legs and with arms as big around as some people's legs.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Good, and we're going to keep to it this time, right, Harl...?" Ivy can't help but make sure, Harley had so often promised she finally understands how bad the Joker is for her, and somehow, always wound up going back to him. "Why, yes..." a distracted Ivy is wondering how the conversation managed to u-turn itself all the way back to that comparison, "glad you remember, Harley, it is a fruit. On the other hand, you don't often see supermodels or fashion icon try to draw on a banana for inspiration." But at least Harley soon reminds Ivy that there's always something crazier around the corner when hanging out with her fav Arkham doctor. "Riiiight, I remember, you and Power Girl are totally a thing, which is why I haven't seen her come to visit yet. Right? I mean, I could be wrong," Ivy kinda sorta apologizes, "but it feels like I'm right," but then goes right back to not apologizing and being rather dubious of Harley's, well, dubious claim.

"If you're going to indulge about Mother Earth, how about we turn to Sparks instead...Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth..." Ivy says with a suspiciously sinister smile. They were just going shopping, right?

As Harley finds them a parking spot when they get there, Ivy quips, "thank you, soooo much, from the bottom of my green, green heart, for not singing 1,000 Bottles of Beer on the wall during the ride here. I really, really love you for that."

Ivy looks over at this rather disappointing seeming mall, and shrugs, "whatever, show me the way to that store, Harl."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You hurt me wit' ya distrustin' of mah relationship status, Ives." Harley says with a rather dramatically deep frown that in no way conveys any genuine sadness. Oft Harley looks sad for comedic effect, but she very rarely is!

"Come'on, I know tha way.. an' it goes right through the foodcouht sos I can pick up a pretzel." Which is probably entirely intentional, both for the purposes of getting said pretzel as well as taking her past Peter and Artemis... which is beneath Death Reaper.

See how these things have a way of workin' out?

"Theah was tha' intahnet guy who dress't like a banana..." She even does the dance, while walking, "Peanut'buttah, jelly time... So, check-fuckin-mate on yer augment..." Childishly sticking her tongue out at Ivy.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter sizes her up (and up and up). He looks thoughtful, then snaps his fingers. "I know a place. I'll take you there."
He looks to the map, then points down the short hall to a store marked DXL. "That place sells clothing more suitable for your...stature and physique." Hoo BOY, did they ever. "Want some assistance finding what you need? You're not the first Amazonian I've met."

Artemis has posed:
A look to where Peter is suggesting and then she blinks in surprise. She looks Peter over with an eye that suggests she thinks he might be lying. It isn't like there are a ton of Amazons roaming about. She nods slowly, "Alright, if you believe you can help."

And then she hears Harley and her gaze turns. She really isn't sure which is the stranger to see. Harley in her get up and dancing or the green woman dressed in all yellow. She then looks to Peter briefly before calling out, "You two." She steps toward them, "Why do you sing about food and why are you dressed like a banana?" She looks carefully at the pair, "I am new to fashion of this country and I have not seen such an outfit before."

Pamela Isley has posed:
"I don't mean to hurt you, Harl, but you do a pretty good job of it with many of your choices, you realize that, don't you?" Ivy muses while looking at Harley with an affectionate smile, "why do you do that to yourself?" She then reaches to flick a hand at Harley's pigtails to send them penduluming about, "fine, you're dating Power Girl, but I wanna meet the two of you sometime, ok? Otherwise it feels like you're embarrassed of me or something."

"Let me guess," Ivy quips, "it goes through the food court because you -WANT- that pretzel, right?" She knows Harley, she expects they're taking the long way for no reason, well, aside for the pretzel. "That's okay, because maybe I'll get a smoothie, who knows."

When Harley does the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance, Ivy laughs and shakes her head, "you know what, you get me to meet your wouldbe girlfriend, and I'll put on this stupid yellow coverall and do that dance for you, ok?"

Of course as soon as they go into the mall, Ivy realizes all the eyes starting to turn her way, and realizes she forgot one very important thing. "Oh fuck, now everyone is looking at the green freak...but don't worry, I got this, Harl, you go on ahead...I'll be right back." Just like that, Ivy makes a b-line for the ladies room, maybe she just really has to go?

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I don't do that!" Harley protests even though she absolutely does do that! "I don't do that on purpose!" Sometimes she does do it on purpose because how else does someone like Harley Quinn get attention?! "I DON'T DO THAT ANYMOAH!" That part... is at least twenty percent true.

Wohk with me heah innah monologue, eh?

