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  White Queen  
Emma Frost (Scenesys ID: 182)
Name: Emma Grace Frost
Superalias: White Queen
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: CEO of Frost International
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Centinel Hotel, Bushwick
Education: ESU, MBA at Wharton
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Groups: Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 21 Feb 1996 Played By
Height: 5' 10"(1.78 m) Weight: 144/436
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Character Info


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Emma Frost is the young, newly minted CEO of Frost International, a well-known VIP of the Hellfire Club, and secretly the White Queen of the Hellfire Club's secretive and illusive Inner Circle. She is a mutant with extremely powerful telepathic powers, though she keeps that a secret-- both her mutant status as well as her abilites.


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* Feb 21, 1996: Born

* April 2006 Mutant Powers of Telepathy Emerged

* May 2012 Graduated Private High School with Honors

* June 2012 During falling out with father, was kidnapped. Through power use, walked away from it with the ransom money.

* September 2012 Started College at Empire State University, paying her way with the ransom money.

* May 2016 Graduated ESU, Double Major in Political Science and Education

* June 2016 Joined the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle as a Pawn

* September 2016 Started MBA Program at Wharton

* May 2018 Graduated Wharton

* Jan 1, 2020 Made CEO of Frost International so her father could "retire"

* February 21, 2020 Made the White Queen of the Hellfire Club

IC Journal

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Emma has felt powerless much of her life, despite her mutant powers, and as such craves both power and (positive) attention.

Emma is beautiful, which goes a long way, but even more than that she has learned how to charm and flatter others, set them at ease, and otherwise leave a positive impression on those she interacts with.

Emma is highly intelligent and driven to learn more.

Character Sheet


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Innate Neurologist:
She has an innate understanding of Neurology and brain function, which she can use to her advantage with her telepathy or in understanding the science of how the brain works

An Omega-level telepath, her abilities include: reading minds, implanting mental suggestions, wiping memories, psychic shielding, astral projection, mental sedation, and inflicting mental pain via physical touch.


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Business Acumen:
Graduating with high honors from one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, Emma is educated and also has a knack (a large bit helped by her telepathic abilities) to do business.

Emma's true dream is to be a teacher and educator of children and teens. Though this dream has been largely quashed by her father, Emma did double major in education and does spend a fair amount of her free time studying the various theories and rulings on education to keep up with the field, even if it's one she has largely resigned herself that she will never be a part of.

Gifted Intellect:
Emma is highly intelligent, and this is enhanced by her telepathy. If she doesn't know something, she can figure it out or rip the information from someone else's skull.

Emma is a consummate planner, always looking at every possible permutation of any decision and trying to stay four to five steps ahead at all times.


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As CEO of Frost International, Frost has access to various technologies either designed by her company or made through acquisitions of corporations. Frost's wealth and legal resources affords her a degree of anonymity over the digital medium, as well.

Her father, Winston, may be domineering and demanding but he is a source of much of Emma's personal and political power. Her mother, Hazel, is borderline useless (usually doped up on Xanax). However, Emma is close with her two sisters (Adrienne and Cordelia-- though they are also frequent rivals) and older brother (Christian), sharing the same telepathic powers with her sisters (and unknown to the Frost family... Christian as well).

Hellfire Club Vip:
Emma is a member in good standing with the Hellfire Club, as a VIP. As such she has full access to their VIP room as well as political and social access to other VIP members.

Inner Circle:
As White Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Emma can assist in wielding a large amount of political and financial control over various nations and markets.

On top of her own family company, Emma personally controls a large investment portfolio, invested in every major corporation (Stark Industries, Wayne Tech, Lexcorp, Shaw Enterprises, etc).

Emma has an extensive wardrobe, both of high end well tailored business attire, fancy ball gowns and dresses, and the skimpy pseudo historical lingerie that members of the Inner Circle wear.

The Frost Family are the sole owners of a multinational aerospace corporation, providing both commercial and military aerospace technology and other engineering to many nation states, both above and below board. Money is not an issue for Emma.


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Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Emma was awkward socially and physically. She was a frequent target of bullies growing up, and this serves two purposes for her: first, she has a tendency to step in and defend others from being bullied when possible; and secondly, she herself will sometimes wilt when that sort of bullying is directed at her.

Her disowned and disgraced brother, Emma is technically not allowed to speak to him or see him. This is the one thing she defies her father about, in secret. Since she was a child, Christian has been her protector and her main source of encouragement, and so when he was disowned she maintained secret contact with him. Her sisters are aware, but for now keep it from their father.

Daddy Is Immune:
None of the Frost sisters can read their Father's mind or mentally manipulate him in any way. He is immune to their telepathy.

Daddy Issues:
Emma has, her entire life, been under the thumb of her father, Winston Frost. She is CEO-- because he told her to be. She went to the colleges he told her to go to, graduated with honors at his command, works in the fields he wants her to, and generally is obedient to his will. For now.

Emma strives for perfection in everything she does, and can lapse into anxiety and despair if she fails at anything.



