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Betsy Braddock (Scenesys ID: 351)
Name: Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock
Superalias: Psylocke
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Model
Citizenship: Dual UK and US
Residence: NYC area
Education: Some college
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Entertainment, Mutants, Asgardians, Hellfire Club, X-Force, Xaviers, X-Men
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 03 Jul 1997 Played By Aya Osanai
Height: 5'10" Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Purple Eye Color: Purple
Twitter: @VioletButterfly
Theme Song: 'Adrenaline' - Shinedown

Character Info


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British supermodel who had fallen off the face of the world, and only recently has come back into the light. Rebuilding her life and career, and refusing to explain where she's been.


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*1997 - Born two minutes before her brother Brian Braddock, the daughter of Dr. James Braddock and Lady Elizabeth Braddock, Countess of Windsor. Younger sibling of Jaime Braddock.
*2011 - The twins are kidnapped, and during their incarceration Betsy's mutant powers manifest. They are rescued by a man wearing the colors of Captain Britain. Both children are brought to believe the kidnapping is an extortion bid. Betsy makes fledgling use of her powers, mostly trying to hide them at her parent's behest.
*2012 - James and Lady Elizabeth are killed (actually murdered) by an electrical short. The twins conspire with Jaime to ensure the family isn't broken up by adoption agencies. Despite their grief, they throw themselves into life to try and cope in their own way. Elizabeth starts the process of attaining a commercial pilot's license, and is scouted by a modelling agency and starts building a portfolio.
*2016 - Elizabeth's big break: she is the cover model for Cosmopolitan Magazine, receiving world-wide attention. On a trip to New York, she encounters several of the X-men and starts reconsidering using her powers instead of hiding them.
*2017 - On her 18th birthday, Elizabeth is created Countess of Windsor and officially joins the rolls of England's peerage. A few months later, unbeknownst to her, Brian nearly dies after being run off the road on his motorcycle. He becomes the newest Captain Britain.
*2017 - Elizabeth moves to Oxford for two years of school, supplemented by stints as a private pilot. She also becomes associated with a group of individuals who would later call themselves 'Excalibur', and she dubs herself herself 'Psylocke' for the first time. She follows the reports of Doomsday's clash but does not participate in the combat against that alien.
*2018 - Brian is incapaciated and Elizabeth takes on the mantle of Captain Britain. She soon after runs afoul of the villainous Vixen and her agent Slaymaster. Slaymaster gouges out Elizabeth's eyes in a fight, before being killed by Brian. Betsy falls into a deep depression and is forced to use her powers to navigate the world while blind.
*2018 - Betsy is among those brainwashed by the alien known as Mojo, who returns her sight with artifical eyes. She elects to keep them after being rescued and formally commits to joining the X-men. She is with that group during Loki's assault on New York.
*2019 - Elizabeth is kidnapped by Matsu'o and the ninjas of The Hand. Her old enemy, the sorceress Spiral, conducts a ritual intended to give Elizabeth's powers to Mastu'o's wife, Kwannon. Instead it creates a gestalt creature that is a genetic, spiritual, and psychological blend of the two women. The 'Bladed Lady' was eventually subdued by the X-men. After she recovered, 'Betsy' came forward as an altogether new person compared to the Elizabeth many had known and loved.
*2020 - Betsy attends the disaster of Genosha's destruction, and joins other mutants in trying to recover the lost and the dead from Brainiac's assault.

IC Journal

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Disassocative Identity:
Betsy meets the DSM definition of Disassociative Identity Disorder. Her 'primary' personalty calls itself 'Betsy' and is fully in control of her thoughts and actions. The other two dominant personalities are Elizabeth and Kwannon. Elizabeth tends to contribute more to emotional and social concerns, whereas Kwannon tends to be violent and coldly logical.

Material Girl:
Betsy is not one for ostentatious displays of wealth or power. The only exceptions to this are clothing and cars. She has a weakness for designer clothing, particularly her shoe collection, and for high-end automobiles. Rare luxury rides, classic pony cars, modern supercars; she's not above using her wits, wiles and powers to take a joyride in something that catches her eye.

