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  Johanna Mitchell  
Johanna Mitchell (Scenesys ID: 2121)
Name: Johanna Mitchell
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Unemployed
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Diploma.
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Street Level
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 15 Jul 1988 Played By Massy Arias
Height: 5'8" Weight: 147 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Johanna is a plucky, middle-aged martial artist in her mid-thirties. She has recently returned to New York City after a year abroad training with a K'un-Lun master, and faces the one challenge that most everyone within the city experiences at some point: getting by, independence, and self-sustainage.


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General History:
Johanna Mitchell grew up in New York City, and fortunately within a household that had the funds to live there in adequacy. As a child she was rambunctious, as all children are. As a teen, she was a troublesome force of chaos, as all teens are. And when she reached the first year of adulthood, she joined the airforce, and had a successful career until she was discharged. She has yet to open up as to the reasons of why with anyone outside of immediate family, and perhaps the occasional girlfriend. It is an intimate and safe-guarded knowledge.

A fair number of her early adult years were spent living with her parents. She was pulled by life to pursue multiple directions and throughout it, one thing stayed consistent: martial arts. Whether because it offered her the discipline she'd enjoyed while in the air force, or because it halted her mind in the way other pursuits could not, she went for it hard. First she attained her own black belt, and within the same dojo, went on to become a children's instructor, earning enough to travel and train with an abroad Master. Little does she know, this Master hailed from K'un-Lun. From him, she learned techniques that belong to the heavens, though she has yet to come even close to mastering them.

At some point, she had a brush with Alexander Aaron. It was a long day of sub-par effort from Alexander Aaron, and so she challenged him to a private spar session. Afterward, she had a moment of self- realization, leading her to quit her job at the dojo. Shortly, she returned to her Master to continue her training for a straight year. It's during this time, at the end of that year, that her Master revealed to her his origins.

Within the past month, she has once again arrived within NYC looking for employment (a girl's gotta' eat!), and with a singular mission: find Iron Fist! And complete her training to ready herself for when K'un-Lun reopens to the mortal realm.

(*) 1988: Born and raised in New York City.
(*) 2005: Graduated early from High School, and joined the Air Force.
(*) 2006: Discharged from the Air Force
(*) 2010: Began training at a local New York City dojo.
(*) 2015: Became a child instructor at a local New York City dojo, and studying abroad on occasion when finances would allow.
(*) 2019: Quit the dojo to train full- time with her martial arts master in China.
(*) 2020: Returned to New York City

IC Journal

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What is life without a little humor? Johanna has this in spades. She is easy to delight, and consequently she is an often delighted person. The laugh lines etched into her face are evidence of such. Now, that's not to claim she is a funny person. Her jokes and puns are terrible, and she should feel terrible for them, but this is a woman who seeks to find ways to be amused, and is never without excuse to be laughing.

The red light of Mars shone auspiciously on this woman the night she was born. Strange, for being a Cancer sign, and yet it is thus. She has a martial determination, feeding and thriving off structure, discipline, and regimine. This is penetrative through the most mundane aspects of her life, such as a rigorous beauty care ritual at morning and night. For this reason, she has few peers, partially because she has no time for them and partially because at the point of having met them, she is already on her way to surpassing them.

There is a rich warmth surrounding this person in all that she says and does. It is as encompassing as the sun's heat, and perhaps to some even a touch disarming. It is the hallmark of her character and a reason that she was chosen as a children's instructor at the dojo she was employed under. It lends to her a sense of being nurturing, mothering and matronly, with just enough detatchment as to keep from being smothering. She is the sun-basked boulder upon which cats and other small animals may come and lay upon, to experience security and a calming presence.

Character Sheet


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Chi Manipulation:
Taught to her by a K'un-Lun master, Johanna has learned the heavenly techniques of chi manipulation, mainly toward the extent that she can augment her natural human abilities. Speed, nimbleness, power, and durability are all enhanced through numerous methods. She is by no means a master, and the more obscure applications are presently beyond her reach. However, she can take a super human punch, and deal out one in kind.

Enhanced Kiai:
Taught to her by a K'un-Lun master, Johanna can channel her chi into a destructive battle cry. The results vary depending on the situation such as the chi summoned and the mood of the event. It can be a supernatural sense of foreboding at the weaker end of the spectrum, and a penetrative, emission of chi that is both arresting and horrifying at the higher end.