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Emma Frost has 568 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mind your own business July 13th, 2024 Comprehensive defeat of Martinique by Emma.
X-Men and the Glass Forest July 10th, 2024 The X-Men respond to a wild situation in a New York state forest. They discover a band of mutants wrapped up in a fight of Humans vs Mutants that was rapidly spiraling to an out of control place.
Maimings and Loan July 3rd, 2024 Disguised in X-Men uniforms, the Brotherhood of Mutants kidnap a Maggia asset who may know the secret of the Purifiers's new technology. But Wonder Woman takes a pound of flesh in the form of Toad's capture!
Contemplating the Stars June 26th, 2024 Emma has Karen's help with looking for good alien toys to buy
The News is All Wet June 21st, 2024 The Milano crashes in the ocean next to the Starport, and the galactically-famous Star-Lord meets Emma Frost, who is not a crystal woman from Diamondia 6. She is a little concerned that planets sometimes blow up.
Jean Grey Retirement Party June 19th, 2024 Friends gather to celebrate Jean Grey's retirement as headmistress! Much to Jean's disappointment, the cake isn't lemon.
Passing Off as Real June 15th, 2024 Divine asks to be made a proper Frost.
Sagely Introductions June 13th, 2024 Emma Frost introduces Dominique Thiebaut to Tessa. A round of bragging and scheming is made and a segue to monologuing.
Planning for Damage June 11th, 2024 Emma makes Dominique an offer and teases (or taunts) her with what is known and what is not.
Of Women and Sentinels June 9th, 2024 Marie and Jen have visitors! Sentinels make everyone uncomfortable but the bonds of friendship grow stronger.
Two Blondes and a Goth Walk Into a Penthouse June 7th, 2024 Emma, Karen, and Divine talk about life and adaptation
Lessons in Cooperation June 6th, 2024 Carol swings by the X-Mansion for some multi-group-cooperation training and runs into some friends (old and new) while she's there!
Cajun Kitchen June 3rd, 2024 Remy is in the kitchen making gumbo. Ends up talking with Emma and Rhona, who pilfers a 'date' out of the deal.
Open Office June 2nd, 2024 Returning home from a mission in space, Professor X debates the problems of the day with some of his X-Men.
Bulk Up, Kid. War's Coming. June 1st, 2024 AJ puts the fruits of his recent training to the test in a face off of against The Mighty Sylph!! - With a little bit of interference from Bishop and The White Queen
Sigh and Save the King May 28th, 2024 Emma and Tessa talk on recent events, possible future threats, and life as usual.
Richer and Richards May 27th, 2024 Susan Richards struggles against the corruptive influence of Malice which has poisoned her for a long time. Emma Frost helps her purge the darkness within. Now.. Now there is the trauma.
Lord of the Monsters - Sack of the Sakhalin May 27th, 2024 Among the most powerful heroes on the planet fight against rampaging monsters off the Russian Coast. They protect the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people at cost. The Sakhalin Peninsula and the Kuril Islands are gone. But the people have survived.
Emmom and Daughter Time May 26th, 2024 Emma and Divine catch-up, with topics ranging from D's new relationship to politics.
Saturday Night's the Night I Like May 26th, 2024 Logan's Danger Room brawl is interrupted. Negasonic drops by to check her text messages and Emma comes in to verbally praise everyone in her own unique way.
=Gala Schemes and Little Secrets May 21st, 2024 Emma surprises Tessa with a gift. Tessa offers a free exchange of information where Sentinels are involved.
JUST Trouble May 18th, 2024 After a brief but vicious fight, a group of mutants manage to drive off a unit of Purifiers armed to the teeth with bizarre, high-tech weaponry seemingly tailor made to counteract them at every turn! With captives in the hands of both the X-Men and the Brotherhood, and Jaxon Blain trailing this new manifestation of his life's great shame, who will stop them before they claim more lives?
DOOM: Rescuing the American Dream May 18th, 2024 A journey into Hell offers nightmarish sights, sounds, and scents. A brutal fight for survival results in the retrieval of a national landmark.
The Intern Intitializes May 17th, 2024 Emma Frost and Divine welcome the new intern to Frost Enterprises, where topics range from the logistical to the philosophical.
My Most Precious Thing May 16th, 2024 Emma Frost catches up with her favored minion, Divine!
Former Queens and Rooks May 14th, 2024 Tessa and Emma Frost catch up and chat about friendship and fun.
DOOM: Discussing the American Dream May 14th, 2024 Castle Doom hosts a dinner of parties interested in the retrieval of the National Museum of Immigration. The wrinkle in the ordeal comes in the form of its current whereabouts presently being in... Hell! Doom hatches a plan to send people to Hell and not permanently for a change.
Mutants and Master Molds - Forge Figuring May 9th, 2024 Forge makes plans to track down the Sentinel network to it's source via the power of SCIENCE.
Blue and White May 7th, 2024 After a chance meeting, Emma makes Dominique in her civilian guise an offer which catches her interest.
A Cold Case Renewed May 6th, 2024 The NYPD does a small 'press conference' on a cold case that has been reopened and effects the Mutant community of Bushwick.
Lord of the Monsters: Beware the Fury of Foom May 3rd, 2024 In which our heroes face off against the brutal fangs of FIN! FANG! FOOM!
DOOM: Reclaiming the American Dream April 27th, 2024 Dissenting voices and allies of convenience converge on Ellis Island while Doctor Doom seeks to abscond with the National Museum of Immigration. Proclaiming that it will be safely returned when the United States shows it's responsible enough for it, Doctor Doom steals the Museum! The arrival of Victorious, the Herald of Doom, reveals that an ill-programmed Doombot was responsible and assures Doctor Doom's full cooperation in retrieving the misplaced landmark.
Creating Radioactive Hazards April 20th, 2024 Power Girl goes to wrangle Radioactive Man and gets some lead slunk in!
=Cool Intentions April 17th, 2024 Billy meets Emma to discuss one of her children.
A Spring Fling April 12th, 2024 Janet throws a costume party. It ... goes well?
Rogue's Poetry Class April 11th, 2024 A poetry class held at Xaviers School.
HUNGER: Fetch Quest April 6th, 2024 The X-Men visit the First World in orbit around one of the Universe's oldest stars and uncover a mysterious terror even the eldest beings dare not speak of.
Catching up with the Kryptonian April 6th, 2024 Emma talks with Divine, and discuss the paths that the Kryptonian clone might take forwards.
The Blonde and the Divine April 5th, 2024 After some time away wandering the world, Divine returns to New York and talks with Emma about wanting to try and learn how to be an ordinary person.
Hydra vs UN: Zoo Animals Loosed April 4th, 2024 Hydra operatives release large and dangerous animals from their pens in the Central Park Zoo, drawing heroes and first responders just before Hydra assaults the UN.
Good bad, I'm the one with the gun April 1st, 2024 A mob is hunting for a teenanger, runs into a easter bunny hunter and a mistress of the mind. It does not work out well for them.
Friday Night Chaos March 30th, 2024 Quentin throws a Kegger and becomes absolutely infamous with the student body when Wonder Woman and Mistress Zatara show up.
HUNGER: I Believe We Have Your Duck March 24th, 2024 The X-Men visit the strange museum of the Collector and arrange a ceasefire ... in exchange for a favor that will take them to places even stranger still.
Placeholder here March 17th, 2024 Emma visits Marie-Ange to catch up on their lives.
X-Duck vs The Spanker March 16th, 2024 Howard the Duck has some bad hombres after him. The X-Men show up in force to save their feathered friend.
Mutants and Master Molds - Quentins and Questions March 15th, 2024 Quentin and Douglas interrogate a captured Sentinel drone. And get a nasty grasp of how the Sentinels are seeking to improve themselves. And adapt.
Pondering Job Opportunities March 11th, 2024 Emma and Karen talk
Lord of the Monsters - Malevolent Surprise March 10th, 2024 Two Martians face off against a giant leviathan and must make a hard choice on how to handle something with a beast that cannot be redirected and poses an eternal danger to humans.
Riches and Spots March 7th, 2024 Emma Frost talks to Neena about hiring her for a job.
Howard the X-Duck March 2nd, 2024 the X-Men have a sit down chat with a friendly feathered fowl from a far flung world of Ducks, and Duck related things.
Charity Luau at Indoor Water Park February 27th, 2024 A charity luau is held at an indoor water park. A heavy mutant attendance shows up.
Business over Bodies February 26th, 2024 Emma goes to Sherwood Florists to buy flowers for a funeral.
Heroes Assemble 4th Anniversary: The Watchers February 24th, 2024 For the four year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush, Uatu the Watcher again hosts some of his colleagues to share what he has witnessed over the last two years of events on a small blue planet called Earth.