By lying?

Don't be cheeky..

"Oh, Imma so get hu' down heah right now... ya bout ta be Powah'd ovah by Powah Girl, who I am /definitely/ datin'.. an' she /knows/.. it aint even like I'm datin' hu an' she aint awahe of it.. because that's weihd, especially in 2020, ya jus' cant do that kinna thing no moah."

Squinty eyed, acusatory point at Ivy.

"Go poop.. I'll stand gauhd." Because Harley calls a spade a spade. Inclining her head to Artemis and Peter by proximity to Artemis. Thumbing over her shoulder at the bathroom, "She had to drop a twosie." Helpful.

Peter Parker has posed:
Classy. VERY classy. He doesn't say anything about the two women, mostly because he has no idea who they are. One looks like some kind of clown, and the other one...green skin, red hair...that twings a memory, something he'd read somewhere.

He looks back to Artemis, then said, "Some people defy explanation, miss...I'm sorry, I seem to have left my manners with my other suit. My name's Peter Parker. May I ask your name? It seems disrespectful to refer to you as Hey, You..."

Artemis has posed:
A blink when one appears to have to use the restroom suddenly and the other is too distracted to answer her question. Artemis breathes in sharply to not only push down some annoyance but also to remember she is a guest in this country. She then nods to Harley curtly and blinks to Peter. She nods to him.

"I am Artemis." She nods her head and then looks briefly back at Harley before gesturing." This DXL, where is it? We should see what it has to offer."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley rocks forward along her feet, up onto her toes, then all the way back onto her heels. Popping her bubblegum while humming absently to herself the tune to Oops I did it again, periodically singing in the words when she remembers them. Which is rarely. So she ends up making shit up, most of the time.

Does she see Artemis is wearing armor? Sure.

She's from Gotham though. That's kind of not that strange in her world.

"I love ya swohd." Pointing at it, "He ya boyfriend?" Pointing at Peter. "Hey boyfriend to big redheaded ninja lookin' Wondah Woman clone."

Peter Parker has posed:
Artemis. And he's met Diana. Would this make her the Greek version as opposed to the Roman version? A question for another day.

He looks to Harley, raising an eyebrow. "Uhm, miss, we've just met, and I'm just helping her with something." He looks down the hall, then starts walking. "It's over this way, Artemis. And whoever you are, miss..." He glances to Harley. "...help if you want to help. Still a free country. Otherwise, excuse us?"

The last thing either of them needs is to get bogged down in something where nothing will get resolved.

Artemis has posed:
Twitch. Artemis clenched a fist briefly before looking back at Harley. She puts a hand up before Peter to tell him to halt before she looks more directly at Harley, "My name is Artemis and I am not a... clone of Wonder Woman." She breathes in briefly and then out before adding, "And as he said, I am not with him."

She then turns her gaze briefly to Peter and states, "And do not speak for me."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I'm Ha'lee Quinn. And I aint standin' in ya way." Harley is over by the bathrooms, hardly interjecting herself into their conversation beyond Artemis drawing her into it. "Seeya helpah' helpah'ton." Wiggling her multi-colored fingers at Peter.

One of which motions back and forth between Artemis and Peter, "Uh oh, looks like ya chauvinism is gonna bite ya inna ass..." Grinning, shoulder leaning against the wall beside the bathroom with her arms crossed over her chest, "Ya should offah to open tha doah foah hu too.. oah maybe oahda hu some food wit'out askin' what she wants."

Peter Parker has posed:
Is it a bad thing to want to web someone's mouth shut? He has the web-shooters, after all...

He mentally sighs.
"Sorry, Artemis." He looks back to Harley, then realizes chatting with her is like wrestling with a pig. You get mud on you, and you realize the pig likes it.
"Excuse me, then," he says politely to Harley, then keeps walking towards the DXL, The Only Store for the Big and Tall. She's...6'1", easy. Something to remember.

Artemis has posed:
A look over at Harley again and then she looks to see Peter walking away. Perhaps there is wisdom in that but it really serves to make her a bit more upset. She instead walks over toward Harley and slowly licks her lips, "Ha'lee Quinn, just like him, I do not need you to fight battles for me either." She then sucks in a breath, "And thank you about the sword. It is my secondary weapon but practical." She then turns and glares at Peter briefly before walking over toward him, "Now, let us see what this DXL offers."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Imma stop ya right theah, toots. I don't cahe." Harley holds up her hands, waving them from side to side, "I ain't tryin' to fight ya battles, I'm tryin' to instigate.. it's a big difference. On the one hand, I cahe an' have a vest't interest in tha outcome of the altahcation an' on tha othah, I'm bored an' jus' wanna cause a lil mayham... So clearly wit it defined out like tha', ya can sees the difference."

