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Yami Kuroki (Scenesys ID: 1270)
Name: Yami Kuroki
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Occult Detective
Citizenship: Japan
Residence: America's East Coast
Education: Privately educated
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 03 June 2003 Played By Yoshizawa Ryo
Height: 5'7" Weight: 133lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: N/A.

Character Info


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Growing up in Sapporo, Yami spent the bulk of his childhood moving betweeno foster homes. It wasn't until he was thirteen did he finally settle, handpicked by a private Occult Detective organisation known as 'The Fifteen'. Schooled, trained and educated to combat the dark forces of the Occult over the next few years, Yami is one of the few to survive and pass their final test: exposure to a custom made mutagen. While it cut his lifespan short, it boosted his physical prowess to levels far beyond that of a regular teenager. Dispatched to the eastern coast of the U.S.A., he now combats the dark forces of the Occult, armed with naught but his training and newfound powers.


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* 2003: Born in Sapporo, Japan.
* 2009: Family is in a car accident. Yami survives and eventually ends up in an orphanage.
* 2015: Yami is fostered around. He runs away from home.
* 2016: Found and brought into the Japanese chapter of 'The Fifteen' - a private guild of professional occult Detectives. Begins intense martial and magical training.
* 2019: Exposed to private guild mutagen, a procedure which he survives. As a result, Yami's physical traits are considerably enhanced.
* 2020: After final training, Yami is dispatched to the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. in order to combat the growing threat of occult dangers.

IC Journal

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Simply put, Yami wants to be the best. He's fiercely competitive when it comes to nearly all things in life, so much so that when he loses he can be surprisingly upset. While this trait of his has tempered a little with more discipline and simply becoming more aware of other professionals that are better than he, it can occasionally pop out when his pride is irritated.

Being part of the organisation known as 'The Fifteen' is the only purpose Yami has ever felt. They gave him much needed structure and discipline in his life, on top of a variety of skills and education to help him succeed as an adult. When he eventually 'graduated' and was deployed, Yami felt like he owed them a great debt. As such, he does his very best to undertake the orders of the organisation, much to his own detriment a lot of the time. He is very much duty bound, and willing to jump into dangers unheard of to pay back those who took a chance on him.

Despite being so fiercely driven and competitive, Yami is a surprisingly quiet individual when approached either directly or in a group. He'll often be the one standing or sitting in the corner of parties, perfectly content to play on his phone or just observe. While capable of being a little more extraverted, and sometimes is when his pride is hurt or his competitive side really flares, such cases often leave him being embarrassed.

Character Sheet


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Yami's an incredibly agile lad, enabling him to see and respond to attacks that might be beyond normal human level vision. While he can't dodge bullets, he can sometimes avoid fire by judging from where the gun is pointing.

Yami can maintain an extremely high level of effort for about six hours before he must rest. Similarly, while he's not bulletproof, he is able be hit by cars and trains and survive what would normally be a fatal impact.

Yami can see using roughly one-sixth the amount of light that a regular person needs. As a result, his vision isn't that different during the day, but he can see in lowlight situations and the dark quite well.

Healing Factor:
Much like a lot of his other physical traits, Yami's general health and ability to stay healthy or recover health is also greater than that of a regular person. On top of finding himself reasonably more resistant to diseases and poisons, he heals from wounds such as broken bones, bruises and lacerations about five times quicker than normal.

Yami's sense of hearing is about twice that of a regular person. He's no Superman, but he can hear things from much further away and with far greater clarity than regular Joe Black.

The source of Yami's powers come from a mutagen that he was willingly indoctrinated with in his mid teens. The mutagen aggressively changes the organic compound of which it is exposed to, and will often prove fatal for the majority of cases. For those that survive the procedure, they find their physical capabilities and senses all greatly enhanced.

Yami's sense of smell is roughly twice that of a regular humans. It's nothing compared to a dog, and he can't really sniff out specific people, but he can identify people much more easily by their smell and where they are around him.

If given a long enough runway, Yami can build himself up to a steady forty miles per hour.

Yami is capable of lifting fifteen tons. While he can push himself to lift more, he runs the risk of injuring himself.


