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  Helena Wayne  
Helena Wayne (Scenesys ID: 1062)
Name: Helena Wayne
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Sapiens
Occupation: Investor / Vigilante
Citizenship: United States of America (Forged)
Residence: New York City, NY.
Education: Private Tutelage
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 22 September 1990 Played By Jessica De Gouw
Height: 6'0" Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @HDinNYC
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Helena Wayne (known as Helena Dubrovna on her passport and other legal documentation) is a private citizen. She made her money through wise investments and private consulting work, doing her best to stay off the public radar. If one is familiar with her at all, it is only in passing from a society function.


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(Earth 2) 1990 - Helena Wayne is born to Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle in Gotham City, New Jersey. Almost from birth she is trained by her father to be his partner and eventual successor as Batman.

(Earth 2) 2007 - At the urging of her mother, Helena dons the mantle of Robin for the first time and stops a mugging. Bruce insists she is not ready but eventually relents and allows her to join him on his crusade.

(Earth 2) 2010 - A malicious interdimensional force attacks Earth - killing millions and starting a war that necessitates all nations coming together to form a singular World Army. Later this same year, Selina is killed, and Helena meets Supergirl for the first time - becoming close friends.

(Earth 2) 2014 - After four years of desperate fighting, the Battle of Metropolis sees the apparent destruction of that universe - including its Superman, Wonder Woman, and Helena's father; Batman. Supergirl shields Helena from the explosion and carries them both through an exploding portal generator, saving Helena's life.

(Our Earth) 2015 - The malfunctioning portal displaces Helena on this Earth. Using her father's training, she quickly situates herself and makes use of ?borrowed? Wayne Enterprises money to start a new life for herself. After initial research into this Earth's Batman and Catwoman, she comes to believe they would not accept who she is and decides to steer clear of them.

(Our Earth) 2017 - Helena is present during this Earth's Battle of Metropolis between Superman and Doomsday and relives the trauma of her departure from Earth 2. She resolves to leave the United States, traveling the world and sharpening her skills further.

(Our Earth) 2020- Helena finally returns to the United States, looking to make use of her skills as a masked vigilante - just like her father taught her.

IC Journal

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"Didn't your father teach you to be careful?"

"Sure. But my mother also taught me that the only way we make it in the world ... is if we trust our friends."

- Batman/Superman (2013) #8

The world that Helena comes from had moved beyond the idea of heroes operating in their own personal fiefdoms, keeping their secrets, and only working together when needs arose. Her world was threatened by the greatest extradimensional threat it had ever faced, and its people were forced to band together as one to stop it. As a result, Helena is a little unlike this Earth's version of her parents in that she can trust others. She doesn't trust implicitly, and it generally needs to be earned, but once someone has entered her confidence she understands that she needs to rely on them as much as they rely on her in order to get by.

"Little people matter too. I won't forget that, mom."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #0

Helena has spent her life training her mind and body to contend with the most volatile and dangerous threats the universe can throw at her. Despite all of this, she never forgot where her parents' crusade began - protecting innocent people on the street from the criminals who prey on them. For her whole life, Helena has been the defender of those who cannot defend themselves. She's ready and willing to dive into the fray to protect others who need it, and she has honed it into a gut instinct now. Where others feel fear and a desire to preserve themselves, Helena only wonders how she might help.

"And I'm sure you have dossiers on every hero, too ... but I mean the real people ..."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #18

One does not grow up with Batman for a father and not learn something about preparedness. While Helena long ago learned to master the sort of improvisation necessary to react and adapt to situations in real time, she learned that preparation will always trump that. If she has the opportunity, Helena prefers to sit back and observe a situation before she involves herself. She likes to make note of patrol routes for guards, listen in on conversation for extra information, or just observe those she intends to fight to make note of any weaknesses she might be able to exploit. On top of this, she likes to make plans for her nightly patrols and prepare the loadout of her utility belt accordingly.

