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  Karita Landry  
Karita Landry (Scenesys ID: 619)
Name: Karita Landry
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student, Paranormal Investigator
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: New York University Residence Halls
Education: 3 & 1/2 years at NYU
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 16 Jan 1997 Played By Dove Cameron
Height: 5'2" Weight: 100lbs
Hair Color: Reddish Blonde Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @GhostieKari
Theme Song: Walking With A Ghost - Tegon and Sara

Character Info


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Karita is a fun loving, free spirited college age student. While her young life was scarred due to the 9/11 attacks when both of her parents were killed, she came through it okay due to the love and compassion of her grandmother. The one secret that Karita keeps close to her chest, however, is she is able to speak to the dead. As a psychic medium, Karita's powers are based around the energy associated with those that have departed, as well as a limited ability to see residual hauntings through psychometry.


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* 1997: Born to Kevin and Calla Lily Landry in Manhattan, New York.
* 2001: Kevin and Calla Lily die in the terrorist attack on the twin towers.
* 2001: Karita was taken in by her grandmother, Holly Broussard.
* 2001: Holly, on Karita's behalf, accepts a compensation from the government setting aside the majority of the funds for Karita's 18th birthday.
* 2003: Karita starts hearing voices and plays with 'imaginary' people.
* 2010: Karita confides in her grandmother that she has been speaking to her parents.
* 2010: Holly makes certain her medical brownies are kept locked up and away from Karita.
* 2010: Holly takes Karita to see a shrink.
* 2010: Holly binge watches many paranormal shows.
* 2010: Karita convinces gramma Holly that she really can speak to the dead.
* 2011: Karita continues to perfect her ability to communicate with the dead.
* 2011: Karita goes from B's and C's to straight A's in school.
* 2016: Karita graduates from High School.
* 2016: Karita is accepted into New York University.
* 2017: Karita begins working with the New York University Paranormal Society.
* 2020: Majoring in Alternative Medicine, Karita is a senior at the University.

IC Journal

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Alternative Lifestyle:
It can all be blamed on her gramma, Holly, but Karita does tend to skew towards an alternative lifestyle. She doesn't eat animal meat, instead she loves tofu and vegetables. She is not entirely vegan, however, as she does eat animal by-products, such as honey. (And she will partake of the occasional piece of salmon.) She enjoys a more hippie and Bohemian style of clothing, and is even going to college majoring in alternative medicine!

Free Spirit:
Kari is a free spirit, someone who isn't afraid to speak her mind, tell it how it is, express her opinion, and live life how ever she wants. She enjoys living her life the way she wants and how she wants. Those that may dislike her way of life are free to move along. Sometimes this may come across as flighty, or even someone who can't commit to anything (or anyone), and Karita isn't afraid to admit she has issues. Yet, for Kari, she enjoys the freedom that comes with her beliefs and isn't ready or willing to change.

Good Natured:
Karita is a happy-go-lucky individual, someone who is quick with a laugh, a smile, and will even say hello to strangers. (Yes, even in New York.) There are certainly a few things that really get her down, such as when her favorite characters get killed off on her favorite television show. Yet, even then Karita will never dwell too much on the bad. (Okay, except the ending to Game Of Thrones, Karita is still pissed at that, but isn't everyone?) On the whole, though, Karita prefers to be filled with laughter and love, and tends to be that annoying jovial person in the crowd that always has a smile on her features.

Whether it's video games, table top games, or fan-girling about the 'supers', Karita is a nerd, a geek, and an all-around horrible fan-girl. Yes, she is the type to dress up (cosplay) as her favorite 'hero' or 'heroine', at any opportunity she can get. She will ask for an autograph, if she thinks she can get away with it, and isn't afraid to say she is pro-mutant! (The fact she often wonders if she is a mutant, or just weird does tend to alter her viewpoints though.)

Social Activist:
Karita believes in the rights of all beings, whether mutant, human, meta-human, alien, regardless of race, creed, political view point, religion or sexual preferences. She is one to head to any pro-(whatever) rally, as long as the point of view is for the equality of all. She is not afraid to speak up and for any cause that is (in her opinion) just.

Character Sheet


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Limited Psychometry:
Karita is able to interact with the left over energy of a place, or object, and 'see' or 'hear' what transpired in the past. This is very random and Karita has absolutely no control over when it happens. She has absolutely no idea when the event she sees or hears even transpired. It's like an old reel to reel film or cassette recorder playing out before Karita's eyes or ears, a residual event (or energy) that has been programmed into the place or object. This event can sometimes be seen or heard by others if the energy is strong enough. Footsteps going up stairs, the sound of someone crying, a person walking down a hall, these are all examples of residual energy that Karita might see or pick up on. Karita is not able to interact with these moments in time, just watch or hear them happen in an almost loop, constantly replaying over and over again. All Karita has to do when this happens is to touch an object or place (such as a wall, or rock, or whatever) and if there is any residual energy to be found, it randomly may be revealed to Karita.

