11243/Even Big Damn Heroes Have to Sneak in Home

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Even Big Damn Heroes Have to Sneak in Home
Date of Scene: 20 May 2022
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Tabby gets home from being a hero and at some major peace. Steals and shares Pizza, discusses religious diet loopholes, comparitive wages, and future adult hood stuff with Bobby, James, Kitty and Monet.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Monet St. Croix, Kitty Pryde, James Proudstar, Bobby Drake

Tabitha Smith has posed:
So, summer is approaching and kids are getting scarce enough that you can walk a few steps without stepping on one or more of them. This means making sure that those not sticking around need a safe trip home.

This could be as simple as a drive home directly or to the rtrain station or an air port. Since the Van came into her life Tabby has been burning gasoline doing a lot of it. Benefits own owning an eight seater.

However that is not where the woman has been the last, who knows how long she's been gfone. Time gets wonky.

The news probably reported an avalanc he on some remote mountain which just happened to coincidentally match the location left on a note Tabitha left.

"Gone Rescuing. Love Taby!"

Of course now she's finally coming home and in through the garage. Dirty New Mutant's colored X-Suit and all under a red jacket. And a very, very calm, and even happy and relaxed state. No she doesn't smell of weed or booze.


Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is entering in to the room with a glance about. Ms. St. Croix is otherwise somehwat pensive, a general flat look on her face as she's reviewing a letter in a hand. It's written in somewhat unstable French and sloppy cursive and scribbles. If one had to perhaps guess about it, it would look like it was written by a child. she looks down at it one more time, and then has a sad expression flash on her face for just a moment before she folds it away and glances at Tabitha.

"You arrived back surprisingly intact."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Down the hallway from the kitchen, Lockheed comes flying. He has an unopened bag of cheesy poofs clutched in his paws. A few seconds later, the voice of Kitty Pryde can be heard calling after him. "Lockheed! You better not open those now, you're going to ruin your dinner!"

The young woman of twenty appears not long after the purple dragon. She has a huge, ice cold mug in hand filled with beverage, and is carrying a plate of pizza with her. As she sees the others, she slow, and Lockheed comes to rest on the bannister of the stairs. "Hey ladies, how's it going?" she asks.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes in carrying his book bag over one shoulder but dressed like Rick after a long night at the bar and he does smell of booze and other bar like smells. Though not smoke. He has a sports coat that would sail a dinghy over one shoulder and he is holding a phone in one hand texting someone. There is a pizza box, which seems normal size as he carries it, implying how large the pie must actually be. He doesn't look up from the phone. "M, T, K."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha gets made and she diesn't so much as wince since she is way too calm. In fact she might acrtually be basking in a sense of victory as she steps away from the entrance to the garage with hands over head and index fingers poiinted out while turning a casual pirouette.

Sure there's dirt and the smell of smoke and scorch marks and scuffs but yes she is actually unharmd. Maybe just very worn out.

"Ladies and Gentlemales. Score one for mutant and mutate safety! One more secret lab being used for torturing empowerd kids and young adults into living weapons turned to rubble." she explains and does a little happy victory dance though maybe that burst of energy makes her wobble and give away all the exhaustion. Luckily she bumps a Jimmy and Pizza and absolutely slips a hand under the lid to steal a slice.

"I tell ya I really needed to blow something up and not worry about collateral. Evil labs are so perfect for that." she states and lets out a happy sigh before taking a huge bite. "Lockheed's todally a gwoan ass adult Kate. Let him get too full for whadevers cooging later." she points out. There's weeks between Kitty and Tabby's birthdays.

Monet's note gets a smile. "Thass probably not what I wrote? Is my hand writing that bad?" she states aas she gradually stops talking with her mouth full.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance at Tabitha for a moment, "Very well. Forgive me over for the moment at not believing you in the matter. But I have seen you, Ms. Smith, go out on walks and end with severe concussions. i have seen you be kidnapped by interdimensional murderous game show hosts and come back with concussions. I have seen you engage in danger room trainingw ith safeties on and come back with concussions."

She would quip, "I have, however, never seen you go out and come back from a mission, hidden or not without some sort of injury. So forgive me for thinking that something is horrifically amiss."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks at the state of everyone else. "Wow, looks like I'm the one leading the boring life," she says. "Which, ah, not sure if that's a bad thing anymore." How the years change someone.

