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Kian (Scenesys ID: 348)
Name: Kían k'Rhyták t'Kiáre (formerly Kían s'Kái'Erýn t'Káeh)
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Akiár
Occupation: Titan
Citizenship: Akiár'tarékh (Akiár Imperium)
Residence: Titans Tower
Education: Masters equivalent
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Titans, Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: Late teens to early 20s Actual Age: 25 Earth equivalent
23 home planet
Date of Birth 23 Aug 1998 (Earth equivalent) Played By
Height: 5'0" Weight: 80 lb
Hair Color: Ruddy brown Eye Color: Hazel
Twitter: {{{Twitter}}}
Theme Song: Little Bird, S.J. Tucker -

Character Info


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    A fish out of water—or at least a bird out of his usual sky.  Kían is a small winged humanoid who's been on Earth for about two and a half years now.  He's also first major mutation among his people in about a century or so—which mutation is responsible for him being on Earth in the first place, and is also responsible for him being named Rhyták t'Kiáre—Avatar of the Goddess Kiare—by his worlds' priesthood.  Under normal circumstances, he is a friendly and cheerful sort, but it's fair to say that these are not normal circumstances, so he has his moments.


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* 1998 (equivalent): Second-child of Kái and Erýn of clan Káeh is born on Kyshán, the oldest colony world of the Akiár Imperium.  There is no indication that he is anything other than a perfectly normal member of his species.
* 2014 (equivalent): Second-child of Kái and Erýn completes his First Flight and takes the name Kían.
* 2016 (equivalent): Kían's powers first manifest while helping his mother Erýn prepare the family hopper for a suborbital flight to go visit family on the other side of Kyshán.  A short triggered the power system and reacting entirely on reflex, Kían converted the entire output of the power overload into a small lump of 56Fe.  It was at this point that his life ceased being his own.
* 2016-2020 (equivalent): Kían is studied at the Imperial University on Kyshán, gaining less insight into his powers than he would like, but along the way picking up the equivalent of a master's degree in atomic physics.
* 2020 (equivalent): Unable to learn anything further, it is decided to send Kían to the main Imperial University on Akiár, the homeworld itself.  While en route, Kían's meta reacts or interacts or… something… with the ship's stardrive—at the moment the ship is converted to tachyonic matter for the superluminal flight to Akiár, Kían bounces out of the local reality and appears… well, as far as he can tell, Gods only know where.
* 2021: Thanks to sleeping next to a living Portal gun (Terry O'Neil), Kían is returned to his homeworld, along with Terry and Gar Logan.  However, when Terry's powers return, Kían chooses to return to Earth with them.
* 2023: Beast Boy has proposed to Vorpal.  Vorpal has proposed to Kían.  And Kían has closed the loop by proposing to Gar.  While the Terran service will be between two (with one very interested onlooker), the Akiár service will be among three… and the Gods only know what will happen in Wonderland.

IC Journal

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    Kían still kind of dislikes his meta.  If it weren't for them, he would be home near his friends and family, not stuck on this ridiculous, incomprehensible world… although he's largely come to terms both with Earth and with his powers by now, and even came back to Earth willingly—almost eagerly—when the opportunity to remain on his homeworld was presented to him.  There are two reasons for that: first, he's noticed that in many ways, he's more normal on Earth where powers are common.  And second, there's his relationship with two of his teammates.
    Speaking of ridiculous and incomprehensible, Kían resists learning the Terran way of doing things.  He's not a Terran, after all.  He has different morals, different assumptions, and different ideas of what constitutes proper behavior.  He has softened on this over time; there are some things he just has to do the Earth way (whether he likes it or not) but he remains proud and possessive of his Akiár heritage and upbringing.

    Kían is a generally pleasant sort.  He hasn't a mean bone in his body.  However, he is easily confused by Terran ways of doing things, and resists assimilation into Earth culture, since it isn't his own and he shouldn't have to do things that way.
    He does do a few things that are perfectly normal for his people, but that Terrans might find disconcerting or even annoying.  First off, he has no concept of lying—all his people are telepaths, lying simply isn't an option.  So he says what's on his mind, regardless of whether it's the politic thing to say and asking his opinion can be… interesting ("Does this dress make me look fat?"  "No, your body fat does that.").  He is capable of not telling the entire truth or hiding behind a non sequitur ("Does this dress make me look fat?"  "It's a pretty color.") but an outright lie is more alien to him than he is to this planet.  And the flip side to that is that he also has no concept of being lied to.  This might be humorous when taking a metaphor literally… or dangerous because he will as willingly take anyone's word as true.
    Second, the only wingless people he's used to dealing with are children, so he has to remind himself sometimes that he's dealing with other adults and not to condescend or dismiss.
    Last, and probably most dangerously for himself, he has no real concept of violence as something that anyone deliberately does.  In fact, in his language, the words for 'violence' and 'insanity' are cognate.  In his mind, weather is violent, seismic activity is violent, and people are not violent.  It wouldn't occur to him that there are those on Earth that would be perfectly willing—some even happy—to do him harm, and he's perfectly capable of greeting a supervillain (at least one unknown to him) with friendly innocence.
    Unfortunately for him, he's been tasked with learning Earth ways of dealing with certain situations: the Akiár have detected other intelligences in the galaxy (without making any responses), and think they've made some headway in translating and interpreting what signals they've received… and they quite honestly don't like what they see out there.
    Outside of that, he's nice enough.  A little excitable sometimes.  Curious as all get out.  Embarrassed by his powers—not the wings and telepathy, those are normal, of course.

Character Sheet


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    Kían has wings, and they work.  Flight is as natural to him as walking is to a typical Terran, and with judicious use of thermals and gliding, he can keep it up for hours without tiring.  While he normally couldn't keep up the pace for long, he can push up to around 80mph in level flight and much higher in a dive, although in normal, casual flight he wouldn't get much above 60mph.

Keen Vision:
    Kían quite literally has eyes like a hawk.  He has remarkable distance vision, in the vicinity of 20/2 or 20/3.  He also has a little night vision, and a rudimentary tapetum lucidum, so he has a faint red eyeshine in the dark, like an owl.  Which is probably a little creepy.