Frittering After the Party February 22nd, 2024 Catseye gives Emma a late birthday present.
It's My Party February 21st, 2024 The town turns out for Emma Frost's birthday bash (of whatever year it is).
Mutants and Morbidity February 6th, 2024 Emma, Warren, and Cypher wax philosophical about Sinister, the nature of monsters, and humanity assisted by strong alcohol and a mutual sense of cynicism.
Blondes in Business January 31st, 2024 Emma and Karen talk about the need for hobbies.
Sometimes you have to relax... January 25th, 2024 Remy is shooting pool and talking to Emma when Alex approaches with an interesting offer.
Being Spritely January 23rd, 2024 Emma and Sprite talk of new years and old boredoms.
Lord of the Monsters - Attacking the Beast January 17th, 2024 A group of members of SHIELD and Superman face off against one of the escaped Kaiju along the Siberian coastline. A brutal struggle ensues where the heroes go all out. But in the end are victorious. Exhausted, but victorious. One beast is taken down. And a whole mess to go.
Pincers, Are There January 16th, 2024 Dancing the night away at Club Sion!
CEO's and Snarkage January 14th, 2024 Empanadas for everyone!
Blue Beetle; Business Intern January 12th, 2024 Jaime comes to work as an intern at Frost Enterprises. By 'intern' we mean 'minion'.
Does someone smell jambalaya January 8th, 2024 Remy is in the kitchen making jambalaya, and he and Emma have a talk.
Monsters Smooshing You Is Bad Mkay January 8th, 2024 Members of Xavier's school come together in the infirmary where Julian and Remy independently end up seeking treatment.
Lord of the Monsters: Monster Island January 8th, 2024 Advanced Idea Mechanics awakens the denizens of Monster Island. A group of SHIELD Agents and members of Xavier's School for the Gifted come to investigate. Alas, the Kaiju of the island are wakened and leave the island. And thus the world shall suffer the wrath of the awakened giants.
Raising a Hellion January 6th, 2024 Hellion drops in to talk to Emma about his overloading powers. Emma convinces him to go back to school.
Powers for the Holidays January 3rd, 2024 Holiday catchup
Clobbering Time The Musical January 1st, 2024 Ben Grimm was teaseed by the Yancy Street Game with a fake play and totally feel for it. Much money wa raised for charity.
Ring in the New Year Clobberin Style January 1st, 2024 The heroes manage to fight the bad guys and stop the zombies but someone grabs the payand collects the combat energy released
Capital D, Capital H... December 30th, 2023 A group of random passerby encounter the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent Death's Head! The ensuing conversation is strange, even by New York standards.
Twenty Thousand Schemes Under the Sea December 23rd, 2023 Talking with Tarot
Evolution in A Minor December 18th, 2023 A car crash almost becomes something far worse! Caleb prevents a massive fire with a timely use of cunning technology. While that was going on, Olivia (who fainted due to her sound sensitivity) was aided by Ms. Frost. The telepath may have lost a perfectly fine blouse in the accident, but she stuck around to ensure that Olivia wasn't left to suffer in fear and panic in a world that is suddenly very, very loud.
Shi'ar - The War of Queens: Prodigal Son December 10th, 2023 The X-Men intervene in the Shi'ar Civil War, and it's also something of a Summers reunion tour. Hope averts some mass casualties, Izzy gets the dubious honor of a promotion and some quality time with her boss, Alex gets offered some space conquests, and Rogue defeats her ancient nemesis... eventually.
A Wicked Night at the Gershwin December 8th, 2023 After a special performance, Olivia Gaudin meets with an extremely important VIP. After speaking with Emma Frost and becoming an adoring fan, Olivia asks Emma out for dinner.
Claws December 5th, 2023 No description
Mutant Town Melodies December 4th, 2023 a buncha randos gather up at Mootant Town Milkshakes to gab and be weirdos!
Rockefeller Skating +1 Alien November 28th, 2023 Essix goes to Rockefeller center to witness some of the holiday spirit and while there meets a few new faces.
That's So Loki November 20th, 2023 Kelda and Emma run into one another and speak all about the Loki.
Summer and Frost November 18th, 2023 Emma talks with Rachel, and finds out about perspectives and experiences from different worlds.
Spinning the Wheel of Fortune November 17th, 2023 Emma talks to Roulette about life and chaos.
Declawing the Sabretooth November 15th, 2023 Emma Frost pokes about in the brain of Victor Creed. And gives him that most painful, horrible thing. A conscience. And offers to take it away again... In return for a favor to Mystique.
Powering Through It November 8th, 2023 Talk about businesses and purposes between executives.
A returning X November 3rd, 2023 People catch up
Hellfire Club Halloween Gala 2023 October 29th, 2023 Hellfire Club celebrates Halloween
It's All Greek to Me October 27th, 2023 Emma meets with Mary to talk quietly at the museum.
Today's Your Lucky Day October 25th, 2023 The X-Men (and friends) encounter Longshot, but a threat from someone who seems to know him sends the newcomer into hiding.
Out of Hell-Bernation October 19th, 2023 Frost and Shaw squabble while Aurora looks on.
Coffee With Doom. October 17th, 2023 Doom visits the coffee shop he established to see how it is faring. He has a conversation with three vastly different customers.
Munch Time October 15th, 2023 Emma meets the White Rabbit and figures out she's more than she seems.
A minute of rest October 15th, 2023 Scott's not feeling well, but Emma's there with the jokes.
Blondes and Blades October 6th, 2023 Emma and Jimmy Talk about Halloween preparations
Hiding Away at Harry's. September 28th, 2023 Getting away is hard to do for some people. Obviously telepaths. Alex and Emma jab at one another over alcohol.
Blondes and CEO's September 26th, 2023 Emma and Karen work on business.
A Meeting with the Marie September 22nd, 2023 Emma talks to Marie-Ange about love.
Xaviers Faculty Party September 21st, 2023 The Xaviers faculty has a bit of fun in their basement arcade. Drinks are eaten, food is sipped. Video games are conquered, and Jean shows off some interesting talents! All in all it is a grand ol' evening, where ultimately Storm becomes the new High Score leader in the Galaga cabinet records!
Garden Rendezvous September 16th, 2023 Ororo and Emma have a rather amiable chat in the student gardens, taking advantage of some solitude for a change.
Even Old New York September 14th, 2023 A strange event takes place in Times Square.
Spinning the Wheel September 8th, 2023 Finished scene
Eating In for the Evening September 8th, 2023 A quick drink between blondes.
Owl at the Club September 3rd, 2023 Leland talks to Emma about the way to get ahead in the stock market.
Shi'ar: Starjammin' August 27th, 2023 Seeking out the Starjammers, the X-Men find them capturing a cargo vessel that turns out to be a trap, loaded with alien bounty hunters called the Sidri. The X-Men join them in battle, defending the Blackbird from Sidri invasion and then helping evacuate the Starjammers from the cargo vessel. A ruse involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers forshadows familial coincidences.
Cruise Holdup August 25th, 2023 The caricaturish Count Nefaria goes to try and steal a slowly cruising cruise ship. He is stopped in the process by Thunderbolt and Batman in the Bat-Marine with a last second sparkly save by Tarot!
The chism Trail August 19th, 2023 The X-Men are confronted by Black Team 57 after a mission to Washington to try and garner support for ending HR-485 before it can be voted in to law. The mission rapidly goes south, with much danger and much explosions!
Playing the Stakes August 17th, 2023 It's a betting night at the Hellfire Club. Emma uses Roulette to make the dice roll in her favor.
Thunderbolts Are Go! August 15th, 2023 Mary Bromfield and Emma Frost meet for lunch and talk about life.
Scott-thing Sinister in the Mail August 14th, 2023 Sinister sends Scott a collection of things to mess with his head.
Shi'ar: Sic Itur Ad Astra II - the Flight of the SR-X August 12th, 2023 The X-Men take the SR-X on its first hyperspace trip under its own power, traveling to a space station on the edge of the Empire to investigate Deathbird's mutant ally. They don't find much about him, but after a dizzying trip through a few alien strip clubs, they do get some information on another rumor they've heard before: of a misplaced human space pirate operating in Shi'ar space.
X-Men Shi'ar Debriefing August 10th, 2023 The X-Men get to know the newest member of the family, freshly moved in from SPACE. Telepathic cultural hijinx ensues, to be followed by virtual piracy. Fantastic cookies also served.
Fist In Your Face August 8th, 2023 A quick in and out for a fight where Peeg gets back before the ice cream has melted.
Catseyes and Catnip August 2nd, 2023 Catseye plots hunting while in the gardens.
Cats and Cranks July 30th, 2023 Emma snarks about costumes while meeting Hellcat and gives her rich people critique.