Psychic Medium:
You don't have to be Haley Joel Osment to say, 'I see dead people'. Since a very young age Karita has been able to communicate with and see the energy left over from those that have passed. She is able to tap into the psychic energy that remains when someone has left the mortal plane and is inbetween existences. Whether or not you believe in a Christian's idea of Heaven, Hell, or even Purgatory, or other religions beliefs of migratory souls and so on, for Karita - religion just doesn't come into it. It's all energy, she's able to tap into that energy and communicate with the psychic energy that remains behind after a mortal body expires. This psychic energy still maintains some of its former personality, thoughts, memories and so on. What happens when they are gone, forever, is still a mystery - even to the spirit. Karita's powers are meta-human in nature, she does not possess the mutant gene. Only those that are able to communicate with spirits (ghosts) or psychic energy are able to see what Karita sees, or hear what Karita hears. In Karita's experience, psychic energy is around at all times, in almost all places, and Karita has absolutely no control over those spirits, she can just communicate with them. She can ask them to help her, such as look at a piece of paper, or listen in on conversations, and report back to her - but Karita can only ask that of them, she can not force the spirit to do it. Spirits have limited capabilities and can not interact with the mortal plane (so, for example, they couldn't move an object.) Occasionally, spirits (ghosts) can show up as shadows, or even in apparition form, they can sometimes even be heard, but that consumes a great deal of energy and is very rare.


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While Karita may fudge a few things from time to time with the help of her 'ghosts', she is still a bright, if sometimes flighty student. What she excels in, and thus has a great knowledge of, is alternative medicine. This includes having a vast knowledge of herablism, botony, eastern-orientated medical techniques, and knowing the importance of exercise and proper nuitrician. As Karita is a senior at NYU, she's gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in those and other related fields. She is not an expert, yet, but as she continues to learn and grow, she hopes to one day open her own herbal and alternative medicine store.

History Buff:
Karita adores history, specifically history of locations and events. Old battle grounds, houses that were used for the underground railroad, places where bandits would hold up, all of these and more intrigue and fascinate Karita. All of the energy that surrounds those places can still be seen and felt, even if its just using her imagination. When investigating a home or a location, the old archives is the first place Karita goes to. Who use to live there? What happened there that is known? What are the legends that may exist? Karita is very skilled in finding out everything that she can about the history and legends of the places that she visits.

Paranormal Investigator:
It may sound a bit cliche, but due to her powers, Karita is a very good investigator of the paranormal. Due to the fact she doesn't want people to know that she talks to the dead, Karita has to come into a paranormal investigation with a more scientific approach. You need evidence in order to prove that a location or home is haunted. Thus, Karita knows how to set up cameras that can see in the dark, she knows how to operate the different EMF (electro-magnetic field) and EMI (environmental detection instrument) data loggers, as well as instruments used to record voices or hear sounds, and those that see into the spectrum of hot and cold (FLIR cameras). The on-going science behind these instruments is sketchy, at best, but for Karita it's better than saying, 'yup, it's haunted because I talked to the ghost'.

Like many of her generation, Karita has her own youtube channel. She knows how to set up the lighting so it'll show just the right amount of shadow and light, she knows what cameras to use, what angles to use, right down to performing for her audience. Her channel is based around the paranormal and the things that she captures while on investigations, but it is also a place where she can talk about rallies that are going to happen, her own personal thoughts on topics, and so on. She doesn't have a huge following, but does have a couple thousand people that are subscribed.


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Beyond her apartment listed in another resource, Karita has the basic amenities that make up life. Things like a bicycle to get around Manhattan, a car (a tesla model 3) to drive where she wants to, when she can. She has a television, computers, camcorders, paranormal investigator equipment, tablets, cell phone and other modern conveniences that a person generally has access to from the local sports, electronic, or such stores. She also has a large collection of books (mostly science fiction, fantasy and tabletop gaming) and a very huge assortment of Magic The Gathering Cards.

