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Drake, or 'Drakula', is the primogenitor of the race of vampires known as Hominus Nocturne.

Born in ~3000 BCE, he was a warrior of supreme reknown in ancient Sumer. Drake served as the king's right hand, both his general and his personal executioner. Legend says Drake was borne of a demigod and a mortal; he was granted tremendous physical power and great presence.

During one of Sumer's endless battles, Drakul's legions stumbled into an ancient Atlantean tomb. They discovered a relic long abandoned. The cursed relic immediately ripped the life from his men. Drakul, being a scion of the New Gods, was transformed into an immortal, undead creature.

Drakul and his wife, dread Akasha, entered hibernation in 2500 BCE and vanished from history into the hoary pages of mist.