All said very conversational, with a smile.

"Ya welcome bout tha swohd though. Looks like Wondah Womans, like ya ahmah, which is whys I figgah'd ya was some kinna carbonic copy, but clearly I was wrong an' that's okay." Wiggling her fingers at Artemis too, with the Amazon going to check out the DXL, "Nice meetin' ya Ahtemis."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter is beginning to wonder if this was going to end well, but a promise is still a promise. He waits for Artemis at the entrance, then calls an attendant over, a young lady with MICHELLE on her nametag.

Michelle walks over to Peter, looking puzzled. Peter is not usually the type of clientele she sells clothing to.

Then she sees Artemis and immediately gets it. Jack Sprat here isn't the customer. SHE is.

Michelle smiles to Artemis, sensing a big commission. "Welcome to DXL. How may I assist you?"

Artemis has posed:
A look again to Harley and Artemis squints for a long moment at her before adding, "You are very strange, Ha'Lee." She. ods her head and then taps a hand on to the sword at her hip, "And as I said, this is not my main weapon and I am not even from the same group as Wonder Woman." She then turns herself around to see this Michelle calling out to her.

She walks up to the girl, looking down at her and gesturing, "I need a practical outfit to better fit in here. Something loose that can fit over armor."

Peter Parker has posed:
Michelle blinks as she takes in the armor. "Uhm, we usually handle regular clothing to be worn instead of armor. However...I do have some coats that are fairly lightweight, but would still conceal the armor from casual view. If you would like to try some other clothes to wear other than the armor, we have a wide selection of outerwear, from dresses to shirts and blouses, with denim jeans and trousers."

Artemis has posed:
A look to Peter Parker briefly and then she looks to Michelle, "This armor is formed to me and is designed to keep me safe. Do you not have any loose fitting tops or pants that can go over top of this?" She gestures down and looks at the girl, "Surely not every piece of clothing you sell is tight?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Michelle took a deep breath. Well, she was CERTAINLY not going to give up her top spot as Top SalesPerson for 2018 and 2019 so easily.

"All right, then. Follow me, and we shall see what we can find for you."
She resolutely walks towards the section marked "TALL," and Peter smiles wryly. He had to admire the woman's gumption.

Michelle spoke as she walked into the TALL section. "For loose-fitting tops, I would suggest something in this size." She stops at a rack of blouses in different colors. She looked back at Artemis, then sighed. She was a clothes horse. A clothes DRAY horse, though.
"Let's try these shirts first. She picked a black, red, and white cotton/polyester blouse, handing then to Artemis. "Let's see how these fit you."

Artemis has posed:
Looking briefly over to Peter again, she has to wonder about his choices but this Michelle did seem like she wished to help. She looked at the section they were approaching and part of her does wonder a bit as among her people she is rather average.

"I do like these colors." She smiles as she looks at the blouses being handed over and then she looks at the carefully before she simply starts trying to fit them. over top of her armor, frowning as the first one does. ot really make it over and she tries the next right in the sales floor.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter tilts his head. Well...at least she's not trying to take her armor off.

Michelle steps forward. "Don't...try to force it. We'll just try the next size up." She quickly grabs another set in the same colors, only two sizes up. "Hand me those others and try those on, please?"

Artemis has posed:
A nod and she hands back what she has and tries the other, "See, I knew that if you looked you could find something at least somewhat practical." She nods her head and then idly begins pulling on the other choices, "I would be less worried but since coming here I have found a group of robots attacking, dinosaurs, apes, a man in pajamas, a talking turtle kid, and that is only since last week. Your country is very dangerous."

Peter Parker has posed:
Michelle shrugs. It was a What Can You Do? shrug. "It's either this or move back to Winston, Kansas. And if I had to make that choice, bring on the robots."

Peter chuckled. "I grew up in Queens, New York. Lived here all my life. Can't imagine living anyplace else."

Michelle begins pulling out trousers and belts, opting to go a couple sizes up from her initial assessments. "These should fit well."