Physics Elemental:
    Kían's powers are primarily about energy and forces—generating, dissipating, concentrating, and/or converting it not only between forms, and to and from matter, in accordance with E=mc2.  An upper bound has not been reliably determined due to his unwillingness to really let loose; the most he is known to have handled in one instance is converting the entire energy output of the damaged fusion drive on his family's small space hopper to a tiny pellet of 56Fe, before it could explode.  This was the incident in which his powers were discovered.
    Since they are the most common, he is most comfortable with electromagnetic effects—one doesn't often encounter the strong and weak forces in daily life, at least in manipulable quantities—and has shown no sign of being able to manipulate gravity, so it appears that his abilities are essentially those that dominate the atomic and subatomic scales.  When using these abilities, or when agitated, he may develop a blue aura, which is harmless Cherenkov radiation.
    Due to the limited sort of training he had on his world, his control over his abilities is not geared towards combat or defensive uses.  And perhaps due to the breadth of his ability, he lacks the depth of power of those with more focused abilities.  He would never be able to go toe-to-toe with Magneto in magnetism, or Doctor Light in the visible and near-visible EM spectrum, but he might be able to delay (or surprise) them long enough for someone else to handle them.  Kian would not be able to depower ConEd and put New York City into a blackout—but he could interfere with an alternator and shut down a getaway car, or generate a credible lightning bolt.  He can do electromagnetic radiation up and down the scale, but not (yet) a laser or maser of any power.  He could not break or fuse enough atoms to make the effective equivalent of a fusion or fission bomb, but he can make a useful bang (with shock wave)—if he can bring himself to actually use that against someone.

    All of Kían's people are telepaths—freely with other telepaths, but to make mental contact with a non-telepath, Kían will require physical contact.  It is generally a surface level conversational type of communication, although with concentration Kían can go deeper into someone's mind (or his own).  What Kían lacks is any sort of real mental shield, or mental attack.  He can keep his mind to himself easily enough, but is accustomed to going about his daily life and dealing with friends and family with his mind a little bit open at all times—as was everyone else's.


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    Kían doesn't just fly, he flies well.  Once in the air, he is graceful, agile and fast—difficult to catch or hit.

    In the course of learning about his powers, and studying them, and of being studied, Kían became fascinated with the science behind them and has the educational equivalent of roughly a master's degree in general physics, specializing of course in the fields related to his powers.  Along the way he's picked up quite a bit of advanced maths, and astronomy just because it's always fascinated him.


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I've Opened a New Market:
    Since Vorpal opened the way back to his world, Kían has been able to not only access some of his personal belongings, but has been trading chocolate for some reasonably exorbitant prices, since it's unknown on his world and acts as a mild and pleasant psychoactive on his people.  It's enough to make him financially independent, which is all he wanted.  And Terry gets a transportation fee, which does him no harm either.  Since Earth hasn't got a sensible economy, having a cash flow of his own is probably a good thing.


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    Kían is catastrophically claustrophobic.  He will be uncomfortable in any room that's too small to let him just hover in, and will resist going in a room too small for him to spread his wings.  He might be coaxed into a van if there was a need to transport him somewhere and it wouldn't take long, but a car is completely out of the question.  Seal him into a genuinely tiny space, like a closet, and there will be screaming, pounding, and ultimately the sound of a body going slack and unconscious—no, it won't occur to him that he might be able to blast his way out, not in the state of panic he'll be in.

Energy Drain:
    While Kían's meta is defense against incoming energy attacks, it is vulnerable to energy drain attacks.  Rather than shut down and starve the attack, his meta feeds it, a process that Kían finds difficult to control and physically disconcerting, eventually painful if it goes on long enough.  The longer it goes on, the more difficult it becomes to bring under control.  It is not known if this would ultimately be fatal—needless to say, Kían is in no hurry to find out.

Learning Curve:
    He's new to Earth.  He finally has a solid grip on the language (for the most part) but the planet's ways of doing things still flummox him from time to time.  This has slowly become less of a disadvantage as he's become not only accustomed to Earth, but even thinks of it as his home now.



