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The New Gods are particularly those entities that sprang into existence from Gaea's connection with the Demiurge when the Elder Gods and Oa 'pushed' the Demiurge into awareness some 50,000 years ago. New Gods are the progeny of Gaea and other Elder Gods, who found the Demiurge billions of years ago, shortly after the fracturing of The First Firmament.

The New Gods each spring from a dimensional plane that originated from the budding intelligence of the Demiurge. Some of them, such as Olympus and New Genesis, can be accessed by magic or boomtube. Several other planes are located immediately adjacent to Earth and can be reached by travelling to certain mountains or areas (Takamagahara and Heliopolis). Asgard's reality protrudes into real space and can be visited with interstellar starships.

Each dimension, or 'demesne', is a domain that reflects the attitudes and spirits of the creatures that live there. The realms shape to reflect the spiritual and ethical beliefs of the gods who reside there. There is a symbiosis between the gods and their demesne, as they shape beliefs and are shaped by them alike. The symbiosis of belief, demesne, worshipper, and god is called 'harmony' and is a key component to much of the structure of the universe.

Navigating between all dimensions via the 'branches' of Yggdrasil is swift and effortless for the New Gods. Several realms maintain casual treaties and alliances with other dimensions. Prior to Ragnarok, the New Gods made frequent visits to Earth and traveled freely.

At the 'high point' of any dimension, the place of greatest power, the Primarch of that dimension is virtually omnipotent. Through their connection to the Demiurge, each primarch has access to the Power Cosmic, a fundamental force of creation that few creatures in the universe can channel. They can establish the reality of their realm with only an effort of willpower. The further a ruler goes from the high point, the weaker his powers become. Rarely do Odin and Zeus, among others, venture from their thrones, for that reason. Many choose to send emissaries, avatars, or children out into the universe to defend against threats and spread their ideology. This attracts new souls and grows the power of the realms.

Several prominent domains and the gods ruling them include:

Notable Exceptions

The Vishanti are a special case: Hoggoth is a First God and Oshtur is the daughter of Gaea. Their son, Agamotto, forms the third part of the Vishanti triad.

Amon-Ra, also know as Atum, is the youngest of the Elder Gods despite being worshiped in the pantheon of the Ennead.

The twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokalips occupy the same spacetime curvature as the other realms of Yggdrasil. However these realms are much older, created by Celestial engineering as control groups for their genetic experiments. This realm is unique in that the planets are populated by a group of Homo Immortalis called the Forever People. These two realms share a single dimensional plane, with two points of power. Highfather wields the Power Cosmic, whereas the evil Darkseid uses his Omega Force. The twin worlds exist at the heart of a singularity that makes traditional travel to or from the system an extraordinary challenge. Their approach to technology and travel has allowed for substantially advanced scientific developments to parallel their mystical affinities, putting them on par with the more empowered deities of other realms.

There are many other sub-dimensional realms spread around the universe. Any sentient race of sufficient intelligence and mutual harmony is capable of instinctually creating the conditions that lead to the budding of a new demesne, and attracting new intelligences to it that grow naturally out of such conditions. X'hal of Okarra ascended into godhood among the Okaarans and Tamaraneas; the Sky Lords of Indigarr were worshipped by primitive life forms on the planet Indigaar.

No other realm or region of space has such a density or complex ecosystem of demesnes as Earth and the realms associated with Yggdrasil.