Ice Giant

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Ice Giants are creatures composed of elemental ice. They are all descended from the oldest Ice Giant, Ymir.

Ice Giants should not be confused with Frost Giants.

Ice Giants live exclusively in the coldest reaches of Niffleheim. They have been witnessed in the frigid poles of Jotunheim and even occasionally on Midgard.

Ice Giants have no culture to speak of. They are solitary creatures, preferring to slumber in the ice and commune with the Demiurge. They guard the borders of Helheim and will savagely attack intruders.

An average Ice Giant is 30-50' tall. They can lift and throw thousands of pounds of material. Their ice is denser than steel. The power of an Ice Giant is closely tied to their proximity to the center of Niffleheim. An Ice Giant at the heart of that land can heal from significant injuries very swiftly and even suppress most natural fires that draw too close. They draw in all ambient heat for a space of a dozen yards around them, cold enough to cause frostbite to a mortal in minutes.

Many Ice Giants are capable of basic thermal manipulation, allowing them to fling heat-draining snowsprays at their enemies. This is cold enough to injure even a Frost Giant after prolonged exposure.