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Kian has 264 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
HUNGER: Pirates! The Trojan Horse March 8th, 2024 The Trojan Horse is boarded by space pirates, who are unfortunate to find that it contains Greeks. And Kryptonians, Akiar, Assassins, Space Knights and Green Lanterns. It's a bad day to be a pirate -- though as it turns out, these pirates are not a part of the eyepatch brigade after all.
All a matter of mind March 2nd, 2024 Jinx encourages Kían to practice mental protection from Psimon's new psychic prowess.  Garfield eats a burrito.
Heroes Assemble 4th Anniversary: The Watchers February 24th, 2024 For the four year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush, Uatu the Watcher again hosts some of his colleagues to share what he has witnessed over the last two years of events on a small blue planet called Earth.
Titans Tower Pizza Party! January 8th, 2024 Irie throws a pizza party to have the titans (and their plus ones) meet her boyfriend. All goes well!
Titans 3023: Healing Time December 4th, 2023 You need a degree in temporal engineering to understand this scene fully. Let's just say that there was a thing. A whole thing. And then it turned out to be a whole other thing in disguise. There were shenanigans upon shenanigans, and if you thought time travel doesn't suck, you were wrong. Everyone was confused, some people decided they didn't like their future selves and other people decided they turned out pretty well all things considered, then Vorpal hit someone over the head with a Flamingo and they all went home.
Days of Future Passed November 29th, 2023 A cat, a beast, and two birds have a meeting of minds.
Titans 3023: Beginner's Lucky November 26th, 2023 Future Kian and Lucky drop some uncomfortable truths on present day Kian and Jinx.
Scoping out the Tower November 17th, 2023 Rook brings Honey Badger to Titans Tower for the tour - and learns that she and Jinx may actually become friends in some alternate timeline. Gabby meets Jinx, Xiorama and Kian and gets a taste of the Titans life.
Titans 3023: Titans 2023 November 13th, 2023 The Titans foil a bank robbery, but the job isn't over yet. In fact it won't be for another thousand years. The revelations have only just started, but they start with a doozy.
Titans3023: The Avatar October 22nd, 2023 The Troia and Raven of 3023 go off to recruit the Kian of 3023. It is clear that Raven and Troia are no longer what they once were, but perhaps -- at least where Terry and Gar are concerned -- Kian may not be so convinced about himself.
Rendering Assistance October 1st, 2023 Despite his reservations, Raven decides to assist in helping Kian choose violence.
Moonsugar Madness August 30th, 2023 A band of adventurers finds a dragon and only one gets eaten!
From the room with all the spare stuff in it July 24th, 2023 Jinx adjusts SCIENCE! outfit and Gar installs GIANT! bird feeder
The Four Treasures: The Lotus-Eaters July 24th, 2023 The three Titans who were tricked by Fae partygoers into falling into a Fae Sleep dream that they are the comic book creators behind the successful Titans comic. The Titans go into their dream to show them just how crazy the notion that the Titans are just a bunch of comic book characters really is. OR the three creators of the Titans comic book got ensorcelled to believe that the stories in their comic book are real and they're members of the fictional super team the Titans. Take your pick.
Work Hard, Play Hard June 20th, 2023 Caitlin beats Wally at Video games. Donna, Bart, and Kian come down to say hello and the group eventually decides to run a Danger Room training.
The Four Treasures: Masquerade (Group: Thing Two) June 19th, 2023 The Titans find some very important clues towards the greater puzzle of the missing Treasures. Also, three Titans break the rules and fall into a magical sleep. Also: none of them turn out to be Vorpal. I KNOW, RIGHT?
The Four Treasures: Masquerade June 18th, 2023 Janet, Brian and some Titans walk into a Faery Ball. It all gets a bit Shakespearian.
He Better Land on His Feet June 4th, 2023 Terry had his First Flight.  It went… pretty much the way you'd expect.
The Four Treasures: A Quest May 28th, 2023 The Titans have a shared dream, and the two seneschals of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, who may or may not be the same person, visit the Tower to explain it to them and give them a quest.
When Cats Fly April 30th, 2023 Terry needs to be a bird briefly so he can get married on Kian's world. Surely this is a perfectly safe and reasonable thing.
Foiled Foliage Shopping April 22nd, 2023 A trip to the plant nursery turned in to a crime stopping adventure with not nearly enough punching for Xio.
Unfashionably Late March 28th, 2023 Explanations all around between beast, bird, and birthday boy.
Lazy Titan Day March 25th, 2023 Several Titans enjoy a little social time with each other in the Tower.
Boy Meets Bird March 10th, 2023 Jon returns to the Tower. Kian is there to greet him.
Never Let Raven Pick the Movie March 5th, 2023 For her contribution to Titans Movie Night, Raven chooses The Room. The mystery of why is left unsolved.
Untitled Jinx Game February 25th, 2023 Kían and Jinx have a chat.  Honking occurred.
A Cat of a Different Purrsuasion February 20th, 2023 While working on some plans for an anniversary, Kian and Gar come across a feline completely new to them: Catseye.
Don't Tell Kian February 18th, 2023 Kían's away so it's wing day.  Except Kían came back early, discovered the Titans eating wings, and had to be placated with psychoactive Korean hot sauce.
Kryptonian Bird February 17th, 2023 Dawn crash lands on Titan Tower in a very Divine body. Literally. Hank rages, Jinx gets punched, Invisible plays hero, and Kian tries to keep it calm. Just another day!
Where all past years are- February 5th, 2023 No description
Full-Contact Sports January 28th, 2023 Vic makes sandwiches and plays video games.  Kaida steals sandwiches!  Kían ponders new qihár rules and Terry has the best thighs.  Another day in Titans Tower.
The Wind Beneath The Wings January 22nd, 2023 Trust is not easily gained, and it is easily lost. Will Jinx be able to earn a place among the alles of the Titans, or does a betrayal loom in the future?
On the Wing January 21st, 2023 Birdfolk meet. Birdfolk talk.
The Leaning Tower Of Pizza January 17th, 2023 Welcome to Titan's Tower, Jinx! Come for the pizza. Stay for the drama. But mostly the pizza.
Billy Kaplan's Terrible No Good Bad Just Awful Day January 12th, 2023 Caitlin and Kían try to rescue Billy, who isn't having a great day. Little do they know—
Jenga from Space January 3rd, 2023 A piece of junk from space crashes in to a skyscraper in Metropolis. It's carrying a deadly plague of inky space monsters that eat everything and replicate when attacked or when they've eaten too much. A team of Titans, Avenger, and a mysterious new Kryptonian save the day. The world will never know how close it came to being nommed in to oblivion.