Being Met at the Metropolitain July 28th, 2023 Kelda Stormrider goes for hot dogs
Power to Absorb! July 25th, 2023 A group of heroes stop the Absorbing Man from absorbing whatever he can!
UN: Shi'ar Treaty Signing Ceremony & Reception July 22nd, 2023 The Shi'ar formalize peace with Earth, and no one is assassinated. Some back channel diplomacy provides information about the war, while unfortunate strains of human xenophobia show through.
Kitty's Atlantic City Birthday July 21st, 2023 Craps, poker, drinking, and felonious Cajuns are part of Kitty's 22nd birthday party in Atlantic City
It Ain't Always Luck July 21st, 2023 Serendipity and Emma Frost give Jennifer the latest underground gossip.
Summer Children's Works Gala July 20th, 2023 Yet another boring Gotham gala
The Ohio Mutant Conspiracy July 14th, 2023 Charles' 88th birthday almost goes off without a hitch. But Jean just had to go and jinx it, didn't she!
Blondes Doing Business July 6th, 2023 Emma and Karen Starr talk about powers.
Extended Summer Hours July 2nd, 2023 The Lost Pond Mall has stayed open for a local radio station's contest so Emma Frost goes to check on a store she has controlling interest at. She finds Jubilee and the two exchange some barbs... and perhaps a hint of a kind word or two. Perhaps.
AVENGERS FOREVER: The Wake of Tempus Khan June 25th, 2023 The X-Men travel to Korea to save a very special mutant and encounter a rift in the very fabric of time!
NYC Summer Charity Gala June 21st, 2023 The second annual Artios Charity Gala for NYC goes off without a hitch...but missing its hostess. Money is spent, connections and ties are made!
Blondes Before Brawn June 19th, 2023 Power Girl and Emma Frost go out to a cafe and agree to go spend some time elsewhere.
Cat Got Your Stuff June 18th, 2023 Emma catches Catseye in the laundry room.
Feel the Mud Between Your Toes June 15th, 2023 Emma Frost and Susan Storm join Janet van Dyne at the spa for some well-earned relaxation.
Someone Sprang for BBQ June 14th, 2023 A few from the school gather for bbq, while Franklin Richards comes back for a visit.
The Cruelty of Kulan Gath June 9th, 2023 The Justice League Dark and the Sorcerorors Supreme face Kulan Gath in an underground castle.
Checking in whether you want to or not June 3rd, 2023 Jennifer gets the word on her association with Wade and company from Emma Frost.
Brawlers and Blondes June 2nd, 2023 A quick chat at the Themysciran Embassy's Cafe.
Coffee and Bubblegum May 31st, 2023 Three blondes meet in a coffee shop.
The Eyes of The Beholder May 29th, 2023 Emma Frost has a care break down and runs into Matt Murdock at a late night diner.
Queen and Catseye May 28th, 2023 Catseye comes to Emma's penthouse and takes all the towels.
Stealth Lesson May 24th, 2023 Danger room adventure.
Cats and Couching-It May 18th, 2023 In which Catseye finds being Emma Frost isn't easy
Housewarming Party May 17th, 2023 Mary and Marie welcome their friends into their new home, food and gifts a'plenty!
Starrs and Frosts May 10th, 2023 Emma Frost and Karen Starr talk about a possible business arrangement in the future.
Magic and Food May 8th, 2023 Emma, Gabby, and Sprite talk about old people.
Latveria's First Space Elevator! May 7th, 2023 The Latverian Space Elevator is unveiled with Doom feeling only *mildly* insulted by SHIELD's presence, and hopefully a young mind is inspired to pursue her career in the sciences even further.
Cats Who Would Be Queens May 5th, 2023 Sharon and Emma in the Mansion. Sharon declares that she doesn't like the clothes.
The Hellfire Club is the happening place on a Tuesday May 3rd, 2023 A delayed meeting by Amazonians brings them into the cross-fire of a meeting of mutants. And did the Black King just ask Wonder Woman out to dinner?
Operation WATCHFUL: Queen's Gambit April 30th, 2023 SHIELD brings in Emma Frost to mentally communicate with the would-be Brood Queen, and Dr. Stadler assists. During the interview, the Brood Hive Mind seems ready to telepathically overwhelm SHIELD's safeguards, while Tanya tries to communicate from inside her transforming mind. She claims she can help 'find' and deal with the rest of the Brood... but only if they work quickly, before she loses herself to the new Queen persona, and that killing her will only see her replaced. Fixating on Stadler, she communicates that she need 'someone' to help her keep control, and they eventually realize she may be seeking Karl Lykos. Or maybe she just has the hots for Rick! Also Darcy and Lara discuss scenic Savage Land vacations.
The Door to NOWHERE: Pandaemonium April 28th, 2023 The crew faces Divine and her Weird Sisters. The facility is eaten by Lake Erie, but questions still remain.
Mutant Spa Day April 27th, 2023 Emma and Gabby catchup. Gabby asks Emma for relationship advise.
Dino-Mite April 24th, 2023 A quick Danger Room session with Blink vs Cybernetic Dinosaurs
Marie, Mary... This Is Your Home! April 19th, 2023 Emma calls Marie and Mary to meet her for an urgent matter -- which turns out to be the gift of a place purchased especially for them.
Pit Stop April 18th, 2023 The Suicide Squad heads out for an op but Wade needs to make a pitstop. Only to find out he's storing weapons on Xavier's grounds. Much drama happens but some good as well as old friends meet once again!
Met Gala 2023 April 15th, 2023 The annual event is a success. Everyone who was anyone attended! Or just those that had nothing else to do that night.
Sisterly Feuds and Family Matters April 13th, 2023 Marie-Ange, Tabitha, and the ever-amazing Sharon 'Totally Carol' Smith go to confront Adrienne Frost with Emma. The confrontation goes rather well for a squabbling family reunion. Of course that's going to be it! ... Totally, right?
The Traditional Kitchen Raid April 11th, 2023 Marie, Emma, and Franklin introduce Mary to a time-honored Xaviers tradition. Raiding the kitchen!
Pink and Blonde April 3rd, 2023 Clarice and Emma talk about the Hellfire Club and society of the rich.
The Door to NOWHERE: Oblivion March 31st, 2023 The crew travel through the Nowhere installation, only to find more horrors at the end. To be concluded!
Catgirl-A-Strophic March 29th, 2023 Tabitha takes Catseye to the largest ball of twine in the greater New Jersey area with a number of other highly feline specific attractions.
Spring Thaw March 27th, 2023 A brief lesson in botany soon turns to talk of higher education possibilities, wedding plans, and why someone lowers herself to wear drab flannel. And donkey scritches.
Blondes Talking Business March 27th, 2023 Emma and Power Girl talk. About trust. And lack thereof.
Being Catseye-y March 27th, 2023 Catseye declares Emma is her concierge.
When Kara Met the Clone March 26th, 2023 Divine finally meets Power Girl and they talk through things. There is crying. There are girlfriends there to help through the worst of it.
Return to the Savage Land, Part II: The Goddess and the Queen March 23rd, 2023 The X-Men defeat Arrash, whos is actually Deathbird trolling them (it's Sharra kinda-backwards, she so funny). The prophecy is fulfilled, at least in part (Deathbird IS a Princess). Tanya, the would-be Brood Queen is in custody. And the... new hive continues to grow in the center of the Savage Land, ready to consume all around it, while ironically under the protection of the uncaring Celestial defense systems.
A Very Hellfire Club Mardi Gras March 22nd, 2023 Many beads were earned, and a good time was had by all. And the winner of the dinner with Sebastian neither wants the prize, nor does the prize want him. Maybe next year.
Rest, relaxation and the rest. March 21st, 2023 No description
NOWHERE and Back Again March 17th, 2023 NOWHERE strikes again. Luckily Divine has help to save her! What are they after?
Return to the Savage Land, Part I: the Aerie March 16th, 2023 The X-Men return to the Savage Land, traveling to the Aerie Shalan, home of the bird-people. On the way, they discover a T-Rex feasting on a dead Triceratops (as one often does, in the Savage Land), save that both seem horribly infected... and display Brood-like features. The creature is destryed without mercy, and soon the team enters the spire. They arrive at a lab full of more alien technology, and discover the missing Doctor Tanya Anderssen in a suspension pod, also showing Brood-like features. As they investigate ways to free or help her, a hologram activates to taunt them in the form of the apparent 'false goddess' of the Aerians, before sealing the POWER-DAMPENED room as it fills with what is almost certainly some very, very bad mist!
Cat-ried Away March 14th, 2023 Catseye shows Emma how to properly nap.
Meeting with the Marie March 12th, 2023 Emma talks with Marie-Ange on a variety of topics. Love, directness, fate, and change.
Marie-Ange's 21st Birthday Bash! March 8th, 2023 Marie's friends and 'family' gather together to celebrate the seer turning 21!
Blonde and Blue All Over March 6th, 2023 Sue and Emma talk about aging.
Im-prismed! March 6th, 2023 A delivery goes awry when Bunny has to step in to stop a run-away car! Luckily, EMMA FROST is aware the teen is trying to hide her identity -- she fuzzes the memories of those around them.

