Medicinal Greed

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Medicinal Greed
Date of Cutscene: 06 September 2020
Location: Wade Shaw's Condo
Synopsis: Medicine is Expensive
Cast of Characters: Michael Hannigan

"You have got to be kidding me."

Mike glances up from the collection of print outs resting before him, recapping the pen. Giving a sigh, "What is it now?"

Wade Shaw a grumble, waving his hands towards the laptop as he looks over to the younger roommate, "Just the idiocy of it all. Seems this steroid doesn't cost that much to make but they jacked up the price like crazy because of the low demand. "

"Law of Supply and Demand, right?"

"But by THIS much?" Wade asks, "For something that needs to be taken on a semi-regular basis to maintain life? It should be illegal."

"It probably would be if they didn't have a lot of senators in their back pocket. And also didn't do that extravagant song and dance number where they make it 'easy' for the little people to get treatment." Mike mutters, giving a grumble, looking back to the forms. "Maybe once Ben's appointment with that specialist comes up they'll find an alternate treatment. But until then. Keep searching for those rebates and coupon forms. Maybe we can get one pre filled out and just photocopy it whenever we need a new one."

Wade nods, turning back to the laptop. "Wish we could get Sandra's help on this one."

"Well being he's not employed with the studio or on the list that wouldn't be possible, right?" Mike responds, looking back over, "Got any use for a day laborer? Maybe some handyman type stuff?"

"Mike, he needs background in repair before I can even consider him for such a thing. And pushing someone through trade school just so we can use HR resources is kind of crossing a line."

"Well, couldn't I just ask her for advice out of the goodness of her heart?"

"... I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. But, do what you think is right."