Space Lex 17: Destination Moon December 6th, 2022 The Titans return to the moon to recover the satellite launched from Space Lex 17, and run into some alien scavengers. They get a hint of why it went wrong, and convince the aliens to change to different line of business.
The Title Of That Irene Cara Song December 5th, 2022 Sight-seeing is a fun thing to do, unless you end up being the sight being seen.
Space Lex 17: A Story Full of Holes part 2. November 27th, 2022 The Titans Team Science! does what they do best, SCIENCE!ing the data from the mystery satellite from the Space LeX 17 mission. The conclusion: Lex Luthor's story is false, it probably /is/ a space weapon, it's remarkably dangerous, and a day trip to the Moon sounds like fun.
Movie Night with the Star(fire)s! November 21st, 2022 Movies in Titan Tower and a discussion of talking llamas!
Evolution is a Bitch November 12th, 2022 More science needs to be done on the birds! Oh well, Kian's getting used to that.
The Truth About Birds on Earth October 10th, 2022 Kían lets the bird out of the bag regarding the Secret Origin of the Birdfolk.  Gar and Terry have ideas.  Some of them might even be sensible.
Green Day: Age Me Up When September Ends October 4th, 2022 The Titans gather to surprise Gar and celebrate his 21st birthday, and he's reminded of differences between the family you end up a part of and the family you create and grow with others.
Knock Knock: Bird Who September 19th, 2022 In which The Talk is had, in a different way than before.
Two Birds September 18th, 2022 Gar and Kála have a chat about many things.
The Incredibly Strange Tree Creatures Who Stopped Behaving And Became Mixed-Up Pants Thieves September 15th, 2022 Mike's clothes were mostly found.  Agatha O'Neil already knows how to fly.  And Terry is in Shíri's sights.  No, for his artwork.
Nowear To Be Seen September 11th, 2022 The mystery of Mike's clothes is solved.  By losing the rest of them.
Pure Research September 10th, 2022 Cait has some biological facts that Kían wasn't ready for.
Myth Apprehensions September 7th, 2022 Diplomacy is complicated.  And some people have no sense of fashion.
Games Birds Still Play September 5th, 2022 Titans rock at birdball.  Terry's aim with glitter sucks.
Wild, Wild Life September 4th, 2022 Kaida and Kían feed the local wildlife.  One of them takes Kaida for a flight.  Without asking first!
One Perfectly Normal Evening September 2nd, 2022 Mike freaks out Kiár.  Maddie brings chocolate.  Kían falls off the balcony.  Just a normal day in birdworld.
My World and Welcome To It. August 31st, 2022 Birdworld is visited. One more visitor than was planned on shows up. And all moms all over the universe are embarrassing to their kids.
Lois' Belated Birthday Bash August 20th, 2022 Lois' birthday party includes presents, foam and... drag. You'll need a drink for this one.
Seeing Things August 4th, 2022 Freddy meets Vorpal. Amazingly, he still wants to join the team after that! Also featuring: The dooming of Kian.
Wonderland: The Cheshire Question August 2nd, 2022 The meeting to determine what to do about the Cheshire Question is interrupted by the arrival of Dream and Delirium of the Endless, who have their own ideas after having talked to the attendees one at a time in advance. A deal is struck, Wonderland is saved, and Terry is returned.
Sometimes bombs explode, sometimes they squeak July 27th, 2022 No description
The Homework Assignment July 24th, 2022 Following up on an assignment from Dream, Mike meets Kian to discuss the Terry in Wonderland situation.
A Dream Takes Flight July 20th, 2022 Dream confronts Kían in his sleep and asks him what the young, rising rhyták would have him do with Wonderland.
Please Don't Barbecue the Messenger July 13th, 2022 Agatha O'Neil has been apprised of Terry's situation. Good luck, Titans, you're going to need it.
The Blue Bird of Unhappiness July 11th, 2022 Kían is missing Terry badly. Madison helps him get out of his funk.
Wonderland: Looking-Glass Shard July 4th, 2022 Sometimes you dream of the darnedest things...
Wonderland:The Crown That's Always Hidden July 3rd, 2022 The Titans come to rescue the Red King from the Woods of No Names. Some people have different ideas about that.
Wonderland: If I had a world of my own July 3rd, 2022 The Titans save wonderland, but manage to misplace a cat in the process.
Take Your Mama Out June 21st, 2022 The threat has been carried out and some of Terry's team-mates visit his teenage-years bedroom to his enormous embarrassment, but slight relief that at least it was a small number that saw it. And then Raven chose violence.
Wonderland: It's The Wonders That I'm After June 20th, 2022 The Titans find Uffish, but learn that you can't even trust your own shadow nowadays. What is the world coming to?
Your Public Awaits June 19th, 2022 Kian discovered what it's like to be on the receiving end of fandom. Terry gets his tail pulled.
Birthday Party in SPACE! June 17th, 2022 There ain't no party like a Space Party! Janet and Nadia have a very happy birthday party with many of their friends on an asteroid near Jupiter!
Wonderland: When you talk through the mirror June 16th, 2022 Terry and Kian share a disturbing dream.
Putting The Bell On The Cat June 12th, 2022 Terry and Kian train Gar on how to be a Cheshire Cat. *Yakety-Sax plays in the background*
Wonderland: Unsteady Is The Head June 12th, 2022 The Titans can finally answer the age-old question: Whatever happened to Fae Rae?
Unjust Deserts June 11th, 2022 In the aftermath of a tragedy, Terry, Kian and Madison decide what to do to remember Headmaster Morrigan.
-Until Agatha Comes Along June 9th, 2022 Being the only one either a) awake or b)possessing a relatively sane mind, it falls to Kian to tell Agatha what has happened to her son. She takes it well. Mostly.
Wonderland: Grinners & Losers June 7th, 2022 In which two Cheshires swap grins and Kian gets totally baked.
Wonderland: The Nameless Deed June 5th, 2022 The Titans go to Wonderland to look for the White rabbit and find a whole lotta trouble instead.
Fit the Last: The Finding of the Snark May 17th, 2022 Everyone has given up on Snark hunting, apart from Captain Drum, and a bunch of very stupid aliens. Vorpal baffles the aliens, Tabitha threatens them. Kian and Victor try to keep the peace. Colette denies being a famous Snark hunter, but refrains from murdering everyone. Gunna eats a barrier, some concrete, and a tree.
Skies of Tomorrow May 8th, 2022 No description
One Bird Two Bird Red Bird Blue Bird May 5th, 2022 Two Titans talk team and tea.
Pool Parteh May 3rd, 2022 Social BBQ and Pool Parteh. Turns into Oceans 11 Style Heist Caper planning session.
Trawling with Titans April 24th, 2022 Damian goes on patrol with the Titans. It leads to some crashed cars and gleeful mayhem.