A proper Brit would call it 'pensive'. Because the aristocrats of England are not prone to 'moods', nor are well-honed tools of assassination. They bottle their anger and depression and frustration up in very unhealthy ways, and bury it under a glacial composure.

But if there's a word for the stranglehold Betsy has on her feelings, 'moody' is a good fit.

Betsy is absolutely committed to 'the cause' of the Xavier Instutite and has great personal loyalty to Charles and the other X-men. While she is not particularly 'fond' of children in general, she is fiercely protective of the students and can get downright violent if she feels they are threatened.

Public Figure:
Betsy is used to the limelight. As a supermodel, as a member of the British peerage; she basks in their attention and has no fear of cameras or reporters. She can effortlessly exude a confident amusement on demand, no matter how little of her heart might be in it at the moment.

There's a killer inside Betsy, and it is fueled by rage. Rage at the injustices perpetrated against her. The indignities forced upon her. Rage at her dead parents, fury at the machinations of those who manipulated her mind and body, and a constant need to lash out. Every day is a trial of self-control for the purple-haired woman.

Character Sheet


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Betsy has limited precognition in the forms of dreams and rare visions that are sporadic and uncontrolled. Either they are immediately short-term, warning of imminent peril, or they are complex and nuanced dreams that lean towards bizarre metaphor and are difficult to interpret.

Betsy can create psionic energy with the power of her mind and focus it into a weapon. This originally took on the form of bolts of psionic force that attacked only an opponent's mental pathways. A more martial application of this technique is a blade-shaped weapon that can cut as readily as a sword or only attack someone's spiritual energies. She can also generate a 'knife' of psychic power that allows her to fully express her talents and channel the totality of her full powerset behind a single strike. This blow delivers immense telepathic and physical trauma, more than sufficient to smash through notional psychic barriers and cause permanent damage to the nervous system. The energy she can thus deliver is sufficient to maim, paralyze, and kill.

Tactical Telepathy:
Betsy has honed her innate talents into tools useful for infiltration and subversion. The primary use of her telepathic talents are concealing her mental 'presence' from other psychics. Even extremely powerful or well-disciplined ones struggle to sense her no matter their proximity.
She can extend this to non-psychics nearby, a half dozen of them with ease and more with great effort. Betsy can also 'link' a group of people into a telepathic network that allows them to share thoughts and even simple images with each other, with ease. Adding more than a half-dozen people, or over longer distances with more complicated concepts, radically increases the difficulty of that task. Simple speech can be exchanged with nearly zero effort.

If she is in the presence of an active opponent, known or unknown, Betsy's precognitive abilities may kick in and warn her of the impending threat. The information she receives is vague and often impossible to parse beyond a sense of immediacy and peril.

Betsy's mental defenses are no less well-developed, and run towards confusion and subversion over brute force, bogging assailants down in murky misdirection while her psychic attacks are calculated strikes at vulnerable zones.

Betsy's tremendous telekinetic strength is offset by her relative lack of control and precision. Smashing a car door apart is simpler than unlocking it from the outside. She can levitate herself and even affect something like flight albeit in a clumsy fashion. With tremendous effort she could stop a speeding car or even hold up a small buidling on the verge of collapse.

Notably she has practiced forming shields and barriers to deflect attacks, and can establish these fields anywhere she has line of sight. Her use of her gifts is often direct and unimaginative. She most often uses her telekinetic gifts to bolster her physical qualities, giving her functionally super-human strength, agility, and endurance.

An extraordinarily powerful telepath, Psylocke's style of mental manipulation runs along the lines of brute force, much like a sledgehammer. She can communicate telepathically, reading thoughts and transmitting her own to people. She can stun or paralyze a person with a focused thought, black out or erase their memories, and rapidly 'scan' an area with her awareness to get a lay of the land. She is capable of projecting her awarness into the Astral Plane or other realms with ease, and is as dangerous a combatant in the realm of the mind as she is in the flesh.

