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Karla Sofen (Scenesys ID: 1017)
Name: Karla Sofen
Superalias: Moonstone
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Citizenship: American
Residence: NYC
Education: M.D. in Psychiatry
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 10 Dec 1986 Played By Amber Heard
Height: 5'11" Weight: 135 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @TheOtherOne
Theme Song: "Flares" - The Script


Character Info


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A brilliant, manipulative psychiatrist who influenced a former supervillain into giving her the source of his power, a Kree Gravity Stone. It fused with her body, giving her a host of powers that she has used more often than not to nefarious purposes. She has been part of several groups, but she became more notorious when she joined a group of supposed heroes who in truth were villains. The group started to believe they could actually make a difference and in the end rebelled against their creator. This was also the period in which she took the mantle of Ms. Marvel for a few months before Captain Marvel returned.


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* 1986: Born to parents Karl August Sofen and Marion Sofen, the live-in servants to a famous Hollywood producer, Charles Stockbridge.

* 1996: Karla was a companion to the Stockbridges daughter, Deanna, jealous of the privileged people around her while she and her parents her poor. This jealousy only grew further when understood the kind of razor-sharp intelligence she possessed.

* 2002: Her father dies, presumably from overwork, and while the Stockbridges offered for Marion and Karla to stay with them Marion decided to return to her parents home in Van Nuys along with her daughter. An old, run-down house.

* 2004: At this point Marion was already working two/three menial jobs just to have Karla go to the best schools she could pay. They owned very little though, which Karla was ashamed of. Yet her mother was very proud when Karla enrolled in the UCLA for a Psychology degree.

* 2006: Having caught the eye of Dr. Faustus, Karla began working with the infamous psychologist/criminal, learning various techniques from him and aiding him in his criminal activities. It was also at this point that, using both hypnosis, drugs and other techniques she convinced the former Moonstone to hand her the Kree Gravity Stone. She became infused with the stone, forever changed by it.

* 2010: Graduated from the UCLA with a specialization in Psychology. Her youthness and inexperience with using the Moonstone made her at best a flunkie at this point in her life, unable to achieve too much both in terms of attempted heroisn or villainy.

* 2012: Her mother dies. A house fire was apparently the culprit. She vowed she'd never live her life for others but instead all she would do would be for herself.

* 2014-2015: Joined in with Zemo's crew, hopping between villainous groups. She had limited success in this.

* 2016: Zemo had an idea to form a group of villains, posing as heroes so as to cover their illicit activities. Karla joined in, becoming one of it's leaders in the guise of Meteorite. Like the others in the group she began to somewhat enjoy the feeling of heroism.

* 2017: Jolt joined their group, a perky-eyed, young woman that truly wished to be a hero. Karla and Jolt developped a close to mother-daughter relationship, one of the few people she ever got close to.

*Late 2017: In a bout of heroism Jolt lost her life. It was a heavy blow to Karla, who once again felt she was right, that being a hero only led to loss.

* 2018: Having her ego stoked by Zemo she took on the mantle of a new Ms. Marvel when Carol went missing. In her arrogance she was more tyrant than hero during her time as one. She had a minor participation during the battle of New York, helping in fending off against the invaders. It would be good publicity, Zemo said. When Captain Marvel returned the title was stripped out of Karla when the two met. It was then that Ajes'ha manifested within her moonstone.

* Late 2018: Going back to being Moonstone, she joined the other members of Zemo's group in rebelling against him, the truth coming out about them. She was pardoned, but since then has taken herself out of joining any groups.

* 2020: So far it's yet to be seen whether Moonstone will be joining any group, go solo, or simply focus in her psychiatry practice. Whatever it may be seems to be a tipping point, her fate hanging in the balance. And she ready to manipulate that fate the best way she can.

IC Journal

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Ajes'ha is the personality embedded in the Kree Gravity Stone, having recently triggered. She is an honorable warrior woman who attempts to influence Karla to a better path. Karla has yet to discover about the presence of this new personality, even if she has found herself 'different' after her meeting with Captain Marvel.

She has a brilliant mind, and she knows it. It makes her arrogant, specially around those she feels may be 'inferior' to her.

She can be a leader if she actually puts her mind into it, and she knows it's one of the best ways to manipulate her surroundings. She has led teams through their best and worse and while not always having had the best decisions (often putting herself in front of the team needs), she is a capable, intelligent planner when properly motivated, inspiring in her ways.

Sofen is a manipulative piece of work. She uses and abuses others if they serve a purpose to her and rarely having any regrets to those she tramples on her way to whatever goal she may have at the time.