Probing the Boardwalk April 10th, 2022 An impromtu gathering on the boardwalk is disrupted when a glowy flesh ball with tentacles falls from the sky. It is promptly sent to Death Valley before being returned to the sky.
The Last Titan: Are you SURE you are who you are April 9th, 2022 The Titans try to persuade Troia she's someone called Donna, while Madison is more concerned in ensuring that the last scion of an ancient pantheon should get the chance to see Star Wars.
Trouble in the Underground Arena April 3rd, 2022 After the winners of the underground fighting ring are almost kidnapped, Irie West calls in the Titans to help save her friend Crush from ending up sold into slavery, or whatever it was the thugs had planned.
The Looking Glass: The Last Titan April 3rd, 2022 Look, honestly it's all very confusing. Donna isn't Donna any more and the tower is a MESS. On the other hand, there's a way into Wonderland available now.
Flying High in the Sky March 15th, 2022 Some teenage titans go flying
Lydia's Birthday Party! March 6th, 2022 Lydia has a delightful little birthday party. Gives were given, and Lydia was proposed to by Mystique! It's official now!
Metropolisn't: Alice Well That Ends Well March 1st, 2022 The Titans and their allies go to take the fight to The Alice Who Isn't An Alice. Things get weird. And then they get weirder still.
Show Me the Way to Go Home February 26th, 2022 Three quarters of the birds go home.  Items are transferred both ways.  Terry will wake up and have a difference of a pinion.
Metropolisn't: Fit the Second February 25th, 2022 The Titans Tower AI thinks the tower has been invaded by a Snark, but the only thing anyone actually sees with their own eyes is a shark. The cutest little land shark ever!
Multiple Birds are Multiple Words February 21st, 2022 Colette meets birds. Pizza is eaten. And the matter of Kian's codename is settled.
Valentine's Day and New Looks February 15th, 2022 Beast Boy and Vorpal exchange new costumes and Kian plays the part of the stubborn alien bird when the concept of one for him is brought up.
Metropolisn't: Hats Off February 9th, 2022 The Titans get some answers from the Mad Hatter, and Emiko gets to have a tea party with him. And yet, there are still questions left unanswered, echoing forever in the void in Nadia's soul.
Straight as an Arrow January 28th, 2022 Target practice in the Danger Room happens.
Evening Patrol January 26th, 2022 Kian, The Flash, and Arsenal capture a group who attempted to murder a cop. The officer is safe in the emergency room, and the bad guys are busted!
Path of Glory: Project Gozer 2 January 22nd, 2022 Team SCIENCE has assembled a test set-up for Project Gozer, and ventures onto the rooftops of Manhattan to give it a test run. Some angels learn that it's hard to fight when you're temporarily turned into a teddy bear, and they blame Vorpal, so everyone wins.
Games Birds Play II: Electric Boogaloo January 17th, 2022 Bird games are played. Cursing happens in the languages of two planets. And the honor of Team Bird is upheld. Barely.
In This House January 16th, 2022 The Titans get together for breakfast-for-dinner and talk. It's a much more sensible meal than night burritos!
*PRACTICE* Room! Not Danger! ...hopefully. || class="LogCell" | January 13th, 2022 || class="LogCell" | No description
The Anomaly Garden: Conclusion January 7th, 2022 In order to save the day, the Titans need to know where home base is, and whether it's duck season or rabbit season.
All That Glisters January 5th, 2022 Sarah discusses the etiquette of parley, Kian C3P0s about impersonating deities, Donna discusses Project Gozer, Raven lives on coffee and sarcasm, and Jon is not looking forwards to the morning.
WFTDA Meeting: Titan Edition December 30th, 2021 Hank gets more than expected on his first forray into the world organized Roller Derby. Next step. Making the team itself and perhaps getting some bona-fide talent, if he can manage to track down the Clown Princess.
Pushkin Around the Titans December 29th, 2021 Dmitri issues a dire warning about KGBeast to the titans, will they head it or be caught off guard by the Red Menace from the Red Room.
Birds at Play December 23rd, 2021 No description
Interplanetary Relations December 21st, 2021 A chat is had, 'twixt bird(woman) and beast(boy).
Back on the Wagon December 19th, 2021 = The Titans do teamwork training! Hawk, Dove, Thunderbolt and Kian face an impossible scenario in the Danger Room while Donna, Kate and Vic take turns to make it even MORE impossible.
Metropolisn't: Anomaly Garden 2: Meanwhile Back At The Ranch December 14th, 2021 It starts off as Wonderland but ends up Jack Parsons.
Of Mice and (Bird)Men (and Women) December 8th, 2021 The birds meet a mouse.
Metropolisn't: The Anomaly Garden December 7th, 2021 The heroes enter the Anomaly Garden to find a missing Navy base. Wonderland has truly come to Metropolis.
Birds in the Tower December 5th, 2021 Kían's family meets more of the team, and aren't scared off.
Metropolisn't: Tick To...ick Tock. December 1st, 2021 The repair man comes to Titans Tower to repair man comes to Titans Tower to repair man comes tower to repair the clock. Or break time. Man.
Happy Bird Day To You November 30th, 2021 This was not the way Kian thought his First Flight anniversary would go, with rather more than just a trimensional chat with friends and family.
Flash Mob November 28th, 2021 The Three Amigos (Kian, Beast Boy and Vorpal) Show up to Bart's apartment for an impromptu housewarming.
GIRL Expo: Day 2 November 16th, 2021 Girl Expo Day 2! Much Science! Much Tech! Wow! Do not eat the rats! Jane Foster is alive! Demon Girl?! The best is yet to come!
An Old Bird Returns to the Nest November 12th, 2021 Hank Hall returns to Titans Tower after four years absences. Tensions rise but, for the moment, everything seems to not be too destructive. Rough waters but not beyond hope.
Where is my booze November 12th, 2021 Kian brings his promised booze to Harley, though of course trouble happens right as they are to get to the good part. The Tenderloin girls decide it's time for some vengeance.
Metropolisn't: The Crass Menagerie November 10th, 2021 There's something very strange going on at the Zoo in New Troy, and the Titans and their allies rise to the occasion. Things are weirder than usual- even for Metropolis.
Guess Who's Back, Back Again. Gar is Back, Tell A Friend. November 8th, 2021 Gar returns from business on the West Coast to find things around the Tower involving Roombas and glitter haven't changed very much.
Dawn of the Titan's Tower November 5th, 2021 Both Dawn and Mary return to the Titans tower on the same day and an impromptu gathering occurs resulting in glitter and the promise of Thai for dinner.
Bolts from the Blue October 28th, 2021 There is practice, and then there is more practice.
Applied Research October 23rd, 2021 Seek and ye shall find.
Green as a gooseberry. October 19th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Damian and Gar's birthdays. There is sugar. There is a /lot/ of sugar.