Tabby's mention of what she's been up to get a gentle expression from Kitty. She can relate to where Tabby is emotionally. "Look like a nice long hot shower would do the trick. After something to eat," Kitty adds, spying the stolen slice. "There's more in the kitchen. Ordered from Paulie's," she says, mentioning Paulie's Pizza Joint in town.

The state of James gets a soft grin from Kitty. "Someone's been out having a different kind of fun, looks like," she tells him. Lockheed, meanwhile, is tearing open the cheesy poofs despite Kitty's admonition. Drawing a comment from the Jewish girl, "So sending you to Rogue's room until the farts from those pass," she tells him.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar raises an eyebrow as Tabs tries to sneak a slice, which the overall enourmousness of the pie makes impossible. He leans against Tabs companiably as she wavers finishing his text. "Just glad you made it out without injury." James bears the thief no ill will but opens the lid to offer Kate and Monet slices of everything pie from Mariano's the famous place with the giant slices in Midtown, he laughs, "You can hang with me Lock, long as you aim the fiery ones up the chimney." James wrinkles his nose at Kitty, "Fun? Kind of, when Bets got called away I took over running most of Sion's activity. Not that different than the ranch."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Monet gets a big grin and amazingly an acknowledgement. "Sure you have Monet. I just wasn't quite as proactive on mission at the time. It's just mostly been the last couple months. Look. I had to get some wins somewhere. It's been picking up. There's saving Metropolis. Okay I was bombed off my goard but hey. No war with alien rednecks trying to hunt fictional Snarks. But still counts as no concussion!" she explains with a tongue poked out at Monety

There's a very emphatic nod. "That will be my next destination. I will fight anyone that denies me that damn massive show recess with the ungodly number of detachable shower heads. I can hit everything all at once!" she states with a nod and puts up a stance like she's about to throw bombs andwhen she tries all she gets is a bare POOF of plasma. She has nothing in the tank. She might have let Pixie drive a lot of the way.

James' pizza is worked on. "Well I've seen her around so maybe she can pick up the slack for you Jimmy Jam! Should we get you an eyepatch. Sounds like you should have an eyepatch. Goes with the job." she states and giggles.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would lgance at Tabitha, "Very well." She would fold her arms over while shrugging. "I feel that city has enough issules with rescuing itself already without you.." She would wave a hand dismissively over at the food. "No thank you." She would move to fold her arms. "I am glad that your journey went well and thatyou came back safe and successfully."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed stares back at Kitty for a second and then digs into the bag with his snout, tossing a cheesy poof into the air and catching it in his mouth, crunching on it as he eats it. "Thank good the fire only comes out the other end," Kitty jokes with James.

Kitty takes a slice of her own pizza from her plate to nibble on, setting her big frozen mug on a table in the foyer to free up a hand. "Ah, you know I don't know what working in that kind of club would be like. I did wait bar at a place in the UK when I was there, just for a few months. But not the same sort of thing at all," she says.

Yes, she was wearing the black number. No, no one is aware of that or has seen pictures.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"If you've got fire coming out either end, I'm happy to cool you off." slips in the Iceman, Bobby Drake, as he cooly drips into the gathering. "What am I missing out on here?" he asks, casting a glance around. "Kitty finally take up that offer to work at the Hellfire Club?" He winks at her, and then rapidly checks to make sure that Emma Frost is nowhere nearby.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar shrugs at Monet casually. And sighs with faux exasperation as Kitty takes a bite of her own pie. "Yeah, we're working it out. That's who I was texting to keep her in the loop. You waited tables? " He grins easily and shrugs, "Well, I was doing security and had the experience from running the ranch. It seemed natural to help out." Jim shrugs, "Not having to sleep more than a few hours every other night helps."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's another chomp of her Pizza and Tabby grins at Monet once more when the matter of mashed brains in blonde heads is settled for now. "I love you too Monet!"

"Pizza that Kitty and Monet can't eat because thousands of years ago we couldn't keep pork safe from salmonella. Which really is kinda understandable an edict even if but we have fridges now. I never could figure out the red meat on Friday thing the pastor used to crap on about. And I've  had badfood poisoning that the fire came out  both ends.It's not fun!"  she stateswith a sad nod towards Bobby.