Artemis has posed:
"Well, be that as it may, I will not forgo my armor in the event this Juggernaut comes out again. He got away when we first met but not a second time. I shall be prepared." She nods her head and then Artemis looks over the available pants before nodding to them and trying them on. Luckily she isn't removing armor so things are decent.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy finally comes out of the ladies room, only she's not green anymore, somehow, she rendered her skin color quite...human looking? She walks right up to Harley and strikes a pose, "well, what do you think, Harl? Neat, isn't it? Picked it up last time I was in Arkham, they really give you a lot of time to reflect there, don't they?" Ivy muses, having caught a glimpse of Peter and Artemis heading to the DXL store, she asks Harley, "what's with the geek hanging out with the warrior lady? Is she a friend of Wonder Woman's? Her sister maybe?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Michelle nods to herself as Peter tries not to look at Artemis too closely. He doesn't even shop here, but he figures he should stay until the bill for this trip is paid. He doesn't know if she has cash, or just keeps gold coins in a pouch or something.

Best not to assume.

"Would you also like to check out our fine assortment of underclothing, as well?" Michelle offers helpfully.

And the NOPE flag just went up in Peter's head.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley went and got her God Damn pretzel while Ivy was in the loo and is now sitting on a trashcan with her feet rocking back and forth to either side of it while munching happily. "Oh I wish I wus an oscah myah wienah... tha is wha- hey Red." Beaming a smile, mustard and smeared red lipstick running down the side of her face where she's been absent mindedly cleaning herself up and making herself look like a trailer park whore.

"Did ya covah yaself in makeup cus... oh.." Slipping down, stepping over, and sucking mustard from her thumb.. she leans right in up against Ivy, well within her personal space, close enough that the woman can feel her breath blowing against her neck. Eyes all squinty, "Did ya change tha colah by some smaht soundin' plant magic?"

Peter and Artemis, OH RIGHT!

"I unno, I'm pretty suhe he was tha one who date't Supah Girl too. It was all ovah twittah while you was lock't up."

Artemis has posed:
A blink at the woman and Artemis tilts her head, "Oh right, your people do seem to like to wear things under their clothes." She shakes her head, "No, my armor is well padded and I do not require anything else." She shakes her head and then gestures to the counter, "What we have will do." She nods her head and goes to the counter.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Harley, I see you got your pretzel, does that mean the way to our store no longer goes through the food court?" Ivy just has to ask, because she has a hunch that's exactly what it means. "You'll need to retouch your lipstick, Harl, you kinda..." Ivy starts to point on her own face, where Harley smeared her own lipstick. But even as she does, she kinda feels it's a futile attempt. Harley wouldn't really care any way, would she?

She shakes her head about the makeup, "tried it before, it's irritating, and time consuming..." she then starts explaining, when Harley more or less guesses at it. "Yeah, a kinda plant magic, really. Just, not fun, but I've been getting looks and I thought with all the news, it's better not to draw attention."

When Harley mentions Peter having dated Supergirl, Ivy starts to laugh, "seriously!? You're telling me that nerd, dated freakin' Supergirl, and now he's dating Wonder Woman's sister? How!? That makes zero sense! He's nowhere near that league..." she thinks it over, and then tries, "publicity stunt over how approachable Supergirl and Wonder Woman's sister are?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Totally cash: "It does not." Lead through the food court.

Ivy hit the nail on the head with that guess.

Likewise that it is futile trying to get Harley to correct her makeup. When Ivy points at her own face, Harls hand comes up to the exact mirror to it, which is oposite to where she's smeared lipstick, and smears the lipstick by rubbing her fingers down across her chin. "Did I get't?" She just made it worse.

She don't care no how, though.

"Well, I think ya look hot as fuck, so let'em stare.." Hip bumping Ivy and .. she just gets in there, arms around the plant ladies waist like an accessory, making pantomimed kissy faces up at her as they walk, basically getting them looks again despite Ivy's best attempts to go incognito.

Futility abound.

"That oah he's got a giant- hey a quarter." Bending over to pick it up.

Peter Parker has posed:
Michelle does her bst to conceal her diappointment. She keeps her cheerful demeanor as she takes the clothing over to the counter. "So, will that be cash, debit card, or credit card?"

Peter follows a fair distance behind. If she has everything under control, he can just step away. If not...well that's a different story.

Artemis has posed:
Strangely, the woman does have cash. Likely has nothing to do with a warlord with info and resources who wouldn't politely cooperate and also who's favorite new tank is now located in the Sahara via being thrown. Nothing to do with that. Either way, Artemis thanks Peter and Michelle after paying and steps out in time to see the passing Ivy and Harley and smirks at the sight, now wearing her new loose fitting blouse and pants.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"I somehow knew it, I may have precog abilities," Ivy laughs, reaching to carefully give Harley an affectionate squeeze, trying not to get any condiment on April's yellow coverall.