Her gift for illusions runs towards simple deception that implants a powerful suggestion in the target's mind. Additionally, she may outright crush a person's mind to take control of it entirely, though this requires tremendous focus on her part. Almost constantly and reflexively, she uses her abilities to 'shade' her psionic and telepathic gifts, making her difficult to detect (even to very powerful psychics) and masking the aura of her gifts.


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There is a lot of overlap between the work of an assassin and the work of a secret agent. Reconnoitering the target, gathering data, planning operations and preparing the ground ahead. During Elizabeth's time with the British Government she was taught the basics of tradecraft, a skillset furthur reinforced by Kwannon's training as an infiltrator and assassin.

Betsy speaks English and Japanese natively; French, Cantonese and Mandarin conversationally; and she knows a smattering of German, Spanish, Italian, Thai, and Korean.

Martial Arts:
Betsy's martial arts skill, even un-supplemented by her powers, are formidable. Kwannon received extensive training in the various forms of classical karate, supplemented heavily by judo, jiu-jitsu, and koshijutsu (nerve strikes). Her training partners and coaches would routinely include special intstruction from experts in Russian Sambo, Filipino Escrima, and American boxing. The ultimate goal was not stylistic mastery or the harmony of the spirit: it was to make her into a fearsomely effective combatant. The training has, thus far, suceeded spectacularly.

Betsy is a very good model, and it's not just because of her looks. She's a hard worker and a good actress, tolerant of heat and cold, wind and rain, catwalks and jungle alike. Holding a yogic posture for ten minutes while modelling summer swimwear in frigid coastal waters takes a fair amount of self-discipline.

The essential martial art of the ninja. This is Betsy's martial speciality. Infiltration, reconnaissance, and assassination. A ninja is not supposed to get bogged down in something as mundane as a 'fight'. Their training focuses on tension and explosion, biding time to deliver the most effective strike possible to the weakest point they can create. It focuses on extreme mobility and agility, and attacks that are meant to maim, disable and kill as effectively as possible.

Betsy is a more-than-average student of photography. It is a hobby that is bordering on professional, needing only for her to start marketing her work more aggressively. But unlike modelling, it's work Betsy does for the joy of the medium, and she is loathe to monetize her art.

Originally Betsy learned to how to fly light cargo craft and passenger airplanes after her parents died. It was a coping skill, an excuse to spend a few days or a week or two away from home while she and her brothers processed their grief in their own way. Since joining the X-men she's been rated on several other airframes, and is notably one of the better pilots of their SR-71 Blackbird.

Betsy's upbringing included a bit of everything, at her family's insistence that a well-rounded mind is a healthy one. Ice skating, polo, dressage, auto repair, gymnastics-- though not exceptionally athletic, she took to everything with a natural grace. Since integrating Kwannon into her psyche, the new gestalt brings a lifetime of perfect physical discipline into alignment with those various talents.


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Captain Britain Corps:
Betsy served well and faithfully as Captain Britain. Though it is not her destiny to be THE Captain Britain of this universe, she could still be called to action again.

Family Money:
The Braddock estate is an old and dignified manor home. Though not a sprawling residence it commands a good deal of land both around it and in the incorporated townships nearby. Betsy's family has enough residual wealth that she and her brothers can live very comfortably off investments and passive income streams, allowing them to pursue their own ambitions with no fear of financial failure.

Betsy's days of dominating runways are mostly over, but she could still make a comfortable living working as an activewear model almost anywhere in the country. She still has an agent and many friends who went from wearing clothes, to selling them.

Betsy is one of the X-men, an early addition after the original First Class was recruited by Xavier. With only a few substantial departures for personal reasons, Betsy has largely stayed steadily on the X-men roster since she was 18 and a reservist during her time at school. She is a trusted member of that team, and could call upon them for significant aid if she was truly pressed.

