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  The Vanisher  
Telford Porter (Scenesys ID: 2491)
Name: Telford Porter
Superalias: The Vanisher
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Thief/Terrorist
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Residence: Mutant Town
Education: Community College
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 06 april 1991 Played By Michael Rosenbaum
Height: 5'5" Weight: 175lb
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @GhostingU2
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A professional smuggler, thief, hero, villain, savior, or scoundrel, depending on who you ask. The only thing people can all agree on is that he's a mutant and that defines who he is. Wanted for questioning in several nations (including America) for smuggling illegal immigrants across the border, as well as trafficking drugs and several suspected counts of grand theft. He's hard to pin down both geographically and morally.


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* Born in San Francisco.
* Father went to prison over bar-fight.
* Developed powers and markings.
* Broke father out of prison. Started life of crime.
* Went to community college for engineering.
* Realized rich people don't work for a living. Got a degree in economics instead.
* Started a side business of smuggling mutants to Genosha for sanctuary.
* Parents retired after years of successful crime and human transport.
* Sets up a base of operations out of mutant town.
* Vacationed for 6 months just to throw off everyone.
* Dated a stripper.
* Broke up with a stripper.
* Swore he would never date another stripper.
* Dated another stripper.
* Regretted it.
* Went in for counseling after the loss of Genosha, his time as a prisoner when mutant town was collected and you know, the strippers.
* Quit therapy.
* Stopped taking his anxiety meds.
* Decided to become a better person by joining a mutant terrorist group.

IC Journal

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He's was once too arrogant for his own good because he thought he could always escape any situation but after mutant town was bottled and he was trapped with everyone else inside, he learned there are no safe places. There is no such thing as being untouchable. If it looks too much like he's going to be captured, he will bail on anyone to keep himself out of prison. After being held by Braniac he is terrified of being held prisoner again. He will do anything to stay free.

While he is always looking for a way to get one over on the system he doesn't really care so much about having money. He wants to live a comfortable life but he has no interest in a lavish one. He thinks the rich are part of what's wrong with society so any time he makes a big score he gives most of it away to mutants who need it more than he does.

His main motivation is greed caused by the poverty of his upbringing. He grew up poor and hungry until his powers helped him save himself and his family. He loves the freedom of being a mutant and the power it gives him to make money. One of the reasons he wants to be a part of the Brotherhood is so that he can short the stocks of the places he knows they are going to blow up or do damage to.

While he thinks most humans are trash-people he doesn't hold as much hate in his heart for children. They may still be redeemed? maybe. He donates a large portion of his money to feeding hungry mutant children and plays Santa for the tots of Mutant Town every year. He doesn't talk about that with many people. He doesn't want his enemies learning that he cares about children and using them as living shields. He mostly works through proxies in the mutant community who are willing to keep his secret.

Just like the real Saint Nick, skinny-teleporting-Santa is the patron saint of prostitutes and strippers. He is easily distracted by a pretty face or a tight outfit and often sending a pretty girl to make him an offer will work far better than offering him more money to take a job.

When Loki attacked New York, and for a change of pace he wasn't targeting mutant town, Vanisher saw an opportunity. He studied the areas hit by the ice-storm, searched online for the places where the power had been knocked out, then organized a crew of mutants to rob the place blind.

While the Avengers were out in the streets fighting frost giants and Loki, the mutants were dropped off inside jewelry stores, bank vaults and art galleries and given 5 minutes to collect the lewts.

A lot of mutants in Mutant Town have a nice little nest egg stashed away thanks to his quick thinking.

After being captured by Brainiac he developed quite the feat of robots. Sentinels are most definitely on his NOPE list. He will not engage them in battle willingly.

Character Sheet


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Partial Teleportation:
The reason he took engineering classes in college was to learn about robotics and locking mechanisms. Not to fight or build robots but to get into safes. Depending on the model of the safe there is often some gear or hook that is the lynchpin stopping the safe from opening. If he knows what he is looking for he can feel around the insides of an object with his spatial awareness and then teleport out just a singular part of it to his hand.

Spatial Awareness:
He can feel the presence of matter in the area he intends to teleport to. is prevents him from teleporting into solid objects or missing the mark entirely. With concentration he can even teleport places he has never been.

He can instantly travel almost anywhere in the world even across oceans by slipping into the Darkforce then back. It's instant and he isn't aware he's traveling pan-dimensionally it's instinct. He can carry up to 7 people at a time or roughly 1400lb of mass other than himself.

If studied scientists will find that is it not actually him doing the teleporting. It is some external force that he is calling on psionically. His body simply does not contain enough energy to displace that much matter.


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His father attained more of an education in prison than the state would have liked and when his son broke him out of prison they used it. His family became professional criminals dealing in theft and paid humanitarian smuggling. You don't need to charge a lot of money per person to transport people across borders when it takes seconds.

The family set up a franchise of agents who made appointments for him to pop over to the office, take a person or family to another nation and deposit them in an office there. The customer would pay half up front and half on delivery.

The majority of the money went to support the agents (Mutants when he could find one) who did the work of setting up the appointments and organizing everything. He took a five percent cut for doing the transporting.

Needless to say, the people in power are not overly happy with entire families popping across oceans to live illegally in nations with free healthcare but that's a not-him problem for someone else to deal with.

