13522/A Trickster for a Spa Day

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A Trickster for a Spa Day
Date of Scene: 06 December 2022
Location: Spa
Synopsis: Loki comes to 'talk' with Emma while the blonde is at a spa. Then turns into Thor. The blonde suddenly is much more enthusiastic at the visit.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Loki

Emma Frost has posed:
What was the point of being rich if one couldn't go ahead and take advantage of it? Emma settled things like high class spas simply by buying them out and having them be available for her 24/7 or those she felt like indulging. She was currently relaxing over in a hot tub, on her own after having gotten a full treatment. It did wonders for her complexion after all! She would be sipping ag oblet of wine

Loki has posed:
"You have exceeded my expectations," Loki's sly, but currently relatively serene, voice floats to Emma. He's arrived, it seems, to intrude upon her relaxation time. He's selected a comfortable, probably personal (or illusory?) dark green robe to stroll around in.

It appears that he may have just arrived, as he doesn't wear any marks of being particularly relaxed or through any treatments as of yet. It may be... somewhat jarring, though, to see Loki outside of his palace or trickster Asgard leathers: though since he does look like himself, he still has his Asgardian health shining through.

"I am happily surprised to find you have excellent taste in relaxation venues," Loki adds, coming over. He doesn't actually invite himself into the hot tub she's in; he just crossed to talk.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would be surprised over at Loki as he would come in out of nowhere. She makes no move over to hide herself or adjust her positioning, glancing over at him. "Why, what brings you to my presence, Loki Laufeyson, current regent of Asgard?" SHe would gesture over at him. "Might you care to join me then? This place does such lovely work. I could have you given a session without a few minutes. The joys of being the one in charge."

And having bought up everything. The spa, the staff, and everything around it to enjoy herself as she saw fit.

"There are plenty of ways to indulge the mind.. This place is to indulge the body. I'm glad that you agree." Not asking why he's there yet. That's not polite!

Loki has posed:
"Of course; impress and regale me with your spa's offerings," Loki says overly grandly, with a soft, partially controlled laugh. At the invitation though, he smoothly moves to sit down, angling his feet into the hot tub, and relaxing back on one arm. It's a proper catlike position of retaining power while reclining. Then again, Loki is a prince - and a sort that knows full well how to behave.

Unalike CERTAIN princes that are all war and hammers.

"My mind is overly indulged for now," Loki chuckles dryly. A Loki method of admitting to mild stress, perhaps? And suggesting he doesn't want to talk about it too directly. "Such demands of me. You can imagine. Have you suffered such requirements on your time, lately?" Is she busy?

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at LOki, "I can imagine. And yes, I'm always rather busy. But it's good also to take notice of when one is in such a position and to schedule some time away from it. You're more than welcome to go through a routine here if you'd care to test the quality of the services."

Emma does not seem to be busy, sitting in the hot tub and drinking wine while taking to the current Regent of Asgard. Life always has things that it throws in the way of.

Loki has posed:
"I /do/ reserve the right to abort at any time," Loki chuckles. "As often, extreme situations arise out of nowhere, making demands upon me," he says, with a clear mixed feeling about the situation. It may be that Loki enjoys being so important, but also that being bothered is tiresome, in some sense! Hard to have it both ways...

"For example, in addition to /all/ the other things on my plate, there is a curiosity active in the Astral. A mischief spirit of some kind. Which, as you might suspect, interests me. Still, priorities," Loki gripes evenly, stretching his feet out further, and performing a Loki Hair flip <tm> to push his dark hair back off one shoulder.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Loki for a few moments, considering over while looking him over. "Of course, I can presume that ruling a realm lends itself to very much along those lines. The facilities here are open to you to use as you would wish. I believe the staff would be honored to know they were working over a god." She would smile.

"And I do owe you a favor. If you wish to have me investigate the spirit.. I am willing to pursue it."

Loki has posed:
"Or they will be extremely intimidated or distressed, because they knew someone from a few years ago," Loki reminds, evenly. He's very aware that these humans here still remember that he had an army invade and killed a lot of them. There's that. He doesn't excuse it or show any emotion around it in particular, other than awareness... that the 'temperature' of New York does NOT favor Loki!

"Though I can mask that to relieve any... issues." With that, Loki does a quick, easy little shapeshift. On whim, he chose his brother Thor's form. In some ways, it's uncomfortable and painful to drag up thoughts of his missing (dead?) brother, but in another, it is as if he's making a show of how fine he is, how not grief-stricken he is, how he doesn't feel anything...

Loki's manipulative, and likes to be seen in certain ways. It's surfacing here.

"There," snorts the shapeshifted Loki, with an amusement that may or may not be false.

"As for the spirit -- give it to you entirely? What fun is left for me, then?" Loki-Thor huffs, as if she were stealing a puzzle.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to lean back over against the edge of her hot tub, and then let ou ta little laugh. "Oh, I think in the last few years there have been such a great many crisises and catastrophes that your's might as well be so far back in the past as to almost not register. THere are only so many extraterrestrial invasions one can have in a few years before they tend to blend together." She would qiup over at him.