Karla takes advantage of opportunities when she sees them. With tooth and nail if need be. She is always looking to exploit and turn to her advantage. And nothing is off limits to her to get through with what she wants.

Karla is a selfish, spoiled woman. Always thinking she deserves more than what she has and putting her own needs in front of everyone else's. She has no problem in leaving someone if she feels the situation is dangerous, putting her own self-preservation first.

Short-Term Goals:
Karla has a need to control her surroundings, to manipulate those in her immediate vicinity. But it doesn't necessarily translate to a need of dominating the world. This much has been amply visible in the teams she has been with. It makes her someone who can sometimes be predictable on what she desires but also someone who doesn't often overreach.

With the crimes she has committed in the past, the people whose lives she destroyed and those she has killed means deep down Karla doesn't believe she can or should be redeemed. Yet there is that small voice of Ajes'ha inside her that tells her there is a way, the potential is there. And she -can- make a difference. And truth is, she loved being Ms. Marvel.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Healing:
Certainly not the regenerative factor of Wolverine or similar types, yet the gravity stone allows Sofen to regenerate faster than a normal human, even allowing her to eventually recover from wounds that would be permanently crippling to a human. Not by any means instant, but with enough rest time she can get back to shape.

Karla is one fast flier, her gravity stone fueling her with Kree energies. She is able to top out at the speed of sound when she exerts herself. She also has excellent maneuverability while in the air, often using it in tandem with her superhuman reflexes to dodge and be quite the elusive combatant. Her flight also allows her to hover in the air if need be.

Kree Gravity Stone:
The source of Karla's powers is a Kree Gravity Stone that has fused with her body. When it was absorbed into her body it combined with her nervous system, giving her a myriad of powers. This comes with a cost though, if the stone is removed from her body she will die in 72 hours if she can't recover it.

Molecular Manipulation:
Through her gravity stone Karla is able to instantly change into her costume, she using it to keep her identity secret. This change isn't simply limited to her outfit, she sometimes being able to use this ability as a way to disguise herself if needed.

One of her main powers, Moonstone is able to become intangible at will by reducing her own gravity. This can also be achieved on others by touch. This is an all-or-nothing power though, meaning she can't simply make intangible a part of someone's body, it's either everything or nothing. While intangible she is vulnerable to the attack of those in the Astral Plane, along with magical attacks (not magic weapons) and pure energy forms.

Karla can manipulate light to a certain degree. This means she is able to generate photon energy blasts from her fists, powerful enough to blow a hole in a steel plate. She can also generate a luminescence from her entire body to blind and daze attackers briefly.

Superhuman Agility:
Karla's agility, reflexes and speed are beyond those of a normal human. Her balance and coordination, her capability of running and moving at speeds beyond the natural limits and her heightened reflexes all combine to make her able to dodge bullets and other blows that normal humans wouldn't be able to achieve, along with the possibility of impressive acrobatic feats.

Superhuman Durability:
The Kree Moonstone has enhanced her body to the point that her muscles, bones and skin density are far more resistant than a human. She is capable of withstanding great impact forces, such as being repeatedly struck by superhuman force, hit by energy blasts or even falling from great heights. However, she is vulnerable to bullets and bladed weapons as if she was a human. One thing she always must be on the lookout for.

Superhuman Stamina:
Karla's musculature produces quite less fatigue toxins during strenuous physical activity than an ordinary human. She can physically exert herself, and remain at that peak capacity for around 24 hours before she starts being impaired by fatigue.

Superhuman Strength:
Karla's strength is far beyond that of a normal human, capable of lifting around 10 tons. Combined with her superhuman stamina it can make her quite the terrifying, relentless foe.


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No, Sofen isn't one of those martial artists that knows how to break an arm in five different manners. But she is efficient. She has learned to fight with the various groups she has been with in the past, focusing on the use of her superior strength. It still isn't her preferred means of fighting though, often enjoying the feeling of engaging opponents from afar, flying and shooting them with blasts. But sometimes things need to get rough, and she ain't scared to get her hands dirty.

Expert Hypnotist:
A technique she learned from Dr. Faustus and then developped further on her own. She has a modulation and a perfect pitching to her voice that she can use with her training in hypnosys. Not something she can do on the fly, but she has used it on her patients before.
(OOC: This is not to be used on players unless part of a plot.)

