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Tommy Monaghan (Scenesys ID: 2213)
Name: Tommy Monaghan
Superalias: Hitman
Gender: Male
Species: Enhanced Human
Occupation: Killer
Citizenship: Irish-American
Residence: Gotham
Education: High School Dropout
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 38 Actual Age: 38
Date of Birth 03 March 1982 Played By Colin Farrell
Height: 6'1" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" by the Dropkick Murphys

Character Info


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Tommy Monaghan's a paid killer operating out of Gotham. He's primarily aligned with the Irish mob, but does freelance work plenty. Recently, Tommy developed superhuman powers, but it doesn't seem to have changed him much. He's still the same mouthy ultraviolent bastard he's always been.


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* 1982: Born in Gotham City
* 1996 - 1999: Youthful juvenile delinquency. Petty theft, public intoxication, fights getting out of hand. Drops out of high school.
* 2000: Joins the army shortly after his 18th birthday.
* 2001 - 2009: Serves as an infantryman in the U.S. Army, serving tours in the Middle East. Almost promoted to Captain, but gets busted down again due to his insubordinate attitude. Serves with distinction and is given a clean discharge.
* 2010: Unable to find work back home, Tommy ends up hooking up with some old friends now in the underworld and soon puts his hard-won skills to work as a professional hitman for the Gotham mob. Gets a reputation for being picky about his job, not being willing to kill innocents and only targeting professional criminals.
* 2018: While on a job, Tommy is ambushed by a mysterious alien parasite. It feeds on his spinal fluid and leaves a mutagenic chemical that alters his body, giving him X-ray vision and the ability to read minds.
* 2020: Tommy is back to his hitman ways, using his powers to his advantage and generally trying to move on as if he didn't nearly die to a creepy xenobiological worm- leech thing.

IC Journal

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Tommy has no shortage of self-confidence. He shoves his head into dangerous circumstances pretty regularly and just kind of assumes it will all work out. He isn't intimidated by famous people (even famous people in masks) and he's not shy or any sort of shrinking violet.

Tommy doesn't react well to being told what to do. He's naturally defiant and sarcastic. He does his job well for his money, but he always makes it clear that his services are being bought, not his attitude. He'd have gotten a lot farther in the army if he could've resisted taking the piss out of his superiors more.

Regular Joe:
Superpowers or not, killer or not, Tommy sees himself very much a regular guy. He's got blue collar roots and he doesn't have much time for rich people or pretension. He doesn't like bullies, even if he's in a business full of them, and has gotten himself in trouble more than once for taking the 'wrong side' in disputes because he thinks the guy he's supposed to be working with is an a- hole. His sympathies almost always lie with the underdog.

Tommy is foul-mouthed and ill-behaved. He swears constantly, flips people off and generally doesn't give a flying f-bomb about other people's opinions of him. He likes pissing people off, especially anyone he sees as a stick in the mud. He has terrible manners and is likely to put his feet up most anywhere.

Character Sheet


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Tommy isn't precisely a telepath, as he can't send messages or manipulate the minds of others. He can only read the thoughts of others. Mostly he just hears surface thoughts casually with just a hint of concentration. If he wants to push deeper into their memories, he can, but the older the memories are or the deeper the secrets kept, the harder it can be to reach them. Those with strong telepathic abilities or strong willpower can often keep him at bay. Most usefully, his mind-reading often allows him to recognize the presence of other people, making him hard to sneak up on and capable of finding people in hiding.

X-Ray Vision:
Tommy's eyes have been altered to allow him to see through solid objects. He can pierce through up to a ten inch thick barrier, although the more dense the material, the harder it is for him to penetrate. He can choose the depth of his exposure, letting him just see through a coat to check out someone's hidden weapons or going deep enough to see their skeletal structure. He cannot see through lead or other radiation-blocking materials.


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While he had a degree of hand-to-hand training in the military, Tommy's been fighting his whole life and he generally relies on traditional chaotic brawling techniques. He has no compunctions about fighting dirty and will happily kick someone when they're down. He's likely to improvise weapons from his environment and has broken a beer bottle or two over someone's head in his day. He's not a martial artist by any means, but against regular scumbags, he's pretty good.

Tommy's an expert in firearms and a highly accurate shooter with pistols and rifles. He's a capable sniper from a long distance, provided the proper equipment. He tends to carry automatic pistols and favors them in relatively close combat, with the ambidexterity to wield a pistol in each hand, John Woo style.

Tommy's an excellent liar. He can spin a yarn with plenty of verve on the drop of a dime. He's good at keeping track of his lies and will have no hesitation to fabricate something to get out of trouble or solve a problem. He has a natural roguish charm that helps sell the tales he tells. Maybe it's the Irish in him.

Tommy knows the underworld, especially in Gotham. He's lived on the edges of society his whole life. He knows how to find drugs and hookers and illegal weapons. He knows the major players, whose territory is whose, how to recognize gangs by their signs. He's comfortable in the hangouts, dives and hideouts of the criminal world and is recognized as one of their own.


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Tommy's got a good reputation as a hitter. While he's known to be picky about his jobs, the one he does get hired for tend to get done and done cleanly. He has enough of a reputation to put the fear of god into the petty crook types down the food chain and to be able to get audience with your average crimeboss without much fuss.

Tommy, like most of his profession, has a cache of weapons and money to access. He keeps about 20K in random cash and gold coins, along with a wide variety of conventional firearms and even a few grenades and a launcher on top of it. He doesn't have a rocket launcher, but he's thinking about getting one. That money is pretty much his savings, he doesn't tend to keep money long and burns through it as fast as he can make it. He ain't retiring to an island anytime soon.


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Tommy's a crook. He doesn't have any outstanding warrants and he hasn't been to jail since he was a teenager (and that stuff's sealed, you better have a warrant). Still, he breaks the law on a fairly regular basis and he could always get busted and sent to jail. It can also lead him into conflict with the costumed do-gooder sort, of which he is almost universally contemptuous.

His X-ray vision can't penetrate lead or extremely thick shielding. His mind-reading can be resisted with strong willpower or telepathic ability.

Tommy kills people and that tends to make the friends and family of those people awful effing mad. There's always a chance of someone coming looking for revenge, trying to take Tommy out for what he did. He'll point out that he's just doing his job, but people don't tend to take that well.

The Eyes:
Since his attack, Tommy's eyes are abyssal orbs like black marbles in the sockets, almost glowing and eerily creepy. It's not subtle and for that reason he tends to wear sunglasses but, without them, he's an obvious metahuman.



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