She would nod over at Thorki and laugh softly. "I do think that you would be quite popular over in this form. There might be some questions on the matter but you could merely tell them that you're one of the pretty boys I take in from time to time to have eye candy. No one would question that." She would laugh over at him.

"And I suppose that's fair. Where's the point of fun and games if one doesn't get to play them oneself?"

Loki has posed:
"You are suggesting the people of New York have so /many/ enemies that rubbing the feet of one of them is just another day?" Thoki asks, amused. His shapeshift is very accurate, the voice is Thor's -- but not the cadence of speech. Loki shapeshifted but didn't put on a 'character': so it feels more like Loki wearing an illusion, as it lacks the acting part to really sell it.

"While I have my doubts, I do think they'd still perform close to best. Perhaps not /best/, as fear has a tendency to cause shuddering and muscle problems, which isn't ideal for massage," Thoki chatters. He does finally shed the dark green robe and move into the hot tub. No, he isn't nude, and there's plenty to eye-candy from current shapeshift - if a bigger 'godly' frame is preferred. Loki's is normally just the slimmer, sleek version of godly. Everyone has their preferences.

He isn't flirting, there's no tone of it; he just joins her there and drapes his arms on the back of the tub, dominant of the physical space. ...There's some acting, starting, then.

"Still, you can 'catch up' to where I am with the spirit, then we can look at it... so, yes, one of these evenings I'll show you a bit of it's trail in the Astral," Tholoki decides.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would reply to Thorki, "I don't think that anything particularly stands out at this point. Last year we were invaded by angels.. Two years ago by the Shi'Ar.. I think those have left more recent impressions upon the city at large. Now if you were to go to Metropolis they might have a greater recollection.." She would gesture over at Thorki as he would join her.

Emma could appreciate the eye candy as the very muscled man would join her in it. "Why how lovely." Emma would grin over like the Cheshire Cat as she would enjoy the view. "Of course. I'm more than happy to lend what aid I can. In light of recent events it would be a welcome distraction.. And something that would no doubt be interesting." Ther'es always some sort of crisis going on. So something to challenge her that's not putting ever so many things at risk is welcome.

Loki has posed:
Thloki allows his head to drop back a little. It's a loft, sort of arrogant adjustment, that reads more of Loki himself than his shapeshift... maybe. Just because Loki is being himself - at least in personality - at this moment. Which some people find disorienting, like an actor breaking character really heavily!

"Some do appreciate this form, I've heard," Thloki snickers as Emma grins at him, with a Loki-esque smirk. He doesn't refer to Thor in the past tense, though. "Or seen. For centuries and centuries." Scoff. But good-natured. That good-natured little expression suggests he's shifting into character now, playful. "Have your events brought you to crave distractions?" Loki asks.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost does find this indulgent. "There is something to be said for such lovely company. And yes.. The intent is to fully appreicate what we have, after all." Emma would playfully coo over at him. She would settle in over at his question and go to think on it.

"Yes. Things have been.. Rough, on a personal level and all the other things giong on. As always, our kind does not have it easy." Mutants i ngeneral. "So we must always been on guard. But yes.. It's nice to have such pleasant distractions. They're a reminder that we can be indulgent."

Loki has posed:
"Always save some time aside for the selfish indulgences, I've //always// said," Thoki laughs. He allows the deeper, rolling laugh of his shapeshift to surface, though it contains the sharp caltrops of Loki's style.

At the coo, he turns one hand to flip the fingers at the side of her hair, from the hand that's relaxed half behind her. It's friendly, but willing to play; he hasn't shut the fun down. "No, outsiders and those different always get that pressure." Loki's not a golden god of Asgard, and feels that outsider quality - but he isn't angry about it, just relaxed. Being prince regent has helped some, maybe...

But then, Loki frowns. Some magic has tripped... "Annnnnd I am being intruded upon. I think I can resolve this quickly. If you can give me, say, an hour, I'd like to continue this, though."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Loki, "OF course. I'll be here. Do feel free to contact me again. Just if there are others do be somewhat more discrete if you do arrive when you return. I'm here to enjoy the rest of my day as well. Your company is just as pleasant as the spa itself, so do feel free to return at your discretion. I do appreciate the companionship."

It's nice to have someone pleasant to talk with that of all ironies being the Prince of Trickery means that the two can have a direct conversation with banter and yet no actual seeming stakes or games played. Of everything that might be expected from the Trickster

Loki has posed:
"It could be longer, or shorter," quips Loki. He hasn't stood up, or moved: there's no indication ...but he gives her a thoughtful, long smile as she tells him she appreciates him... before abruptly casting a teleport, and dematerializing, robe and all.

No stakes, just a quick friendly catch-up ... perhaps there is a real friendship there, not just a game!