Why do people rob banks? That's where the money is! He realized that rich people didn't work for a living so why should he? Instead he studied what they study, economics. He learned to manipulate the stock market for his own profit by sabotaging or helping the right people in the right places.

He took two years of engineering and computer programing before he abandoned the major. He just didn't really care much about the technologies of the future. He wanted to know how to crack vaults, so he continued his education on his own.

Ever since he got his powers he's found it easier to learn new languages. It helps if you can pop over to a nation and use it with the locals.

He speaks a little: Portuguese, French, Spanish and Japanese but he is by no means a master of any of them.

He is okay at bypassing security systems and overriding alarms. He knows how to avoid security cameras and hide his identity. He once dreamed of being a master thief who stole from the rich and sold to the poor but those dreams faded when he realized he could make way, way, more money with less effort by simply smuggling people and goods across national borders and you don't need to worry about the Avengers or Superman showing up on your doorstep for helping people have a better life in a better place.


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Guns. Lots of Guns:
In his many travels he has run across some rare and odd items. He has a collection of strange weapons that are mostly gimmick items. Knock-out gas guns, a few low power energy weapons, and a gun that looks like the world's most unwieldy shotgun that shoots blasts of glue to stick people in place against a wall. Most of them were traded to him in exchange for transport by desperate want-to-be super-villains.

He does have this one device that this crazy scientist told him was alien but all he could ever figure out how to make it do was blink a red light. Nothing useful. He's ninety nine percent sure it's probably someone's TV remote or something. He just put it in a shoe box on the shelf with the rest of his collection he keeps in the attic of a small farmhouse he crashes at from time to time in Kansas.

Legal Gray Area:
Legally, it's hard to make a case against him because of the nature of his powers. If he goes into a room alone and comes out of the room with a family of illegals delivering drugs to earn a fresh start in America is it really a crime? Can you really prove he did anything wrong besides being in the room with someone holding?

Mutant Town:
In mutant town everyone either pulls together or nothing gets done. Being bottled by an alien robot really does a lot to bring a town together. He knows people there and they know him. He's popular with the poorer members of the town because he helps them out. He was always seen as one of the lucky mutants who made good. Joining the Brotherhood makes his reputation more questionable.

His parents, while technically retired, still know a lot of people in the mercenary and criminal underworld and they can contact him with information they feel he needs know. He's on great terms with them so if push comes to shove, they will hire a merc team to break him out of prison should the need arise. That's what good parents do!

Rumor Mill:
He has his ear to the dirt and knows how to use the dark web, so he hears things from the criminal underworld. Rumors, future job opportunities, and naughty little secrets that slip out.

Safe Houses:
He keeps a few places around the world that he can run to that no one knows about. Some even his parents don't know though his favorite is in a brothel in Portugal.

The Brotherhood:
Peaceful resistance never changes anything without a violent branch of that same cause stirring up trouble. The powerful never surrender power until they are forced to. The Brotherhood, in his mind, is a way to force the government to give in to the demands of the peaceful mutant-rights activists. To this end he will join them and fight-ish along side them but mostly help them run away when the time comes. He's in it for the money and the justice but he does not want to go to prison or die. No cause is worth that.


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If the point of origin of his teleport is an alternate plane of existence like the Anti-matter universe, Limbo, or the quantum realm, he must re-learn how to use his powers accurately in that new location. Jumping around a different plane of reality where the energies are all different can feel a lot like trying to shoot a bow and arrow while hanging upside down and you are the arrow. He might end up close to his target location, but it will rarely be spot on until he gets several days of practice in.

He knows none of these weaknesses exist and thinks of himself as untouchable but it's only a matter of time before someone smarter than him figures out how to lock him down.

His powers are psionic in nature, not biological, so a anti-psi field will fritz them out just like any other psi-ability.

The Darkforce:
It is a semi-sentient energy field that makes up an entire dimension of endless darkness. It wants him to use his powers because every time he does, it absorbs energy from the prime universe. Every time he uses his powers, he feeds the hunger of the Black Power-Ring part of the emotional spectrum without knowing it. I'm sure nothing bad will come from that? right?

Time-Travel Inhibitors:
Any field that can inhibit time-sliding or teleporting through time is also going to inhibit his ability to enter or exit the field as the fields function prevents the connection to alternate levels of reality.

This rare metal disrupts the energy field his body generates to slip between locations. The more vibranium there is pressed against his body the more difficult it is to port, the less range he has, and the less control he has.

Like vibranium, white-light-based powers create interference between him and the Darkforce and makes it more difficult to use his powers accurately. If a room is bathed in blinding white-light it throws off his special awareness and he can't target that room to teleport into it as long as those lights are on. If trapped in a room under blinding white light he can still teleport if he wants to risk being stuck inside a wall, volcano or in space. He would have no way of knowing where he would end up on the other side of the port.



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Art Night March 14th, 2021 Johnny Storm just wants to show off an alien statue he got on a mission. Things go perfectly!
Raccoon Rescue Go March 13th, 2021 Girl saved. Raccoon not saved.
Interview with the Vanisher February 20th, 2021 Telford Porter comes to SHIELD to talk about the rising problems between mutants and the Friends of Humanity. He gets to walk away with his raisins. Lucky.


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Telford Porter has 3 finished logs.

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