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Happy Tree Groceries
Date of Scene: 06 April 2022
Location: Happy Tree Groceries
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy go grocery shopping. It is a lot of silly banter, and very questionable content! But it's also super cool rad awesome!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
The automatic doors to the Happy Tree groecery store spread open and give way to the wonderland that is a well supplied and stocked American grocer. No food chain supply line issues in this reality, that is clear. This is America at its best, baby!

The southern belle pauses just inside the doors to send a text to the Xaviers Network to ask for things people need, or want, from the store. She's dressed in a pair of low-rise blue jeans, tight to her form, and with the knees cut out because she's just... you know. It's stylish!

A leather jacket is worn on her upper half, with a white puffy soft collar and cuffs to her sleeves. She taps taps taps on the phone while standing there, her loose two-toned hair flowing about her shoulders in the wind coming in and out of the store. A few people pass her by, eying her for whatever reasons.... But she pays it no mind, NO MIND.

"Pepto?" She says with a grimace. "God. Quentin has issues..."

She finally looks up then to see where Remy had gone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Escort to the matron of grocery, Remy is dressed more for an after school special on stranger danger than going shopping. With his shaggy hair hanging in his face, a cigarette tucked behind his right ear, and his typical lazy bones clothes thrown on from the floor where he left them after pulling them from the wash. All of this is covered with the leather trench he always seems to have with him.

"Don't we all, though?" Not Quentin level of issues, certainly. "Besides, I think his whole youtube thing is starting to level him out some, ses pa? He can't do mounds of psychadelic drugs if he want to keep his monitizations. Maybe all it really took was a audience for his train wreck to bring him back from the razors edge of oblivion?"

He leans against the wall beside Rogue, letting people pass around them with a smile and a nod while he waits for her to get the rather extensive shopping list together for the mansion. "We should all be so lucky to have dat amount of problems."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue waits for the list to come in from actual hungry students, rather than the odd layabouts to that co-inhabit the school too. She looks to Remy and grins at the response that he gives her. "Is this a compassionate speech for Quentin Quire?" Rogue inquires as she waltz' over to the shopping carts. She grabs one by its handle and yanks it out with a satisfying sounds of metal rumblings all the way down the line of copy cat metal carts.

"So what kinda dirt does Quentin have on ya, huh?" She asks him with a big grin as she reangles the cart toward the store and starts off toward the produce section first.

"And I still haven't checked out any'a his Youtube content, but now I'm suddenly curious."

She pauses at the first cold storage shelves to peruse the fancy glass bottles of drinks. She grabs a couple of the darkest red flavors she can find before dropping them in the cart, then starts walking again, the cart wheel closest to her right boot wobbling and making an annoying level of noise....

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Compassion is a strong word." Remy pushes off the wall with the jerk of his shoulder and walks beside Rogue upto the carts. Once there he pulls one out and leans over on the handle to walk it lazily in front of them, "Mostly I see dat he is a troubled young man who has way too much power at his disposal with very little self control or inclination to adopt any... so any'ting dat gives him, even a little, decency is worth cultivating."

He's headed right for the cereal aisle, she knew what this was when she brought him. "And he don't got no dirt on me.. I am a bastion of innocence and decency, a saint." Smirking side long at her, he grabs for some fruity pebbles to toss into the basket.

"Youtube is mostly political nonsense and anarchistic dribble. Dat man is da poster child for hypocracy."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a bundle of bananas in the cart before Remy is making for the cereal aisle. She sighs and trails after him since she can't leave him alone or he'll end up kidnapped, or something. "Maybe you should be a school guidance counselor. What with this endless fountain'a critical thinkin' about the people attending, or just livin', at this crazy place." She teases him as he goes for the Fruity Pebbles. "That stuff is only good for like the first few spoonfuls. Then it turns inta mush!" She chides him before she reaches for the Honeynut Cheerios, and then the Apple Jacks too, cause... she has her tastes also!"

"Besides. Kitty eats all this stuff before it ever reaches our mouths anyhow." She idly adds.

"That bein' said... I guess I hadn't really considered what he goes through. He kinda keeps to himself. Though, back before Thanksgivin', I think He tried t'get in my pants in the kitchen." She says with a big grin toward the Cajun, as an old lady wanders by and gives them both the stink eye at over hearing Rogue's banter.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, I don't critical thinkin' about all of dem... there just some really troubled people at dat school." Remy points out with a smirk, "And he not even a student.. Which, I know what people say, I'm neither a teacher nor a student, but I'm also not trying to encourage a revolution on the internet." He adds with a shrug, tossing a box of fruity pebbles in.

"Yeah, da best part of eating dese is da milk at da end."

