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Keagan Nichols (Scenesys ID: 1439)
Name: Keagan Sakai Nichols
Superalias: Feather
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Blogger/Writer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Some College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 19 May 1999 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 150 lb
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Light Brown, almost Gold
Theme Song: Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney

Character Info


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Keagan Sakai Nichols is the adopted son of Richard Nichols, the CEO of Slider Industries and the author/editor of 'The True Flight'. An online publication that started out as a simple blog that Keagan has been working on since he was younger. His news stories tend to be far more about the effects of things on the people of Gotham, New York City, and Metropolis and he has been known for several stories, his biggest being when he broke a story on a housing company that was paying off local criminals to attack their own apartment complex to drive people out.


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* 1999: Keagan Sakai is born to Asuka Sakai. Asuka, mistress to Richard Nichols (CEO of Slider Industries), tries to quietly pay Asuka to keep things quiet.

* 2005: Asuka Sakai dies to cancer but before her death she begs Richard to take their child. Richard agrees to adopt Keagan as if he was not at all related to the child, using his influencce and money to make it seem like he was doing a good thing for a poor former friend/employee.

* 2006: Richard sends Keagan off to private school in Metropolis in an effort to keep his distance and make sure he gets a good education at the same time.

* 2012: Keagan's mutation shows itself when he begins to grow wings overnight. Keagan is moved to private tutoring. Richard, something of a bigot against mutants, demands that Keagan stay hidden until a way can be found to hide his mutation.

* 2014: Keagan begins to sneak out, his mutation making it rather easy to do so and he begins quietly flying around at night. By the end of the year he not only can fly well but he has made a friend who is also a mutant.

* 2016: Approving of his son's progress, Richard loosens the leash on the boy, telling him to start making a life for himself and providing for him to start going to college next year.

* 2019: Having been slipping off to Mutant Town in a mild disguise, Keagan has many new friends but still likes hanging out with his bestfriend Mike the most. He has also started blogging and going to college. However, while on his way to mutant town, he notices a violent attacking happening there. He knows he could help but thinks of the fact that he has no way to hide who he is. So...quietly he turns around to head back home, leaving them to their own devices rather than helping. Later, he'd find out Mike died in the attack. Keagan is devastated.

* 2020: Now having written several posts, Keagan has turned his blog and now a website he is working on toward writing stories about people around Metropolis, New York City, and Gotham who are the little people. The forgotten who are hurt by the various things happening around town. Trying to get help anyone forgotten and make sure that those who should help are held accountable. Meanwhile, he has finished building his own super suit to create his alter-ego, Feather, so that he can use his powers to actually help people. Keeping his identities secret as not to anger his father.

IC Journal

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Keagan is something of a spoiled but ultimately ignored rich kid. All his needs have always been attended to. He has never really wanted for anything, at least not much. Sure, his father has never been one to get him every single thing he wanted, but he never really left Keagan without. The only thing Keagan was ever denied was friends and the ability to really be himself. For the former, he made his own friends and eventually was allowed to hang out with them like normal (even if his father didn't approve of all of his friends). For the latter, he has quietly trained himself to use his powers with both friends and on his own time.

Something he has hidden his own pain of being raised the way he was along with now hiding the guilt he feels at not acting is his cockiness. He was always something of a brat that didn't think the rules applied to him. Over time he has learned many consequences but he still doesn't like it. He slips on a shield of brash cokiness. A sureness of self that borders on a love for danger. In some ways, that is true. He feels most alive when on the razor's edge and in some ways, he wishes he would end up dead because of his own guilt at his friend being dead. He isn't necessarily suicidal but there's at least some part of him that doesn't think he deserves to live.

Overall, he cares about his friends, more so than some and he believes in protecting others. Often at the expense of his own safety. He is afraid to lose, afraid to not act, and afraid of his own inability to act. All at the same time as he is afraid of angering a father that he isn't even sure really loves him despite what he does for him.

Character Sheet


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A final aspect of his mutation is that his body is slightly more adapted to both speed and flight. While a normal human would find it difficult to fly in higher altitudes and keep their eyes open at high speed, his eyes have a clear extra lid that covers his eyes to protect them better while in flight. His lungs and body are also adapted for lower temperatures and oxygen levels.