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Perhaps not many would consider this a skill, but as far as this person goes, it is one of the many tools in her arsenal to properly assess a moment. It is her primary offense weapon. One does not engage an opponent without first understanding them. She is good at it. To the point where she could probably market her own brand of therapy revolving around kicking the shit out of each other while broaching the inner dark chambers of the heart.

Martial Arts:
Johanna is a practiced and trained martial artist. Primarily she is a grappler, preferring to subdue and divert opponents into submission. Human strength only carries a person so far, but being able to use someone's own strength against them is a boon to anyone's repetoire.


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Jade Purity Fan:
A powerful artifact that fell from K'un-Lun the first time that Johanna Mitchell visited mountain range in the places where it extends into Earth. This is how her master, Mo Yuan, found her. It had belonged to him. It contains the power to summon the winds and the rains, but in her hands? It is little more than a pretty object, and still it chooses her, for beauty is its own worth. As long as she has the ability to possess the fan, he will remain her master.

K'un-Lun Master:
Johanna Mitchell trained under the K'un-Lun master Mo Yuan, a Martial God of the heavens whom is living a human existence on Earth for the time being. She does not know the true heritage of Mo Yuan, and only learned within the past year that he hails from the heavens. He is kind, empathetic, but strict and terrible. He commands fear in the hearts of his disciples, and receives their love in return.


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Limited Chi:
She is only human, and chi is a limited resource. If spent, she will become exhausted. Fatigued. Tapped. It is only cultivated through meaningful meditation, and so it is a resource that she must use sparingly if she suspects there will not soon be a period of rest. She prefers using her own prowess in a fight, those which come to her naturally through sheer physical training.

Merely Human:
Alas! This character is only a human with few personal resources aside from having a basement to sleep in. In a world full of super heroes, homosuperiors, and what have you, it is a disability. Especially for what she eventually wants to achieve.

In the Long Ago, a decade earlier when she was apart of the Air Force, Johanna experienced something traumatic that lead to her being discharged. She does not talk about it, and it left a lasting scar. Having this triggered is disabilitating. And though she is well functioning by this point in her story, it is a shade in her life that will be given power if she pays it attention. Multiple things have resulted as a cause of this, namely depression that takes form in self-neglect. Currently she is in a healthy place.

Johanna Mitchell takes pleasure in causing people pain! Which is not very heavenly or attainment helpful. One might even think of it as a... villainous trait. There is a heavy mix of guilt involved in this, and in the wrong circumstance can create a flight response.



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Johanna Mitchell has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Oh hai! December 16th, 2020 No description
When War Calls! December 2nd, 2020 Ares pays a call on Alexander and finds Parnus hiding.
KNOCK KNOCK! November 26th, 2020 Someone dares to insult Alexander by robbing Lara. He takes steps to defend his honor.
Daisy says hai. November 20th, 2020 Daisy hassles Alex about something mean.
This is a Title November 15th, 2020 Johanna asks invasive questions to Alex and learns that he is a moocher.
Strawberry Fields Blah-blah-blah November 9th, 2020 Alexander tells some of his story to Johanna.
After the screaming! November 8th, 2020 Johanna is super mean and says mean things and Hank watches her be mean.
Showing Class After Class November 7th, 2020 A chance meeting leads to a large gathering, an ominous portent...and a LOT of coffee flung in Peter Parker's direction.
Empire State Students Probably Like Pineapple On Their Pizza November 4th, 2020 Columbia vs ESU! Round two! Johanna gets introduced to Viola by Alexander.
The Deadliest Game of Telephone November 1st, 2020 Alexander and Johanna celebrate Halloween and figure things out.
Stroling through the park one day... October 30th, 2020 A chance meeting and coffee!
Checkin' on Bart October 29th, 2020 No description
Thursday at Chikara Dojo October 29th, 2020 Colleen gets unexpected visitors and may be a new teacher to help with the kids classes.
Echoes of Glory October 25th, 2020 Alexander and Johanna catch up after over a year apart.
Zombie Jamboree October 22nd, 2020 It was a zombie jamboree, took place in a New York cemetery. DJ Necromancer summons hundreds of thousands of undead from their eternal rest to have a really amazing party. Local college students and one dog are held hostage for eventual dark deeds but the NYPD holds the line while brave heroes dash into danger to see this dance of the dead halted before the rest of the city is brought to dance until they drop!


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Johanna Mitchell has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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