What will come the next time the two meet?

The Prince Who Didn't Want to be King March 6th, 2023 Loki visits Xavier's and talks with Emma about magically body switched people, and makes a gift to Roberto of a horde of vacuum cleaners which may or may not be set to American power standards.
Taco... Saturday March 5th, 2023 Kitty makes edible food will wonders never cease.
Quiet Day March 2nd, 2023 Beer and Pizza Breakfast of Champions.
Hellfire and Water March 2nd, 2023 At the Hellfire Club, the King of Atlantis meets a lost subject.
Cat's in the Bathroom with the Silver Spoon March 1st, 2023 In a night which starts with Catseye taking over her bathroom and leveling it, Emma then has to deal with the ever sneaky Norilee (Or Nubes as she calls herself) totally being a completely normal Jubilee as Tabitha finishes up the evening with margaritas!
Fly me to the moon... February 28th, 2023 Emma, Sharon and Marie discuss driving lessons, reasons not to go to the moon, and milkshakes!
Keeping a Public Profile, Hellfire Edition February 27th, 2023 Madelyne Pryor wanders into the Hellfire Club whilst exploring.
Shi'ar: The War of Queens, Opening Salvos February 26th, 2023 Zegaria IV is cut off from the Shi'ar hyperspace network, and a fleet scrambles to investigate - flying head first into a terrible trap. They find only a single ship, but are unable to destroy it as a powerful being turns the energy of their weapons against them. Worse, the sector Admiral placed in command uses the opportunity to defect and bring ships over to the usurper cause. Members of the Imperial Guard reserve act quickly to stop his plan, although the odds are all against them. Although they perish in the effort, Lord Samedar goes with them, and a rogue space cop manages to escape the scene to tell the tale.
Sniffing the Catnip February 25th, 2023 Emma runs into Sharon. Cat's got her tongue.
Fire From The Heavens: Harbinger's Warning February 22nd, 2023 Alien spacecraft battle above the skies over Metropolis. But one of them proves to be an alien refugee fleeing his world, bringing warning of a terrible threat from beyond the stars...
I Can Sprite All Night February 21st, 2023 Emma asks Sprite for help with the body switching. Sprite is amused.
The Great Switcheroo: The Terror Of It All February 18th, 2023 Divine, in Kim Hayes's body, visits her boss. There's almost an incident.
The Hellfire Club's Valentine's Day Mixer February 15th, 2023 Many a bond is forged. Some end in DOOM.
Savage Land: Epilogue is not Ending February 15th, 2023 Hailed as heroes, the 'Knights of Xavier' enjoy a Lemurian tourney feast, several prevailing on the dino-jousting lists of honor. Tales are told, songs are sung, and they enjoy their victory... before turning to the task of Sauron. As frustrating as ever in the face of interrogation, answering every question with misdirections, they at last concede to use the best tool at their disposal, and delve into his mind for answers. They get a few, and perhaps a few more questions. As well as the company of one Dr. Karl Lykos.
Lifting a Weight Off Emma's Shoulders February 14th, 2023 Discussions about food. A very slow game of chase.
Cat and Queen February 13th, 2023 Catseye snags cookies from Franklin Richards and talks with Emma in the evening until she gets bored and wanders off.
Officially An Actor February 10th, 2023 Aurora celebrates her newfound status as actress
Lorna's To-Do's February 10th, 2023 Emma swings by the Genoshian Embassy and helps Lorna with her mental blocks.
The Palest Kale February 7th, 2023 Jennifer Kale has to deal with a golem with a case of explosive gore.
Wanting Some Cream February 6th, 2023 Emma, Marie-Ange, and the Mean Girl Rachel meet.
Coffee and Koriand'r's February 5th, 2023 A Rich woman is a b*tch with a man from the streets and an orange alien at a coffee club.
Savage Land: Sauron, Pt 2: God in the Machine February 1st, 2023 The battle continues! Sauron grows ever more powerful, as the machine core continues to stop the X-Men from using their full strength. Things get psycho-sexual as Tabitha and Emma conjure an army of illusionary angry girlfriends, Rahne feeds herself to a dinosaur, and Rogue powers-up via makeout. In the end, with Queen Leanne's amulet and some donated cosmic knowledge, Rogue deactivates the machine and Ororo shows Sauron what real power looks like. In the aftermath, Phangor gets elected king of the flying lizards, and the X-men depart with Leanne and the Aerians, with the dread Sauron... now as THEIR prisoner.
Savage Land: Sauron vs the Fellowship! January 26th, 2023 The Fellowship fights its way into Mordor, aka the mountain domain of the Pterons. After meeting various dino hordes in battle, they discover Sauron in his lab, built around an ancient machine powered off the the heart of a sleeping volcano. The battle is bloody, as the machine seems to intervene at every turn. Eventually, they uncover its secret, that this isn't Sauron's work, but some ancient AI designed to help maintain the artificial biome of the Savage Land. But will this information help them as Sauron feats upon one mutant's life force and looks hungry for more?
Meeting the Minions January 25th, 2023 Emma's minions Divine and Marie-Ange meet. And share gossip about their dating lives.
Rogue's Surprise Birthday Casino Night January 24th, 2023 It's Casino Night at Xavier's in honor of Rogue's 23rd birthday! And thanks to the borrowed powers of Jamie Madrox, Rogue gets five extra birthdays. Old friends and new friends come together to celebrate Monte Carlo style before the whole thing descends into Warner Bros style madness.
Emma and Selene, Murder is for Three January 22nd, 2023 Selene and Emma talk over about life, immortality, power, and ennui.
Talking out the Trask : The Problem with Aquiria January 20th, 2023 One of the missing investigators is found and a new plan to enslave mutants and make them super soldiers is uncovered. The Trask facility is investigated and a presence unearthed.
Catching Up With the Goth January 20th, 2023 Emma and Divine catchup and Emma hears about Divine's coming date! With Destiny and with Cindy.
Savage Land: Captured! January 19th, 2023 On that day, after the disagreement on the shore of Gorahn, the battle of loincloths and potatoes, and the reading of the cards, the Fellowship among men, Aerian, and Pteron was forged. Next time: Sauron, for realsies!
Freelance Peacekeeper January 17th, 2023 T'Challa comes face to foot with a giant out of towner in the forth of a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent.
Drinks and chats and look where we're at. January 16th, 2023 .
Savage Land: On a Boat January 12th, 2023 The X-Men's Lemurian ship is is beset by Aerian 'pirates,' and many give valiant fight against the bird-people. As Ororo flies to assault their ship, she meets the enemy leader in the air, but cannot quite realize where she's seen her in the heat of battle - perhaps a portrait back and the castle? Protected by an Atlantean artifact, Queen Leanne defeats the weather-Godesss, rallies the Aerians and the X-Men are quickly overwhelmed. Now, they find themselves captives of the very person they were sent to rescue... and seemingly sailing in the wrong direction. Well, it's... progress?!
Mystery Danger Room Theater January 10th, 2023 The gang heads down to the Danger Room for some combat training only to discover a grisly scene. Rogue, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith, and Noriko Ashida catch Jubilee running a program that simulates her tearing them to shreds, but not everything is as it seems...
Queen and Succubus January 10th, 2023 Millie meets Marie-Ange and Emma, a new friendship is formed and plans for shopping are made!
Mojo GoGo January 9th, 2023 The cards tell a story of fools. Fools are however fought off by friends.
Red and White and Time All Over January 8th, 2023 Telepaths talk over in the gardens.
Savage Land: Hail Lemuria! January 4th, 2023 Luxury living at a fantasy castle, where the Queen is missing. Surely the literally moustache-twirling Uncle Regent had nothing to do with it. Still, mostly everyone decides to be polite and not try and murder him, and instead take up his polite offer to go fight some flying lizard people on his behalf. Very generous. Well, he does give them a boat! Next time: on a boat.
Talking with Tarot: It's All In the Cards December 30th, 2022 Marie-Ange is welcomed back to the Mansion. With what you ask? Chaos!
The Magician and the Queen December 29th, 2022 Emma calls on Zatanna to consult on a magical affair.
Op. 25 in Limbo Minor December 27th, 2022 No description
A Hellfire Christmas December 24th, 2022 The Hellfire Holiday Party was ... tame? Are they losing their touch, or is this a NEFARIOUS SCHEME?
Savage Land: The Plains of Zarhan December 22nd, 2022 After making friends in the Forest People village, the group sets out, with warnings of the Gods who rule over the Savage Land. A river-ride becomes a tussle with a giant plesiosaur, and the first 'divine law' shows its face as powers seem dampened or misfire. Rahne gets chewed on and goes over but Berto gets her back, Rogue plays grab-tail, and Emma knocks herself out while Tabitha discovers the rocket-boat. After not quite flying it over a waterfall, the team descends onto the plain below, where Rahne ends an encounter with a beast-tribe hunting party via complex animal sexual politics. And getting chewed on some more. She does not join the cat harem. After this, its onward to the fantasy castle, where nothing will go wrong!
Legends and Thunderbirds December 20th, 2022 James and Emma have a quick run in at the mansion's library. They briefly discuss the latest sentinel concern, the merits of letting the government do the dirty work, and Emma offers to keep an ear out for a shaman for James' raining.
Into the Savage Land December 16th, 2022 The X-Men travel to the Savage Land, landing at the outpost in Ka-Zar's protected valley, but find it attacked by 'bird people.' Rogue and Ororo visit the Lord of the Jungle's house and meet Zabu, his intelligent saber-tooth tiger, as well as a bird person captive, while the others fight off some dinosaurs and reach the village of the Fall People, a tribe of human hunter gatherers who live in the valley and may be able to offer information and aid. And Emma gets her Savage Land alternate outfit.
Bleeding Black and White December 14th, 2022 Emma vs Selene goes to extra rounds of snarkage!
Bots and Bugs December 13th, 2022 Emma Frost is given a young AI by Ted Kord that she names 'Skynet'. Nothing can go wrong!
Rich Women in the Winter December 10th, 2022 Two rich telepaths talk at the Hellfire Club while Betsy's date enjoys the fries.
A Trickster for a Spa Day December 6th, 2022 Loki comes to 'talk' with Emma while the blonde is at a spa. Then turns into Thor. The blonde suddenly is much more enthusiastic at the visit.
Bushwick Bound: Red Light, Green Light December 4th, 2022 A young mutant is pursued through Bushwick by a group of mysterious figures intent on capturing her, but the quick intervention by a whole host of brave Mutant Town residents (and visitors) manage to track her down and save her at the very last possible moment!
The Prototype Sentinel November 30th, 2022 Shaw calls Lex asking why the heck there's a Sentinel at a US Military base. When they go to investigate, Lex makes the decision to have it shut down and shipped to Shaw Industries --- when the thing turns on and attacc. Luckily, the X-Men and allies also came to investigate or else there might not have been any survivors, President Luthor included.