Expert Psychologist:
Karla has had years of training as a psychologist, and along with her brilliant mind allows her to actually be quite good at this. Be it at having insight on someone, actually helping a patient get through their problems either through proper medication or advice, or manipulating people to her own ends (this happens more often that actually helping someone!). In battle she can use this to bring the fight to her advantage, tricking enemies to commit mistakes, or attack in a rage if they are prone to that.


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Criminal Contacts:
Moonstone still keeps some contacts from her previous days. In fact, has she ever stopped being a villain? Her mercurial nature makes her someone hard to trust, but most of those that have some pull in the underworld or in the supervillain biz know about her, and she knows them back, often reachable if a good proposition is found. While she has never achieved the reputation she actually craved she still is one frightening woman to have on your side.

Psychiatry Office:
Karla is a psychologist, and a good one at that when she actually puts her mind to it and doesn't let herself be carried away by pettiness or her manipulative desires (not often). Not everyone can have a session with her considering how exclusive she is, but the rumor out of those that actually can have a session is that the experience can be eye-opening. She sometimes also seeks out particular subjects she believes have potential either for her manipulative ends or a challenge to her capabilities. She currently holds a psychiatry office down in New York city.


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Sofen has a bit of an ego, and when properly stoked it can be used to manipulate her. Like she was by Zemo when he convinced her to take Ms. Marvel's mantle. Properly exploited this is a weakness that can be very well taken advantage of.

Energy Absorption:
Those that can passively absorb energy are her Achilles' heel. Means her photon blasts won't work, but worst of all they are also capable of removing her Gravity Stone if they get close enough. Of course it depends on how strong the power is, and how long they can remain in close contact with her. Which considering her strength is not something normally advisable.

Fallen From Grace:
Moonstone had the potential to have it all, but like Icarus she flew too close to the sun, blinded by her own hubris. Her stint as Ms. Marvel, having taken the name when Carol disappeared, meant she could have had all she desired, be respected and someone of note. She felt powerful and complete but as always she tossed it all away with her short-sightedness and selfish manner, in the end simply being a tyrant with a name too big for her. With the name stripped from her once Captain Marvel returned and she was defeated by her she was left with an emptiness. How does one recover from that? It has shattered the invincibility and arrogance she felt, and in a slow process of recuperation.

Kree Gravity Stone:
The gravity stone has been for so long infused with Karla that it is a core part of her. Being removed means she won't survive longer than 72 hours unless she can find a manner to get the stone again. Without the stone she also loses all her powers.

Literally so! When Ajes'ha, the Kree warrior woman who once possessed the gravity stone, manifested after Karla's defeat against Captain Marvel she has had a 'voice' inside her head attempting to steer her in the path of heroism, of righteousness, which clashes with the selfish, manipulative nature of Karla. It makes her unpredictable where it comes to what she will do, and what path she may take in the future.

Karla has gone through a slew of failed groups and relationships. And while she often blames others for her own shortcomings it has also made her somewhat paranoid about being betrayed.

Throughout all the teams she has been there has always been strife (yet considering they were villainous teams that's to be expected, right?), she always having been able to bring in that extra source of drama, putting her selfish needs in front of the others. There have been notable exceptions, like when she joined the rest of her last 'hero' team against Zemo, but general consensus is she is someone difficult to work with. After she was stripped out of her Ms. Marvel title she hasn't been part of any new team though, and it's been one year now, so who knows how she is now?



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Karla Sofen has 9 finished logs.

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Elis Society: The Celebration May 8th, 2020 Karla and Alexander attend the celebration to find out how horrible it is, then decide the fate of those in attendance.
Are you ready to get your hands dirty April 27th, 2020 Karla and Alexander talk about what boundaries and morality. Alexander gets away without paying for the consultation.
Late Night With Spider-Man! Featuring a vampire and a valkyrie! Thugs providing chin music! April 20th, 2020 Dr. Foster gets mugged, but some guardian angels show up.
Nope, not a trap April 18th, 2020 It wasn't a trap. Just a friendly talk between Alexander and Mr. Addes. Honest.
I would have words with thee! April 14th, 2020 Karla tries to save the day, Thor hits her with a hammer.
A side of Hellfire gala. April 13th, 2020 Turns out there are half-demons in the Hellfire club too! Go figure.
Hades' Bargain April 7th, 2020 Hades offers Karla a bargain.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Charity Gala March 24th, 2020 Schmoozing, boozing, donations and more. The Hellfire Spring Charity Gala is a huge success, benefitting Genosha.
Social function time! March 23rd, 2020 A meeting of different worlds. A talk of the past and finding an understanding.


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Karla Sofen has 9 finished logs.

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