Feather Senses:
Thanks to his psychic connection to his feathers, the feathers can sense the world around them to a small degree. It gives him a sort of radar sense that seems to grow the more feathers that are together. The sense tells him not only the locations of sound like a form of echolocation but it also, if he focuses, can help him to listen in on distant conversations or noises. If his wings are attached to his back, he can sense noises and movements as a sort of vibration through the air within a city block around him. As feathers detach, they take that sense with him, shrinking his 'radar' but at the same time giving him that same vibration sense up to five feet around each individual feather.

Feather Shield:
Using the telekinetic powers in his feathers, Keagan can seemingly stiffen his feathers to the point where they can within stand a few shots from a bullet before they break. The reality is that he is flexing his telekinetic powers through the feathers to block incoming attacks. While attached to his back, the feathers linked together can form shields strong enough to block superhuman attacks. The more feathers he uses to block, the more powerful a shield he can form.

Feather Vibrations:
A fun power that Keagan perfected and enjoys is his ability to use the feathers to transmit sound. Using his telekinetic powers via the feathers, he can mimic sounds via vibrations in the air like a small speaker. He can send out his own voice or any other sound he is currenly hearing. However, to do so he does lose the radar sense around whichever feather is doing the vibrating.

Feather Weapons:
Using his telekinetic powers, he can take longer feathers from his back and form a telekintic structure through the feathers that makes it seem like his feathers are acting as blades (or clubs if he wishes to do blunt damage). These blades are strong enough to cut steel or cut cleanly through stone. Alternately, he can use his telekinetic power to fling the feathers or move them fast as attacks. The force he can put into each swing of the weapon varies. A single feather will only act with the same force that it can lift. However, if he holds the feathers in his hand, he can use them like a true sword or club. Only his longest feathers can act as weapons for himself, limited to the longest feathers which can act like short swords.

His main power is that each of his feathers are detachable. He can control each one individually and send them in various directions. The feathers are all connected to him via a psychic link through which he can project a telekinetic field. The further away the feathers go, the lesser the link until they go out of range completely (roughly the distance of two city blocks). Each feather carries with it a projection of his telekinetic power. Without a feather, he can't seem to project. If a feather touches something, he can then enact that power upon what it is touching.

Each individual feather carries with it enough power to lift a fullgrown adult human. Using more than one feather on an object, he can lift far heavier objects.

Using his talent for multi-tasking and splitting his focus, Feather is capable of controlling many feathers at once, seeming to be able to control around 6 separate feathers with ease. However, the more feathers he spreads out, the more focus he must use and will not be able to focus on moving himself while moving all those feathers. At his current skill level, that seems to max out at around 10 feathers, causing him to have to focus exclusively on feather control at that range and not be able to move himself at all.

In a way, this is the core of his mutation. Keagan's feathers automatically regrow on his back if lost within 24 hours. They come in various sizes and the smaller they are, the less useful they are for his powers. The ones nearest to his back are the smallest whilt he ones farthest out are the largest. The feathers are connected in a sort of telekinetic network structure rather than by bones. It's an automatic thing for them to link together. Similar to how your heartbeats or your food digests without thought, if he doesn't mentally put effort into it, they will form into a pair of wings. Given his wings are fairly similar to that of an eagles, his wings consist of hundreds upon hundreds of feathers, however, not all are very large and only around two to three hundred are seemingly capable of any true usefulness in his feather-kinesis.

He has learned, thanks to his old friend Mike, to use his telekinetic power to fold his wings against his body in order to disguise his mutation, though it requires regular concentration that can sometimes be distracting or even uncomfortable if he loses concentration as the feathers attempt to return to their wing shape.

With the wings alone, Keagan can fly at a speed comparable to a hawk or an eagle. His ability to fly is incredible agile and he was naturally able to do so as if it were second nature soon after he got his wings. However, the complication of his telekinesis made his flight all the more agile and fast. Using his telekinesis, he can hover in the air, manuver far better and is capable of flying faster than sound. However, the more feathers he removes from his wings, the less agile, quick, and capable of flight he is. If he gets to low, he can barely glide at best and even can get down to a point where he can simply push himself along at a greater speed and maintain little to no lift.


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Feather Fighting:
A unique way of fighting all his own, he has perfected a way of sort of directing his feathers around him in a dance to quickly attack and defend. He also has worked hard to use them to fight from afar. This fighting style is all his own and if soemone had to estimate his fighting skill, he'd the equivalent of a black belt in it. A capable person who has only just begun to master his style.