"Does it pay better than Harry's I mean the tips are great and I can just wear jeans and a uniform tee with the apron. Maybe a tank if I really need the tips." she states and hmms. "So on a scale of that to say the Hellfire Club. Ugh, now those are exploitative. " she complains like she doesn't wear collars half the time for funsies. "Definitely not working for them."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to take a seat back over, "I do not care for such a thing. I know tjhat you appreciate it." She means the pizza. "And I am glad that you enjoy your business." She would go to just listen over to the rest of the group thoughtfully while listening i n analysis.

"And I do -not- need a regular job of -debasing- myself to that level." Someone did not want to be a waitress!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Well it wasn't a huge place, waited bar and that involved taking care of tables too," Kitty says to James. "Was kind of a hangout not just for Oxford, but for another college that was a little more of a party school feel. I mean, by English standards anyway."

Bobby's arrival gets a grin from her. "Aw hell no," she says with a shake of her head. "Nah, just talking. James is helping out Betsy with Sion," she explains.

A tongue is stuck out towards Tabitha as she brings up the pork issue. Because, bacon smells delicious, but Kitty is generally speaking a pretty good Jewish girl. Spiritually anyway.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Kitty Pryde, party school bartender. Now that would a comic series I would subscribe to." Bobby looks over towards James. "Good to know. I should swing by there sometime. See what all the buzz is about."

He realizes that everyone else has food, except him, so he whips up his own snow cone. Sure, it has no taste, but at least then he doesn't feel like the only one not chewing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby knows the power of greasy delicious bacon and picks a peace from her slide and wafts it towards Kitty and Monet so the smell is shared and then popped in the blonde's mouth so Kate can enjoy it vicariously. "I wonder if it's safe for you guys to cheat and use psychic powers to take my  tasting itand then broadcasting the sensations to Kitty. I mean you're not  eating itafter all or even touching the stuff. Loophole?"

"Didn't they have a lowert legal drinking age there?" Tabby asls "Well Xavier's School for the Gifted!" Tabby starts and adds a slightly less loud "And special needs" with a slight blush considering she's in a room with geniuses and is well aware of her learning difficulties. "Easily can out do both school in education and partying!" she states with nothing but pride in hher voice.

"If I can get a diploma, and party hardest. That's totally because of the best teachers and counselors and slightly littler but way smarter and more mature sisters on the planet."

Another slice of pizza is snagged and yes Tabby still hasn't made it to the crust with herf folded up slice. It's aimed at Bobby though. Not sharing ill gotten gains is not the way of ex-hobo X-Lady.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar offers Bobby a slice from the pie before taking one for himself, "She's a woman of unplumbed depths that Pryde." He deadpans. "Well, the uniforms were designed by Betsy so... " Jim shrugs, "More Saville Row than Victoria's Secret? The tips are good and Betsy pays well, she pays an actual wage. Though tips depend on the night. And if there's music." He raises an eyebrow at Monet, "Okay."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grumbles about the mention of the different drinking age. "Tell me about it. Yes they do. Coming back home and being treated like a-" No no. Kitty isn't going to say 'baby'. "Like I didn't just spend two years drinking whenever I wanted was a real kick," Kitty finishes. "Well, another two months and that won't be an issue here, at least," she says of her 21st birthday coming up in late July.

She gets her mug and moves it overtop of Bobby's snowcone. "Root beer," she says, and if he likes the thought she dribbles some of his snowcone for flavoring.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Much better than yellow," murmurs Bobby, grinning at Kitty. "Thanks muchly," he says, and then with a wriggle of his fingers, a tiny snow ball drops into Kitty's mug, absorbing some of her root beer. He flashes a grin at her. "So you're saying you already built up a good tolerance? Handy."

He accepts the pizza from Warpath. "Thanks, man."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Then ask Kitty out if you think she needs a date Jimmy!" Tabby says with an elbow to James' hip with about all the force of a feature compared to the super strength behind the man. "Like that law stopped me. But It'll be nice to retire my fake ID. Nancy Forrester, yu will be missed as Kitty and I finally become super double legal." she states and nods sagely. With her slice finished. And Bobby taking his slice leaves Tabby just enough energy she can make it across the yard outside to her orn dorm. And that huge shower.

Then of course sleep. "Now I'm wiped. If you see me flat on myt face outside. It's the Itis and not booze. This is on record." she states and heads for the front foo.

"I really needed to blow something up." she says and waggles fingers on gher exit.

She actually does make it to her pad! Amazing!

Zen Tabby!