Doomed at the Start

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Doomed at the Start
Date of Cutscene: 11 May 2021
Location: Latverian Embassy, NY
Synopsis: An assassination attempt fails
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom

Location: Latverian Embassy, NYC, NY Time of Day: 17:00 Plot: 78

The Embassy of Latveria's spartan exterior has been decorated with national pride and splendor in preparation for the upcoming press conference. A stone podium resides on a raised dais with the clinched gauntlet and lightning bolts of Latveria embossed on the surface facing the audience. Banners of red, yellow, and purple hang from the embassy's walls to represent Latveria while Doom's personal banner is often displayed above or adjacent.

The crowd is full of the usual suspects: Ambassadors, Lobbyists, Trade Partners, and the Press. An arsenal of cameras and microphones aim at the empty podium in anticipation of the statesman's arrival. Casual conversations and mutters proliferate. No ambient music has been selected for the gathering.

Security is high both out of precaution and the desire to market Latveria's primary export: Robotics. A variety of such machines are on display ranging from heavily armed guards to willowy metallic servants, which provide vending for the assembled.

A human Latverian speaks over loudspeaker, "Please rise for the Supreme Leader of Latveria, Doctor Victor von Doom."

The crowd stands and begins to clap. Abruptly the smell of brimstone wafts over the audience raising gasps of concern as a portal of flame burns into the empty air behind the stone podium. A flash of flame and the brief emergence of a portal herald the arrival Doctor Victor von Doom.

The masked figure raises a gauntleted hand to calm the audience, only to elicit a few winces and cringes from those more familiar with Doctor Doom's armaments and tactics.

"Greetings and thank you for meeting me on Latverian soil today." spoken in regard to the continual insistence of his sovereignty of the Embassy grounds. "I am pleased to announce the pending ratification of a trade agreement with the United States of America. As many of you know, we stand at the forefront of advanced robotics around the world. A fact demonstrated through our military might and domination of the theatre of war against any foes who have dared to trespass against Latveria."

After a brief pause, Doom continues, "While such tools are indeed the weapons of the future, they are not without their non-military applications. We look forward to the mutual benefit of offering this technology on US Markets..."

Doom's voice is abruptly silenced as a blaster beam emerges from one of the cameras aimed at him. It strikes his armor and leaves a spot of molten metal, his cloak sizzling and smoking.

"Fools! Who dares..."

His response is further cut off as additional cameras launch menacing lances of energy. The figure of Doom convulses and recoils as it is struck by an onslaught of blaster fire.

Chaos ensues as Doctor Victor von Doom collapses to the dais floor. Robotics guards activate and launch attacks on the cameras. Reporters dive to the ground. Bystanders scream and run for safety.

The minutes that follow are tense. Television stations and social media immediately begin the news cycle with various eyewitnesses describing the incident. Reporters speculate the potential death of Doctor Victor von Doom .

These fears or hopes are ultimately cast away as the figure upon the dais begins to stir. It is deformed and smoldering, holes in its torso giving viewports to the Embassy, which has also taken damage from the attack.

In a turn of events that many of Doctor Doom's past adversaries would easily anticipate, the Doombot begins to speak in a crackling voice, its speech synthesizers damaged.

"Upon Doom's enemies, we will visit despair and destruction."

"If an ocean harbors them, Doom will boil it."

"If a mountain provides sanctuary, Doom will topple it."

"If a city provides asylum, Doom will level it."

"Woe to the allies of Doom's enemies, for we promise them suffering."

"Woe to Doom's adversaries, for we promise them annihilation."

"Woe to any who stand in Doom's path while he seeks his justice, for he will crush them under his boot heel, stepping stones for what is rightful his."

"Doom will be avenged."