Xavier Institute:
Betsy notionally teaches fitness, art, and dance classes at Xavier's. Few students elect to take more than a semester of study with her; she's a notoriously demanding mentor. Where Betsy excels is as a counselor for the most alienated or displaced students. Some of those having the most difficult integrating into the school have found her their best resource for steady, pragmatic support.


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Adrenaline Junkie:
Betsy likes action. Base jumping, skydiving, snowboarding on a slope no one has tried before. It feeds into her being a hero and a martial artist. Just another way to get that thrill with the adrenaline rush. Perhaps enough that she pushes herself into situations that are more dangerous than she should.

Balance of Power:
Betsy's abilities-- telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis-- all share the same well of power. And there is a finite amount of that she can channel at once. Using one means weakening the other two for a time. Much of her focus goes into trying to sustain those powers simultaneously and restore their equilibrium as quickly as possible.

Family Issues:
Betsy was particularly close to her father, and his death was a hard shock for the Braddock children. Jaime, the oldest, had always had mental health issues and they were significantly exacerbated by the incident. Betsy, just 14 at the time, was just coming into her mutant abilities. The Braddock twins eventually were forced to commit Jaime to a mental wellness center, and set about fumbling for their own paths towards adulthood. Upon learning of her father's status as the former Captain Britain, Betsy's relationship with that icon became fraught with resentment even as Brian (and later, herself) stepped into that role. She is still at odds with that part of her family legacy.

Flight Confidence:
Betsy loves to fly. In a plane. Running across rooftops, parkouring between them, even skydiving is fine. But she has a distinctly uncomfortable relationship with more self-powered forms of flight. Though perfectly capable of levitating herself along under her own steam, it's something she very rarely does outside of dire emergencies.

Sense of Self:
Betsy is a gestalt consciousness, a unique 'person'. But there is frequent pressure from her dormant personalities of Elizabeth and Kwannon which may affect her moods and decision making in seemingly unpredictable ways. A recurring nightmare of hers is re-living the ritual that melded those two awarenesses together-- though she wakes up screaming in fear at the idea of her 'self' being ripped apart to restore them.

The Hand:
The Hand as an organization-- and their fearsome leader, Matsu'o-- see Betsy's defection as a dread insult as well as a devastating loss. For Mastu'o, he not only lost his most loyal and effective killer; he also lost his lover and mistress. The Hand has standing orders to kill or capture the woman they knew as the Bladed Lady.

Betsy is a killer and has few qualms about using lethal force against determined adversaries. Elizabeth's long-simmering anger-- at life, at the death of her parents, at the injustices perpetrated upon her-- are unfortunately all too good at reinforcing Kwannon's impulses to just kill everyone and let God sort them out. Betsy can be explosively violent, and is kept in check by rigid self-control.



