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Wonder Moon
Date of Scene: 30 April 2022
Location: Recreation Deck - Watchtower
Synopsis: Diana gives Morgan a tour of the Mooooooon Base
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Diana Prince has posed:
The Jet had landed in the Moon Base hangar about twenty minutes ago. The pair had disembarked from its interior with little fanfare. Of course, the experience of being on the Moon was likely something that would send young Morgan... over it, but as with all things, you kind of settle in after a few moments! Maybe...

A brief tour was given, and was leading to this very room aboard the Base.

"The recreation area." Diana says as she steps in to the large sprawling dome chamber. "With food services, hydroponics, even areas for exercise, this is one of the more well traveled areas for people stationed up here for observation duties." The Princess explains to the young protege.

Wonder Woman is donning her standard armor attire, though she's wearing a dark blue cloth wrap around her shoulders that helps conceal her armor from sight a bit.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is likewise dressed in his battle armor. He just loves to wear it. If he was still 10, he'd probably wear it to bed. For the tour, though, he left his bo-staff in the jet.

He jumps up and down a few times. "This is sick! It's like regular gravity on Earth." He seems very interested in all of the workout facilities. He moves from station to station. "Amazing. It's a full-sized pool! Do these sparring dummies fight back? Oh my gods, how fast does this thing go." And so on and so forth.

He finally ends up full-circle back at Diana. "What does the League do up here? Monitor for contact from outside the solar system?"

Diana Prince has posed:
"We try to." Comes Diana's response to the young man when he bounds back in her direction. She shows a reserved smile for him before she looks toward one of the large windows to her left. "It is harder than you might think. It is a very big universe out there..." She notes before looking back to him, showing a sly smirk, before her eyes go past his shoulder to the training area. "And some of them do, yes. Though I would say this is not the ideal place to expect that kind of training. This is more... a place to just unwind a bit, however you may enjoy to do that. From food, to a bit of exercise. It has good options."

She steps past Morgan then to one of the weight benches. "For instance, these use similar technology to the artificial gravity well systems the station uses as a whole. You can test your strength limits with these, far better than you might with a standard bench back in a normal gym upon Earth."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Yeah," Morgan says, peering down at the machine. "About that. I been meaning to talk to you. Some stuff has been happening."

He instinctively moves to shove his hands in his front jeans pockets like he does, but it doesn't work because he's in his armor. He settles for clasping his hand behind his back. "The other day, at that warehouse. Some shi...er, some stuff happened. With me. I mean, obviously with Belinda too, but I mean I tore out of the shackles like they were paper. And what I did to that man, I almost killed him." A shrug. "It happened against yesterday morning when I was training with Gala at the arena. I clashed swords with her so hard, I broke both our training swords."

The teen looks up at Diana. "It has me worried. What if I do something like that by accident at school during a practice or a game? I could *kill* someone."

Diana Prince has posed:
"You could." Diana agrees in a calm voice as she rests her left hand on the edge of the exercise machine's shoulder.

"This is why you are not ready to be a full fledged Justice League member, Morgan. But... that is not to say that you are not capable of it. It just signifies that your strength, and abilities, are still developing."

The Princess walks around the back of the machine then before she taps on its screen to set a number. "This is why your training has to be adjusted..." She notes while tapping a few more things on the screen.

"When my powers began to fully manifest themselves on Themyscira, my sisters were unsure how to train with me properly. They are all very strong, mind you, but what seemed to be awakening within me was..." She glances over to him then, and smiles.

"Something more."

She looks back to the machine then and steps back from it. It beeps softly. She motions toward it.

"Try your weight limit, as you believed it to be before, and the machine will test your limit as it is now."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan gets into the lifting machine. "Okay. I was benching around one forty. I have been mostly lifting for endurance, not for bulk."

The kid grabs the handles and start to push. Although he works out with 140 pounds, he's capable of more. He struggles to do a lift, and the machine measures him at 188. Impressive for a fifteen year old, but nothing out of the ordinary there.

Morgan can't see the panel. "How much was that one? It felt pretty good."

Diana Prince has posed:
The machine itself respond to Morgan, showcasing that its listening to him. "It is spotting for you. So you do not need to fear overdoing it." Diana explains. She steps around him to be more in his vision from the bench and she lowers her chin a little. "That is a bigger leap than what is normally standard for someone your age. So yes. It seems... well, as though your heightened training the past six months have likely increased the development of your strength ceiling." Wonder Woman offers.