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Yami has a working knowledge of alchemy, and is able to create powerful and defensive concoctions by synthesising herbs and other ingredients. With this skill, Yami can create potions that boost immunity or help with recovery, oils that might help in combat situations or even smoke bombs that will provide him enough cover to escape.

An extremely vital point of training that Yami has undergone is to increase his driving capabilities. Whether it be on four wheels or two, he is able to really push the vehicle to its limits and beyond. He's not quite at the level of a professional racer or a stunt driver, but he's not far off.

Magic Understanding:
Though he doesn't know any magic himself, Yami has spent three years learning about magic and how it applies to the Occult. He's able to recognise magic when he sees it, and can even adjust his tactics to work around it.

Mixed Martial Arts:
With years of martial training, Yami has picked up a variety of skills when it comes to martial arts. From Wing Chun to Muay Thai to Jiu Jutsu to wrestling to even some Sumo, Yami is capable of blending these techniques to create his own unique style. His skill in these marital disciplines is quite high, enabling him to engage with expert level black belts. Moreover than that, this is a field that he's extremely interested in - and is always keen to learn more and hone his craft more.

With several years of training with swords, it stands to reason that Yami is extremely good with the blade. Though capable of wielding two at once, he much prefers to wield just the one - believing it gives him more control of both himself and the combat scenario. There's always room to learn, but his technique for his age is extremely advanced.


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Yami carries two swords with him nearly all the time. The first is a supposedly 'holy' silver sword, designed and made to combat demons where holy or silver metal will do greater damage. The second is made of what of a combination of enhanced modern alloys - making it strong and light. It can cut through most other alloys without problem, but runs into serious trouble when matched up against ores such as adamantium or vibranium.

The Book:
What is commonly known as 'The Book' to those that are part of The Fifteen is a small handbook which details a whole host of currently known demons, ghost, vampires, ghouls and other Occult related news. Every month Yami is mailed a new copy of this text, ensuring he stays up to date on the latest Occult news.

The Fifteen:
The Fifteen is a global organisation committed to understanding and solving problems around the Occult world. Funded by incredibly wealthy individuals, this largely unknown group possesses fifteen trained 'Occult Detectives' permanently dispatched around the world. As one of these Occult Detectives, Yami is well resourced when it comes to weapons and items to help him in his adventures.


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Due to the mutagen that Yami was indoctrinated with, his body will begin to expire after he his thirty years of age. He doesn't necessarily age faster than normal, but his cells and body now operates at such a higher level than intended that it simply cannot sustain itself for longer than fifteen to twenty years after exposure.

He's got his weapons, skills and powers, but Yami has extremely little money. Every month he will get a little bit of money siphoned into his bank account from the organisation he works for, but it's hardly enough to live a lavish lifestyle. While this of course means he can't afford lavish dinners, it also means he struggles to maintain good nutrition and decent living conditions.

As far as his professional career in the Occult goes, Yami is as green as they come. He has no real practical experience on the streets when it comes to this, and relies on a lot of instinct, luck and his powerset to get him through tough times. But should the worst happen, Yami hasn't got experience to pull him out of a jam. That is still building.

The Illness:
'The Illness' is a general catch-all term for the biological damage and sickness that survivors experience after being exposed to the mutagen. While the mutagen grants an array of physical boons, the cost of these boons are felt at an increasing rate as the survivor ages. At completely random times which Yami has no control over, he will suffer from symptoms such as extreme fatigue, fever, chills, breathing problems and more. If experiencing these symptoms, he needs an entire week off legs to get back to normal.



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Yami Kuroki has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The first Oni Jar, JFK Airport May 26th, 2020 Three way battle in JFK, the contents of the oni jar escaped.
It's a Gremlin! May 9th, 2020 Yami kills a gremlin in front of Glamour, who... isn't sure what to make of tha
An Unstoppable Outing May 1st, 2020 Juggernaut picks the wrong time to try to rob an armored truck. Facing off against an Amazon, a Ghost Rider, and an occultist proves to be something the Juggernaut didn't plan for and so he gives them one rather nasty round of applause and chooses to rob another day.
A Martial Gathering in Chinatown April 25th, 2020 Two students walk into a dojo. Student status achieved!
Stark Expo Opening Ceremonies April 18th, 2020 Stark Expo opens with a (good) bang. The wheels of social discourse turn.


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Yami Kuroki has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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