10583/When Amazons Are Attacked

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When Amazons Are Attacked
Date of Scene: 27 March 2022
Location: Hell's Kitchen
Synopsis: Cheetah targets Morgan Finn to leave him a bloody mess to send back to the Amazons. Fortunately a southern belle is here to save the day!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Barbara-Ann Minerva, Rogue

Morgan Finn has posed:
During the Spring Break from Happy Harbor High School, young Morgan Finn has been patrolling a LOT. Today is no exception. He's decked out in his Wonder Boy armor and sporting his signature bo-staff made of carbon fiber with metal-shod ends. The sun is shining in the Manhattan sky, and the light really favors Wonder Boy. He's handsome and his armor accents his demigod good looks. BUUUUUUT...he's on foot today. Diana told him she needed to have the Invisible Jet on standby today so our boy has to hoof it. But it gives him a chance to talk to people in the public and generally be a good ambassador for the Themyscirans and the Wonder Fam. He also takes quite a few selfies with pretty girls he meets, and he's just loving that.

Patrol today has been slow, which is good for the citizens. There was a small fight fight between two bored school kids who are also on Spring Break. Morgan broke the fight up, bought them both milkshakes, and all was well in their world.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah has been keeping eyes on the embassy in one form or another for awhile now. Taking her time to get to know those who come and go regularly. Members of the public, staff.. Particularly those that she knows that are vulnerable and leave often. Morgan has been one that has had the most promise. So on a day he's going on patrol without any sort of supervision, on Spring Break when he's not particularly paying attention and being cheerful..

Now's the time to put her plan into action. She's going along the rooftops. Almost wholly soundlessly, enar imposible to notice even if one were to look up the moment she were blurring along.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
From an elleyway near Morgan, Cheetah goes to throw a heavy rock. Enough of something falling and smashing that it wouldn't just be something dropping. Heavy enough to leave a loud crash. Not normal. The type of thing that would definitely get curious attention but that hopefully most onlookers wouldn't want to mess with.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan was juuuust about to sit down on a bench for a little bit. Walking around in that heavy armor is still something he is getting used to. Then he hears the unnatural thud.

"What the..." he murmurs as he turns toward the alley. Some passersby are peering curiously but nervously into the alleyway. It's Hell's Kitchen, and people aren't generally interested in investigating odd noises in dark alleyways. But Morgan is just brave (stupid?) enough to do it.

"Excuse me, folks," Wonder Boy says as he moves through the small crowd and enters the alley. He peers around curiously and find the stonework on the ground. Blinking a few times, the teen looks up.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
There's a big rock there on the ground. A very big rock. About the size of Morgan's head. Piece of cocnrete that had.. Clearly been ripped off of a building and then hurled on down. Hurled on down right over.. There would be a mark on the neary wall of the alleyway over where it had left a rather large dent, the source of what hte noise weas.

The noise which likely had been intended to draw his attention into the alleyway..

Right as something would drop down in hte entrance of hte alleyway, blocking off his exgress point if he were to try and turn back.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is a brave kid. Truly. But for the record, his short time as a "superhero" has been blessed with smooth sailing and easy winds. He has yet to be tested in this sort of way, all alone, cut off from allies and even from the Invisible Jet. Despite the coolness of the shadowy alley on this early Spring day, some perspiration begins to form on the boy's head as he heart rate steadily increases.

He wheels around in a competent battle stance, holding his bo-staff in a defensive posture. "Who's there?"

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
There's no one there over as he would whip around. Not even wind. Then over right behind him where he had spun would be a loud, gleeful hiss.

"Me." And standing just a couple of meters away from him would be a huge looking felinoid, hissing with a tail lashing behind her, snarling, four sets of claws out..

Morgan Finn has posed:
Realizing that someone has gotten behind him, Morgan wheels around to face Cheetah. He puts on a bold front, but someone who is observant might notice that he is hiding his fear. The veins on the sides of his neck bulge out. He remains crouched in the combat stance taught to him by his Amazon trainers, ready to receive a wide variety of incoming attacks.

"What...what the heck are you?" he asks. "Halloween isn't until October, lady."