"You do the celebrity thing ... I hate having my picture taken."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #1

Helena prefers to keep herself to herself. Even though she's managed to amass a tidy sum of money to make her campaign work, she does it through private investments and shell companies. There is no part of her that wants to be in the limelight, and while she can function in high society with the best of them that has never really been her goal. She's no shrinking violet and can keep up for herself and speak loudly when she needs to, but the life of a socialite isn't for her. She'll keep her personal thoughts about things to herself unless she needs to share them, unless she trusts someone well enough to have those kinds of conversations.

"You can daydream about what we lost. I learned every day can be your last the hard way. I want to make every day I've got count, wherever the hell I have to spend it."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #18

Helena wasn't always a pragmatist. When she was young - when she was Robin - she enjoyed a healthy dose of optimism. She thought she could take on the world and that anything she set her mind to could be accomplished with enough hard work and determination. Then she ended up deposited on an Earth very different from her own and with no accessible way back to her home. Since then she has learned to make the most of what she has, working with what she's got rather than pining for what she doesn't. This doesn't necessarily make her cruel, but it does make her quick to accept the grim realities of her work. People get hurt; people even die.

"Always take care of people before you take care of yourself."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #19

Realist though she may be, Helena is still a hero at heart. She's ready to lay down her life for other people, and she will always think of them first. If there's a gun pointed at someone else, she's the sort who will move to take the bullet instead. Her parents made the goal of her life the safety and betterment of those who could not protect themselves, and she has lived by that credo. Be it saving the entire world from destruction or simply keeping a mugging victim from being slain, she will lay down her life for either cause.

Character Sheet


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Physical Conditioning:
"Three hours a day, seven days a week ... way over 10,000 hours now ... "

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #0

There was no point in her teenage years where Helena's parents decided to shape her for a life fighting crime. Rather, her entire life from infancy was spent preparing. She is at the absolute pinnacle of health for a woman her age; strong, fast, flexible, and with incredible stamina. As well as being in this shape, Helena has many long hours of practice that makes it easy for her to keep herself in the same physical condition. Simply put, she has known nothing else in her life and even if she were not actively working as a vigilante she would still maintain her fitness regimen simply out of habit.


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"Land on your feet, mother always said."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #17

Helena is an extremely capable acrobat. She's able to move with fluidity in grace even when she's being shot at or attacked by all manner of enemies. On top of that, she's developed the strength and finesse necessary to scale buildings, jump from rooftop to rooftop, and generally scale the glass and concrete canyons of major urban landscapes. She may not have the flair for it that some do, but she's been turning flips and cartwheels since almost before she could walk.

Computer Scientist:
"Hacked into the NSA's version of Pattern Search, and twinning that to the NYPD's surveillance cameras ... "

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #18

Computers have always been a part of Helena's life. When she showed an aptitude for them as a youth, Helena's mother made sure to teach her the best ways to use these skills to get by various methods of cyber security. Now, Helena incorporates it all into her vigilante skillset. She's able to siphon funds away from bank accounts, hack into surveillance infrastructure to use it for her own benefit, and even duck in and out of secured servers to get a hold of information.

"Hints of accelerant in the air. Mom always said use your nose to sniff out trouble ... "

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #16

Helena was raised by the World's Greatest Detective and he taught her all the tricks worth teaching. He cultivated in her an analytical mind that can look at even the most obscure aspects of a scene and employ deductive reasoning to work out just what happened. She's well-versed in forensics and other investigatory tactics, and would be well at home in even the most advanced crime labs. In short, she is a worthy heir to her father.

Escape Artist:
"What did he say - only your own mind can keep you prisoner, Helena ... otherwise there's always a way out ... especially if you're prepared."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #15

Helena's mother was one of the greatest thieves in the world - if not the greatest. Her father had been in more death traps than most people had hot showers and he'd managed to escape from every single one. Between them, they taught Helena all the tricks of getting into and out of places and confinements. She can pick handcuffs with ease, dislocate her shoulders to escape ropes, and knows her way around most security and alarm systems even if she's only seen them once or twice.

"Too far for another shot from this angle ... she's zipping across the water ... maybe 50 MPH ... maybe that's not a problem."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #16

While Helena was obviously taught a wide variety of skills, there were some that she favored even more than her famous parents. One such skill was archery, namely the use of crossbows. Helena has become an excellent shot with the miniature crossbow she favors, able to hit moving targets and even bank shots off certain surfaces. She is accurate enough to cause injury without accidentally hitting vital organs or arteries, making the weapon useful even in a non-lethal capacity. This skill also extends to thrown weapons such as shurikens, and even firearms if she ever deigned to use one.