He has shown a talent for investigation that is bolstered by his own powers. He has started to combine the two in order to get information that others normally cannot.

Keagan has not only an excellent singing voice that he has worked on but he also knows how to play the guitar and the piano thanks to the private lessons his father put him through.

Split Focus:
As much a natural ability as it is a skill, Keagan is very adept at splitting his focus in many different directions. This is in no small part thanks to his unique senses, but he has worked hard to perfect the ability to multi-task.

While he seems to have a natural talent for writing, he has started writing a blog and has done some of his private tutoring on jounralism. Having written a few pieces, he has become a decent writer and while he still has a ways to go, he has a talent for portraying the news in a way that seems to have started gaining attention.


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While Richard Nichols is not something of a doting or loving father, but he does take care of his own (even if his own is a mutant). While Richard doesn't believe in coddling, he does not abandon completely (at least as long as you follow the rules). In some ways, he is actually proud of Keagan, even if he doesn't show it. Believing his son has overcome being a mutant and is now trying to start his own business. Even if he doesn't think an online publication is the best thing, it is something Keagan is making on his own and for that, Richard approves. As such, he would be willing to help or cover for his son if need be. As long as Keagan continues to keep the family name clean (and free of any nasty mutant rumors).

He has devised his own super suit, having cut holes in an aviator jacket for his wings to go through, he also has obtained a mask that can easily be moved up and down to cover his nose and mouth while providing oxygen if need be as well as a filter to keep the air he breathes clean. He also has tinted goggle like glasses that both serve to help protect his eyes but also hide his identity. While his adaptations do give him some ability to survive in places while flying, the suit adds a layer of protection.

Trust Fund:
Keagan has a trust fund that feeds him a limited amount of money regularly. It is more than enough to cover his everyday needs with some left over for him to enjoy. It is controlled by his father's company as both a means to take care of Keagan but also to make sure he keeps secrets and stays at arm's length.


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Simply put, his feathers are very susceptible to fire. He can use his telekinesis to try to keep them safe and doing so does make them tougher than normal feathers but no amount of telekinesis will save them long. Any exposure to fire for longer than a maybe ten seconds will start to burn his feathers away. He can use more together to try to keep his feathers active longer but even so that merely slows the process. Fire simply burns up his feathers and he has to wait for them to regrow.

He is just that. Very cocky. Part of it comes from failures in his past, part of it comes from just being brought up as a bit spoiled. He can sometimes look before he leaps. So reliant on his powers to think he is in a way invincible.

His father is a straight up a**hole. A capable business man with a want to be a politician who wants nothing more than for his son to go away forever. However, thanks to both a glimmer of honor and a threatening lawyer, he has chosen instead to take care of his son as long as he keeps his silence. As such, if it were found out how Keagan came to be and that he were a mutant (in some ways worse in his father's mind), it is likely that his father would cut him off.

His power is almost completely based around his feathers. If he loses them due to distance or they get destroyed, he has to wait for them to regrow. He only has so many. The more he uses on one task, the less he has for another. If a feather is too greatly damaged, he loses his link to said feather and it becomes useless to him.

He has a guilty conscience. Yes, it was not his fault that his friend died but he sees it as his own fault for not acting. He was so afraid of people finding out about himself and then his father disowning him that he didn't act. He knows he should have but he froze up. There was so much on the line and now...he sometimes finds himself drinking quietly alone to try to get over it. Not to mention, another failure like that could potentially devestate him.



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Keagan Nichols has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Stunning Sight June 26th, 2020 Keagan meets Landry at the area that used to be Mutant Town.
A Dumb Time to be a Criminal May 28th, 2020 No description
Chased by an Angel May 27th, 2020 Feather meets an angel. Strangely, he's the only one with wings.
A Flighty Forum May 23rd, 2020 Keagan meets Kian atop the Daily Planet.
Foiling a downtown robbery. May 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man, Feather, Wolf Spider and Thomas Blake encounter and talk down Black Adam from murdering a bunch of criminals.
Halogen and Halocene May 21st, 2020 Elliot and Raze have a successful first set. Keagan gets fuel for a blog post. Is there more to come? Stay tuned!


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Keagan Nichols has 6 finished logs.

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