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah would grin, "Why dear boy.. We're going to play a game. The game will decide what bits of your body I cut off to start things with." A claw would go to flash, a lazy sort of arc going towards him. The type that his combat training would likely have him going to bring the ceramic staff up to block.

Presuming he did that and the claw struck it full on, the claw wouldn't even slow down cutting it through the middle.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen warrior does, in fact, bring up the staff predictably. When Cheetah's claw cleanly cuts the carbon fiber staff into two pieces, he blinks in confusion and stares at it. "That's my favorite fucking staff!"

Then he launches himself into an attack sequence at Cheetah. It is, of course, no match for her combat skills. Not even a little bit. But the kid's good. If this were an ordinary street attacker, even one much bigger and stronger than Morgan, this attack sequence would overwhelm them. But unfortunately for our young hero, this is no ordinary attacker.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Morgan's fist flies out. Cheetah catches it. Her hand would squeeze, breaking it. hten there's a snap of her leg out, going behind his kneecap and twisting it around, popping the leg a full 180 degrees. Her fist would fly out, striking his face to break his lower jaw. Then her hand would spin about, going to strike with a fist along his ribs, breaking one casually. All this in a manner of a fwe seconds.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Wonder Boy has a different relationship with pain than many people. Because he has enjoyed the health of, well, a demigod he has never had a long-term injury or even so much as a head cold in his life. Pain to him is merely a sensation that comes on with injury and passes very, very quickly.

But he has /never/ been hurt like this before. The hand break barely registers. He grimaces as the bones snap. Been there, done that. And each hit afterwards is enveloped by his adrenaline surge. Knee, then jaw, then ribs. Just like that, Wonder Boy is on the ground. Blood seeps through his armor where his rib breaks through the skin and his labored breathing indicates damage to his lung.

He STILL manages to prop himself up on one arm, glaring up at Cheetah defiantly. He is broke, but not broken.

"That cat lady is messing up Wonder Boy. Lady, get the fuck away from him!" someone at the mouth of the alley says. You'd have a hard time paying someone to say something bad about Wonder Boy. He goes around just being nice to everyone he meets. There is a small group of bystanders, most of whom are filming this on their phones. Someone calls 911.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah would turn around over and smile, "I wasn't needing more victims here.. But I'll go ahead and make a game of this then." A foot goes to stomp over on his back, claws digging into him. "Come on boy, we're going to play now." She goes to casually hurl Wonder Boy up and over through the air, flinging him up several dozen meters to the rooftop of teh nearest buliding. then leaping up it in a single pounce, landing cleanly. "Come on boy, time for a stroll." Grinning and throwing him over a shoulder.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Even now, Morgan's demigod body is starting to heal itself of these grievous wounds. But they are serious wounds and it's going to take some time. Slung over Cheetah's shoulder, Wonder Boy barely holds on to consciousness. He does manage to reach one hand up to touch his ear to activate his comm...but it was knocked out of his ear in the attack. He arm flops back down limply.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue knew Morgan was out here somewhere today. They'd setup their patrol routes via a map system app on their phones. That same system let people tell a super powered 'hero' where to go based on who subscribes to that hero's patrol. It was a new kind of hero software, and gaining popularity.

When Morgan's alerts went off on her phone, Rogue changed her flight course to head in his direction to see what was up with the young Wonder Boy.

It's about that time that she sees his body being tossed up in to the air on to a roof, followed by some cat girl thing. This causes the flyer to ball up her fists and swoop down out of the sky.

Hovering now, just about 10 feet off that roof, Rogue, in her green and gold bodysuit eyes the cat woman. "Just what in the damn hell do you think you're doin', Furball?" She asks Cheetah before she looks to Morgan, and flies toward him to get between him and the Cat!

"Ya better get back to your litter box, before I put ya down like the alley cat you are, Missy." The southern belle warns.

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah would grin at Rogue, "Well then.. Whatever you are." She wo uld flash her teeth over at Rogue. Then claws out and she would move to go on the offensive! Not full power. She doesn't know who this girl is or really care. But she's a warmup! Cheetah is very, very fast.

