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Mariana Gomez (Scenesys ID: 677)
Name: Mariana Antonella Gomez
Superalias: Silverwing
Gender: Female
Species: Human / Angel?
Occupation: E.M.T.
Citizenship: Naturalized US
Residence: NYC
Education: College Grad
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 04 Apr 1998 Played By Cierra Ramirez
Height: 5' 6" / 6' 3" Weight: 130 lb / 200 lb
Hair Color: Near black / Silver Eye Color: Chocolate brown / Silver
Theme Song: Alabama - Angels Among Us

( ABBA - I Believe in Angels (

Character Info


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Naturalized Colombian-American, former asylum-seeking refugee, proud Catholic and FDNY paramedic who has accepted a magical mantle of power to become the angelic-seeming heroine Silverwing, with her wide array of magical manifestations, when needed.


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1995: Silver Chevalier (later just Chevalier) premieres
1998: Mariana Antonella Gomez born outside Cartagena in Colombia.
2000: Mariana and her parents emigrate to the United States as refugees
claiming sanctuary from ongoing drug cartel violence.
2004: Mariana starts Catholic primary school.
2012: Mariana approaches the fallen form of the Silver Chevalier, a hero slain
in the Invasion. She takes the crystal from his hand and it bonds with
her, granting her the power of his mantle and legacy, the power to
transform into Silverwing.
2014: First appearance of Silverwing in public, saving bus driver.
2016: Mariana graduates from high school. That summer she completes her US
citizenship. That fall she begins at CCNY.
2018: Mariana completes EMT and paramedic certifications. Begins work as
volunteer paramedic. Silverwing helps battle dark elves and frost
2019: Mariana graduates CCNY in December with dual majors in Psychology and
2020: Mariana begins with FDNY as paramedic. Starts graduate certification
course in Social Work.

IC Journal

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Though not some brilliant genius, Mariana is very bright, with an active, inquisitive mind always searching for more things to learn and to grow her understanding of herself, the world around her, and others. She is an avid reader, though she has largely sublimated this in recent years to studying materials for the courses she is pursuing.

One of Mariana's most defining characteristics is how much she cares. She cares for family. She cares for community. She cares for strangers. It defines who she is, who she wants to be, and shapes all that she does.

Mariana is an incredibly determined young woman; she has had to be given her circumstances to overcome all of the challenges in her life. She has managed to face the challenges of being poor, disenfranchised, a refugee in another land, another culture, speaking another language. She has fought her way to respectability, citizenship, service, fluency, education and a future. And learned to understand and control the mantle of power laid upon her. Though young, she has willpower to spare.

Mariana was raised with a strong faith in the Catholic church. That faith remains a bedrock foundation of her life and her pursuit of it. And it is her beliefs and faith that have shaped the persona of Silverwing.

Rule Follower:
Mariana follows the rules and the laws. She was not an illegal immigrant but a refugee granted asylum. She follows all of the rules: the laws, the dictates of her family, the dictates of her church. The closest she has to rebellion is her choice to embrace the path and power of Silverwing, and even then she does so according to what she understands of those same rules. No matter how powerful she might ever become, a single word from one of those authorities would stop her cold.

Character Sheet


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Sense Magic:
The only non-normal ability that Mariana possesses when not Silverwing is the ability to sense magic. She can generally sense active magic in an area of a hundred yards around herself, limited somewhat by various barriers and interference. Inactive spells and residue are much harder to detect, at most thirty feet or so. With significant concentration while holding the Silver Star, she can puzzle out the nature of the magic to a limited extent, at least as far as its strength, some general sense of its intent and methodology.

This sense is much more acute and natural as Silverwing, as her very gaze detects both active and inactive spells as well as the residue of past magic at even half a mile or more, with little more concentration required than that of focusing to read text on a sign to determine far more details about its nature, even potentially a magical 'fingerprint' to know that an effect comes from a caster she has encountered before, either their magic or the individual themselves.

