Life Entity

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The Life Entity is the expression of all life in the universe, an ideologue that came into being from the immutable powers of the First Gods before the First Firmament calved into the collective multiverses. Those who commune with the Life Entity find a harmony with the concept of life itself, allowing them to channel the White Light of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The Life Entity exists in a fetal state at the core of the Earth. It is protected by Gaea and the force of the Demiurge. Should harm befall it, the nature of mortality could be forever altered and the most primeval of balances would be utterly and catastrophically sabotaged.

When the terminus of all life nears, the Phoenix Force will bring the Life Entity to a safe harbor and hold it there frozen in time. Eternals will reap the Phoenix and the Life Entity will rise from those ashes to restore life to the universe.