She's not going at full speed, but she's -very- hard to keep up with. Or to some even track. Claws flashing out at Rogue, trying to engage in hit and run attacks using fast leaps to try and arc into the air if she could to try and catch up and claw at her opponent! R
"I could use a scratching post, and this one is broken already. So I could use the extra warmup since he wasn't much of one!" Cackling as she would attack!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan rolls onto one side to protect his broken rib. The look of relief on Morgan's face when he sees Rogue is practically palpable in the air. He makes a warrior's attempt to stand, but he's still way to injured for that. By the time his body manages to heal back from this much damage, this fight will be over...one way or the other.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't quite ready for just how fast Cheetah is, and the strikes from the incoming feline are On Point, but Cheetah will find that her claws tear through green material on the Belle's sleeves, but not through the skin underneath it. It is likely a sensation not too commonly felt to Cheetah to not cut flesh with those sharp claws, and one that might warn her that this girl is a potentially big timer foe to have!

The Belle does block the strikes with her arms, but just backs up and keeps her back toward Morgan to shield him from the feline.

"Ain't you a nimble lil minx." Rogue further quips in her husky voice. She goes to peal her gloves off her hands then before tossing them aside.

"Maybe we have a bit of a back an' forth here before I throw ya inta next week."

Now Rogue charges AT Cheetah, not on the ground, but in the air, using her flight speed to keep her faster than she is on foot!

She tries to outright deliver a series of punches to the cat's face!

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
While Cheetah is faster, she's had limited experience with fighting people stronger than she is. And that lets Rogue get in several powerful hits! There's the SNAP of a dislocated jaw as Cheetahw ould be sent flying backwards. The fact Rogue can take hits from her claws has her readjust. The other woman is invulnerable..

Cheetah goes on the offensive, but of a more limited nature now. Using quick hit and run attacks with her claws, attempting to use her speed for rapidfire assaults! Trying to slash at weaker points on the otherw oman's body. Face, joints, chest.. her attempts being to see if the otehr woman's invulnerability leaves her -some- weaknesses. And hopefully using her enhanced speed to avoid counterattacks! The punches -do- hurt. A lot. She can't take that many of them if the other woman -can't- be hurt by her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is no stranger to her suits getting torn up. IT's actually a running joke within the X-Men. It comes part and parcel with being one of the team's tanks though...

The Cheetah's strikes slice more claw marks across the Belle's green and gold, even her leather jacket getting cut up son, which just exposes more skin to be seen,m but no cuts!

"Think I heard a few bone cracks in there, Sugah..." Rogue says with a heavy exhale. "You sure you wanna keep this up? Nows your chance to turn tail an' get the hell outta here. Otherwise? I'm gonna knock your ass out, and take ya t'live with the Tiger King." She further quips before now she goes to lunge again at the cat, this time trying to grab her by the wrists, and get her around in to a disabling hold maneuver!

Barbara-Ann Minerva has posed:
Cheetah goes to test her timing.. Rogue is going to charge at her, Cheetah is leaping up and through the air, going to cleanly land on Rogue's back. Going to slash down brutally hard with her feet to try and dig in. But no doubt finding she's not doign anything more with just a couple of attempted hits.. Then Cheetah is going to leap off the side of the building, racing down nearly impossibly fast into the alleyway to lceanly vanish. Not leaving even so much a shroud of dust or a clawprint as a mark of her trail. Fangs still warm.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is quick, especially when flying, she can reach top speeds of that of a jet liner... but she's not often using that kind of speed in a fight. This is a test of two pretty powerful women facing off against each other, and feeling out each others abilities, so to speak!

When Cheetah lands on her back, Rogue tries to whip around and toss the woman in to the base of the water tower here on the roof of this NYC building, but the nimble cat is already gone by the time she finishes the move. This leaves Rogue sweeping down to one knee on the rooftop and watching the cat disappear down the alleyway.

She exhales, and stands up again after a few moments, assuming the cat took the chance to flee. "Damn smart'a ya..." The Belle mutters before she looks down at her shredded up bodysuit. She just sighs and shakes her head. "Another one down." She says of the enemy, and the suit.