The Hunt for Sauron November 30th, 2022 The X-Men visit Tierra del Fuego and a research station operated by Tanya Anderssen - the daughter of Karl Lykos' old mentor. Investigating, they find the place mostly empty: Tanya is missing, with some signs of a struggle in her room. The computers and communication equipment at the place have also been tampered with, presumably by whoever attacked her. And while Sauron seems a likely suspect, when he arrives with an army of dinosaurs, he seems to blame the X-Men instead. They fight him off, but not without a few bruises as Rahne risks herself saving a nearby civllian and Rogue attacks her teammates under hypnosis. Worse, the discovery of underground connections between the Savage Land and South America may allow Sauron to lead an invasion beyond the Antarctic... unless they can figure out who took Tanya Anderssen, and deliver them to him!
Blue and White All Over November 28th, 2022 Mystique and Emma talk about the past and try to come to some sort of closure.
SciTech Conference November 27th, 2022 The first annual SciTech conference and convention goes off without anything blowing up. Doom gives a history lesson and there is a visit from a Borg Queen!
Succubus Snacks November 26th, 2022 A group of scary magic women catchup at the Hellfire Club.
How Does One Contain a Solar Punching Battery Anyways November 23rd, 2022 Emma catches up with Divine, and the Kryptonian clone's progress in learning to be a real girl.
Order Borne of Darkness - The Blackest Maw November 21st, 2022 Magik and Ariah clash with Ebony Maw along the astral plane.
Frosted wings November 18th, 2022 Warren and Emma 'catch up' in the kitchen at Xavier's
Ninja'Ing It Up November 16th, 2022 Emma meets a mysterious ninja with memories of another body.
Blondes and Beetles November 12th, 2022 Emma goes to Ted Kord with a business proposition involving making a supercomputer. There is no way this can go wrong!
MutantTown Townhall November 2nd, 2022 A discussion is had OOC/IC plans are made for MutantTown. Poor MutantTown.
The Forge is becoming popular! November 1st, 2022 People come to visit the forge. Superman shows up with an odd blade for Colborn to examine.
Fall Fesitval Harvest Celebration and Sppoky Season Gala October 27th, 2022 A wonderful time was had by all. And the MutantTown community is introduced to X-Corporation.
The Terminator Theme and the Queen October 24th, 2022 Emma talks to Hope, and Hope agrees to some tutlage. This will end well!
Shi'ar: Timor Animicida Est October 21st, 2022 X-folk and friends investigate the Shi'ar assassin, but the answers they find are more disturbing than reassuring. The woman's memories are disjointed, one day a happy young officer, the next day a fanatic murderer. While mind-control is familiar to the X-Men, their telepathy reveals little. Instead, it is strange data in the transporter logs that suggests a more bizarre and terrible possibility, that she might have had her mind scrambled or rewritten by the machine itself, or been whisked to some other dimension, replaced, or reprogrammed. Worse than that: several of the X-Men have used the same transporters, and one of their supposed allies among the Shi'ar seems another possible victim.
Quite the Legacy October 20th, 2022 Emma talks to Toni about Shaw.
The Embassy's Regent issue October 17th, 2022 Loki summons Emma to the embassy, where Sera assists. Loki attempts to get more information -- but ends up giving more than he gets.
Shi'ar: Ex Amicitia Pax October 12th, 2022 T'Challa lays down the law to the Shi'ar, PG is Very Mad, Diana and Donna try to diplomacize... and Tabitha rocks her spacejail couture. Although some political agreement is reached, it seems unlikely Deathbird will abide them. Emma hatches a plan for telepathic questioning, even as Oracle has already failed at the task. And Commander Shrivan will need a vacation.
Fairy and Queen October 9th, 2022 Emma and Megan talk about life, magic, and balance.
Stranger Danger October 4th, 2022 Emma does some Danger Room telepathic training with Tabitha.
Law & Order: SVU (Shi'ar Victims Unit) September 29th, 2022 The X-Men return to the orbitting Shi'ar cruiser to answer questions about the Starport assassination. While the information Michael and the team has seems to scrape at an uncomfortable, hidden conspiracy, the lead investigator resists giving Emma a free hand in doing her own investigation. Worse, Tabitha is held for further questioning due to suspicious circumstances at the Starport. Rogue continues to hate space.
What Happens at the Hellfire Club... September 28th, 2022 Emma and Glorianna meet and discuss absolute power. And paperwork.
An Afternoon By The Pool September 22nd, 2022 No description
Gods and Blondes September 17th, 2022 Emma drops in to visit Loki and there is banter.
Shi'ar: SPACE CHASE September 12th, 2022 The X-men's prototype space Blackbird pursues the assassin's shuttle as it flees the Atlantic Starport. Launching a single but potentially devastating antimatter torpedo as a distraction and calling on another of the mysterious Raptor armors to defend it, the shuttle barely makes it to close Earth orbit before its engines are disabled and crew telepathically bamboozled. Sam stops the torpedo in the nick of time, Michael has a clone fight and dies for a little while, and the big Shi'ar arrive to arrest everyone. Space is fun!
Xavier's School Beat 'Em Ups September 7th, 2022 Gaming in the arcade of the mansion turns into training. Also rampaging wit and dark sorcery! One of those things. Probably.
Shi'ar: Right of Salvage September 1st, 2022 A boring conference on alien arms control ends in a less boring assassination after a trip to the Spaceport Gift shop. The civil war isn't over, it seems, and loyalists of Cal'syee Neramani - Deathbird - have shown what they think of making peace with lesser planets. Next time: SPACE CHASE.
Job Fair! August 29th, 2022 With tens of thousands in attendance, the only hiccup was taken care of by a little robot that should feel pretty good about himself.
The Invisible Girl August 28th, 2022 Raz meets the Popo and other people from the school
Trickster and Telepath August 28th, 2022 Emma catches up with Loki and has a drink.
Blue and Blonde August 26th, 2022 In which Singularity is Starry. And questions the capitalistic system of economics.
Do You Feel Lucky, Spot August 22nd, 2022 Emma speaks to Domino about a possible job.
Teacher is Loungin' August 22nd, 2022 Smokin' in the Teachers Lounge!
Lois' Belated Birthday Bash August 20th, 2022 Lois' birthday party includes presents, foam and... drag. You'll need a drink for this one.
Black and White and Bled All Over August 20th, 2022 Emma and Selene have their latest verbal jabbing at one another.
The Aristocrats August 19th, 2022 Aristocrats gonna Aristocrat. Chatting about lessons plans and politics.
The Breakup (pt 3): Bargaining (again) August 18th, 2022 Emma descends onto Janet's penthouse and bullies the socialite into some self-care. It's not quite as fun as mud baths and mimosas... but it is a true expression of the love from a very long friendship.
The Life of a VIP August 17th, 2022 T'Challa dines at the Hellfire Club's VIP area. Tarot readings are given. Matters are discussed with the former White Queen.
Crashing the Divine August 12th, 2022 Logan and Divine brawl with Abomination. Jamie Madrox drinks booze and watches.
Empires and Queendoms August 11th, 2022 Two damsels of different kinds of darkness talk about schemes and the way the world works.
Rook and Fallen Queen August 7th, 2022 The former White Queen gives the Black Herald an update on current events.
Frost and Feathers August 5th, 2022 Emma listens to Warren slowly discover adulting. Warren invites Emma to the X-Corp board. The difference in the two mutant's business acumen is painfully plain to see.
X-Ren Faire August 1st, 2022 X-folk and T'Challa show up at the Ren Faire and there are some learning and teaching.
Blondes and Business August 1st, 2022 Emma Frost have lunch and talk over a game of chess.
Pieces of Mind: Soul Storage August 1st, 2022 Jane and Emma discuss the lost souls with Loki.
Pieces of Mind: Outbreak (Finale) July 31st, 2022 The telepathic X-Men and Jane Foster regroup to hunt the Shadow King, to force him out of a horrible new body he's made.
Pieces of Mind: Long Shadows (Pre-Finale) July 30th, 2022 The Xmen and Jane react to the Shadow King's assault on Charles, working to rescue him.
If They See You, They Get Used To You July 29th, 2022 In another venture to the Hellfire Club, Aurora opens herself a chance to get a new agent, in the form of the witty and impressive Emma Frost
The White Queen and the Divine July 29th, 2022 Emma catches up with her minion and the two share some time together.
A Taste of Home July 27th, 2022 Belle stops by the Lily Anne Lounge of the HFC for a taste of home, and meets interesting people along the way.
Pieces of Mind: Stalemate July 26th, 2022 The telepaths discuss how to extract Charles from Shadow King -- while their mage ally offers a dangerous suggestion.
Talks of Terror July 25th, 2022 Tarot passes along Emma a personal warning and the two talk of philosophy and morbidity.
Tabbies and Tomfoolery July 20th, 2022 Emma talks with Tabitha on the Sentinels and Cybernetic Dinosaurs.
Anger Management July 16th, 2022 An angry and disguised Franklin Hall is discovered by a disguised Emma Frost, and conversation ensues.
HFC Silver Party July 15th, 2022 The Hellfire Club party is a success!
A snack before work. July 14th, 2022 Sam and Emma catch up, and prepare for possible trouble.
Telepathing the Tabby July 10th, 2022 Tabitha and Emma have a talk on telepathy.
All Roads Lead to Rome July 4th, 2022 Jane delivers a warning and hope to the White Queen.
Pieces of Mind: Sanctuary's End (X-Men) July 4th, 2022 A group of X-men and associated discuss what to do about the Shadow King's claim on Charles.
Pieces of Mind: Getting RESULTS July 3rd, 2022 Emma and Tabitha check in with the mage, Kels, about the astral problems.
Piece of Mind - Hellfire Hello July 3rd, 2022 Emma passes along a warning to Tessa about the Shadow King
Xavier's: Dox-M: Excellent - Cue Air Guitar July 2nd, 2022 Two new students are recruited. Emma gets 'Fed' up Sam and Laura get sneaky undercover and Rhona gets a taste of the Hero Life. Tabby gets to drive.
A Spritely Afternoon July 1st, 2022 Emma meets Sprite and tricks her. Sprite is amused and the two get along in return for chaos down the line.
Peace in Pieces of Mind June 29th, 2022 Emma Frost asks Tarot for a reading in light of recent psionic events. And gets a different sort of result than was to be expected.
Pieces of Mind: Removing the Masks June 28th, 2022 Emma and Tabby seek out the mage that warned them about the Astral Villain, and lots of information is exchanged.
Casting Magik Missile at the Darkness June 28th, 2022 Emma asks Illyana for aid in dealing with the psychic attacker of the astral plane.
Pieces of Mind: Behind Enemy Lines June 27th, 2022 Emma escorts a bunch of lost souls towards the Astral sanctuary... until something goes very wrong.
Abandoned Warehouse Investigation June 24th, 2022 Hope Summers, Connor Kent and Emma Frost discover a warehouse containing MGH. However, they also find more than they were expecting.