So much sugar.

Roomba Uprising Pt. 2: 2 Fast 2 Roomba October 8th, 2021 Vic's Roombas decide to play football. There is paint and glitter and pizza, Donna talks to the hand, and several bad ideas are bandied about. Terry being responsible for the Titans' Halloween costumes is a terrible idea.
Homecoming, Homegoing October 2nd, 2021 You can, and can't, and yet still can go home again.
Only a Bird in a Guilty Cage October 1st, 2021 The avian Powers that Be come a-calling.
Games Birds Play September 30th, 2021 A normal day (for birdfolk) is had.
5000 Light Years to Birdland September 29th, 2021 Even alien families are embarrassing, and big sisters are evil. Also, lending Terry some wings can surely cause no possible problems...
Getting Some Air September 29th, 2021 Gar seems to have a big sister now.
The Wild Blue Yonder September 29th, 2021 Terry learns to fly. Kian gets a few things out of his system.
How Shall A Sparrow Fly September 28th, 2021 There is a certain danger in thinking that there is no place like home, when you're sleeping next to a living portal gun.
The Day Without Invasions or Crises September 18th, 2021 Donna and Kian let Kara know they are still alive. Nobody attacks the Tower.
The Perfect Drug September 16th, 2021 Terry comes back to Kian, who has been entertaining himself with chocolate and Harvey Birdman.
Welcome Home, Everything is Entirely Normal. September 12th, 2021 The returning Titans arrive back at the tower to find Raven in an unusually good mood. Kian and Gar are sentenced to death. Do not look up the Greek word /louri/.
Another You: Which One's Evil September 9th, 2021 Colette meets Colette, and everyone gets angry with everyone else. Apart from Bart. Bart's good. And honestly Colette is probably the second least angry at anyone, which is weird and everyone else should take a good long look at themselves in the mirror.
A Tight-Knit Team September 7th, 2021 Terry, Kaida, Gar, Harley and Kian become entangled in a knit-picky situation.
Winding Down September 5th, 2021 A bird and a Bart banter.
Il Mutante: In Fire August 31st, 2021 The Titans chase down Il Mutante at his new lair to discover he's about to open the portal at last, despite not having been able to figure out the dimension-bridging part required to create a doorway to the ZZGU doppelganger universe. It turns out he has changed his plan -- and intends to bring THIS universe's version of Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth to Earth. Spoiler alert: He fails, the world didn't end.
In Themyscira August 26th, 2021 On Themyscira, Titans talk of swords and size and lights leading the way.
Purple Haze August 22nd, 2021 Flights of Fancy are shot down by the deadliest weapon known to man: Motherly disapproval.
Themysciran Vacation: MEN! August 18th, 2021 The Titans are taken to the Palace on Themyscira. Donna visits Terry, Gar and Kian to help them settle in. Kian gets drunk, Gar doesn't get a dress, and Terry faints again (kind of).
In Erebos: The Gates of Doom August 13th, 2021 The Titans in Tartarus reach the top of the stairs just minutes ahead of the army of undead centaurs, but fortunately Diana has already sent word home to be on the alert, and brought extra Titans as reinforcements. The army of Themyscira and the Titans join together in an epic battle for the defense of Paradise Island, and a law that has stood for two thousand years is set aside - for the first time since the rise of Rome, men step foot on Themysciran soil, in recognition of the service they have done the Amazons.
Going To Pieces August 10th, 2021 The Aftermath of the Shi'Ar raid on the Grey household has some very serious repercussions for Terry, as Gar and Kian find out.
All The King's Men And All The King's Healers- August 10th, 2021 Phoebe uses her magic to heal Terry' wounds. But this is just the beginning of a very long week for Gar and Kian...
Shi'ar: Reckoning August 8th, 2021 Several X-Men and their SHIELD allies follow Jean as she races to save her parents. The Titans arrive to assist. While they're able to defeat the remnants of the Death Commandos and several strange Shi'ar androids, Davan Shakari brings a mysterious young man to the encounter. Jean calls upon unknown aspects of the Phoenix to revive her father, dying from a heart attack from the stress of the attack, but is then seemingly destroyed -- or absorbed -- by the mysterious figure.
He Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease August 5th, 2021 Vorpal and Kian train in the Danger Room while Kate ups the ante and Nadia wonders exactly how is Kian like Falkor. Surprisingly, Terry is not the one who pulls a Terry.
Mars Bars Are Made On Earth August 1st, 2021 J'onn stops by the tower and people gather. Predictably, it all ends in pizza.
In Erebos: The Ascent July 16th, 2021 Some of the Titans climb a staircase.
In Erebos: The Decision July 16th, 2021 The Titans travelling through Tartarus are standing on the threshhold of the way out when they decide to take the long way around to the Bronze Gate instead, in the hope of saving Themyscira. Except for Raven, who opts for the Iron Gate in the hope of saving reality.
In Erebos: Tartarus Awaits June 28th, 2021 The Titans travel through Tartarus, and it's a surprisingly peaceful journey. They charm a three headed dog and almost get in trouble for having picked the wrong name, but finally get to the Gates of Iron - where a mysterious woman tells them they're at the wrong gate.
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Continued Living and Became Mixed-Up Titans or Schoolteachers. June 24th, 2021 Kian, Colette and Terry discuss the advantages of regular trade routes, the impact of Catholicism on the teaching of philosophy, cultural stressors in hominid clan-groupings, and the problems of being a vegan who likes red meat and bacon.
This Place Blows June 23rd, 2021 Random encounter. Titans and Sif. Everyone is weirded out. Glitter is warned about. Ginny hopes to sign up a client without getting sent to Hel. Or Hell. Or anywhere else.
Meanwhile, back at the tower. June 19th, 2021 No description
Ghosts Aren't Real -- right June 15th, 2021 The Titans take in a horseman mostly so they can pun themselves hoarse.
Are You Sure This Isn't A Cartoon June 10th, 2021 No description
The Karaoke Trifecta, but they are actually four June 5th, 2021 It's Karaoke time at Sing Sing! Harley, April, Kian and Terry go and sing in duos. Kian and Terry do their best muppet impression. We find out April is the best planker in this side of Manhattan and they have the time of their life. Literally! They also end up going to April's apartment and actually see Dirty Dancing, among other shenanigans!
In Erebos: Pandora's Box June 5th, 2021 The Titans bust an underground sale of magical artifacts, and some of them get eaten by a box that sends them straight to hell. Or to be more accurate, Tartarus.
Themysciran Arts May 26th, 2021 The Themysciran Arts Center debuts its offerings to the public. The Center will be a bastion of immersing the public of the mortal world in all things related to paradise island. Caitlin Fairchild is welcomed in to the Amazon ranks, and a squirrel eats a hot dog that is bigger than its own body.
A Mouse among Titans May 26th, 2021 The Titans have a mouse in their house. Food was served.
For Those Forgotten May 23rd, 2021 Terry and Kian run into Superboy. Terry's mother embarrasses him. Don't ask bout the Pool Incident.
Heaven At The End of A Subway Ride May 19th, 2021 Kian's first trip to Coney island. There is sugar involved.
Mouse and Bird Central April 23rd, 2021 Kian meets Kaida and Kaida meets Kian.
We Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease April 19th, 2021 I have an idea....what if he WANTS to be a vigilante but never quite actually....DOES it and just...stalks people?
Getting To Know (Another) You April 19th, 2021 Alt-Colette comes to visit the tower.  There is some speculation involving laboratories and… never mind.
The Way Forward April 12th, 2021 How to celebrate the first year of the Titans' reunion? Terry gets a brilliant idea that in no way can possibly go wrong.
Krypton or Bust: Zod Returns April 8th, 2021 Zod turns up in a Kryptonian warship of design and capability never before seen by those on Earth. It was a good thing the Kryptonians weren't there to kill and conquer. They searched Earth for specific Brainiac technology and didn't find it. Their ship took quite a beating, as did Non, before they made a tactical retreat before more flowers grew on their bridge or Kryptonite was introduced in to their ecosystem.
Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'... March 22nd, 2021 Sushi and talk of the future in the main lounge.
And Many Future (Literally) Returns! March 15th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Irie's unbirthday, and Steel comes to the rescue when an unknown foe plays the partypooper!
Rooftop visit March 14th, 2021 Irie and Kian have a rooftop talk, while Nightwing swings by for a midnight dip.
There is No Crisis, but There is Pizza March 8th, 2021 A whole flock of speedsters descend on the tower, two thirds of them from the future. Bart, Wally and Irie talk about family with Donna and Kian.
Theory and Practice are Two Different Things March 1st, 2021 Kían needed to be reminded that he's not broken and doesn't need to be repaired, he's fine as he is… or will be when he sobers up.
Happy Birbday, Kian February 21st, 2021 It's Kian's first Earthday, because he doesn't have a birthday. The birb is joined by Wally, Colette, Terry and Gar to celebrate!
A Bart Bearing News February 20th, 2021 Bart comes to the Tower to update the Titans on the Phoebe affair
Another You: God Save The Queen February 17th, 2021 The Queen comes to Pym Technologies, The Queen does not leave Pym Technologies.
The Leap of Faith February 15th, 2021 There's a new birdman in town. Officially.
A Strange Non-Dimensional Being in a Strange Dimension February 10th, 2021 Kian and Mary properly meet Nihil. Nihil meets an apple.
Memento: A Moment of Calm February 10th, 2021 Mori celebrates her belated birthday with some pretty cool friends, like a normal person!
Another You: Let The Fur Fly February 9th, 2021 Gar vs. Gar. May the best Beast Boy win! Hint: it helps to have a team backing you up. Plus, a strange observer gets involved.
And the cat came back... February 7th, 2021 Raven, Beast Boy, Troia, Flash and Kian ambush Manxsome and beat him over the head with the power of Friendship and a lesson is learned by all.

