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Samuel Alexander (Scenesys ID: 1371)
Name: Samuel Alexander
Superalias: Nova
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Student, Space Cop
Citizenship: American.
Residence: Hoboken, New Jersey
Education: Some High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 09 Sep 2004 Played By
Height: 5' 3" Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Sam is a young man, trying to make it through the next week of classes in high school without getting bullied or embarrased or causing another fight. He's new to New York, having moved across the country and while trying to cope with the idea his dad didn't runaway, but might have died in space as a member of the Nova Corps. He wants to take care of his mom and those that are less fortunate as he was taught any man should. There's a lot on his plate.


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* 2005: Sam was born to Jesse and Eva Alexander.
* 2011: Jesse a member of the Black Novas dissappears, leaving behind an infant daughter and impressionable Sam.
* 2019: Jesse's back up helmet is discovered by Sam shortly after entering high school, and the stories his father use to tell at bed time started to become more than stories.
* 2020: Eva, Sam and Kaelynn all move to New Jersey for his mother and her new job. Sam is having to find a new life in school while keeping his newly found helmet and quest to find his father a secret.

IC Journal

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Sam is a young man who strives to do what's right, but the sudden and silent depature by his father damaged Sam's psyche enough that impulse control can be an issue for him, especially when a sense of futility or abandonment or even simple anger shows up in him.

Golden Age:
Sam is a true believer, he always loved the stories of the men less than gods standing up to those that are far and away their superior and yet doing it for the best reasons. Sam is a kind soul, who will give the shirt off his back and yet, he's thoughtful and inquisitive, asking questions and expecting the best from those around him, especially himself.

A young teen boy, Sam is often goofing off or trying to be his boisterous self with those he feels comfortable with. A quip, a prank, a joke, Sam's usually got one, but the move may have caused him to put some of those mental and personal bubbles and barriers back up.

Sam, since learning that aliens are real and his father really was a space cop like he said all those years, is now a secretive young man. He is always on edge and ever careful about his secret and many many others he may or may not know about. Especially the space secrets.

Character Sheet


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Helmet <apparatus>:
The suit is capable and prepared for full space flight, allowing Sam to breath not only in the vacuum of space, bot on other worlds, and within liquids. As well as withstanding incredible temperatures.

Helmet <energy>:
The helmet is a direct conduit to and through which the nova force can flow. Sam can use the force as energy blasts and attacks as well as short time barriers, as well as enveloping himself with the energy to act as a sort of 'man sized projectile' that would protect him from forces acting on him without it.

Helmet <flight>:
The Nova core's power of flight is incredible, granting him the ability to fly and prossess what's before him relative to his speed that is capable of Mach 10+, and even further the helmet grants a full FTL (Faster Than Light) system, meaning no threat is too far away for Sam, once he learns how to actually control suit and helmet.

Helmet <xandar Mind>:
The helmet is connected to the Xandarian worldmind and thus grants Sam access to incredible assistances, such as alien translations (Not earth based however), galactic and even universal maps, Xandarian based ally recognitions (He could tell who the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' are), and even cosmic awareness and enhanced cognitives abilities (The helmet can tell him things that the Xandarian empire would be privvy to).


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Sam enjoys tinkering with simple things, he's quick to learn how to clean the barings of his skate board wheels, and make a new board with sand paper and glue and a hack saw.

Silver Tongue:
Sam can be a smooth talker when the moment strikes, he's able to convince his worried mom that it's okay for him to be Nova part time, as long as his school work doesn't suffer. He convinced the girl he was interested in back in Phoenix that he wasn't a superhero, after she saw him with the helmet. He can talk. May not be smart or the smoothest, but he can generally get to where he needs.

Sam didn't have a car or a bike as a child, he wanted to be cool and daring and as such, he's got a collection of busted and frankenstined skateboards, even making a few himself with spare parts and some sand paper. It's how Sam gets around.


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Cell Phone:
It's a handme down, but his mom usually buys the best one she can so his phone is only a few years old. Nothing outrageous, but he's not winning girls over with his material possessions. For sure.

Nova Helmet:
His father's back up helmet, ax a member of the Black Nova Corps, Jesse was a black ops in the Nova Corps, and yet, his DNA registration stuck with Sam and now Sam is the newest and youngest Nova.

Sam has a wide selection of boards and wheels and parts, based on his long life of rolling around at the speed of skate.


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The Nova Corps helmets are constantly updated and enhanced with new firmware and software updates. As the one Sam possesses was his father's back up, it has been long since it's received the firmware push from the Xandarian Worldmind. Many programs and functions have been automatically disabled to prevent issues. The star charts are out of date, the translators are incomplete and the only thing working well enough are the enhanced mental processes.

Sam is not from Jersey, New York, the East coast, or even the Midwest. Sam is from Phoenix, and having recently moved, his lingo, his persona isn't fitting in just yet with the schools and with the 'heroes' around, he's likely too hot blooded (get it, Phoenix) and he's quite young and impressionable. He's new to the area, and much much more.

Sam's got some anger issues stemming from his abandonment complex he developed shortly after Jesse left. No matter the reason, Sam is hiding or burrying some anger, that could boil over in figureative and near literal senses.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Never steal near the tri city area. Never May 14th, 2020 A crew tries to rob a trailer, Superman, Hal, Cecily, and Chizue save the day. Oh and Nova is around somewhere.


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