Because it's just fruity milk and that's delicious.

"Is she pregnant?" Kitty. What with her eating everything.. He squints and scrutinizes, but shrugs with a laugh. "I bet he did. I'm sure he aint da first and wont be da last who try too."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lets out a laugh at the question of Kitty being pregnant. "Oh my god, she better not be... and wait..." Thoughts.

Rogue thoughts.

She looks around to make sure they're alone in the aisle before she rolls the cart up to Fruity Pebbels and leans toward him. "Could Kitty 'phase' her baby... you know..." She mimes at her stomach with her left hand. "'Out' of her... and avoid... all the you know." She gets HUGE eyes at Remy. "That's just not fair. But... at the same time... wow, that'd make it easier, huh?"

She starts pushing the cart again. "Oooh. Reeses Peanutbutter cereal." A grabby hand reaches out to snatch that orange and yellow box off the shelf then, and she's on her way again.

He better keep up!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy glances aroudn himself, turning red/black eyes side to side to see if there's spies for the elusive Katherine Pryde hidden amongst the aisles. Dressed as a display of cereal waiting for one or both of them to say something what might be misunderstood as subversion. When he's certain they're safe, he leans closer to listen and inclines his head.

"Dat would be very convenient.. it would also make it so she does not get da good drugs. I cannot 't'ink of a single reaosn to be pregnant if not for da pain medication dey give you /after/."

His deft fingers snatch the orangle and yellow box off the shelf for her and toss it down in the cart. "Dats just gross." Pointing at it with a frown, but he doesn't have to eat it! So he follows along with his hands in his pockets.

At least once he's grabbed a box of poptarts.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a smile spread across her dusky red hued lips at his retort. "The 'good drugs'." She says back at him as he drops the Reeses Puffs in to the cart. "Now you're makin' ME wanna be ... Okay, nevermind, I can't even say it in jest." She says as she turns back to the cart whilst he grabs his poptarts. "Get like six boxes'a those. They're popular. I'm gettin' Toaster Strudels though, cause they're way better."

The cart is wheeled around a corner then toward the drink and chips aisle and Rogue just sighs. "God." She skips that one. "WE gotta get some dinner food. Not just snacks and crap food. How about some steaks? Like the best kinds they got for us, an' Jean, then crap for everyone else?" She smiles again.

Squeaky wobbly wheel.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy has a very specific flavor of poptart, strawberry, which he breaks in half and dips in milk. He has one every morning and thus he spirits several boxes into the cart of asorted flavor, but there are couple of that particular. "Toaster strudels are good, but dere something about a poptart... What was dat t'ting dat came with da little packet of frosting? I use to eat just da frosting."

Ah to be young again.

Now that he's in his early twenties, he's put away childish things.

He laughs when she mentions getting cheap steaks for everyone except them, "Dat'a girl. CUBE STEAK for da masses, tenderloin for da top echelon." He tosses several choice cuts into the basket. "We need eggs." Because he's domesticated now.

Look at him being domesticated.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue beams happily at the praise she gets for her steak choices. She nods approvingly as he sees them through, then turns the cart quickly as he starts to storm off on an Egg Mission. But she stops quickly, and reaches back to get some of the beef frank hotdogs, cause the fat kids at the school go through them like they're the last ones alive.... on ... a planet... that is going dead?


She sliiiiiiides past him as he is browsing the eggs, and then stops to look them all over beside him. "Are ya gonna make us some omlettes?" She asks him then with a big smile. "That'd be romantic. Omlettes in bed... Mmmm.... Wait. I don't want crumbs in my bed. Nevermind." She adds that last part while fingering some white hair out of her face as she looks around again. "Oh. Cheeze." She eclaims, leaning forward to grab some assortment sandwich cheeses in a stack before dumping them all in the cart with a clatter.

"So... what else..." She says while digging her phone out of her jacket to read through the school requests.

"'Anything made from pigs'. God damnit, Hambone." She says with a heavy sigh.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"A good omlette should have no crumbs." Remy says in the /worst/ french accent, which is made all the more amusing because he speaks fluent french. He's putting extra posh into his tone, talking with his hands waving, and looking through each carton to make certain that none of the eggs are cracked.

"Oi oi, I will make you one of Remy special omlette. It has bacon, it has green onion. It has cheese of four different kinds..." He holds up four fingers, "Two types of ham.. it is da kind people pay hundreds of dollars for not realizing it is just an omlette."

He sets four cartons of eggs down in the shelf of the cart and waves them forward with a lazy chop of his fingers towards the frozen foods section.

Rogue has posed:
On the way to the Frozen foods now, Rogue looks after him with huge eyes. "You know that much about Omlettes?" She asks him as she can't wait for an answer, because. Pet Aisle!