Silverwing Form:
While touching the Silver Star an act of will and intent can transform young Mariana into the toweringly regal form of Silverwing, a few inches taller than six feet and filled out to an idealized form that bespeaks quite clearly the image and intent of a Judeo-Christian angel. It should be noted for absolute clarity that while Silverwing is quite powerful, magical, looks and acts the part of an angel, she is in fact not a true angel of any heavenly host; merely a faithful young woman's true vision of one such a one should be made manifest through the power of the Silver Star.

Theory holds that Silverwing could maintain indefinitely, but only by husbanding her magical power. As it is, she can maintain for many hours by doing little more than utilizing the normal powers of her physical form. But when she expends her magic she shortens that timeframe; if she expends enough she can in fact become exhausted, collapse, and revert back to Mariana thereafter.

Strength: Silverwing is far stronger than her mere build would describe, able to lift a few tons with reasonable effort. Her maximum lift capacity without magical enhancement is five tons. She has very good control of her strength, and does not carelessly exert more force than necessary.

Agility: Silverwing is incredibly agile on foot, easily the equal of Olympic gymnasts. In the air her aerobatics are superior even to that, able to fly more by will and imagination than any real physics.

Stamina: Silverwing can maintain strenuous physical activity, even flying or fighting, for potentially hours. It should be reiterated that this level of stamina suffers quickly when she begins using her magical powers, however.

Mind: Silverwing is noticeably smarter, wiser, and even more strong-willed and determined than Mariana. Her mind operates faster, makes leaps of intuition more easily and accurately, and rests outside influences mightily. Her mind is also substantially shielded telepathically, such that at least casual and non-intrusive scans will not pick up her thoughts.

Presence: Silverwing has a very, very strong natural presence, one that is quite striking to most. This can be soft, soothing and reassuring, incredibly persuasive - at least enough to make most listen and consider the message - or frighteningly terrible when unleashed in fury.

Speed: Silverwing is a good bit faster than even an Olympic athlete, though that is most often seen in reaction speed; why run when one can fly, after all?

Resilience: Silverwing's form feels quite warm, soft and fleshy to the touch, but she is incredibly resilient; small and medium arms fire bounces off without even a scratch, and lesser energy discharges as well. Truly prodigiously powerful attacks, like heavy-caliber firearms, canon and heavy-bore energy weapons can do damage, but do substantially less than one would certainly expect. The exception to this is weapons touched by or formed of evil magic (see flaw: Vulnerability to Evil Magic for details).

Flight: Silverwing's form includes large dark silvery feathered wings with an almost twenty-foot wingspan. These mighty wings enable her to fly, carrying as much as her great strength can bear and with agility that in truth defies physics, including the ability to hover. Her normal top speed is about 120mph, though with the power of her magic she can push herself faster than that. Most important, though, is that if her wings are bound, hindered or wounded this can weaken or even cancel her ability to fly despite her ability to otherwise bypass the limitations of physics in her flight.

Silverwing Magic:
The real root of Silverwing's greater power is that she is fueled by magic, and capable of using that magic to solve problems, from augmenting her existing physical abilities to various attacks or effects.

It should be noted that all of these effects have particular limitations: She must touch the Silver Star while calling the effect into being; she must be free to speak, offering a brief speech or declaration to call its effect into being; and all uses of her magic expend her energy, dramatically shortening her ability to maintain herself before being forced to revert. It should also be noted that she can only maintain one magical effect at a time.

Strength Boost: temporarily vastly increase strength, lifting potentially hundreds of tons very briefly; visibly sheathed in magical energy; can be most exhausting effect depending on amount of strength required, perhaps literally minutes before reversion.

Flight Boost: temporarily vastly increase flight power, fly much farther much faster; could outpace fighter jets for a few minutes, an hour at most, or lift and carry many along for a time.

Blade: summon blade of magical energy to hands, proverbial 'angelic sword'; deliver any damage effect from impossibly sharp lethal cuts to blows of blunt force, fire, electricity, cold, whatever other force she requires. Change damage type requires banish, resummon sword.

