Seige of Spiders: Aftermath

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Seige of Spiders: Aftermath
Date of Cutscene: 22 March 2020
Location: Empire State Hospital
Synopsis: Gwen Stacy comes to from her coma.

But is it all that it truly seems to be?

Cast of Characters: Gwen Stacy
Tinyplot: Siege of the Ghost Spider

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen Stacy wakes in the hospital bed, the buzzing sound of distant conversation returning her to limited consciousness through the fogginess that's clouding her thoughts and vision. Last she remembered, she was standing in a clearing surrounded by glowing yellow light, tumbling backwards away from Zatanna Zatara and being enveloped in black emptiness. Now, as she opens her eyes, she thinks she's in a hospital bed?

Memory returns as she wakes, mental focus becoming instantly sharp as she tries to sit up only to find she's hooked to every imaginable machine... and there's something in her throat... Which she removes first with a gagging yank of her wrist pulling the intubation tube free. It sets off the alarms on the ventilator beside her bed and draws Nurses and...

George Stacy steps into the room, staring at his daughter, long blonde hair hanging around her face.. and eyes fixed on him like he might suddenly disappear if she blinks. "Daddy?" She asks, trying to move, only for several nurses to grab hold of her shoulders insisting that she stay in bed... that she'd been in a coma for months. "Let me go, I'm fine... I..." The mental vision of a raven haired woman flashes in her peripheral, looking over sharply only to see another nurse coming forward trying to inject something calming into her iv line.

"No... No..." Swat, throwing them back, all she wants is to... where is she? "Daddy, what's going on? Where am I?" The medicine is injected despite her protests, but her metabolism breaks it down long before it takes effect.

"Let her go! She's awake!" He's at her side, muscling up to throw his arms around her neck. "Oh Gwen, I was so worried...." Her own arms engluf him, holding him so tight that his back pops, "Daddy.."

Again the flash of someone off to her side, but she doesn't dare look. When she's not there, it'll just break her heart more. Gwen Stacy is home..

And a part of her wishes she weren't.