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Betsy Braddock has 132 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Prepare For Trouble Make It Double May 12th, 2024 Kwannon has an emotional breakdown and breakthrough, and then it's time for tea and biscuits!
Tandem Refrigerator Raiding May 3rd, 2024 Betsy and Kwannon have a talk about who is who, and also make Nikuman!
Having an Identity Crisis April 21st, 2024 Rachel puts Betsy's mind at ease about who is the Real Betsy, mainly by agreeing to have them both see the Professor. Or Jean, which won't be weird, honest.
When The Mirror Looks Back April 17th, 2024 Betsy encounters Kwannon, but after some tension finds a kindred spirit.
Butterflies and Firebirds April 5th, 2024 Betsy and Rachel share the moment, memories, and much more.
The Tower, Inverted April 2nd, 2024 The entity is no more, but something unknown was gained. What will be its legacy?
Hanging out by the Lake March 18th, 2024 Stones are skipped, Patty meets Betsy. Gets advice from Monet and gets soaked courtesy of Catseye.
It's My Party February 21st, 2024 The town turns out for Emma Frost's birthday bash (of whatever year it is).
Mutants and Master Molds: Getting Gyrich February 2nd, 2024 The X-Men go to sneak up on Henry Gyrich to see what he knows about recent Sentinel Shenanigans. They find he knows nothing of interest. There is mental trauma from poking about in his head while he was indisposed. And dinner goes In and Out.
Encounter whilst shopping January 28th, 2024 After buying an elegant dress for Tigra, she and Betsy go to visit Betsy's club.
Never Forget the Rice! January 23rd, 2024 Remo takes care of the thugs with some unneeded help from Betsy.
Mutants and Master Molds - Ghost in the Machine January 18th, 2024 The X-Men find a storehouse filled with Sentinel parts being stolen. While they're there to investigate they face off with the real thing!
Staff Attendance January 16th, 2024 Hellion faces trauma over his powers, and his feelins that his lack of control define them. Psylocke and Douglas try to talk to him. Or talk him down.
Avalon Calling January 14th, 2024 Betsy is feeling the need to go to Avalon. This forces her to face the reality of her relationship, leading to the amicable parting of Betsy and Alexander.
Ring in the New Year Clobberin Style January 1st, 2024 The heroes manage to fight the bad guys and stop the zombies but someone grabs the payand collects the combat energy released
New Phone, Who Dis November 10th, 2023 Auction shenanigans are narrowly avoided.
Hand in Hand October 25th, 2023 The Hand start to be all Handsy.
Not Very Greek Of You October 4th, 2023 Alexander shares some of his history with Betsy.
Tea Lights and Wine September 15th, 2023 Ok fine, Psylocke comes home and is cute.
Smoke and Mirrors September 9th, 2023 The X-Men do battle with Black Team 5 1, and the rest of his soldiers. The captives at the hidden lab are rescued after a gritty and violent battle. Magneto puts on one hell of a light show before fleeing in to the sunset, and Mr. Sinister offers an ominous fairwell.
Hello August 26th, 2023 A phone call between the two about the crazy X-Men stuff going on!
Some Concerns August 26th, 2023 Scott reveals his concerns about Jean's Phoenix situation to Betsy.
The chism Trail August 19th, 2023 The X-Men are confronted by Black Team 57 after a mission to Washington to try and garner support for ending HR-485 before it can be voted in to law. The mission rapidly goes south, with much danger and much explosions!
The True Test of a Relationship August 1st, 2023 Moving Day!
The Wire was Over-Rated July 11th, 2023 Deadwood is way better.
What Makes You Think You're 7-11 Caliber, Betsy June 20th, 2023 Wade has an idea!
Sickly, sinful, spectacles stand, shuffle, shamble and saunter shamelessly in mine scandalized sight! May 31st, 2023 Psylocke and Alexander get a slushee.
So Let Me Tell You About Kelsey May 16th, 2023 Alexander updates Bets on the Ares situation.
Why do I have to tell you anything, when you can just read my mind April 28th, 2023 Alexander catches Psylocke up on the Bauer case.
Met Gala 2023 April 15th, 2023 The annual event is a success. Everyone who was anyone attended! Or just those that had nothing else to do that night.
How Was Your Day March 31st, 2023 Alexander comes home after the Battle at the Starport.
Day of Destiny! Or: Recruiting Time! March 11th, 2023 Wade begins gathering his army, only to be foiled by the likes of the X-Men!
Almond Joy or Mounds February 21st, 2023 Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. And look! There's two of them present. Betsy runs into Wade and Harley at the park only to learn things she didn't really want to know.
