11383/Sharks and Minnows at the X-Swimming Pool

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Sharks and Minnows at the X-Swimming Pool
Date of Scene: 29 May 2022
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: Jimmy Hudson and Logan observed Iara's aptitude in the water and debated if she might join the X-Men and/or utilize the danger room in the near future.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Rachel Summers, Iara Dos Santos, Logan Howlett

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    There are phases to be gone through when one finds that they've been invited to Xavier's School for the Gifted. There's orientation, assuredly. There's the walk around and introduction to the facilities. There's a casual good-natured going over of the rules. And then there are the times when the faculty they do what they can to learn what they can of the new students. Sometimes this can be informal, a chit-chat with Jean as she gently observes what can be perceived. Other times it can be done under the premise of school activities.
    Today, at the least, it's the latter.
    "Alright, Iara. M'gonna ask ya ta at first take yer time, just sort of take it easy and hit a lap at what you'd consider a pace you could maintain for a good bit'a time, a'right?" The curious accent from the older mutant is tough to pin down. Southern in some ways, with a hint of the Canadian wilds. Yet he's got an ease to his manner that makes him one of the more approachable of the staff members for some of the students.
    Right now, however, he's on the job. Wearing grey sweat shorts and a Xavier's Athletic Department t-shirt, he looks the part of a phys. ed. teacher. Complete with the whistle.
    "After that we can kick it up a notch, you alright with that?"

Rachel Summers has posed:
Rachel has largely kept to herself for the last few months. She's been a presence at the school, to be certain, but mostly just emerging from her room to get some provisions before disappearing once again. Today is one of those rare emergences, and she lays by the pool on one of the lounges there. She's dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans that seem inappropriate for sunbathing and clutched in her hands is a tablet computer. Her brow furrowed to such a degree that the muscles are starting to give her a headache.

She looks up as Jimmy and Iara get ready for their practice? Exercises? Green eyes peer over the top of her tablet, the Hound markings on her face standing out in sharp relief against perpetually pale skin (the curse of the redhead). She reaches for a water bottle by her side, squirting the contents into her mouth.

"Hey," she mumbles, before clearing her throat and speaking up louder in case they didn't hear her, "Hey."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara Dos Santos, a giant shark-woman easily 6 foot 7 inches tall and wearing a red and black wetsuit given the codename "Shark-Girl" by those who picked her up in Brazil a few days ago, nods from one end of the olympic pool. "Alright." she says with a triangular-toothed smirk, saying "Dunno if there's enough room here to really kick this up any notches..." as she jumps into the pool with a soft splash, standing in the shallow water easily. Waiting for Jimmy's mark, she takes off... and the difference in her swimming and a normal human is night and day. She goes deep, under he water, not needing to breathe and seeming to cut through it like a hot knife through butter, touching the opposite wall in a matter of seconds.

    For the return she does rise a bit until the shark fin on the back of her head breaks the surface of the water, splashing once as her feet raise just a bit too high before sinking slightly lower again, speeding up a little to make up time and hit first edge she started from. Emerging from the water, her gills flare as she inhales, saying "Ugh, how was that?" as she licks her lips with a bit of a disgusted face, possibly from the taste of the chlorinated water.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan has heard about the test at the pool and has decided to turn up to observe. arrives at pool side barefoot with board shorts and a 'faculty' t-shirt, lit cigar firmly tucked into his cheek teeth. "Heard we have a new recruit, came to watch and see what they're all about." Logan say to his son upon noticing him.

Logan then nods in acknowledgement of Iara, and gives a nod to Rachel. Logan moves to take a seat out of the way. "I'll let you get to it."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Hey, Other Summers." Jimmy lifts the hand that doesn't have the stop watch at the ready. Just a small greeting given Rachel's way as he tosses an upnod smile along with to offer a hint of further sentiment. Then he's stepping along the lip of the olympic-sized pool, sneakers squeaking a little as he walks.
    And then he espies Logan's approach and can't help himself from half-smiling a little further as he gives the elder mutant another nod, "Hey, Old Man."
    Though his attention is snared when Iara drops into the water and get settled for the first lap. He waits and gives a nod for his mark, the stopwatch clicked into life as he glances at it, but then mainly keeps his eyes on the shark-gal making those waves around the pool in her casual but still darn speedy rush from each corner to the next.
    Crouching at the end of the pool as Iara surfaces near he gives her a nod. "Pretty good. Impressive, kid." His eyes lift up again, then back to the stop watch. "Gimme two more of those and then for the third... I want you to make them quick rushes, not sustained swimming but as far and as quick as you can with one... sweep." Of her arms and legs he likely means.

Rachel Summers has posed:
For a brief moment, Rachel smiles warmly as Logan appears. She's quick to mask it, however, ducking her head back down to look at the panel. Jimmy's greeting earns a wrinkle of her nose and a frown, the water bottle that sits upright next to her lounger suddenly toppling over noisily of its own accord.

She watches Iara dart across the pool, letting out a 'whoop!' of celebration as she quickly covers the distance.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara grins that massive shark grin, her own brazillian accent saying "Okay!" as she makes two more laps in the pool. Still less than ten seconds from edge to edge, well under twenty for a full lap in the 50m pool, her casual pace would break olympic records. For the third lap, she shoots across at a blazing speed, covering the distance in three seconds before there's a crack a she kicks the opposite wall and makes it back to the start in a total lap time of six seconds, the water in her wake flowing over the edge of the pool as she hits the wall she started from.

