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Moira MacTaggert (Scenesys ID: 1876)
Name: Moira MacTaggert
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Geneticist
Citizenship: Scotland
Residence: Muir Island
Education: Post-doctoral
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 80 Actual Age: 80
Date of Birth 29 Nov 1939 Played By Olivia Williams
Height: 5'7" Weight: 135 lb
Hair Color: Dark auburn Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: She Blinded Me With Science

Character Info


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Moira MacTaggert is a Nobel Prize winner for her work on mutation and the X-gene, among the world's first choices to call in cases of mutant illness or injury, and an old friend to Xavier's School. Though she has no powers, she is staunchly in favour of mutant rights and lends her aid to the X-Men often.


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*1939 - Born in Scotland, only child of Lord Kinross
*1955 - Graduates school and enrolls in Oxford University reading biology with a specialism in genetics, where she meets Joe MacTaggert and Charles Xavier and falls for both
*1958 - Graduates from Oxford with honours and marries Joe MacTaggert
*1959 - Leaves abusive relationship with Joe MacTaggert, though is denied a divorce
*1960 - Gives birth to their son Kevin, who she keeps secret from Joe
*1962 - Earns her PhD in Genetics and founds the Mutant Research Centre on Muir Island, part of her family's lands
*1974 - Awarded the Nobel Prize for her work in identifying the mutant X-gene, and Muir Island becomes one of the foremost genetic research centres, often taking in vulnerable mutants
*1980 - Kevin escapes Muir Island and wreaks havoc because of his unstable mutation, ultimately leading to his death
*1996 - Reconnects with Xavier and meets Magneto, and becomes involved in their work to further mutant integration
*2009 - Becomes a silent partner in Xavier and Magneto's plans for a school for mutants
*2014 - Takes in Rahne Sinclair as her daughter to shelter her from an abusive father
*2015 - Sends Rahne to Xavier's school to be with other mutants her own age
*2020 - Returns to New York to offer support to the X-Men in the wake of Genosha

IC Journal

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Friend To the Small:
All of Moira's impatience and harshness evaporate when she encounters someone young, vulnerable or in distress. From shoulder to cry on to mentor to surrogate mother, Moira has been a sympathetic and caring ear to many young mutants over the years.

Little But Fierce:
Like a tiny bird defending its chicks against a bear, it doesn't matter how overpowered or outmatched Moira is, she will stand up for the people in her care in a flurry of protectiveness that can seem baffling from this frail baseline-human scientist in a dangerous world.

Non-Stop Thinker:
Sharp, highly educated and and disinclined to pull her verbal punches, Moira will launch into advanced scientific debate or scathing put-downs with equal alacrity. She is a whirlwind of intellectual energy, and when there's a problem to be solved she won't quit until she's found an answer that satisfies her.

Moira is a smart, opinionated woman who has long since banished the impulse to pussyfoot around for the sake of anyone else. She speaks her mind, drives conversations and action, and expects everyone else to do the same - join her, challenge her, or get out of her way.

Character Sheet


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Unknown to anyone, including herself, Moira has an power that allows her to reincarnate on death, retaining all her memories of her previous life from early foetal development. This will continue as long as she does not die before her mutation would manifest, around the age of 13. But during this reincarnation something went wrong and the chain of memories has been broken, or at least interrupted, and Moira remembers nothing of who she has been before. Note: This power is intended to stay hidden and irrelevant unless it becomes narratively interesting to introduce as a TP, at which point I'll get staff approval for the content of Moira's past lives and the direction they push her in.

Undetectable X-Gene:
The genetic mutation that causes Moira's power is completely undetectable by any known means as it only activates on her death. For all intents and purposes, she is entirely human.


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Creative Doctoring:
Moira has operated on or treated mutants and other metahumans more times than she'd care to recall, even when the techniques to heal an injury or cure a disease she was faced with didn't previously exist. She'll engineer brand new technology or pool the powers of those around her to save the lives of those in her care, whatever it takes.

Genius Geneticist:
One of the world's foremost authorities on genetics and mutant biology, Moira has dedicated her life to the study of the X-gene and its effect on people, holding multiple PhDs and a Nobel Prize in the field.

Globehopping Academic:
Moira has travelled widely in her scientific career and is familiar in academic circles the world over. She has a smattering of extremely specific vocabulary in multiple languages, though Scottish Gaelic is the only language besides English that she speaks fluently.

Super Science:
A genius doesn't exist in the world of superheroes without picking up a few bits and pieces of improbable science and impossible technology along the way. She might not be a weapons expert or a leet hacker, but she knows her way around the weird and wonderful world of super tech and learns extremely fast when she's exposed to something new.


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Friend of the X-Men:
Moira has been a supporter of Xavier's School since its inception and has helped many of its students and alumni recover from strange ailments and the scars of combat. She's about as close to being part of the team as one can be without putting on spandex and boarding the Blackbird.

Money, Land and Titles:
Technically Lady Kinross, Moira has access to significant ancestral wealth, including both liquid assets and wide holdings in Scotland, most notably the island of Muir.

Mutant Research Centre:
Among the oldest and most renowned institutions for the study of mutant genetics, biology, and capabilities in the world, Moira's research centre on Muir Island is stocked with a huge array of state of the art and even alien equipment specially designed to learn more about mutation, and has a panoply of data going back decades, as well as a significant turnover of well-treated mutant volunteers.

Network of Experts:
Muir Island attracts some of the brightest minds in genetic and metahuman research, and gives Moira a large pool of colleagues, fellows and other experts to call on for second opinions, new theories or technologies - she rarely has to start solving a scientific problem from scratch.


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Mad Science Teacher:
While not quite cackling to herself in a lightning-illuminated lab, Moira can sometimes seem a tad out of touch with the real world in very human ways. Losing her glasses on top of her head, forgetting mugs of her foul coffee to the cold clutches of time, possessing a dress sense that has only ever updated sporradically and seems to be largely stuck in the 70s - these things seem insignificant for her to work on when compared to the importance of her true calling.

Only Human:
For all intents and purposes, Moira is just a human who has made herself a notable figure in the metahuman world, and a rather old and physically unimpressive human at that. If a villain - or some entirely mundane danger - were to come at her with intent, she has no remarkable way of defending herself.

Quick Temper:
Moira has been known to fly off the handle into a rage without waiting for all the facts when she perceives something to be a threat or an idiot, and not always justifiably.



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Moira MacTaggert has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Perfectly Ordinary Check Up September 12th, 2020 Hank and Moira take a look at Gabby's nanomachine problem, and start to formulate some ideas for fixing it up.
Old Friends and New Faculty August 27th, 2020 Charles and Moira reunite, and Moira agrees to become part of the faculty at Xavier's school, and a consultant for X-Corporation. With his responsibilities expanding, Charles offers the position of Headmistress to Jean Grey.
Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet August 26th, 2020 People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
Looking for Solutions August 23rd, 2020 Ruth lures Julian into a life-changing situation. Introducing: Moira MacTaggert!


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Moira MacTaggert has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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