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Tritonis was a military facility, specializing in training warriors in armed and magical combat. Atlantean battlemagi were formidable fighters and had fought in battles alongside many of the New Gods.

When the cataclysm of Ragnarok descended, Tritonis slipped off the mountains and fell into a growing sea below. Only sturdy Atlantean civil engineering kept the city slab intact as it slide a thousand feet down the slopes and into the ocean. Poseidon, a deity dwelling on Olympus, used the last of his divine power on Earth to bless Tritonis and her residents to be able to breathe underwater and survive the crushing depths. In return, a number of Atlanteans split off to swear eternal service to Poseidon and guard the prison holding Oceanus. They called themselves The Blue and lived in a water-filled dimension quite near to Earth, where they established the Kingdom of Xebel.