1143/Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

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Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Date of Scene: 13 April 2020
Location: Beast Boy's Room (The Tower)
Synopsis: A heart-to-heart always does a measure of good before taking a plunge down the Rabbit Hole.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kian, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Wonder Woman's cloak was on the floor next to Gar's bed.  Fortunately, it had been teleported here with some consideration from Raven so as not to get wrinkled.  Either that, or it was dumb luck.  This is more than can be said for the occupants of Beast Boy's bed, who got stacked in such a way that might lead people to think Raven decided to play Jenga with them.
    Terry O'Neil, fully human this time, was stuck in the midde under Kian and on top of Gar.  Despite this uncomfortable position, he slept quite deeply until around the clock struck six thirty in the evening.
    The redhead slowly opens his eyes, coming out of dreams that were… extremely unusual, involving flight but also buildings and people that he had never seen before.  For a moment, he has to fight the urge to perch onto something and vault over the edge of the bed.
    He groans a little, as he comes out of unconsciousness.  His hands search for purchase and he becomes aware that there is warmth under him, and behind him.  There's… feathers somewhere?
    But what catches his attention is the green flesh.  "Gar?" he murmurs quietly as Gar's face comes slowly into view.  Where was he?

Kian has posed:
    Kían is dreaming.  Specifically, Kían is dreaming about flying high above his home, barely visible in the trees unless you know exactly where to look.  Kian knows where to look, of course—there are a few visible structures, insinuated into the trees rather than imposed upon them.
    Kían is a telepath.  There is a strong non-zero chance that anyone with him is 'seeing' the same dream.
    Sunny—although the sun is a touch more orange than that of the Earth—soaring, swooping, wingtip to wingtip with—
    Kían wakes up.  {What… where… oh Gods.}

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan passed out as soon as Wonder Woman showed up and Terry revealed himself to be the Pretty Kitty he'd seen first at the mechaspider thing, then on the rooftop.  That's two out of three times he's gone to sleep after seeing the cat guy, but both came in particularly heavy situations.
    Speaking of heavy, why does it feel like there's something on top of him?  Where is he and how did he get there?
    And why is he dreaming about flying, and the Akiar?  He did have a pretty strong impression of Kian after becoming one of the alien bird's people and speaking mentally with him.  That could be it.  But, this dream felt a lot more vivid.
    Plus, that weight.  He's not back to the realm of the aware yet, however.  He is more or less sprawled on his back.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry blinks the world a little more into focus.  There's Gar, asleep… did he get drunk again?  No… very hazy memories of the rooftop start coming back.  His head is resting on Gar's chest, so he keeps his cheek on it instead of jabbing his chin into Gar's sternum, which is incredibly uncomfortable.  He now remembers Wonder Woman being there, and hmms a little.
    {What happened?} he thinks to himself, clearly audible to Kian as he starts waking up due to contact.  He reaches out to touch his hand to Gar's cheek, when he tenses briefly, hearing Kian's mind in his.
    {Kian?  What are you doing on top of me?} he asks, now that the world is in more steady focus and he notices that yes, there is an avian on top of him.  {How did we get here?}
    He isn't making any movements to disengage from Gar for two reasons: One, he doesn't want to just yet, and two, he'd probably throw Kian off and break the bird.

Kian has posed:
    Not quite all the way in the present, Kían tries to roll out of bed as if he were in his own back in his home.
    He's not, and hits the floor with a thud.  "Ash—?  Ái, c'Rhys'yw…" he begins, carrying on in his own language… and then he remembers, and puts his hand on Terry's shoulder.  {Well, I was wrong, Raven didn't eat you.  When you blacked out, she… I don't know what you did but there were black tentacles and she drew you into herself and I guess that moved you here.  She must have done the same thing to me… Gods.}
    He hasn't fully shaken off the dream he was having.  He hasn't dreamed in some time.

Gar Logan has posed:
    It's the thump that does it, as much as the contact against his cheek.  Gar finally begins to stir, hours after being the first one to drop.  "Mmmmhhh…" he exhales, and as he starts to try a stretch, he finds that impeded slightly.
    Time to open the eyes, rub away some of the crust that's begun to accumulate.  But, his senses tell him he's not alone in here.  How is that?  Why is that?  Is this not all just a dream.
    First one eye, then the other in short order, and he's blinking rapidly, first staring at Terry, then noticing Kian on the floor.  "What the heck…?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    {I saw an anime like that, once,} is Terry's response to Kian's description of how they got here.  He guesses Raven's powers look terrifying regardless of how benevolently they are used.
    "You fainted.  Apparently so did I.  Then Kian must have fainted.  I put you on your bed.  Guess Raven decided it was a good place to stash the rest."
    The recollection fully hits now, and the blush of embarrassment does as well.  "Oh god.  I fainted in front of Wonder Woman," he says, burying his face in Gar's chest out of sheer shame.  "Gooood bury me now."