After the Aftermath February 17th, 2023 Alexander touches base with Elizabeth after the attack on the Triskelion.
Queen's Gambit February 6th, 2023 Wade plays chess. Betsy spectates.
Protector or Protectee January 19th, 2023 Jimmy and Betsy catch up a bit while he demonstrates his skills with an axe.
Two nerds and a cool guy. January 6th, 2023 We had tea!
I wanna be a lounge singer. December 18th, 2022 It's on. And now, you had best bring it.
Rich Women in the Winter December 10th, 2022 Two rich telepaths talk at the Hellfire Club while Betsy's date enjoys the fries.
Snitches Get Stitches December 6th, 2022 Betsy delivers some information to SHIELD. She meets Agent Aaron and invites him to an unconventional dinner for his trouble.
Xaviers: Haunted Hayrack Ride October 28th, 2022 The Xaviers School annual Halloween special. This time with limited commmercial interruptions. It aired on FOX at 6:30pm, and was viewed by approximately 82 million households.
Treehouse tea time October 13th, 2022 Ororo and Betsy catch up.
The Story of Doom October 9th, 2022 A story is told, unintentionally. A world, discovered. We might have our next Danger Room program idea.
Children's Works Gala - Gotham City October 8th, 2022 A very fun Gala with one of the few organizations that is not attached to a ctual crime in Gotham, the Children's Works. Battle of the Bands commences!
Salem Center Oktoberfest October 4th, 2022 Oktoberfest at Salem Center is full of beer and food, and there's even a fight.
Resonants: Sneaking Svartalfheim August 19th, 2022 Svartalfheim artifact is retrieved. And probably a war between Asgard/Midgard and the Dark Elves Maaaay have been started.
Duet To Me Harder August 12th, 2022 Jimmy needs to practice his stealth. He decides to two-fer and snoop on a friend at the same time!
X-Folks: Dox-M: Camping Noobs August 7th, 2022 The X-Men make the world, and a Montana Summer Camp safe for S'mores and undersized tees. A number of fankids are made and the amount of wild dyejobs at the Xavier School increases.
If one is to go to war with another at their side, then best to learn of them. August 6th, 2022 Thor meets with Psylocke and realizes she is bonkers.
A Night's Reflection August 2nd, 2022 Jimmy comes across Psylocke vandalizing the lake area so he sets her straight, I tell you hwat.
X-Ren Faire August 1st, 2022 X-folk and T'Challa show up at the Ren Faire and there are some learning and teaching.
Pieces of Mind: Outbreak (Finale) July 31st, 2022 The telepathic X-Men and Jane Foster regroup to hunt the Shadow King, to force him out of a horrible new body he's made.
X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older July 30th, 2022 There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Welcome to the club. July 29th, 2022 Psylocke is introduced into he madness of Resonants, greeted by Sif and Zatanna.
Daisho - Hai! July 29th, 2022 Daisho forged. Cosmetics handled. Fun had!
Redheads Running Rampant July 28th, 2022 Ninjas spontaneously attack! And met with gossip, chatter, and life catchup.
Ninja vs Shark! July 28th, 2022 No description
Ramping Up for the Birthday July 28th, 2022 Party perparations are made. Tabby reveals new powers to her closest friends. Betsy make an even more impressive splash!
That Itchy Feeling July 27th, 2022 Psylocke and Jimmy catch up and he tells her all about South America.
Pieces of Mind: Stalemate July 26th, 2022 The telepaths discuss how to extract Charles from Shadow King -- while their mage ally offers a dangerous suggestion.
Kitty's 21st Bday River Rafting July 23rd, 2022 White water rafting in Oregon is Kitty Pryde's 21st birthday party
Poolside Daydrinking July 22nd, 2022 No description
Neenja goes sword shopping July 19th, 2022 Yet another satisfied customer. Models who are also Samurai. Yay!
Trying to fill the day and night. July 17th, 2022 And A third job is gained.
AIM of the Savage Land July 15th, 2022 The sentinel dinodaurs are destroyed as is the base which produced them. Our heroes retirn home with pit any greivous wounds for once.
HFC Silver Party July 15th, 2022 The Hellfire Club party is a success!
Butterflies and Wood Axes July 14th, 2022 Two adrenaline junkies meet by chance, and do non-adrenaline junkie stuff.
Egos and the English June 23rd, 2022 Monet and Betsy have a quick talk.
Siren's Call - Amateur Night at the Hellfire Club June 2nd, 2022 Colleen Wing wins Judge's Award, Betsy Braddock is the People's champion.
Psylocke Knock Knock May 14th, 2022 Betsy makes a wellness check on Tabby. Reminds Tabby that she's family and keeps her in the non evil path.
X-Folks: Dox-M: The Pox on 'em May 9th, 2022 Warning: Implied trauma and abuse.

