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What's an Original Character?

An original character is defined as a concept that you came up with yourself. It should not be an obvious copy of any other material, including materials not allowed on the game or amalgams of other characters. For example, a whiny, telekinesis using young man with an energy sword struggling with the dark side of his religion is too much of a copy, as is a playboy philanthropist genius inventor that made a suit of flying armor. If it is clearly a well known character when described that way, try to come up with something new.

A whiny inventor that makes energy swords could be fun! Add your own twist to it.

Benefits to making an Original character include:

  • Free reign with the character's personality and choices
  • These characters can evolve in exciting and drastic ways that Feature characters cannot
  • Original characters experience joining teams, learning from the ground-up
  • Original characters can more easily get power upgrades or change their identities from story elements
  • The character is yours, they will always be yours, and cannot be claimed due to idle
  • Ideal for players uncertain of all the Feature Characters: learn with your character

Drawbacks include:

  • Original characters do not start on teams or in groups, which can be intimidating
  • Original characters generally do not start as powerful as Feature Characters, they must grow in power
  • Original characters need streamlined concepts and personalities, they should not be a grab-bag of unrelated items
  • Certain concepts are restricted from OCs, such as original Kryptonians, Omega level mutants, or New Gods.

All characters, whether they are Original or Feature, must still follow the theme of the game. Original characters just don't have to adhere to being accurate to specific source material, but they should still fit the universe and theme.

To create your Original character, follow the instructions in +news Applying For Characters. Please use first and last name; to do this, use " marks around the full name.