Kian has posed:
    {So did Gar,} Kían replies 'helpfully'.  {I didn't lose it until Raven did… what she did.  That was very weird.  Everything is very weird.}
    He gets up, and bends over to put his hand on Terry's shoulder again.  {Sorry, I think I shared my dream with you.  I apologize for intruding.  It's normal back home for that to happen, I suppose you're not used to it.}
    He straightens his kilt.  "I iss shoul' go, yis?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Alertness is returning more swiftly for the green-skinned Titan, this whole thing coming off as very odd right now.  Contact with Terry remains, but with him also touching Kian… well, there isn't much that comes through beyond a name or two, but Terry brought her up as well.
    "What did you just say about Raven?  She did this?"
    Clearing his throat, he adds, "And why is everyone passing out?  Did the air get thinner on the roof since the last time we were up there?"  He's kind of staring at both of them, Terry a bit more as his memory kicks in about what he saw up there.
    "I think we've been violated or something."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "No, you passed out when I transformed… I think I overloaded you.  And I passed out because… that was fricking Wonder Woman okay?  She gave me her cloak!"  He looks around briefly, and sees it on the ground, and points.  "And I think Kian passed out because Raven is Raven."  The bird did faint from shock when Gar became a birdman, after all.
    Then the redhead grows quiet, looking at Kian when he asks the question, then at Gar.
    "We… we do need to talk.  It's up to you."

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once, assuming the 'we' meant the other two rather than being all-inclusive.  "I iss shoul' go, yis."  This time it's a statement.
    He bows slightly—of course—and heads for the door, pausing only to collect Terry's gift from Wonder Woman and place it neatly on a chair, rather than on the floor.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan is left shaking his head slowly, then a hand shifts to rub the side of his face.  "None of this makes any sense, so the Titans must be back.  That's the only thing I can think after everything."
    He moves around so he can start to sit up, nodding slowly to Kian.  "Sorry you had to deal with all of this.  We'll… find you later?"  Terry's the one getting more of his attention, for good reason.  There's a lot to unpack here.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Thank you, Kian," Terry says, showing his appreciation for Kian's thoughtful handing of the gift.  He slowly sits up, his legs on either side of Gar as he finds his balance on the bed.  "So…" he says quietly.  Suddenly, there is a small mirror in his hand and a set of words is spoken, leaving a dazzle of light and a Cheshire Cat where Terry used to be.
    The feline takes a deep breath and, clad in the black athletic gear that he uses for parkouring.  He looks down a little, looking at Gar.
    "I… I imagine you must be pretty mad at me."