Blast: blast of power at target; many forms, most often blunt/kinetic force or fire; most rapidly exhausting manifestation, and requires 'cast' each blast.

Silverwing Miracles:
As an extension of Silverwing's magic, there are some specific and vast powers she can call upon which are exceptionally draining. All of these have the same limitations as the rest of her magic: She must touch the Silver Star while calling the effect into being; she must be free to speak, offering a brief speech or declaration to call its effect into being; and all uses of her magic expend her energy, dramatically shortening her ability to maintain herself before being forced to revert.

In addition, these abilities are so draining that only one of them can be attempted in any twenty-four hour period. They are so exhausting that once called upon, Silverwing will have no magical energies left, and will have to revert to normal within a minute or two of completion. The Silver Star will then remain largely dormant for at least four hours as it recharges enough magical energy to sustain another transformation.

Viewing: gain clairvoyant perception of distant place in space or time, or beyond various barriers. Most exhausting are past or (never done this) future, across great distances or strong magical barriers. Requires absolute concentration; loses most awareness of surroundings.

Lightform: transform into being of pure light, allowing pass through physical barriers, insubstantial, physical and most energy forms pass harmlessly; Maintaining takes concentration, rapidly exhausts magical reserves. Effects of 'evil' or 'demonic' magic still affect her (and still prey upon her vulnerability as well).

Counterspell: counter spell or magical effect; use of magical energy increases with both power and permanence of effect.

Binding: create bonds to bind target, usually bands of magical energy; can take various forms as necessary, even sort of magical 'jar'; energy required proportional to force contained, how long maintained. Cannot use magic for anything else, could bind several others in same way.

Portal: create bridge between two points in space, doorway or portal; exhaustion proportional to distance covered, how well or poorly known target location, how long maintained. Could create portal to cross world, require her to know where, likely only last a minute.

continued in Silverwing Miracles 2

Silverwing Miracles2:
(all of the limitations specified in Silverwing Miracles still apply, without exception)

Blindness: strike target blind temporarily; at strongest could blind, deafen target, blot out mental or magical awareness. Single individual not too tiring, more senses or individuals affected more exhausting, and longer maintained.

Barrier: create barrier; free-standing stable wall, seal for door, or dome, half-dome or sphere; energy required increases with area covered, force or forces resisted. Sphere 20' diameter against howitzer shells for minute or so; or wall hundred feet long thirty feet high vs. small arms fire fifteen minutes. Can even make barriers air- and light-tight, or to block telepathic attacks or ongoing magical influences, more exhausting work.

Healing: can heal herself, likely others; requires touch; magic permeates body, allowing envision, diagnose situation and then target healing energies to repair injuries, rebuild immune system defenses, restore subject full health; power is miraculous, capable of eradicating inoperable cancer, regrowing entire lost limb; more pervasive, dramatically serious injuries take longer, more likely to exhaust; requires concentration, makes her vulnerable to curses or magical traps in potential patients.

Hiding: make herself disappear, hide from sight normal and otherwise, sound, radar, magical or mental senses; more extensively hidden - or covering others, longer uses more magical energies.

Tongues: create linguistic understanding where lacking; fifty feet radius, hundreds of people; understand each other as if speaking listener's native language; can allow deaf to 'see' signs in preferred sign language translating in real time; effect can be tuned to read and understand rather than hearing, only one or the other.

Aura: enhance and magnify presence, making her more persuasive and impactful; not mind control, can resist, disagree, but makes much more difficult; can be tuned to incredibly frightening, magnifying voice, augmenting visage, invokes degree of real fear, outright terror in most observers.


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Bible Memorized:
Mariana has studied the bible - starting with the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition - since her earliest days. She has it memorized; not just some passages, but most of it. She knows the dictates of her faith, and they guide her every day.

Part and parcel of her training and experience as a paramedic has been mastering high-intensity, often high-speed driving.