Turning toward Morgan, she walks toward him. "Ya sure found a fight, didn't ya, Mistah?" She asks him then. "You doin' okay? Need a medic?" She asks next.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Already, Morgan is able to actually sit up. His self-healing is quite incredible. He stares at Rogue with pure gratitude in his eyes. "You save my ass," he says, his breathing still a bit labored from his rib puncturing his lung.

He shakes his head at the question. "I don't need a medic. I just need time. My body heals itself." He rubs the very painful, severely dislocated knee. "This one is gonna be a few minutes before I can stand."

Then finally: "Thank you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over in the direction that Cheetah had fled, then she walks a few steps over to crouch and retrieve her gloves. "Ya sure ya don't need some of those bones reset t'speed the process up?" She asks, as she stuffs the gloves in to her jacket side pocket. "Got a healer friend like you back home. He gets inta all kindsa scrapes where he ends up like you. Puts some'a my medic trainin' t'use helpin' set him straight t'let the healin' run its course better." She says then as she walks back to Morgan and crouches beside him now to look him over.

"Who the hell was that, anyhow?" Rogue assk the young Wonder Boy.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan peers grimly down at his severely dislocated knee. "Well...this would probably heal faster if the kneecap wasn't, you know, around the back." He peers up at Rogue and gets a bit pale thinking about how much that's going to hurt.

"I have no idea who it was. But she laid a trap for me. I got the feeling she wanted me specifically to be in that alley." He shakes his head. "Wonder Woman will /not/ be happy about this. There's gonna be kitty bits all over this fucking city."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops her knees down to the rooftop then as she leans over and examines his knee a bit closer. "Yeah... that is pretty jammed up." She says, affording a glance up at him. "I can fix it, if ya want though... or at least put it where it belongs. IT's gonna hurt though." She says a bit more grimly.

"How does a thing like... whatever that was... go unheard of? Seems like she'd be causin' some serious shit all around the damn city." She says before putting her left hand on Morgan's shin while her right goes to the back of his messed up need to feel it out some with her fingertips.

Her skin control, of course, is active at the present moment...

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan winces when Rogue touches the tender knee. He just nods his head. "Just...just fucking do it," he says, gritting his jaw. His hands are clenched in fists as he gets ready to brace against the pain. "It'll heal in about five minutes if it's in the right place, otherwise it could take all night."

He glances in the direction that Cheetah fled. "I don't know the answer to that, but she was /powerful/. I mean, I'm no Batman or anything like that, but she took me down in about two and a half second, like I was a todder."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is getting her hand under his knee to just the right spot, while listening to him. "And was she alone? Did she arrive in a car, or anything?" She asks...

But she only lets him get half a responsive word out before she 'just fucking does it', and snaps his knee back around to where it belongs!

No agonizing count, nothing. She just does it. Like he asks.

"There." She says then as she moves up to kneel beside him then and put one hand on his shoulder. "I'll take you back to your Wonder place. It's over in the Upper East Side, yeah?" She now asks the boy after the pain had settled some.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Wonder Boy lets out an anguished scream. He falls back on the rooftop and his palms cover his eyes. He just lies there motionless except for his rapid, labored breathing for almost a full minutes -- which is a long time when you're just waiting for someone to, you know, move or speak.

Finally: "Thanks. Yeah, the Themysciran Embassy. I would call in but I lost my comm in the fight. It's probably down on the ground in the alley somewhere. I don't know if it will work, though. I think for security reasons it destroys its own circuitry when it's separated from me."

And then the lil scrapper actually starts to stand up! Three minutes ago he had enough wounds to hospitalize a football linebacker, and now he's slowly but surely standing up. Being a demigod ain't a bad gig.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands up with him then as she smirks softly, but nods her head. "You're a tough nut." She tells the kid before putting her arm around his waist, the other over her shoulders carefully. "No fancy Jet today?" She asks. "Guess your Wonder boss has gotta use it too, huh?" She grins over at him.

"Come on, you'll be flyin Air Rogue this afternoon. Hold on now."

And a moment later the two are rising up in the air together and aiming up toward the East River!

"Whomever that was, hopefully she gets hit by a dump truck crossin' the street..." Rogue mutters as she accelerates in to the sky!