Two Queens Walk into a Bar June 22nd, 2022 CEO Frost gives Scion Queen some sage advice.
In the Theatre of the Mind June 20th, 2022 Emma works with Tabitha on telepathic training.
A late night in the rec room June 15th, 2022 No description
Mean, Queen, and On the Screen June 13th, 2022 As the world turns in the Hellfire Club...
X-Folks - Dox-M: What Floats the Boat June 12th, 2022 Mutants are rescued from flesh traffickers. The smell will wash off. And even some of the most violent types aren't all bad. The human traffickers though. They suck.
It's a Wonder, Man. June 10th, 2022 At a signing for his new memoir "My Life As a Super Man", Simon Williams meets a whole gaggle of fans in the form of Meggan, Heather, Cheyenne, and Emma. John Constantine grouches.
Risks of Gotham Nights June 10th, 2022 Misfit comes to the rescue of someone who distinctly didn't need her help. Emma acted grateful though.
Jaketch's Gambit: Park Portal Problems June 4th, 2022 A portal opens in Central Park and a small Chitauri force invade! Thankfully a few of New York's heroes are on hand to push back the aliens and get glared at by a mysterious alien war leader. Then it's time for beers.
Hellfire Club Inner Circle - May 2022 Meeting June 1st, 2022 Susan Richards is introduced as the White Queen, to indifference, interest, and infuriation.
Pieces of Mind: Astral Inventory May 30th, 2022 SHIELD and X-Mansion telepaths share knowledge of those lost in the astral.
Entertaining Angels May 27th, 2022 While catching up on reading for English, Zandra meets a real live Angel and 'the' Emma Frost. The three have a chat about real live legends, school, and business.
Take a Bite Out of Thyme May 26th, 2022 Emma checks up on Iara's first time in the medbay!
Busking About Bushwick May 24th, 2022 Emma helps Hannah to a homeless shelter post chaos.
Pieces of Mind: Inception May 22nd, 2022 Lost fragments of spirits seek answers... and those at the X-Mansion work to aid them.
Black Pawn and White But Mean May 22nd, 2022 Emma has some chat with Tessa and is reminded that she's no longer a member of the club.
Stormy Minds May 14th, 2022 Ororo has Emma over for tea and the two discuss a mirade of topics, paving the way to friendship.
We Come in Peace: For Real This Time! May 12th, 2022 Chancellor Araki arrives at the Atlantic Starport, escorted by the Imperial Guard. While the Shi'ar diplomat meets with the leaders of various heroic teams, his escort engages in cultural exchange, learning about Earth food, customs, and engaging in a bit of psychic repartee. They even get a group photo for the history books, courtesy of one Peter Parker.
She's Always Armed May 8th, 2022 Emma meets the Spiral, and there's some magic left in the trance.
Roguing Right Along! May 7th, 2022 Lil Roguie of the X-Babies makes a surprise guest star appearance at Xavier's during Science Class!
Psychics at the Beach May 3rd, 2022 Two psychics dance at the pool.
Hanging at the Mansion April 29th, 2022 Emma tries to convince Storm to uncloud the day supposedly for Tabby. Sam brings in news of nuptials and possible bachelor party plans are seeded with James and the New Nutant abd Guthrie boys.
Hellfire in Leather April 26th, 2022 Dark and Light face off as Emma and Selene snark over spankings.
Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs April 26th, 2022 Carb loading explosive sorts raid the kitchen while Frost raids the Ice Cream. No one blew up either.
Telepaths and Traumas April 25th, 2022 Two telepaths snark over gossip and presumptions at Xavier's.
We Need a Mullet... April 22nd, 2022 A series of weapons exhibits in Times Square are treated as a rummage sale by Red She-Hulk. Introducing the heroic Mullet of Guy Gardner!
Hellfire Club Inner Circle - April 2022 Meeting April 17th, 2022 Martinique Wyngarde is promoted to Black Bishop and challenges are rendered at Court
Is there a chill in the air April 15th, 2022 Bobby apologizes to Emma, Emma apologizes to Bobby, and Frost's shoes get Frosty.
What are we going to do tonight Gwendy April 15th, 2022 Gwenpool and Emma meet at the music hall.
S.M.I.L.E. Time April 10th, 2022 SMILE TIME
Starport Tour April 10th, 2022 A social gathering and party atmosphere is part of the night for the Starport's first guests!
Dressing the Divine April 7th, 2022 Emma takes her Kryptonian minion clothes shopping.
X-Women's Night Out April 4th, 2022 The mutant ladies go to the spa!
Mutants of Finer Things April 3rd, 2022 There's some chatter amongst the well to do back at the Mansion, plans are made, gossip exchanged.
From Earth to the Stars March 30th, 2022 Diana invites many members from an assortment of super teams to meet in the Hall of Justice to discuss Earth's first starports, and the plans there-in.
Familiar Families and Foes March 30th, 2022 Emma and Martinique talk about corruption and tradition in the midst of the Hellfire Club.
Ninjas and Fine Dining March 29th, 2022 No description
Ororo, how are you March 25th, 2022 Chatter amongst the teachers at Xavier's
Library Lounging March 20th, 2022 Emma and Xi'an talk about life and libraries
Meeting of the Scary Ladies March 17th, 2022 Emma hires Lady Shiva. They get along!
Chatting with a Cosmic March 16th, 2022 No description
Dinner for Two March 13th, 2022 Emma and Xi'an have a first date at a nice restaurant and discuss their lives.
Van Dyne Originals March 13th, 2022 Emma goes to Janet to have some clothes made!
Librarians in the Rain March 12th, 2022 Emma Frost makes a donation to the Mansion's collection, and Xi'an swoons.
Frost and the Fantastics March 9th, 2022 Emma and Reed talk business. CAPITALISM HO!
Zombie March 8th, 2022 Questions may still remain about just what the Zomborgs were up to, but the dozens of lives saved mean that those answers can wait for another day.
White and Wicked March 6th, 2022 Emma and Divine talk and make plans for parties.
Xaviers: Spring Break Volleyball March 5th, 2022 ROGUE WINS AGAIN! The others are pretty great too tho.
A Little Liquid Attitude Adjustment February 24th, 2022 Carol Danvers, Emma Frost, Remy LeBeau and Tabitha Smith all end up at Luke's bar and enjoy a night of drinking.
White Queen and The king(sley) in Yellow February 23rd, 2022 Business proposal made, and flirtation failed.
Quiet in the Coffee Shop February 19th, 2022 Emma Frost goes to hire a group of reputable killers for hire to find some cloners who made Divine to be dealt with.
Parasitic Pandemonium February 18th, 2022 Parasite attacks Metropolis! Heroes (Yes! ALL heroes!) save the day! A building crushes a child.
Westchester By Night: Till Final Death Do Us Part February 16th, 2022 Noriko Ashida and the gang at Xavier's save Jubilee from her obligation to marry the local vampire Duke, thanks to the eleventh hour arrival of Remy LeBeau and the secret he has uncovered. This scene has it all: a classic
The Chill of Victory February 15th, 2022 A snow competition, so of course Rogue won. Of course.
Jean's Jacuzzi February 13th, 2022 A nice hot dip in the hot tub, with hot sandwiches, and hot foot rubs from Kitty on Emma's legs. Remy is hot without his top on, and Jean not knowing where to change her clothes is so hot. What am I even writing at this point, it's so hot.... MMMH! KIFK FIGHTER THE MOVIE!
Westchester By Night: Hell Hath No Fury February 12th, 2022 The mutants of Xavier's are captured by their vampire enemies, but not everything is at it seems. After the Final Death of Severina the Scourge, The Malefactor needs a new vampire bride and he has the perfect one in mind. The mutants break up the wedding, but Jubilation is presented with a Kobayashi Maru situation and agrees to marry The Malefactor at a new ceremony next week. Remy LeBeau is mistakenly seated on the groom's side and blends in a little too easily.
This is not medically sound. February 10th, 2022 Tabby sneaks out of the med bay cause hungry. Gets caught, shares Sandwiches and exposition with Emma and Betsy
Warming by the fire February 9th, 2022 Warming up after sledding in Xavier's Recreation Room turns dangerous as a power goes out of control.
Coffee-View with the Vampire February 9th, 2022 Emma gets ready to hire Vampirella for future 'projects'
Nefarious Deeds in Abandoned Places February 8th, 2022 No description
Fire and Damnation February 7th, 2022 Emma and Selene skirmish, and various heroes are caught in the line of psychic fire.
Something Succubus This Way Comes February 6th, 2022 A succubus, a vampiress, a blonde, and a playboy walk into a bar..
Thoughts and Gardens January 31st, 2022 Emma hires Quiet to find some Kryptonian cloners and deal with them. Permanently
Eat, Pray, Slay: A Westchester By Night Story January 30th, 2022 Tempers flare as the gang at Xavier's gather to talk about the best ways to kill vampires. Wendy Fleeb makes a cameo appearance and is a total B.
A Propper First Mission January 30th, 2022 Black Cat makes a mistake and requires rescuing. Emma, Mike, Jennifer, Tabitha, and Ted all come to rescue her. They're big damn heroes in a night of horror.
Interview Ambush January 30th, 2022 Cindy tries to interview Emma Frost. It doesn't go great.
The Iceman Bleedeth January 30th, 2022 Jubilee decides to storm off instead of licking Bobby
How about them Dodgers January 29th, 2022 Emma talks with a nymphodroid and has a potential employee by the end of things.
Throwing Down January 28th, 2022 They all just wanted to take the subway.
Princess in the Old Town January 28th, 2022 Emma meets Diana and Morgan in Chinatown. Talks are made of plans for heroes down the line.
Princess and the Queen January 28th, 2022 Queen and Princess talk about daddies.
The Kryptonian Comes to Stay January 26th, 2022 Divine is welcomed to the X-Mansion and the staff look for ways to help her settle in.
Diamonds and Disco January 23rd, 2022 Alison and Emma talk about things. Like lawyers.
Bombtastic Bridge Boppin' Extravaganza January 21st, 2022 Hex escapes... sort of
Black and White and Dead All Over January 19th, 2022 Emma and Selene renew their feud. Power Girl arrives right as innocents are devoured and Exodus realizes that he has a possible enemy as old as he is, if not older.
Talking about Other Powers January 18th, 2022 Emma tells Karen about the existence of Divine, her clone.
Crimson and Frost January 17th, 2022 Emma ahs a quick talk with Hellboy in a diner about the angels
Snow Blowne January 16th, 2022 THE WOBBLY BARN IN KILLINGTON! Woooooo!
Be very Quiet.. January 16th, 2022 Emma talks to Quiet on hiring her for future freelance work
Coffee with the Chaos Speeder January 15th, 2022 Emma speaks to Madigan Belle and takes a rather bad impression of the sociopath
Business with Betsy January 13th, 2022 In which the telepaths catch up and Emma makes Betsy a proposition.
Live At Xavier's -- HAMILTON January 12th, 2022 Noriko Ashida, Emma Frost, Sam Guthrie, and Jubilation Lee enjoy a performance of Hamilton in the Xavier's recreation room, but not everything is as it seems. Kitty Pryde makes a triumphant return to the mansion by almost phasing through King George's spit puddle, but unfortunately has some difficult news to share with the group.
Merc-Ployment Opportunities January 11th, 2022 Emma hires Copycat for 'future business'
X-Gossip Marks the Spot January 10th, 2022 Emma, Jean, Kurt, and Rogue debate the theological ramifications of existence, the end times, angels, the cycles of life and death while under the strong influence of alcohol.