Tabby's research into her recent bad luck turns up deeper problems in the world of social media and the internets. Plans are planned to use the knowledge for the good of mutant kind or at least feeling really good about themselves.

Also. Tabby's dad is a complete bastard.

Psychics at the Beach May 3rd, 2022 Two psychics dance at the pool.
Telepaths and Traumas April 25th, 2022 Two telepaths snark over gossip and presumptions at Xavier's.
Mutants of Finer Things April 3rd, 2022 There's some chatter amongst the well to do back at the Mansion, plans are made, gossip exchanged.
Hellfire Mardi Gras 2022 February 23rd, 2022 The Hellfire Club's Mardi Gras party for 2022 sees a lot of beads earned.
This is not medically sound. February 10th, 2022 Tabby sneaks out of the med bay cause hungry. Gets caught, shares Sandwiches and exposition with Emma and Betsy
Hellfire and the Pits February 4th, 2022 A Ninja, an Ego, and a Succubus walk into a bar..
Business with Betsy January 13th, 2022 In which the telepaths catch up and Emma makes Betsy a proposition.
Holly Jolly December 4th, 2021 Christmas decorations at the Mansion turns into the nefarious plots of the night.
XAVIERS: Caroling pt 2 November 25th, 2021 It is that time of year again. The Xaviers School gang tries to go out and spread Christmas / Holiday cheer. It sorta goes pretty good this year! Everyone is surprised by this...
Xaviers School: Cooking X-travaganza November 17th, 2021 The Xaviers Thanksgiving pre-game cooking! It is a moment of peace, calm, family and no aggressive space bird people!
Hellfire Club End of Summer Pool Party August 22nd, 2021 There was a pool party! Everyone had a time.
A drink in the VIP August 13th, 2021 Betsy and Remy share a drink and a dance.
Ground Zero, Prologue June 26th, 2021 It was a good day, until things went sideways.
Someone's been busy. June 26th, 2021 Nicolai makes his intentions known, Clarice throws a tantrum and Betsy proves the point: Nicolai doesn't need to belong to the Brotherhood to know that people have his back.
Sion Re-Opens! June 25th, 2021 Betsy hosts a gala at a nightclub, complete with barbarians at the gate.
New Beginnings at Sion June 24th, 2021 A meeting of minds at Sion turns out very well, with Nicole taken on as the club's latest bartender.
Warren Buffet June 22nd, 2021 Warren shows up with a ton of leftovers from one of his corporate business meetings. What better place to give away free food than a school!
Jukebox Zero June 6th, 2021 Plenty of drinks, plenty of food, and some jukebox shenanigans
Betsy brings ideas to Emma June 1st, 2021 Betsy and Emma agree to spread the job love!
Time for a drink. May 25th, 2021 Logan shows up for a beer.
Betsy hires a bouncer May 25th, 2021 Betsy hires James.
Betsy wants to give a beating May 19th, 2021 Rogue talks Betsy out of anger
Models and Ninjas and Apaches, oh my! March 22nd, 2021 No description
Not Quite Afterparty March 21st, 2021 Sandwiches and chatting over things best left unsaid.
Drinking Tea Like Civilized People March 8th, 2021 Ororo, Betsy, Gabby and Kitty gather for tea up on the roof.
Sam comes limping home. November 23rd, 2020 Sam and Betsy talk cars, life, and catch up.
Backyard Introductions November 3rd, 2020 A random meeting of James Hudson, Betsy Braddock, Gabby Kinney and Noriko Ashida. Insert
Not Completely Insane October 23rd, 2020 No description
HI BETSY September 26th, 2020 Spiral shows up in Betsy's nightclub. This time Betsy and a lighting technician are actually present. A lawyers card is exchanged, and then Betsy makes Spiral sound like she's awesome!
Bad Luck Darling September 21st, 2020 Bad luck, leading to a new life for Luck Bender, in the hands of Psylocke.