She's gone. One second she's right there with him, the next, no Rogue, no food trove.

In the Pet aisle, Rogue is crouching down in front of the pet toys and sorting through them. She's searching for the best stuff that she knows her boy will love the most.

Some college dudes in muscle shirts and basketball shorts walk by and, well, you know.

Rogue doesn't notice though as she just keeps sorting through the toys. When she grabs the Lion Toy with the squeaky squeezer inside, she stands up to see the two guys checking her out. She smirks at them and throws the lion toy in the cart, then starts to push it back the way she'd come.

NOW she's arriving near the Frozen Food section.

"Get a buncha pizzas! The Screamin' ones." She says to him, looking toward him as she jumps up on the foot rail and riiiiides the cart past him!


Remy LeBeau has posed:
When Rogue disappears, this is not cause for concern.

While it is entirely possible someone might want to kidnap Rogue, they would have a hard go of pulling it off and Remy is pretty sure he knows where she got off to anyhow. SO he continues on to the frozen food section. Blissfully unaware that some scruffy looking nerf herders are checking Rogue out back there at the stuffed animals.

LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW, there are people checking Remy out too!

He's sorting through the frozen vegitables, leaning over to get at the good greenbeans in the back, when a pair of eyes lock onto that delicious mans tushie. Oh, the things she'd do to him. practically undressing him with her eyes!

Which is about when Rogue comes rolling up with the trolly full of groceries. Enough food inside to feel all of Kate Plus eight.

The 75 year old woman in her motorized scooter sees her opportunity to take advantage of that young, hot cajun meat slip through her bony fingers and rides away scowling!

He comes up with a few of the pizzas and frisby tosses them at her cart in rapid succession, sending them flashing around and angling into the basket. "Imma get twelve of dem."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops off the foot bar and skids to a stop on her heeled boots as he tosses the pizzas in to the cart. She grins at him and once more has to push her hair out of her face. "Some bro dudes were checkin' me." She says with a teasing looking. "Go an' fight for my honor, would ya?" She asks then, giving him puppy dog eyes before she approaches him to stand all up in his air space.

She then leans up to peck a kiss to his lips before she pulls back to look at the choices he'd made for food. "Hmmm... well. Whatever, it's on the school card!" She says then before pushing the cart along. "Maybe we should get some hamburger meat too, an' drain it, then give Jubilee the bloody... whatever. I wonder if she'd like that?" She ponders while passing a rack of grocery store clothes.

She screeches to a halt again, then picks up a camo NY Giants hoodie and shorts combo. She turns it around and offers it to him. "Is this your new style just waitin' t'break outta your soul?" She asks him nextly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You want me to fight some bro dudes for your honor?" Remy peers down the aisles, then back at Rogue with his head cocked to the said, "Dats not really fair to dem is it? Unless dey are in school for martial arts and advanced combat training, I mean. What dat even looks like on a morality scale?" As if he's got morals. Hah, the jokes from this guy. He grins down at her and returns the peck kiss.

Shrugging as he adds, "Fine, if we see dem, point dem out." Because Rogue gets what Rogue wants or Rogue will replace him with a woman.

With hands in his pockets, he strolls along beside her, laughing at the idea of feeding Jubilee hamburger juice, "Dats not even blood. It's joint fluid." He comments off handedly, "Dat meat is already drained when dey package it." It's the thought that counts, obviously, but feeding Jubes joint fluid...

"Nobody likes da Giants." He takes camo shorts though, "You t'ink I could pull of jorts?"

Rogue has posed:
One hand on the cart handle, the other on her hip after he takes the camo outfit from her. She just eyes him as he puts the hoodie back, but keeps the shorts. She grins at his question. "They're kinda soft actually, but I bet they'd fall apart after just one run through the laundry." She responds before grinning at him then. "Only people who buy grocery store clothes, are people who murdered their family last night, and are tryin' t'get new clothes in a pinch."

She then motions to the basket. "Toss'em in though. It's nearly suuuummah.... better stock up on lake clothes!" And then she's rolling again!

"Joint Juice... gross. How come it's so hard t'get blood around here?" She asks, as that old lady goes by on her cart again, and once more eyes the Belle, and her odd conversations.

"I mean, Jubes is gonna suck us all dry if we don't have a steady blood source figured out soon..."

She huffs out a sigh and turns down the aisle with the Twinkies and Ho-Hos. She walks over to the Twinkies and throws six boxes of different flavors in to the cart. For the fat kids.

"And no.... I don't need ya beatin' jerks up for my love. I already know ya love me. I ain't some crazy Ho-Ho."

A box of Ho-Hos gets tossed in too!