12812/Come On Knock On Our Door

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Come On Knock On Our Door
Date of Scene: 16 September 2022
Location: Jubilee and Noriko's Apt - College House
Synopsis: They haven't talked in a while, so Iara Dos Santos comes to check in on Jubilation in the wake of all the anti-vampire sentiment that seems to be growing.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Iara Dos Santos

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's dorm room at Xavier's has always been messy, a fact that was likely pretty annoying for her then-roommate Noriko Ashida. Clothes, sneakers, candy, and so on, would always seem to find their way to the floor and things are no different now that she's been forced to leave the dorms and into the college building. The only difference is that now there's a large, wooden coffin where a bed would normally be, clearly and plainly visible from the living room through the bedroom's open door.

    It's a bright sunny afternoon in Westchester, but the window shades have been closed and the curtains have been cinched shut. Little pieces of blue painter's tape are stuck around the living room, each labeled with a particular hour of the day, indicating the spot that the sun's deadly rays would peek at that time if the curtains were open.

    Jubes sits on the couch, both feet pressed against the coffee table, knees bent. She's surrounded by piles of what look like ancient scrolls and papers, records of a bygone era. She's holding one in her hands, staring at it, frowning at it, squinting at it, as she struggles to make sense of whatever's on it. "What the fuck... I..." She sighs and puts the parchment down in a huff. "Where's a nerd when I need one?"

    A knock at the door draws Jubilation's attention upward. She tosses the scroll onto the couch and vampire-glide-walks to the door. Even without her vampire senses, anyone could tell that the knock is high and strong. It has to be Hank McCoy coming to help her with her academic problem. King of the Nerds!

    "...You're not a nerd..." is Jubilee's greeting to her visitor. It's not Beast, but there's another person on campus with a knock like that...

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Standing there in the door way is a very confused Shark-Girl, about to say something before Jubilee says she's not a nerd. "I... uh... thanks?" she says looking inside and seeming to grow more concerned about the state of the room, before those beady black doll-eyes look back towards Jubilee, that toothy maw giving a bit of a slightly worried frown.

    "Everything okay, Jubes? We haven't spoken since the rec room the other day, with y'know, the whole Fleeb nonsense with that twerp running for office, I dunno if I just missed the boat, uh, no pun intended, or what was going on with that, thought I'd check in..." before she smirks, and leans in a little, saying "Us man-eating apex predators gotta stick together, right?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "/You're/ an apex predator," Jubes replies, giving the shark-girl a fangy smirk paired with a good-natured point of her index finger. Like Iara, her razor sharp teeth are always there, always present, as she never quite got the hang of retracting them like so many other vampires are known to do. "Lately it's like every week there's some new asshole who thinks he's some distant blood relative of Van Helsing or something." She rolls her eyes, just casually name-dropping the famous vampire hunter, though it's not clear if she's referencing literature or an actual person. Does she really deal with the Van Helsing family tree...? Maybe it's a joke, but she seems stressed. "You wanna come in?" she asks, stepping to the side to give the shark space to come inside.

    Jubilee heads into the living room as Iara explains her visit. "Oh, uh, yeah, I'm good, I'm good. Just..." Jubes looks around at the chaos. "There's a lot going on. Someone's...What's the best way to explain this...?" She closes her eyes, seemingly struggling to come up with the right way to say it.

    "I mean, Fleeb is a total B, but... I dunno, she's not even the biggest problem," Jubilee explains. "The, uh, 'birth' rate is getting out of control here. Someone's been making babies without my say-so."

    Apparently, one of the hundreds of parchments spread around the living room has a possible explanation?

    Something causes Jubes to suddenly go wide-eyed and on the defensive. "Oh, yeah, I, I totally forgot. I was supposed to help you find a boyf!" Jubes exclaims, turning to face Iara with an apologetic expression. The face of someone being stretched very thin by responsibility. Naturally, she just assumes Iara has come to check in on that obligation.


Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks, and then laughs, saying in that brazilian-portugese accent "Oh, don't worry about that, I uh... damn, there's no way around this one, but you know what they say..." as she winces, almost as though it pains her to say this, "There's... plenty of fish in the sea, heh. I swear I didn't just come over here to say shark puns..." but she shrugs, saying "Hey, don't forget, even if the Van Helsings come knocking at your door, you're here with your fellow hunted. Yeah, you might say you're not an apex, but by that logic I'm not either becuase sentinels exist. But then, like the sentinels, we'll kick the ass of anyone that comes calling for you, making us both apex again, right?" She raises her scaly, webbed hands palms-upward as the tall shark-girl leans in again, as though inquiring for a flaw in her logic with a smirk.