Gar Logan has posed:
    With Kian having left, it leaves Gar somewhat underneath Terry, mostly just the lower half of his legs at this point.  He just sits and stares at the flash of light after the words, a hand rising to shield his face briefly.  The change is remarkable, magical, and not at all what he expected to see.  Now that it's been done a second time, he doesn't pass out from it.
    "This means you were the one who saved me from that guy and his pet spider, and you teased me on the rooftop without telling me anything," he says, voice carefully kept as neutral as he can manage.  "After everything we've talked about and done so far."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    The cat looks away, off to the right side of Gar's right shoulder.  "It… it was.  I wasn't like this before, Gar, you've got to believe me.  I didn't become like this until that day with the spiders."
    He rubs the bridge of his nose.  "Something about that day triggered the change in me.  And then you were going to die and I couldn't let that happen."
    "I wasn't… I wasn't teasing you.  At least I didn't mean it to come across as that."  He frowns.  "I was planning to tell you… and then you said…."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan disentangles himself from the bed, which he was only on top of by this point.  He looks at the robe Wonder Woman gave to Terry—how the heck did that happen?—then he eyes the door.  It'd be easy to just run out right here and now.  Escape the problem, because that always works so well, doesn't it?
    He listens, rubbing the side of his face repeatedly as he goes over what he remembers.  There were signs he missed, except for one that nags right now.
    "You didn't actually cut up your hands doing parkour stuff, did you?" he questions, turning back to eye the cat with raised brow.  "You were already acting kinda weird at times.  I thought it was just, you know, us both being awkward about what we thought of each other."
    He probably remembers what he said on the rooftop, and aside from that.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "I… stuff was happening to me.  I was getting these…."  He shakes his head.  "Gar, the reason I wanted to find my father was because weird shit started happening to me a year ago.  When we first met I thought I didn't need to bother you with that because you had your own demons to deal with."  He sidles so as to sit on the side of the bed.  "And then, when we started getting closer, you were so intent on bringing the Titans back, I didn't want to add distractions to that.  I thought: I'll find my father, and he'll tell me why I sometimes spring claws, and why stuff moves around me… and then Gar won't have to worry.
    "And it was stupid.  I went to April and April told me to tell you, and I was going to—I was thinking of telling you when we went out in the group outing.  Pull you aside in an ice cream shop or whatnot and take my gloves off… and then we got jumped by mechanical spiders and I become this and I just freaked out!"
    He exhales.  "And then you said that I… that this—"  He gestures to himself.  "—was handsome, and I thought 'he's never said that to me…'," he clarifies, "my other self.  And I started feeling so insecure… when I saw you on the rooftops that night I wanted to see…" he trails off.
    "I was planning to tell you.  April set my head straight.  This weekend, I was gonna take you to a picnic up in Westchester, somewhere private and I was just gonna…."  He spreads his hands.  "Just tell you."
    He rubs his forehead, "I'm an idiot and I kept a secret for the stupidest reason… and… I deserve to be walked out on," he says, his voice low and miserable, eyes closed.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Lots of words, lots of explanations, lots of things to process and think about and figure out how they apply to then and now.
    Or… is there, really?
    Gar is not known to be a deep thinker, someone who digs too deeply into stuff like this.  It doesn't mean he never does, and Terry in particular has seen that side out of him, but Gar is more of a free spirit, the type to just live life as it comes at you, full speed ahead.
    It's when he thinks too much that he gets bogged down.
    So, there's a bunch of stuff Terry's relating to him, and much of it is important, no doubt about that.  Lost fathers, he gets.  Being confused about what to say or do or even when to do it, sure.  That can be tough for anyone, especially two in their late teens just trying to figure out what they're feeling toward each other.  But, a lot of this can be simplified.  Gar tries to.
    "Dude. Nobody's walking out on you.  You're a big dummy, though.  Like, almost as big as I am sometimes.  You think you had to hide your problems just because I had my own I was dealing with?  That yours should take a back seat while everyone else is getting help and stuff?  Come on, man.  How is anyone supposed to help you if you don't let them in?  Did you really think I was going to tell you to go away if I found out you were…."  He gestures up and down the length of the cat-man in his room.  The one who was just on top of him but as Terry, all thanks apparently to Raven.  The difference between the two, he's going to need to figure out, but there's time for that.
    "I wasn't lying, though.  About the handsome part.  And you are no matter whether you have purple and pink fur or not.  I turn into any animal I want to.  Did you really think you changing into something like this was gonna freak me out?  Dude."  Still some awkwardness there, still a hand rubbing quickly at one of his ears, but he's not walking out.  It is his room, after all.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry slowly looks up, "I… when you put it like that, yeah… I haven't been the smartest."  He rubs the back of his head, sighing.  "Back on the rooftop… I didn't mean to tease you.  When I'm like this, I have no filter.  I…."
    He turns around fully to face Gar.  "Dude, what I told you wasn't to tease you either.  I realize I haven't been the best communicator here, but I see you.  When you make the jokes and the smiles, I can see you're hurting.  And you make jokes about yourself and…."
