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  Killer Croc  
Killer Croc (Scenesys ID: 688)
Name: Waylon Jones
Superalias: Killer Croc
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutant
Occupation: Circus Freak/Criminal/Compelled Government Agent
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham Sewers/Belle Reve
Education: Home Schooled. Poorly.
Theme: DC (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery, Suicide Squad
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 24 Nov 1983 Played By A hybrid of Adewale Akinnuoye and an actual crocodile
Height: 7'5" Weight: 686 lb
Hair Color: None. Lots of scales, though. Eye Color: Yellow slitted
Theme Song: "Common People" - Pulp

Character Info


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Killer Croc is a former circus sideshow performer, a former Gotham City kingpin hopeful, and a current thorn in Batman's side, grey knight to the city's homeless, and Suicide Squad member. Some consider him little more than a wild animal, but despite his lack of education and self-esteem, he's got a good heart. Though he probably ate the person it used to belong to.


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* 1983: Born in Tampa, FL. Mother died in childbirth. Abandoned by father. Taken in by abusive aunt.
* 1984-1996: Developed crocodile-like appearance and grew to immense size. Officially home-schooled, but beyond basic reading skills little was absorbed, as his aunt preferred to ridicule and abuse, assuming him incapable of education.
* 1997: Ran away from home and joined a circus, wrestling alligators as part of the sideshow.
* 2006: Abandoned circus while passing through Gotham after concluding he'd do better to live a life of crime. Murdered the Squid.
* 2006-2015: Spent time in and out of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison, sometimes managing to almost make it big as a Gotham crime kingpin. Mostly stopped by Batman and associates.
* 2016: Convicted of federal racketeering charges. Sent to Belle Reve prison. Conscripted into Task Force X, or whatever they're calling it these days. He can't keep track.

IC Journal

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With reptilian DNA, Killer Croc reacts like a reptile. His instinct is fight or flight, and he rarely flees -- he believes (accurately) that he can handle the vast majority of opponents with his claws and teeth.

Jennings was raised by an abusive alcoholic who, predictably, treated him like alligator crap and blamed him for his sister's death. He doesn't so much have twisted ideas of how human relationships are supposed to be as doesn't quite believe he's human or worthy of those kinds of relationships. The general result has been a series of bad choices that has left him homeless and under the thumb of a certain Wall.

When he's not in prison, Croc considers himself something of a protector of Gotham City's homeless. He knows what it's like to be rejected and abused. Those are his people, and he will go out of his way to find them what they need and protect them from those who'd do them harm.

Kindness is not a thing that Croc's ever had much experience with. If somebody treats him nicely, or, for that matter, treats him as if he's not a feral animal, he suspects their motives. They probably want something from him, and it's probably not something he wants to give. This is not to say he can't be won over -- but it's hard, and his suspicions have won out time after time.

Team Player:
Croc knows how to take orders and doesn't much question them unless he's given reason to. The fact that following orders without asking why has caused him more trouble than he'd like to admit does not help his suspicious nature.

Character Sheet


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Being cold-blooded has its advantages. Croc requires less food than most of his size because his body doesn't regulate his own temperature. Further, if he grows ill, the effects of the illness are mitigated by going someplace cold -- the disease is slowed by the slowing of his metabolism, giving medication more time to work against the infecting agent before the problem becomes severe.

Natural Weapons:
Croc has sharp claws and teeth and knows how to use them in combat. His fighting style is centered on getting his claws or teeth into an opponent. His tail is also a good weapon, and he will lash it about to stop attacks from behind or the sides, offering up significant damage from impact, while focusing on rending an enemy in front of him with tooth and claw.

Reflexes and Speed:
Croc reacts at superhuman speed, often faster than your typical human can see. He can lash out and strike before his victim even knows they're in danger -- as if being in proximity of a seven-and-a-half-foot alligator man weren't clue enough. He can dodge incoming attacks as well, though generally doesn't bother as his typical opponents are not powerful enough to hurt him, or themselves so skilled that it's hard for him to dodge. Additionally, he can move quickly on the ground (running at speeds of around 20 miles per hour for short bursts), and even faster in the water (30 mph) over long periods of time.

While not as impressive as the regeneration of certain more mammalian mutants, Croc can regenerate injuries very quickly and thoroughly. Simple cuts are healed within hours, broken limbs within a few days, and if he loses his limbs or tail, he can grow new ones within a week, two at the outside.

Smell and Taste:
Croc has extraordinary senses of smell and taste. He can determine the ingredients of food by smelling or tasting it, if he knows what those ingredients are (he doesn't know what cardamom is, for example, but he can pick it out as a taste that's in other foods he's tried). More importantly, if he comes to know the scent of a person or animal he is capable of tracking them from miles away.

Killer Croc is extremely strong, capable of tearing open bank vaults, punching holes in tanks, and going toe-to-toe with pretty much anybody in Gotham and coming out the victor based on sheer power. All bets are off if they use Bat Reptile Repellant Spray or something unfair like that. Cheating rodents. In the end, Croc is able to lift about two tons with little effort.

Croc's hardened scales are extremely resistant to damage. He can shrug off distant shots from high-caliber weapons, and even Batman is forced to use high explosives to knock him unconscious.