    Her attention is drawn to the parchment around the room, blinking in incomprehension as she says "Uh... well they warned me when I got here that the Xavier's school was a horny bunch but-" before stark realization flashes in her eyes, and she smacks a fist into her other palm in a gesture she must have learned from anime, saying "Oh! You mean like... Vampires... uh... bloodlings? Isn't there a name for a newly turned vampire or something? Freshling? Freshblood? That almost sounds right..." She looks around, kicking a wrapper with a bare, webbed foot, saying "You uh, got a roommate Jubes, or are these from people you've had over that can't pick up after themselves?" She then grins, as if thinking of another joke very loudly, but refraining from saying it at the moment.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Iara's failure to see the bigger picture draws out a fangy grin from Jubilation, even a good-natured roll of her eyes, her smile unyielding. "Not /Xavier's/.... /Westchester/!" she adds. "There's a rule... " The Duchess of the Great Vampire Nation of Westchester stops right there, remembering the true nature of what she is, who she is, and what she upholds. Her responsibilities, thrust upon her unwillingly, force her to restate and clarify.

    "There's a /law/..." Jubes restates. "...No one /sires/ a /childe/ without the Duchess's approval." She throws around fancy-shmancy vampire vocabulary like she's known it her whole life, giving Iara something a bit more accurate to chew on than 'bloodling' and 'freshblood'

    "...But, like... /Every/ night I'm down at this cemetery or that cemetery. And /every night/ there's some jerk crawling out of the newest grave. They never know what happened to them and there's never anyone there to take care of them..."

    "So, like, /obviously/ there's going to be a bunch of stuff going on that Fleeb and the Fleebettes notice. All these babies are on the streets causing trouble all look-at-me and obvious-like...!" Jubes huffs and rakes her fingers through her hairline. "And /eventually/ someone's going to figure out that they're coming from here...." She sounds worried. Jubilee is most certainly not near the top in the mysteriously complex vampire political hierarchy. The Great Vampire Nation of Westchester is barely even recognized as a sovereign nation among their kind. The human world doesn't even know it exists or that Xavier's is within it.

    "You want something to, uh..." Jubilation walks towards the fridge in the kitchenette, sounding like she's struggling to even remember the word. ".../eat/? Or drink? I mean, I have...Well, you know what I have, but there might be..." Jubilation opens the fridge and finds... not a whole lot beyond pouches of blood. The fridge shared with a speedster is destined to never have food. Jubilation turns to watch Iara over the open door of the fridge. A roommate? The question seems to puzzle her.

    "Nori..." she answers, as though it should be plainly obvious. But, maybe it isn't? There are framed photos of Noriko and Jubilee all around the apartment, some of them just typical smiling-for-the-camera poses, while other ones are ample evidence of something more. "My..." Jubes begins, finding once more that her vampire brain is struggling to find the word that she certainly knew while alive.

    "...Fiance." She finds it. She says it proudly, even loudly at first, but then it draws out a mild discomfort, along with the memory of Iara offering herself to be eaten that one time.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara, the hulking triangular-toothed apex predator, giggles at the emphasis Jubilation puts on her words, muttering "You say it like Gambit." as she talks of *sires* and *childes*. Appart from that mutter though, the pointed shark nose and big black eyes stare at the vampire, paying utmost attention to her words, nodding appropriately at her words. At the sudden breath of cold air from the fridge the shark inhales deeply and tenses up from the scent of blood within it, but shakes it off, swallowing before looking around with Jubilee's motions.

     "I... oh!" the shark again says with realization, but then confusion, and then realization again as she spreads her arms and then bearhugs the smaller mutant-turned-bloodsucker into her ample chest, saying "I didn't know you were getting married!!! Shit, when is the wedding? God, that's... fantastic, I'm so happy for you!" She tries to lift the smaller woman and swing her from side to side in her strong hug, biting her lower lip with those almost humorously sized teeth as she looks up, and then back down at Jubes, mercifully releasing her as if the undead girl still needs to breathe, still positively giddy at the news.

     "Okay, okay, like, I need to mentally process that and let that sink in, holy crap that's a bombshell..." The shark puts her hands on Jubilee's shoulders, smiling, and then looks a little confused again, before shaking her head, shivering as she says "Okay, like..." before she puts a hand to her head, releasing the vampire entirely and moving to sit down on the couch, saying "Shark-brain... instincts... thing apparently associates excitement with more biting so I felt like I should bite you in celebration for a moment there and that's not a thing people do, hang on... Hoo..." She shakes her head again and then inhales and exhales deeply, looking up with a more relaxed smile as she says "I am seriously excited for you two. Damn, I gotta get to know Noriko better, if she's gonna be your wife, 'cause you're awesome, and if she's gonna be your wife she's gotta be awesome too..."