She takes in a breath then before glancing away. "It is hard to say what your ceiling may end up being, but if you commit yourself to your training, going forward, you may very well surprise yourself." She tells him next with a sly smirk.

"In the mean time, I would suggest non-contact sports until your control is refined. You truly do not want that kind of guilt upon your conscience."

Morgan Finn has posed:
It's hard to say what he was expecting, but it wasn't this. Morgan sits up with a dejected expression on his face. "Yeah. I know. I mean, I can't do *any* sports. I'm going to have to drop from the baseball team. Shit!" That's gonna cost him a dollar. "I just made shortstop too." The kid loves baseball.

Morgan stands up and starts pacing. "I just wish it was all one way or all the other. I mean, I know I'm lucky. I have so many blessings in my life. But *love* being on the baseball team almost as much as I love being Wonder Boy." He makes his way into the kitchen and starts to dig around. He sees a can of Coke and tugs it out of one of the refrigerators. "You want something?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana shows a soft smile to this as he wanders off. She trails after him, her eyes looking around the large recreation dome. She follows him in to the kitchen area, but just leans against the entry doorframe. At his question she shakes her head. "No thank you." She states. "And... well... you could try becoming a Mathlete for awhile. Mayhaps join the Debate team? There are other things beyond just sports of physical competition." She says then to him.

"And... not to get your hopes up, but the Avengers may be organizing a scrimmage game against the New York Yankees. If we are short on sign-ups, I might be able to get you in to that too."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan pops open the Coke and takes a long drink. He literally chokes mid-drink when Diana mentions the game. "Are you *joking*? That sounds amazing! If I can't play, can I come watch? The Avengers vs. the Yankees???" He seems to have momentarily forgotten his woes. But his default always seems to be happiness.

"Marwin Gonzalez is one of my idols! He's one the best shortstop in the league! The dude is like lightning, you'd almost wonder if he has..." Morgan pauses, screwing up his face in concentration. One can practically see the gears whirring and spinning. "Hey, how do we know there aren't pro athletes who secretly have powers?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana smirks as she steps in to the kitchen area and lets her eyes move around within it. It doesn't get used a whole lot, but does sometimes get put to a lot of use for bigger events. She pauses across a islander counter to smirk softly at him. "That is a point of great contention within many sports leagues. Mandatory blood tests will usually catch such a thing though, at least in the case of Mutants. Needless to say it is a possibility. But. Do not short change modern sports training, and exercise. People are learning to push themselves quite a lot, like members of the Avengers, or Justice League do. The results can be quite astounding."

She pauses then and places her hands together on the edge of the counter.

"And yes, I will see to it you are there to watch, if nothing else." She tells him with a blossoming smile.

"Especially if you become a star Chess Club member in the mean time."

Now she is just grinning.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan drains the rest of the can of Coke in one long pull. He put his arm over his mouth to muffle the unavoidable burp. "'scuse me," he murmurs as he rinses the can in the sink, then drops it in the recycling bin.

"Maybe I *should* start learning chess. I mean, it has to be good for the brain. And having a mind for tactics and strategies can't be a bad thing in the whole superhero gig." He blinks a few times. "How do you learn chess stuff? Books? Apps? I wonder if Lanis plays chess."

Morgan gestures to Diana with a flick of his chin. "Do you play chess?"

Diana Prince has posed:
"I do, in fact, play Chess." Diana replies to him as she shows a smirk before walking back toward the doorway of the kitchen. "I have been lucky enough to play against a lot of very talented people too. Though one of my favorites to square off against is Charles Xavier, who runs a school in Westchester."

She pauses in the doorway and looks bacdk toward him. "Come, I'll show you the monitor room." She says then.

"But yes, you can learn the basics on Youtube, even. It is a wonderful way to test your stretegic mind's eye." She adds as they go.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan falls in step beside Diana. He's uncharacteristically quite now as he contemplates this new idea. Chess. Who would ever have thought that Morgan Finn might end up being a chess player? As he gets pulled in deeper and deeper into his thoughts, he pace slows down and he starts falling behind Diana.

The teen demigod looks up and sees Diana up ahead. He breaks into a light jog to catch up. "I wonder if the Happy Harbor Chess Club has girls!"