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Croc is an excellent close combatant. He's trained in wrestling alligators -- not an easy feat, even for somebody who's half reptile himself -- and knows how to fight with tooth and claw and tail. He doesn't generally feel the need to use other weapons, really.

Gotham City:
Croc has lived in Gotham for years and knows it like the back of his complexly detailed hand. He is particularly familiar with the city's sewer system and is very likely the most knowledgeable person around when it comes to that topic. Further, he knows the people of Gotham -- and hates most of them because he knows them that well.

You might not think that somebody of Croc's size could be sneaky, but he knows how to vanish from sight, how to use shadow and position himself to be less noticeable. His idea of a sneaky costume might be a trenchcoat and fedora, but it works pretty well when it's not somebody like Batman looking for him. If all else fails, Croc can disappear into the sewers and evade capture for days.

Croc's senses of smell and taste make him one of the best trackers in Gotham, if not the world. He can track an unobfuscated scent across miles of city terrain, further out in the wild where natural smells are less distracting than the city's stench.


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A Little Money:
Croc's needs tend to be simple: enough food to keep him full, a place to sleep when he's tired, occasionally a trip to the movies (he's a particular fan of romantic comedies and old black-and-white films from the 30s and 40s). With these meager needs, and given that the sewers provide the first two free of charge (rats are gross, but filling) he is able to save most of the funds he makes off the jobs he's offered by the enemies of Batman. He only accepts cash and hides it behind a loose brick in his lair.

Gotham City Sewers:
The Gotham sewers are Croc's home. And he pretty much has the run of them. If he's not in the middle of some sort of rage episode, he tends to be of the mindset that if people leave him alone, he'll leave them alone. And the homeless who share the safety of the sewers with him tend to appreciate that. They'll back him up, run interference for him, knowing that he'll do what he can to keep them safe in turn.

Gotham Villains:
When a villain in Gotham City needs muscle, Croc is probably the best option. He knows better than to trust the likes of the Joker, Two-Face, or the Penguin, but he also recognizes that cash is handy, and he doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to employment.

Suicide Squad:
While completely aware that he is part of a team of thugs and killers, Croc nonetheless knows that, so long as his interests align with the rest of those in the group (and they tend to, insofaras those interests involve keeping their heads and completing the mission as quickly as possible) he can trust them to look out for him. Additionally, as a member of the Suicide Squad, he gets access to certain technology that might be necessary to keep them alive. Plus he's fed and given shelter, even if that food and shelter is part of imprisonment more often than not.


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Animal Instincts:
Croc isn't feral, but he comes close. His instincts are more animal than human, and he is prone to seeing attack as the only option when under threat.

Literally. Croc slows down in cold weather, and may find himself hibernating for weeks at a time when the weather grows too cold for him. He is also prone to falling asleep on warm, sunny rocks on hot days. Either way, his body is conserving energy -- his metabolic rates change wildly depending on the weather around him, and thus fighting Firefly or Mr. Freeze can cause him major problems.

Common People:
Croc is forever outside looking in. He cannot pass for a normal person, can't expect to have the sort of lives or acceptances that they consider their due. He is a misanthrope because he is jealous of what normal people have. He considers them both above him and unworthy of what they have.

No Plan:
Croc isn't a big one for planning, which is a major reason that, except in the direst of circumstances, he's never really managed to become a major player among the criminals of Gotham. He goes into a fight without any strategy beyond 'bite, try not to get bitten' and is at a major disadvantage against the more thoughtful enemies he encounters.

Croc is a pretty angry guy. Sometimes his anger gets the better of him and he flies into a blind rage, attacking anyone and anything around him. His lair is full of broken stone and rended metal from days when he just started lashing out at the walls around him. More than a few people have found him at bad moments and lost their lives as a result. He might feel a little bad about that afterwards.

He hasn't got any. He was abused and tormented throughout his childhood, laughed at by crowds in the circus, and generally told he was stupid and worthless from birth. Is it any wonder he doesn't mind the Suicide Squad so much, where his contributions are appreciated and he's treated as a valued member of the (dysfunctional) team?

Small, Pointy Objects:
Like a bird, Croc collects objects as sources of comfort and entertainment. Unlike a bird, his objects aren't so much shiny as they are pointy. He is likely to grab small, pointy objects and bring them back to his lair. This may mean that he takes things from people or businesses if he finds them interesting. It may mean that Batman or others who wish to track him can easily drop something interesting his his path so they can find his home whenever they like.

Suicide Squad:
Not everybody is as faithful to the squad as he is, and when they act up they may try to kill somebody -- such as him. So when he doesn't know he can more or less trust his teammates (Harley and Deadshot are pretty reliable, he figures), he must watch his own back.

Plus, you know, there's a freaking BOMB in his head.

He doesn't eat people when he can avoid it, but he'd make an exception for Amanda Waller.



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Making new friends, or finding lunch April 4th, 2021 Friends, instead of being eaten!
Protest of the Mindless March 3rd, 2020 Ivy and a zombie gang protest environmental abuse when Killer Croc suddenly shows up but they are chased off by Leon & Gar Logan and the police.


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