     She emerges from the water with a gasp, her gills flaring again as she switches from one method of breathing to another, saying "Shit." breathlessly, "I think I uh... I think I broke the wall over there..." Sure enough, there's a definite hole in the opposite wall, the brazillian recruit feeling the starting wall and saying "Ah, fuck, hit this one too hard too, shit... Just uh... cracked..."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Rachel's warm smile draws a fraction of a smile from Logan. Logan watches Jimmy's joke fall flat, but unlike Gabby who draws protective instincts out of Logan, Jimmy is largely on his own if he makes a mistake.

"the Fish girl is good at swimming who would have guessed it. It's like that she does, Swim ad eat, Eat and swim, eat and swim." Who says logan doesn't have a sense of humor?

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    At the first crackle, Jimmy's nose wrinkles a little, then his left eye scrunches up in a semblance of pain. He just knows he's likely going to get a talking to, but there's nothing for it. The second one gets another of those winces, but when Iara emerges from the water he's giving a nod supportively, however.
    "S'alright, kiddo. We gotta learn this stuff though think that's as far as we're gonna push ya. Mebbe..." He glances over at Logan and Rachel, voicing his thoughts and meeting their gaze to offer them up to the floor for commentary. "Mebbe we do this over at the lake. Or mebbe in a controlled session in the Danger Room."
    One hand lifts to scritch at the back of his neck. "Although..." He tosses a nod to Iara, "Mebbe we can get a quick check on vertical height from the deep end. Get yer legs under you and see how high you can leap into the air. You feel up to that?"
    That said he cocks an eyebrow at her as he gets his cellphone out and tucks the stopwatch into the pocket of his sweat shorts.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Rachel sits up, tucking the tablet under one arm and rising to her feet. As she steps over the water bottle she extends a hand and the vessel flies to be caught snugly in her palm. She cants her head to one side as she watches Iara climb out of the pool, and then back to the cracked end of the pool's tiling.

"Bye Shark-Girl," she says with a wave of her hand, then she turns to the two men, "Bye Logan, bye Other Logan."

She affords herself a snarky little grin, skip-hopping over the garden bed (don't want to trod on the flowers in front of the Groundskeeper) and strolls back up towards the House.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Shark-Girl furrows her brow over those glossy black eyes, giving Rachel a wave as she looks back to Jimmy, asking "What the hell is a danger room?" before moving over, above the water, over to the deep end. Diving down she gets down to the bottom, staying down far longer than a human could, before she shoots up and jumps high, over twelve feet into the air and putting her to where she could probably grab onto the diving board if she tried... and apparently surprised by her own height, shouting "Whoa!" as she tumbles a bit in the air but does get into a dive in time, her nose pointed towards the water and allowing her to dive in and redirect her momentum into a bit of a loop in the water, avoiding hitting the bottom before slowly rising to the top. She spits out some water as she looks to Jimmy, saying "How's that?"

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan gives the departing Rachel a wave and turns his attention back to Jimmy and Iara.

"We gotta push her somehow. get a gauge for what she can do. Danger room sounds bout right, but I ain't too sure she's ready to handle all that yet. It's your call, Are yah testing her to be an x-man or be the star of the school's swim team?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    That big ole splash, that was semi-expected, but not entirely so. So when Iara floats up to the surface and spits that stream of water, well it looks like Jimmy's had his fair share of time in the pool even though he didn't set foot in it. Luckily that cellphone is in a waterproof case otherwise...
    "Haha, yeah..." The Other Logan says even as he shoots a look over at his father. "I think that was pretty good, Iara. Pretty good, indeed." He pulls on the collar of his soaked t-shirt and fans it a little, just making a few splat-splash sounds of water and not helping dry off much at all.
    "The Danger Room?" He asks as he glances after Rachel, lifting a hand to wave as she wanders off, taking her own wry comment in stride and with a smile. Then he's back to the shark-gal, "Well you figure there're a good number of folks with powers that can be... serious. Right? You need somewhere safe ta push them ta the limit. Danger Room is sometimes used for that. Since it's dangerous, n'all." His half-smile is wry, but well-meant.
    Then it's back to the elder statesman of the team, "Just gettin' an angle on what she can do. She's doin' her own thing for now I reckon." Which has him looking back to her and quirking an eyebrow as if to see if she's going to gainsay him.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     The realization dawning on Iara's face is almost cute before that toothy smile returns even wider than before, that accented voice saying "Hell yeah! Uh..." as she looks between Jimmy and Logan, thinking of something but seeming to pause, instead saying "I mean, if you guys want me on the X-Men... That sounds awesome! Uh, so long as I get all the ins and outs. You guys don't have a high turnaround, right? Like I know it's dangerous but y'know... I don't wanna be signing up to be cannon fodder. Not that being on my own would be any less dangerous, really... I guess I'd just like to know more before signing up, you know?"

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan gives a thoughtful grunt. "she seems like she want to try out for the team." he posites.

"if you want to give her a shot, its up to you they put you in charge of this." he says to Jimmy. He turns to Iara "look like you said it's dangerous. And you're our responsiblity now. So we won't put you in anything unless we know you can handle it. you need to be 1000% certain you can handle the danger room before we let you in there"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Yeah, don't go gettin' ahead a'yerself, kid." Jimmy spares a glance for Logan then starts to step along the pool. A nod is given as he moves, "First thing's first, figurin' out how things are for ya, givin' you options for a life. And then mebbe down the line if it's somethin' you wanna pursue..."
    He lets that word hang there for a time before half-smirking towards his father and then pawns it off on Jean, "Well then talk to Miss Grey."
    That said he heads toward the end of the pool. "Why don'tcha head on back to your room and get settled, I'll drop you a line soon enough when things are a go. Cool?" He stops at the sidewalk that leads back up to the mansion then waits for her.