Ivy offers a rather embarrassed, uncertain smile at Harley's makeup correction attempt, partially shrugging, as she murmurs, "well, you gave it a good effort. So there's that." Because she definitely made her makeup worse. But who would be crazy enough to judge Harley Quinn, so perhaps Ivy best stop wasting time on it until Harley is faced with a mirror. Even though it's dubious that Harley will actually get it right. She might just declare it's a fun look.

As they semi walk, semi get Harley grabbing Ivy by the waist and making very notable kissy faces at her, Ivy chuckles softly, and very quietly whispers to Harley, "Harl, I love you, but maybe less drawing of attention, and more getting to an actually good clothing store..." and there goes Harley bending down for a dollar. On the plus side, wandering eyes will be checking Harley's ass over trying to estimate if Ivy looks like a regular version of Poison Ivy.

"You don't need that quarter Harley, we can get way more than that if we really want, remember?" She affectionately noogies Harley, "the store? Remember you told me I could find something good to wear...in green?" Going out with Harley, sometimes you just have to remind her there was a purpose to it all.

"It looks goregous," Ivy remarks to Artemis in her new getup, "send Wonder Woman our regards, we're big fans," she says with a smile, before looking over at Harley and whispering, "what was her name? You know? Kinda rude just calling her Wonder Woman's sister..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ya nevah turn down a free quarter, Red." Harley comes back up with it, pig-tails swinging in the process. The treasure clutched between her fingers, held up like Link with the Mastersword, she could not possibly look more elated and pleased with her find.

The fact that she basically just gave everyone a full view of her entire anatomical situation in those short ass shorts aside, she's finally getting them back on track. Skipping along beside Ivy until they're close to DXL where Artemis has just been ABANDONED by that MENACE Peter Parker.

"Oh heeeeeeey... Articulate or somethin' like that." Stage whispering to Ivy, because her attention is drifting, as Harls attention does, towards a kiosk offering slushies.

She's already started in that direction. Real sly... slipping sideways... leeeeeegs waaaaaay out, "I'm still heah-..." Then she's not, as her body catches up to her feet angling her towards the cashier.

Artemis has posed:
"I am NOT related to Wonder Woman." Artemis calls out and grinds her teeth before shaking her head, "Keep it in mind." She then let's out a slow breath and turns to walk the other way. Did she check out Harley when she was bent over? Yes, yes she did. Is she Diana's sister? Only in that Amazonian way but she doesn't claim it. At least not yet. Either way, now she is walking away.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Articulate is a weird name, Amazons, huh?" Ivy laughs with Harley as her blonde friend reveals the name for the Amazonian, who at this very moment revealed herself to not be the sister of Wonder Woman after all. "So you do know her? Are you friends?" Ivy asks, "I'll try and keep it in mind for you, not sure Harley can, but don't take offense...she doesn't keep a lot in mind." Ivy waves goodbye to Artemis, before grinning at Harley, who is not there...

A brief look around, and she spots Harley by the slushie line, "Harl...that doesn't look like a clothing store..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Two seconds, Red!" Harley shouts back, holding up two fingers.

"Three if fatty here doesn't shake a leg..." Said to the woman infront of her with absolute zero hang ups about being a completely inappropriate human being in public. Nevermind that said woman cut her eyes at Harley when she stepped up behind her, scoffed at her manner of dress, and gently moved her son closer as if Harls might kidnap the little shit head or something.

When it's Harley's turn, since said lady why I nevered and left, she orders herself a slushie.. cherry of course.. and pays with a full hunny. "Keep't." Tottle-loo waving as she skips back to Ivy sucking the end of her straw, "Wheah'd Wondah Woman's sistah go?"

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy looks at Harley with a shake of her head, look at her, doing high crimes with Joker for far too long, and now she's standing in line like a decent person, calling out the fatso who is delaying everyone. It's just heartwarming. Closing in the gap between her and Harley, once Harley got her slushie, Ivy smirks, "she had to go to the Amazon Convention, so, let's rewind and get back to that thing where we were buying me some real clothes, so I don't look like a banana, because April has terrible taste in coveralls?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
In fairness, Harley is also wearing yellow... In her defense, it's a sparkly colored yellow! So it's more spunky than banana! "OH! Did I evah tell ya me'n Wondah Woman is close? Like we hang out every Tuesday foah Cribbage.. She's a fuckin' cheat though. Ya nevah know wit some people." Slurp, real sensual with that straw too, but that's just Harls being Harl. Winking at someone passing whose horrified stare she mistakes for actual attention! "So... Outlandah? I think theahs one ovah by tha book stoah.."