Martial Artist:
"I'm going to enjoy taking this man down."

- Huntress (2012) #2

Perhaps the most telling element of training under Batman is the ability to turn the body into a living weapon. Helena's father traveled the world to forge a new, wide-ranging style of hand-to-hand combat fused together from parts of dozens or hundreds of other martial artforms. Helena learned this art from her father, learning as well the various martial arts that informed it. She is a superb hand to hand fighter, able to take on multiple enemies both armed an unarmed with minimal trouble. She is a threat even to some of the most well-trained and agile fighters on the planet, and can even turn the strength of super-powered opponents against themselves if she exercises her skills properly.


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Bat Family:
"She knows exactly how the system works. Down to the password overrides and the custom keystroke commands."

- Batman/Superman (2013) #8

When Helena arrived on this Earth, she had no connections with the Bat Family - in her world, it had only ever been herself and her parents. But while things on this Earth had gone differently, Helena learned that many of the secrets remained the same. As such, she knows how to access much of the Bat Family's computer infrastructure, she knows the (rough) location of the Batcave, and even knows the identities of both Catwoman and Batman - though she hasn't confirmed the latter and has accepted she may not even be correct. Not everything is exactly the same and there are certainly a few passwords and secret locations she's not privy to, but in general she has all the knowledge of a Robin in good standing.

Power Girl:
"She's like a whirlwind, blowing this cesspit clean. Whoever this Superkid is, she's awesome."

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #0

Helena's closest friend is Kara Zor-L, whom she knew on Earth 2 as Supergirl. Helena met Kara shortly after her first outing as Robin, and the pair worked together many times in the years that followed. They shared secrets with one another that they kept from even their adopted parents, and trusted one another with their lives.

" ... and silk just doesn't do it like treated Kevlar ... "

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #1

Helena has designed for herself a uniform not unlike that of the Batman of her home dimension. It is comprised of an armored cowl with advanced optics and HUD display, as well as a Kevlar and Nomex weave that makes it both bullet and fire resistant. Though it may change a little in style and appearance from time to time, it is functionally designed to offer the same suite of abilities. Namely, it houses a wide variety of gadgets, it can withstand punishment, and it conceals her identity.


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"There. Braver than she is bright. Doesn't she realize how fragile she is? How dangerous those weapons are?"
- Worlds' Finest (2012) #0

For all her training and equipment, Helena Wayne is a mortal woman. She can be wounded, she can be killed, she ages over time, and she can be struck low by illness and fatigue. She knows how to take care of herself and prevent these things to the best of her ability, but the ultimate truth of the matter is she is putting herself in harm's way every time she sets out to fight against crime and corruption.

"I lost them once, who needs to hurt twice? If they're out there, let 'em be well and happy ... and if they're not, why disappoint myself?"

- Worlds' Finest (2012) #18

One of the strangest parts about being on another world is that Helena's parents are now alive again. Except they aren't her parents. They're younger versions of them, with many of the same formative experiences and the same appearance. Their personalities are similar, albeit untampered by years lived as loving and devoted parents. At best it is weird to hear about their exploits or see them, at worst it is a heart-wrenching reminder of all that she has lost. What's worse is that she would go to any lengths to keep them safe from harm, despite the lack of a connection on their part.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Go higher May 11th, 2020 Helena and Elektra go higher this time. All the way up to the Roxxon building. Daring.
Up on the roof no one can hear you... April 22nd, 2020 A first meeting between Helena and Elektra with more in common than the rooftop they chose to perch in.
Of All The Earths, In All The Multiverse ... April 18th, 2020 Reunited and it feels so good.
Dockers Never Go Out Of Style April 18th, 2020 The Bats raid smugglers bringing in cargo at the Gotham docks.
Prey April 8th, 2020 April runs afoul of the oppressed socio-economically disadvantaged. Helena bullies them.


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