But especially Terry.

At The Drop Of A Mallet February 1st, 2021 Like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, if it ain't one thing, it's anudda. Either you get depowered and have to confront your doppelganger or ya go runnin' around rooftops bein' chased by Harley's Hyenas.
Titans Touch Base January 31st, 2021 Kian and wally get to know each other. Plans to get him home maybe?
Wishmaster January 29th, 2021 Terry seeks to find a way to fix the hole in his soul. Amanda suggests not ABBA, but a man of wealth and taste as a potential solution.
It's A Hard Knock Life January 28th, 2021 The inimitable culinary wisdom of Harleen Quinzell is dispensed upon Terry O'Neil. If he is a good student, he might be able to learn how to serve some of her specialty knuckle sandwiches and the legendary Hertz Donut.
Bullish on Crime Fighting January 28th, 2021 Mary and Kate return to the tower to discuss bull-fighting. Wally, Donna, Terry and Kian show up, and drama ensues. Especially right at the end.
Another You: Getting A Hand Up January 26th, 2021 The wounds of the soul are the hardest to heal, sometimes. So, thank goodness for telepaths.
So I Was Thinking... January 21st, 2021 Birds can take action, it seems.
Another You: The Incredibly Shrinking Micronauts January 19th, 2021 In order for Gar to have more time to heal, Nadia takes the boys to a world... of pure imagination (and science.)
Get New Prospects January 17th, 2021 Billy Kaplan comes to the Tower, looking for a place in the team. Welcome to the team, Wiccan!
Who's The Fairest.... January 17th, 2021 Kian and Vorpal discover that Colette has a doppelganger after all - and not all doppelgangers are alike.
Another You: The Story So Far January 14th, 2021 Terry gets Kian caught up on everything that has happened, and they make plans for everything that is about to happen. More or less.
Another You: Infiltration January 4th, 2021 There is something deeply amiss at the Tower. Terry and Kian are creeped out by Gar Logan's behavior
Enjoy The Silence December 29th, 2020 Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm
It's in the Stars. December 27th, 2020 Apparently Ursa Major looks very similar from Delta Pavonis.
Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering December 23rd, 2020 The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
Get Off My Ship! December 16th, 2020 Two offworlders have a chat. At least they agree Earth isn't their first choice of worlds to live on...
Knock Knock: Who's Bird December 8th, 2020 In which The Talk is had.
Return of the Titans, with a Guardians assist December 2nd, 2020 Titans and Guardians work out how to get the former home. The Universal Church of Truth has other plans. All escape. All narrowly avert disaster. The Titans return, with visitors from outer space.
Winter Wonderland: The Dome Appears November 27th, 2020 A dome separates the Suicide Slums from the rest of Metropolis, and a army of toys is fought.
Winging It November 23rd, 2020 Gar and Kían spend some time together. And might spend more time together.
SHIELD comes a calling November 17th, 2020 Hellboy and Daisy come calling upon the Titans about a Banshee problem.
Daybreak Rites November 15th, 2020 There is a meeting of minds on the roof. Kian perhaps shows more than just what's on his mind.
Psychic Beacon: Some Assembly Required October 22nd, 2020 Nadia helps Kian solve the problem of converting his measurements and they attempt to develop Psychic Radio!
The Science of Things Meets A Shot in the Dark October 20th, 2020 Gar brings his potential plan to Nadia and Kian, who think it might just work in some way. Kate catches some of the idea as well.
Broken Sky: Listening For the Echoes October 19th, 2020 The Titans follow a signal from the point of the collapsed wormhole to Jupiter, where they find a stand-off between two alien species. Much confusion ensues, but eventually the Titans find someone willing to help.
The Young and the Restless October 18th, 2020 Gar is restless over the fact the missing Titans still have not returned. Kian ends up a source of distraction, and a few similarities and differences are touched on.
Thursday Afternoon Hijinks at the Tower October 15th, 2020 No description
Book Report October 14th, 2020 Sometimes even final requests aren't easily fulfilled.
While the Cats are Away: Payback September 25th, 2020 The Titans defeat the Fearsome Five!
Why Did Nobody Mention The Cat Isn't Dead September 24th, 2020 The Meddler visits Titans Tower to explain to Kian that magic is math, to interpret nonsense for Kate, to be baffled by Kyle's unconventional ringing, and is almost murdered by Kori's sandwich. Why do all the Titans have names beginning with K?
Does he bite when in the Infirmary September 22nd, 2020 A myriad of people come to bid Robin get well soon.
A bird and a clown walk into a bar... September 18th, 2020 Harley doesn't find her booze at Titan's tower but meets Kian. Introduces him to the concept of booze and they talk about optimism and hope for what is to come next for the Titans and those missing out in space.
While the Cats are Away: Knock Knock, Anybody Home September 15th, 2020 The Fearsome Five show up and make their presence known. Doctor Light is captured.
A Rekindling of Hope for the Titans September 12th, 2020 Timely tidings from teammates are told to the Titans, transforming temperaments.
If My Words Had Wings September 11th, 2020 Kian gets a bequest, and a potential suicide mission.
Bearing Bad Tidings September 9th, 2020 Carol delivers a load of bad news and SCIENCE to the Titans in the aftermath of the Warworld battle. Damain is a bit of a pill.
Titanic Pyrrhic victory September 6th, 2020 Aftermath of War of the Worlds for the Titans at the Tower. Kate got everyone pizza. Newcomers were welcomed aboard after the Trial of Fire on Warworld. Kara was filled in about the missing teammates.
New Friends And Old Friends September 6th, 2020 The Titans hold a meeting on getting organized and what to do about their missing team members, and end up gaining a new ally in Sarah Rainmaker.
War of the Worlds Finale: Meanwhile, In Orbit September 5th, 2020 The Titans (and friends) implement the other half of the plan to deal with the Warzoon invasion. While forces battle the invaders on earth, a desperate plan goes into effect to force War World itself to retreat. The great battle station is infiltrated and Brainiac technology used to undermine it, while a fight takes place on the surface of War World itself to take out the shield generators. The mission is a success and War World flees - but not all the Titans return.
A New Dove Dawns August 22nd, 2020 Dawn Granger makes her first visit to the Titan's Tower. She confronts a destiny; the Titans confront a memory.
Ethics In Superheroing August 22nd, 2020 Advice is precious. Advice is valuable. And sometimes Bruce Monkeywrench breaks you.
Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition August 22nd, 2020 Some of the Titans talk about the implications of a new 'Dove' rejoining them.