Government Payout:
Karita was only four when her parents were both killed in the terrorist attack on the twin towers. Her gramma, Holly, became her guardian and agreed to a payout of a couple million dollars for the loss of Karita's parents. These settlements were very common, and often times very low, but Holly didn't want to argue or go to court. She didn't want to sling Karita through the media. She had lost a daughter and son-in-law, whatever she was given, would do for her, and for Karita. Holly didn't use a lot of the two million, more than half was put aside for Karita to claim when she turned eighteen. Thus, Karita is living off of that money. It isn't going to last forever, and a huge chunk is still being used for her education, but for now, Karita doesn't have to worry about loans, or food costs, or where she stays, or other things. She has a nice savings that she is very careful to use and not abuse.

Karita's grandparents on her father's side are nice, if quiet people that live in Alaska, as far away from New York (or Maine) as you can get. They're good folks who visit at least once a decade, as well as give Karita Christmas and Birthday cards, but on the whole, Karita doesn't really know them much. Now Karita's gramma Holly? She's not just her gramma, but her mom. Holly would do anything for Karita, her Calla Lily's baby girl. Holly is as much of a free spirit as Karita is, and the two get along very well. Holly continues to live in Maine while Karita is going to college in New York. The two get together as often as they can, thought not as much as they'd like.

Karita lives in a small, yet comfortable, double bedroom apartment for New York University students. Located in lovely West Village, the Greenwich Residence Hall is an ideal place for Karita. She started living there as a sophomore and continues to live there through her junior and now senior years. Greenwich Residence Hall allows students (for a fee) to live there throughout the year, thus Karita does not have to move out when classes end.


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Karita's personality can come across as a bit flighty or even superficial. In truth, it is a mechanism that Karita uses to keep a lot of people at arms length. While she makes friends, certainly, there are very few that Karita truly trusts or allows to get too close to her. The fear of losing someone again is always in Karita's thoughts. She lost her parents, the world she lives in is full of villains, if she allows anyone in too close, she could lose them as well. Thus, Karita keeps up her flighty, if fun loving attitude, sure she's a great friend, but to fully get to know Kari and all her secrets? They are counted on one hand.

No Off Switch:
Karita is not able to shut off her powers, at all. She can't just stop seeing dead people, or stop the residual haunting loops. She can't just turn everything off and go back to being normal. There are times when there are too many dead people seeking to have their voices be heard, that Karita can become completely overwhelmed. The voices don't stop talking, and there are few places Karita can go to make them go away. She can ask, certainly, and sometimes that does work, but sometimes it doesn't too. Perhaps some day Karita may gain the ability to block out the voices, but for now, she can not.

Talking To Herself:
Karita isn't able to communicate through telepathy, she can't mentally think and a spirit will hear her. Karita has to vocally say something in order to communicate with the dead. This can lead to some awkward situations, for it does seem as though Karita is having a conversation with herself. While Karita doesn't really care what people think of her, she doesn't want to end up in a psychiatric ward, either. (Or worse, of course). Thus there are going to be times when Karita might seem a bit insane, or perhaps on some kind of medicine or drugs. It's awkward, and weird, but Karita's lived with it so far, she tries to continue doing so.



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Karita Landry has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Karita's Birthday Celebrations January 24th, 2021 (Back dated to Karita's Birthday) It's Karita's birthday! Andy has dinner and ice-cream plans, Karita has others. They meet in the middle.
First Blush January 3rd, 2021 Please note, this deals with adult situations, though it's all done in a PG-13 manner. If you are offended by innuendos, it's best not to read. After a New Year's indulgence, Karita and Andy talk things over and realize, things are going to be a lot more complicated between them.
Burying The Button December 9th, 2020 Andy and Karita bury a button to allow a spirit to find peace.
A day at work December 8th, 2020 And the ghost gets the button.
The Proper Way To Set Up November 20th, 2020 Andy and Karita prepare (in the proper way) for a night of gaming.
Of Corn Maze, Hero Fan-Girl Craze And Autograph Books November 2nd, 2020 Karita and Marly start the evening with reviewing the evidence gotten at the corn maze, which turns into conversations about heroes, autograph books, and henchmen!
Corn Maze of Doom October 25th, 2020 The New York University Paranormal Society Goes a Ghost Hunting.
Back to the 'Para'normal October 21st, 2020 Marly, Andy and Karita discuss what they plan to do on Halloween.
A Lot Of Catching Up March 13th, 2020 Karita and Andy catch up on new members, spirit and upcoming investigations.
Maker's Debutante March 13th, 2020 Zatanna hosts a party for some of the magically inclined, and a new magic user gets to show off and make contacts!
Paranormal Meeting March 7th, 2020 Karita and Marly meet up for the first time while introducing Marly to the paranormal group that Karita helps run.


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Karita Landry has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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