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  Witch of Owls  
Mihaela Wilkins (Scenesys ID: 1682)
Name: Mihaela Wilkins
Superalias: Witch of Owls
Gender: Female
Species: Human (magical)
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York
Education: College (Bachelor's)
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 03 Jan 1995 Played By Anna Kendrick
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: HootHooters23
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Mihaela Wilkins is a member of SHIELD's WAND division, a occultist known as the Witch of Owls. She seeks to live up to the image of a good witch, wielding her powers of divination and owl- themed magic to face malevolent spirits as well as mundane threats to the world. A little awkward, she nevertheless is a kind and caring person. Just ignore how she talks to birds!


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*1995: Born to parents Adrian and Elena, former Olympic athlete and witch with an occult book business respectively.

*2007: Upper-middle class upbringing in New York. Displayed signs of her maternal side's magic at this age. Initiated properly into occultism, where she promises to use her powers for good. Parents divorce.

*2011: Graduates High School, begins community college. Declared a full-fledged Witch by Elena. Has ties with minor occult groups, having moved in these circles since her teens. Begins freelancing with her powers, solving minor mysteries of spirits and lost objects.

*2012: Involved in a local kidnapping of small time occultists as one of the victims by a magical group trying to summon a minor demon. Manages to escape, freeing another occultist. Distracts from the ritual long enough for WAND agents to stop it. Makes it her goal to join SHIELD, and transfers to a four year college in NY studying Criminal Justice.

*2015: Excels in her studies, and continues her freelancing, seeking out supernatural threats as the Witch of Owls. Lands solidly on SHIELD's radar after foiling a rampaging natural spirit in a park alongside a WAND agent following similar leads on the problem. Mihaela makes her official request to join SHIELD.

*2016: Joins the WAND division, finishing up her degree in CJ on a scholarship from the agency. Mother dies in a car accident shortly after her graduation. Placed on medical leave due to emotional distress.

*2017: Rejoins SHIELD to continue her training. Excels in stealth, occult investigation and stakeouts. Struggles with, but eventually earns acceptable hand to hand and ranged combat scores with help from her assigned trainer.

*2018: Finishes training, officially put into probationary status. Splits time between supervised field missions and divination work. Injured severely during a mission to free a unicorn from black market mafia sales.

*2020: Officially returns to non-desk duty, slated for final review for full agent status.

IC Journal

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Mihaela is socially awkward around most people. Most of her true connections have been in occult circles, and dealing with those outside of that leads to her not knowing what to talk about, making lame attempts at conversation, appearing introverted, or geeking out on esoteric occult topics. This can be as easily adorable or off-putting.

Despite her kind nature, Mihaela can be quite cunning, and prefers such tactics over contests of strength. She has no problems using underhanded tricks and deceit against those who do harm to others, or against rampaging spirits.

Good Witch:
Mihaela attempts to, and it's her goal in life, to live up to the idea of being a 'Good Witch' and mystic. She's kind, even if she's quiet at times, with a strong desire to protect the innocent and the weak. Due to her awkward nature, however, she's yet to nail the 'mysterious' part of mysticism.

Character Sheet


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Anti-Spirit Magic:
Mihaela is able to use her magic to face ghosts, demons, nature spirits, and other largely incorporeal beings that attempt to intrude upon the mortal realm. This manifests as a battle of willpower and desire rather than raw magical might, requiring rituals or specific weaknesses to be discovered in the case of particularly malevolent or powerful entities in order to be effective.

Mihaela is a skilled diviner, able to gain insight into the locations of people and objects in the form of vague directions and cryptic dreams. She has two forms of this divination, short and long range. Long ranged divination is more difficult and less precise, being limited to the range of the average city, and requiring both a scale model of the area being searched as well as something of the person or object (a strand of hair or vial of recently obtained blood, a scrap of a lost book, et cetera). In the case of something sentient being sought, an intense will or desire to not be found can cause the ritual to fail. Successes will result in cryptic visions or flashes of a location along with a cardinal direction to search (depending on scene or plot-runner's approval). Short ranged divining is more practical, allowing Mihaela to track a single target that she has spotted by using her staff as a form of dousing rod. This has a range of up to a single city block.

Mihaela has gained permanent night vision due to her long practice of magic under the wisdom of owls.

Owl Magic:
Mihaela expresses her magic through owl-themed spells. She can produce deafening bursts of sound in the form of owl screeching, summon flying owl feathers that can pierce light armor, blanket a single story building in pitch darkness for several minutes, and create magic wings that let her glide for short periods of time.


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Occult Knowledge:
Mihaela is an expert occultist, with a specialty in nature spirits and European folklore. From dryads to bog witches to ghosts, Mihaela often knows how to fight it, or more importantly, a vague idea of what to look up to deal with the problem.

Shield Combat:
Mihaela has basic training in hand to hand combat, firearms and melee combat thanks to SHIELD. She is merely average in most categories, but can be considered talented in staff combat as well as above average with an ICER.

Spy Training:
Thanks to SHIELD, Mihaela has basic training in surveilance, stealth, and creating disguises for herself at an above-average level.


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Owl Familiar:
Mihaela has an owl familiar that serves as both companion as well as assistant. She is able to give basic instructions for the owl to perform simple tasks such as fetching small objects, as well as use the owl for surveilance purposes. The owl can in effect be used as a spy drone, relaying what it can see to Mihaela after reporting back to her. It is otherwise just an owl, and should it be killed, Mihaela must spend time ritually bonding with a replacement owl.

Wand Equipment:
Mihaela has access to all equipment available to her rank in SHIELD, showing a distinct preference for WAND versions such as magical lanterns rather than a flashlight whenever possible.

Witch Staff:
Mihaela possesses a tough wooden staff, decorated with owl feathers and bones. This not only makes for a good blunt weapon, but is used as a focus and dousing rod for her magic.


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Nightvision Eyes:
Mihaela's nightvision has it's downsides. First, she is sensitive to bright lights, and thus things like flashbangs or magical light powers are more effective. Second, her pupils are larger than average, giving her a slightly offputting appearance that can lead to her being mistaken for a mutant at times.

Owl Rituals:
Mihaela attempts to bond with nature and perform rituals to gain the insight of wise creatures such as owls. This may well come off as odd to those not versed in occultists. Crafting bone figures to leave in the office, sleeping in elevated areas or barn rafters, hooting at birds or chanting to herself at all hours of the night, Mihaela can easily come off anywhere from merely 'strange' to outright insane.

Support Witch:
Mihaela is largely focused on magical endeavors, and thus is less skilled in direct physical combat than others. She tends to rely on catching others by surprise, cunning, or supporting more front line Agents where possible.



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So..., vampires July 10th, 2020 Daisy gets a taste of why WAND is WAND. Featuring drunken faeries, pointy hat witches and books on vampires.


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