Mariana has long wanted to help others. She has studied biology and medicine extensively. Her dream is to become a doctor, but she has for now contented herself by becoming a trained and experienced paramedic. She is trained and experienced in first aid, field medicine, drug interactions and minor surgery.

Mariana has been multilingual all her life, natively fluent in Spanish (Colombian dialect), English and Palenquero (a Spanish/African/Haitian patois). She has since picked up conversational skill in American Sign Language and Portuguese.

Social Services:
Mariana has been surrounded by the organs of social services since her earliest days. She may no longer need those services but she encounters people every day who do, so she stays up to date on everything that is available and tries to help connect those in need to the assistance they require. She is even now pursuing her certification in Social Work.

United States:
Mariana knows US history and laws far better than most, as she had to study it all to learn and prepare for her US citizenship naturalization tests. She is proud to have become an American, and she keeps up on the details because she wants to help her country become its best.


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Silverwing has been active in and around New York City for almost a decade at this point. She may not be one of the biggest names, but she is known, and she has allies and contacts around the city, from doctors, nuns and priests to social workers, firemen and police, as well as many civilian citizens she has helped in trouble. She can call upon them for aid, if she needs it and it is something they can do.

Mariana is now a full member of the fire department of New York City. That gives her a broad group of friends and colleagues, not just with her own station and crew but across the entire city. It gives her a lot of privilege and access normal civilians do not have, including access to gear and medicines that are restricted or hard to find.

Silver Star:
The so-called Silver Star is a special magical stone, an ancient artifact of magical power and the source and seat of the magical mantle of power that has allowed Mariana to become Silverwing, as it once allowed her predecessor to become the Silver Chevalier.


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Dependent: Silver Star:
Bound to the Silver Star, both Silverwing and Mariana are dependent upon it. If it is taken from her, Silverwing will be unable to use her magical abilities, and within a few minutes at most will revert to Mariana. Mariana herself is also bound to the stone; if it is taken from her and kept at a distance or sealed away she will become weak, then sick. Within days at most she would die; only regaining the Silver Star could save her life.

Hunted: Church of Blood:
The Church of Blood has long sought items and artifacts of magical power. They were an ongoing enemy of the Silver Chevalier, and know more about the origins and nature of the Silver Star than Silverwing does herself. They have realizes that Silverwing is the new avatar of that mantle of power, and they will embattle her now as they once did her predecessor.

Powerless Secret Identity:
Mariana herself has no special abilities or powers, save her ability - through the Silver Star - to sense magic. When the Star is inactive she is at least as vulnerable as any normal human to any effect or threat.

Mariana is no carefree kid; she has a lot of responsibilities to her family, her church, her job, etc. Those responsibilities do not go away just because Silverwing is needed, and she must often balance those needs against the needs for her heroic alter ego.

Vuln Evil Magic:
Because it is a part of her conception and ideal, formed by her own beliefs, Silverwing is adversely affected by magic she perceives as evil in origin, especially those from demonic sources, but not only those. These attacks will tend to bypass much but not all of her resilience and do far more harm than their outward power level would indicate. The only exception to this is outright compulsion: evil magic cannot compel Silverwing to do evil herself, nor by inaction to allow evil to take place. In those cases her full resistances would still apply.

The Silver Star has its on instincts, enchantments woven within the artifact to determine if a given potential host is worthy of that power, having a heroic spirit and both a desire and willingness to risk themselves to help others. If Mariana were made to doubt herself, or her heroic calling, she could well find herself unable to call upon the Star's powers, and she could even be severed from her bond to it. Given her dependence upon it, this could even kill her if her spirit cannot be restored.



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Chance Meeting at a Cathedral May 16th, 2020 Mariana and 'Ella' come upon one another while each is visiting a cathedral in Gotham. They strike up a conversation.
A Slow Cuppa Joe at The Coffee Bean April 16th, 2020 Coffee was had, people met and introductions made
Singularity and the Paramedic March 19th, 2020 The adorable galaxy girl comes upon an accident and lends her aid to the brash empassioned paramedic at the scene.
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