12203/Ninja vs Shark!

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Ninja vs Shark!
Date of Scene: 28 July 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Betsy Braddock, Iara Dos Santos

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The only thing worse than a Thursday morning training session in the Danger Room is an surprise Thursday morning training session with Psylocke. Betsy doesn't do many lessons, and so there's no clear idea what her expectations are, or what the training subject is going to be. The answer becomes clear when Iara walks in: A gorgeous forest grotto large enough for Iara not to feel closed in, but small enough that there's no hiding out of range. A brook cuts across part of the grove, reducing the size somewhat, but still plenty of room.

Seated in the center of the grotto in lotus position is Elizabeth Braddock, dressed in black hooded leotard with a purple sash, tall soft-heeled boots and fingerless gloves in black, and her hair caught up in a sleek pony tail under the hood of the leotard. Across her lap is an unsheathed katana with a darkwood handle. Her hands rest clasped atop her sword, and her eyes are closed with an almost serene expression on her face.

When Iara enters, Betsy doesn't blink or move. << Greetings, Shark-Girl. >> A flicker of energy around her face as she allows her peculiar psi-butterfly to manifest briefly, illuminating her features under the hood before she opens her purple eyes and continues audible, voice cool with her high class British lilt. "I do not believe we have had any training together. Are you one of those that are bothered by telepathy? I do tend to prefer mind communication when training, but regardless of my reputation I'm not a completely cold-hearted ice bitch." A slight smile, "At least, not this early in the morning."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara looks around with that blank black-eyed shark stare, her voice betraying her waryness far better than her face as she says "Uh... I can do telepathy, just, y'know, don't make it awkward." in her brazillian-portugese accent, whatever she means by that, scanning across the trees and seeming to already be formulating some sort of battle plan. She seems more comfortable talking at the moment as she says "So you gonna like... come at me with your sword? Because I don't really fence or anything..."

     The Shark-Girl wears her black and yellow "trainee" outfit that goes down to mid-bicep and mid-thigh, leaving most of her gray scaled limbs bare, webbed digits and claws out as well as her face as her only weapons she brought with her. "Honestly I don't know much about you other than you're super deadly, but with my body count on Warren's training missions I figured I'd get some formal training in here sooner or later..." seemingly implying this is her first time in the danger room.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"No awkwardness? Where's the fun in that?" She gifts the Shark-Girl a hint of a wicked little grin, but goes back to her serene expression quick enough. "And I shall dull the edge with telekinesis." Betsy promises Iara with a hint of a wicked little smile, even as she gets to her feet with all the grace of a panther. She runs her finger along the edge, leaving a trail of purple energy that seems... squishy?... somehow.

She rests the sword across her shoulder as she tilts her head at Iara. "Well, I shan't bore you with the long version, but the short version is as well as being a psi I spent some time in the body of an assassin naked Kwannon. When I was restored to my body, I retained the skillset. Yes, dear, I am super deadly. So don't hold back." She circles the girl, assessing her. "I haven't read your file in depth, so I don't know your capacities, other than that you're from Brazil and have selachothropy. I assume your claws and teeth are enough to make up for a lack of sword, mmm? Or at least, that's what we shall hopefully see. Anything else before we start you feel I should know?"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara cracks her knuckles, and then gives a stretch as she says "I can punch through cinderblocks and bite through metal. Well, thin metal anyway, my bite's real strong. And I'm tougher than I look, I don't have like, a Wolverine style healing factor, but I heal up faster and easier than normal people, normal cuts that would kill a normal person without attention wouldn't do the same to me. From what they've said in the lab anyway. Uh..." She thinks, saying "Oh yeah, and don't try to grab me if you want to keep the flesh on your hand. Touching my scales downward is fine, it'll feel super slick, but the other way... my scales are actually the same material as teeth and they're pointed, so if you try to grab me and I pull back at all it'll take the skin and meat right off ya."

     The Shark-Girl pauses awkwardly, and then says "Oh yeah, uh, I do frenzy sometimes when I get hurt or taste blood, but I've been getting used to it... It's instinct, like a reflex. Being out of the water makes it less likely. And it's like... I dunno, it's not like a werewolf curse where I just completely go out of control but at the same time I might do something more lethal than I want to under certain circumstances... So I guess if we're training and you're psychic you can get in my head to see how close I am to doin' something stupid..."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Oh, if you bite too hard, I'll just break your jaw to get you off." Betsy gives another hint of a cat-like grin. "Or tickle your brain until you let go. Especially if you heal cleanly." That grin widens a little, before she winks and grows serious and serene once more. "I'll keep a light touch on your mind to monitor your state of mind." She tilts her head slightly, and pushes the hood back. "Which I was going to do anyways, but with your frenzy in mind, I'll go a little deeper."

She then stretches, and takes a deceptively relaxed looking position with sword gripped tightly in one hand. "Danger Room: Initiate Psylocke One Playlist. Iara, I want you to come at me with everything you have, as if your life or the lives of those you love are in danger. If you're self-conscious we can do a little role play to get you into the proper mindset. Any questions before we begin?"