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Wha...? For real?" Ivy somehow casts doubt at the whole, Harley and Wonder Woman being tight. "That's actually funny, her being a cheat and all, are you sure, not just about her being a cheat, but about the whole..." she twirls her finger in two circles that cross, "you and her, being in the same circle at all kind of thing?"

"Right, shopping," Ivy repeats, "gotta focus here, rather than solve the mystery of a paragon of virtue hanging out with you. Not that you're bad Harl, it's just...well, you fit better with me than with Wonder Woman, let's just put it that way." She starts walking towards the store Harley pointed out, eager to get a new wardrobe. Hopefully they got the best color in the world, which is green, d'uh.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Sure I'm sure... She was tha one talk't me inta not fightin' all them police when they came foah me tha last time.. She said Don't fight the police an' I said, But they wanna put me in jail an' she said, I'll fight ya if ya fight them, which was Wondah Woman foah, do it foah me so I don't get mah ass kick't since ya got them soopah fightin' skills and superiah ninja prowess... An' I jus' respect tha, ya know?"

Harley bobs her head at Ivy, sucking on her slurpie as they walk, "So I'm guessin' ya gonna want somethin' green.. Theah was this shaw, I jus' know ya'd love. Like this wrap thing tha' goes from shouldah ta hip?" Motioning with her free hand at an angle across her chest. "Then some tights oah somethin', an' high boots... You'd look fuckin' magical." Shoulder bumping against Ivy, "I'm so glad ya outta Arkham. I miss't ya, Red."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy doesn't seem nearly quite as convinced as Harley about the true meaning of Wonder Woman's words, nodding along, before offering casually, "she could have also, maybe, say...literally meant don't fight them or I fight you, but I see where you're going with this..." at least she offers a small window of entertaining Harley's notion. So it's not like she said never in a million years, she prolly lowered it to never in a hundred thousand years. Which is way better.

"So...Wonder Woman is behind you deciding to become a hero then...?" Ivy asks curiously, somewhat fascinated by all of this unexpected news. "A shawl? I could do with a shawl," Ivy is willing to consider it. And there it is, as Ivy comes closer to Harley and gives her a hug, "you know what, this reminds me...I should give April a shot. Just to be safe."

Reaching to ruffle Harley's hair, she adds, "I like it outta Arkham too, plants need sunlight, and it's way too...ugh over there."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ehhh nah, I think it's tha way I said." Harley considers, for all of a nanosecond, Ivy's interpretation of Wonder Woman's words, but she's pretty steadfast on her personal belief systems. "Whoooooa.. let's not go nuts okay.. I ain't a hero oah nothin'. Just not a killah anymoah.." The not a killer anymore part draws some nervous looks and gasps from a woman. "What? I said I wasn't anymoah! Stop starin' ya fuckin' crone."


"A shot? Like penicilin? We aint doin' it oah nothin', I think shes fine." The implications of which are open for multiple interpretations. "Jus' friends. She's always goin on about this ex boyfrien' Casey, but I think she jus' made him up cus he don't nevah call oah come by oah nothin'."

Beaming a smile at the ruffle, wrapping Ivy up in a hug. "Yeah, I know wha' ya mean. It's a dreery horrible shit hole tha' we should burn down." Another gasp from the same offended woman, "HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKIN' YA FUCKIN' CRONE!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
"That's probably what it was," Ivy says to Harley with a grin, letting her enjoy that skewed world view for the time being. It's part of what made Harley so magical. Some people see the glass half full, some see the glass half empty, and some just break the glass and potentially shoot the tender for not filling it well enough. It's just the way of the world. "Right, right, I didn't mean to offend or anything."

Ivy herself looks annoyed by the lady giving Harley a look, "look, lady, she said she's not one anymore, so cool it...because I am one, and I don't like the way you're looking at my friend." Would she kill a random mall goer over percieved insult to Harley? Not likely, but sometime scaring people is an effective way to get them to...yeah, get the heck out of dodge, like that lady is doing.

"Oh...I'll talk to her, if that Casey is real, I'll solve him for her," Ivy offers as if she was talking about which socks to buy, "I can do her at least that much."

As they get to actually browse the store, Ivy eventually reaches for a green corset top, holds it up against her, as she turns to look at Harley, "is this what you had in mind before, Harl?"