An unwlecome investigator... September 20th, 2020 Spiral driven off, Jackson's diary stolen, Psylocke stops the cyborgs!
X-men: Road Rage September 2nd, 2020 Betsy, Beast, Julio, Rogue and Iceman stop a mercenary attack on a convoy. But Vulture and Green Goblin get the drop on the X-men.
Dude. Where's My Car September 1st, 2020 Betsy's car is stolen in Salem Center. She, Kurt and Kitty uncover a chop shop, and evidence they built a heavily armed military vehicle for someone.
X-MEN: The Dark Down August 29th, 2020 The X-Men venture into an unfinished abandoned subway tunnel, only to discover an underground race is in full swing! THE DARK DOWN CIRCUIT, only there's no banana peels in this race, just giant MAN EATING SPIDERS! And yeeting!
Xavier's Kitchen Meet and Greet August 26th, 2020 People catch up with Moira and Betsy during meals and snacks in the kitchen
The Zen of Gardening August 23rd, 2020 Betsy bumps into Ororo in the gardens. Home and family are the themes of the conversation.
Braddock Family Reunion August 23rd, 2020 Betsy and Brian get reacquainted after a long time apart.
A Night at the Circus August 22nd, 2020 Psylocke and Gambit answer a distress call in a far off land.
Atlantis Needs Help August 9th, 2020 Namor and Lorna address the X-men about the threat to Atlantis and the surface world and ask for help.
Welcome to the X-Men, Thor! August 5th, 2020 Betsy falls off a roof.
Telepathic Ninjas Cheat August 1st, 2020 Arthur saves the day and Psylocke tries to kill everyone and Bolo shoots a guy in the knee meanly.
You'll Find Me In The Club July 21st, 2020 A fun night out at the Hellfire Club's Dungeon night club!
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Twisted Treeline June 30th, 2020 No description
Betsy and Bishop talk security June 13th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop discuss security
Betsy plans with Lorna June 12th, 2020 Charity plans proceed
Asking for Accounting help June 10th, 2020 Betsy offers Bobby a job, and discusses her plans.
Setting up Sion June 9th, 2020 Making Acquaintance while putting Sion together
Mutants, Beer and Ribs June 4th, 2020 Alliances are made.
A Sinister Plot: Claws of Fury May 26th, 2020 Another group of hunters, led by Bishop, check out the spot Gabby was taken.
A Sinister Plot: Malicious May 25th, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! Side One
A Sinister Plot: Mission Assignments May 24th, 2020 Scott has Betsy scan for the missing. THere's not much to go on, but it's a start. The X-Men are on the trail.
When Betsy met Bishop May 11th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop spend a nice afternoon shooting clay pigeons.
When Sentinels Attack! May 7th, 2020 A Wild Sentinel from Genosha's attack, arrives in NYC and goes straight for Mutant Town, luckily some heroes are there to stop it.
On the First Day of Jenny's Birthday... April 26th, 2020 On the first day of Jennymas, Jenny gave to everybody: cake. And got an awful lot of awesome gifts.
Pastries on the Roof April 22nd, 2020 Warren and Betsy catch up and talk about recent events over some donuts.
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
Mutant Rights Fundraiser! April 4th, 2020 Money is raised, art is made.
Breakfast March 29th, 2020 Alex attempts to make breakfast for Betsy, Emma, Laura, and Gabby, but tempers flare in an argument over suspicion of Emma's reasons for being at the mansion and closeness to Alex.
A Very Britsh Ninja March 9th, 2020 Alex Summers meets Betsy Braddock and get to know each other, including what it's like to deal with unexpected powers.
Re-Model the garage February 29th, 2020 Model Garage
Breakfast News February 29th, 2020 It is too early a Saturday morning, but some issues can't wait


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