So No Sleet There I was August 16th, 2020 Kate gives Sio a peptalk. Terry and Kian give Kate firstaid. Heroics were recounted.
Grilling on the Roof August 14th, 2020 Grilled foods and discussions were had
Keen To Meetcha! August 9th, 2020 The Cheshire Cat meets the Silver Banshee, and the bird throws some shade.
An Alien Display August 9th, 2020 Colette attempts to convince a group of Titans that the most moral course of action is to perform a heist on a museum. They do not agree, because Superheroes don't do situational ethics!
A Melody atop a mello T August 6th, 2020 Caitlin and Siobhan share an impromptu jam session on the roof and Kian gets a taste of Earth music.
When a Banshee cries for help August 1st, 2020 Siobhan moves into the Titan's guest lodging while they try to help get a handle on her mysterious spiritual 'else'.
The Bird is Not the Word July 25th, 2020 Kían's loquaciousness fades, to his dismay.
Did You Just EAT the Rosette Stone, Birb July 19th, 2020 Kian outrages his English tutor by speaking perfect English. Luckily Kate is there to stop Colette from rampaging.
On Top of the World July 18th, 2020 Titans welcome Garth back to the tower. Exchange some childhood tales of strange days or normal ones. Also space rock.
A Casual Three-Dimensional Stroll July 13th, 2020 Flying is done. Conversation is had. While Terry kibitzes.
Return to Base July 12th, 2020 Nobody told Nadia not to get into a stranger's jet, but luckily the strangers were the Titans. She comes to the tower to find the Titans gathering together after victory over Brainiac. Once the adrenaline come-down passes, the Titans start to party.
Amateur Bowyer July 8th, 2020 Kian teaches Caitlin a bit about his customs and culture.
War never changes July 5th, 2020 Donna and Vic sit down with Kian for a talk about the nature of their current conflict, and the nature of conflict in general.
Zen and the Art of Killing Brainiac Drones. June 29th, 2020 Kate's Danger Room program is ready to show the Titans what they are facing with the Brainiac drones. It's not all doom and gloom, just mostly.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! June 26th, 2020 No description
Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle. June 25th, 2020 In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session.
Come Into My Parlor, Said the Spider to the Flying Thing June 24th, 2020 A bird, a ghost spider, and a mutant meet at a hot tub. Whurf.
Titans Tower Social June 9th, 2020 A gathering of Titans where the drinks aren't poisoned, the Amazons don't do Sports Illustrated and swords are waved around but nobody's stabbed.
War of the Worlds - Part 2a May 31st, 2020 While the battle rages in Metropolis beyond, the Titans take the battle to the enemy, boarding one of the attacking Dreadnoughts and capturing it.
War of Worlds pt 3 May 31st, 2020 The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party May 26th, 2020 New faces and old friends alike meet on the Titans rooftop for summer fun and hero talk.
Defying Gravity and All Common Sense May 25th, 2020 Kian and Gar go flying and try to play a game with Vorpal, but while being an Akiar, Gar struggles with everything that's really going on inside Vorpal's head when mental contact is made.
A Flighty Forum May 23rd, 2020 Keagan meets Kian atop the Daily Planet.
Bad Choices HoloTheater May 12th, 2020 Kate takes some of the prospects and Titans on an adventure in the Danger Room. Mistakes were made.
TITANS: The Spider-Maker's ArcHIVEs. May 7th, 2020 Kian, Vorpal, Starfire, Flash, Cyborg and Troia answer an emergency call. So does HIVE.
One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today. May 3rd, 2020 Colette visits the tower for Kian's latest English lessons, while Gar actually refuses food and isn't entirely overwhelmed, Naomi learns that you don't get detention for saving the world, Terry attempts to induct an alien into the Cult of Carol Channing, and best of all Caitlin bakes EXCELLENT cookies.
Now, Why Would They Call It a Danger Room May 2nd, 2020 Kian, Naomi and Vic trade some flight pointers.
Visiting Hours Are 9-6 April 28th, 2020 Mary and Kyani chat with Naomi and Kian about joining the Titans. No one said there'd be tests!
Homecoming April 22nd, 2020 Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Sittin' on the Tower by the Bay April 18th, 2020 Names and histories can be difficult sometimes.
Where Nothing Terrible Happens For A Change April 15th, 2020 This is when Terry finds out what caffeine does to bird-people.
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go April 13th, 2020 A heart-to-heart always does a measure of good before taking a plunge down the Rabbit Hole.
Do you Know What We Did Last Evening April 12th, 2020 Titans + Rooftop = Unexepected Happenings. Amazons, Empaths and Aliens, oh my!
Mirror Mirror, Nevermore. April 11th, 2020 Old wounds heal.  New wounds are opened—and some of those heal too.  People start shipping unbidden, and that's probably going to the the worst part.
A Confusing Flight April 8th, 2020 Kian and Naomi meet atop Titans Tower.
Getting To Know You April 1st, 2020 Gar's plan was so simple - spend some time socializing with Kate to see whether she and he will gel, because Gar wants there to be a Titans again. Bring Terry, Colette and Kian along. Eat Churros. Then Spider Robots happened, and Gar's plans seem to have suddenly moved rather faster than intended.
Happy Harbor: Bird Plans March 28th, 2020 Kian's finally got a plan nailed down.
Spread Your Wings March 22nd, 2020 Apart from minor fainting accidents, the long-anticipated meeting of Bird and Beast (Boy) is a success. For once Colette is better at keeping secrets than Carol. Terry gets his car towed.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Taking A Breath March 18th, 2020 Kian drops in on Morrigan and they have a chat.
A Lonely Bird March 16th, 2020 Colette finds Kian at last. They talk about wings and lying. Much is learned about alien psychologies.
Birb's in the Wood. March 7th, 2020 Carol brings Kian to the amusingly-named Cheesequake State Park for a quiet meeting in the woods with Colette, to prove to her the birb hasn't been dissected.
Happy Harbor - Enrolling a Bird March 2nd, 2020 Carol takes the wayward bird to Happy Harbor to enroll him in the school project. Thankfully both Doctor MacIntyre and Kian seem to be on board with this plan.
Little Birdhouse in Your Soul February 26th, 2020 Carol and Kian talk, through translator and then mind to mind. Carol is trying to figure out what to do for Kian. They end up flying.
I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More February 20th, 2020 Kían arrives on Earth. It's awkward.


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An Unexpected Call September 13th, 2022 Further instructions from the Avian Powers that Be.
An Unexpected Flight February 19th, 2020 What should have been an uneventful flight from Kyshán to Akiár… isn't.

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I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me
    --Mal's Song by Michelle Dockrey [ edit ]

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