    Terry stands up, "I don't know why it's easier to tell you like this, it's like I don't hold back… but when you do that I don't know how to reach you, 'cause it's like there's a space I can't cross that you retreat into."  He takes several steps to close the distance between them.  "And I don't know why.  You want to be everybody's friend… but I think it's because you don't want to be alone.  But…" he spreads his hands, "don't you know how loveable you are, Gar?  Heck, I didn't plan to let anyone in, I didn't want complications in my search for my dad.  But you walked through all of that like it wasn't even there and you don't even know you did it.  You don't need to worry about being alone.  You're loveable…."
    He pauses, and then says, "Yeah.  And I think I love you."  He looks down and rubs his elbow, tail swishing behind him.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan finds he has no immediate answer to some of the things he's being told.  Terry has figured out something about him, the lengths he'll go to for a laugh, to be accepted by everyone, or if not everyone, as many people as possible.  He doesn't mind acting the fool!  Really!
    "I don't understand something.  You said you're the Cheshire Cat?  But, you're also Terry?  Are you, like, the same person, or do you have some kind of split personality, or what?  I've never really dealt with something like this before.  I don't know how it works."  As if Terry has much of a better idea yet?  He might.
    No steps closer or away come just yet, as Gar lets the feline progress unimpeded in his approach, definitely looking him up and down though.  "I don't know what I'm doing half the time anyway, so you're not wrong about that."  This must be what Terry/cat/whoever means with the 'lovable' part.  Gar does it without thinking, sometimes.
    Then he points behind the guy.  "Yeah, I can see that. So what are you gonna do about it?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "I'm both.  It's… complicated.  I'll explain everything as I understand it soon…."  Terry takes several steps, closing the last bit of distance between them.  "What am I going to do about it…" he slowly smiles, and the smile spreads into a grin.  He felt a little lightness in him, now that he had said the word and hadn't received a direct rejection.  "I don't know.  Maybe this?"
    He reaches up with one hand to touch Gar's face, while his other arm tries to wrap around the Titan's waist to bring him close.  He inclines his head to go for a kiss, his heart thudding like a war drum in his chest.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Then… don't hide things from me any more, okay?  If something's going on and you need my help or you want to ask a question or something, just do it," Gar implores, his hands out at his sides, palms up.  "And I'm glad you're you, because… it would have been even more weird if you weren't."  He's just trying to take this all in and process what it means.  "But I guess that means you're gonna be a Titan after all, now."
    Then the time for speaking, at least in the short term, comes to an end.  His eyes shift toward what he can see of the fuzzy hand that comes into contact with a cheek and ear, the other sliding in further down to ensure he will stay close.  It works.  There is a kiss that a part of Gar had wondered about from the moment he saw the feline (the 'Pretty Kitty') saving him from the spider mech, and he leans into it without reservation, a low 'mmmmm' his response.
    Only when he gets a chance to catch a breath does he ask, "Dude… are you purring?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry's expression is blissful. He's kissed Gar before, yes.  Twice.  But this is the first time that the full context of his emotions was stated behind it.  Before he knows it, he is, yes…
    "I… I guess I am," he says quietly, one eyebrow raised in amusement.  He holds Gar close, his free hand slowly running through the green hair.  "I'm not keeping secrets from you anymore, my word.  I'll tell you anything…."
    He leans forward and buries his nose in Gar's neck, suddenly being able to perceive his scent.  This is a whole new set of experiences that are new to him, and yet they are also familiar.
    "Gar?  I've got a new giant screen TV back at my apartment.  Why don't we go there and… turn it off?" he says quietly, but with a mischievous tone to his voice, his nose still pressed against the side of Gar's neck.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "I don't need to know everything, just to be clear.  Just the important stuff, okay?" Gar is quick to clarify.  This should keep him from hearing things he might not want to know about.  "And we still have to figure out what we're supposed to be calling you.  I don't think 'Terry the Cat' is gonna work for a codename."
    There is enjoyment in the nose rubbing along his neck, that inhalation of scent obvious to him.  Animals often do that when there is more to smell, more to experience through heightened senses.  He murmurs distractedly, while holding onto feline sides and sliding his hands up through the fur that is exposed.  "Your… TV's probably already… shut itself off, dude…."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry chuckles at Gar's response.  "Perhaps."  He shudders at the contact of Gar's hands on his fur and closes his eyes for a moment.  This will take some concentration.
    From one point in space, a thought goes out to another—the desire to bring those two points together.  He isn't quite aware of how it happens, merely that it does, and when the Rabbit Hole opens up behind Terry, showing the familiar scene of his apartment, he slowly steps back from Gar but keeping a hold of his hand, and says, "Why don't we go double check?  Just in case."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan grins at the shudder, and this time he does it again with a little more force to the way he uses his fingers to knead into ribs and further up.  Don't think that won't be a go-to move now that he knows what it does to the cat.
    Then, the portal opens up.  He missed it with the spider mechs, but not this time.  The apartment is right on the other side of the hole, which leads to him whistling.  "I guess you don't need the Hyperloop any more, or that ratty old car either!"  Hey!  Not the car!
    All that's left is for the two to go through and down the rabbit hole.