Aka 'When Rogue saved Jean by throwing a spitball at her'.

The Wicked and the Divine January 8th, 2022 Emma Frost meets Divine. And takes her in as her latest 'project'.
Discussion Amongst Debutantes January 5th, 2022 Meetings in the Hellfire Club Bar go unplanned as literal helllfire is planned and psychic mayhem is underfoot as the dark ladies plot to power.
Dining over Discussion January 3rd, 2022 Emma and Michael talk about the coming Angel-pocalypte and different perspectives; soldier vs hero.
Calling the Cat Burglar January 2nd, 2022 Emma offers to hire Felicia for a job. Felicia declines.
Something About Cable... December 31st, 2021 Emma comes by to register a complaint against Cable... with good reason, then she and Mystique talk about the current state of the universe, Namor, and mutants in general.
Ponderings of Politics December 30th, 2021 Cable comes to visit Emma and talk of Namor. There are strains between the soldier of the future and the telepath of the current era.
The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala December 28th, 2021 Atlantis makes a sweeping return to the world stage with an offer to become the de facto homeland of all mutantkind. Brows furrow.
Coffee with the Haughty December 27th, 2021 Emma Frost and Clint Barton talk over coffee while Emma attempts to awe him.
Teach Talk December 26th, 2021 Emma and the Bird joust at words.
Danger Room: X-Men vs. The Volcano Gods December 21st, 2021 The X-Men's tropical island hijinks continue. Gorilla gurellias, undead monkeys and a giant 6-armed Volcano God waiting at the end. Will anything remain of the island by the time the team is through?
Rogue's Birthday December 19th, 2021 Rogue's Birthday! Everyone is great!
Holly Jolly December 4th, 2021 Christmas decorations at the Mansion turns into the nefarious plots of the night.
Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath November 17th, 2021 A smuggling operation is revealed in New York by Arthur. Bebop, Rocksteady, Nia, and Roland manage to whup em while a sneeky ninja escapes with the goods. Emma decides not to buy real estate there.
A Hellfire Halloween October 28th, 2021 The Halloween bash at the Hellfire Club goes as planned. Darkness, debauchery, deals, and costumes a plenty. Though, given the shenannigans toward the end, the bar might need to put a hold on jello-shots for the foreseeable future.
Corporate Espionage October 17th, 2021 Cain robs a tech firm, fights some law enforcement, then temporarily takes Emma Frost hostage. It all works out though.
When Emma Met Mary August 29th, 2021 When Emma met Mary Part 1
Let God Sort Them Out July 29th, 2021 The children are safe, the base destroyed by the owners hands, but the question still remains: What happened to the founder? The Brotherhood, Aerial and the X-Men have seen to it that nothing bad can happen from this location again, but the insigators got away. Perhaps in time, the questions that remain unanswered will be answered.
Just the ladies, alcohol and Bushwick... what could go wrong July 19th, 2021 Four woman walk into a bar, one leaves early the other three keep drinking...
A Momentary Lapse of Derangement June 4th, 2021 Emma fights off Winston again and puts the fear of God into a hapless nurse. Christian tears her heart into shreds. Allies are found for the obliteration of a bunch of vile humans.
Aftermath! June 4th, 2021 No description
An Unexpected Reunion June 2nd, 2021 Emma gets a pair of surprise visitors in her office. Clarice does not get her brain turned into pudding and instead she earns a place in the White Queen's good graces - for now. After attempting to exorcise her family demons, Emma offers a deal to Clarice.
Diplomatic Community June 2nd, 2021 I'll buy that (building) for a dollar!
Betsy brings ideas to Emma June 1st, 2021 Betsy and Emma agree to spread the job love!
Responses and Reactions to Rebuffings and Refutings May 31st, 2021 Emma and Remy talk after the brotherhood's appearance in her office
A Less Cordial Meeting May 30th, 2021 Erik has a talk with Emma. Emma reconsiders the phrase 'Erik doesn't terrify me'. Remy, Mystique and Blink are on hand to witness the discussion.
Havok Ensues May 29th, 2021 No description
Fall Out May 29th, 2021 A fine day is had by all playing hookie.
Strike Force Frost (well, that's how Emma thinks of it!) May 28th, 2021 Mutant slaves freed. Guards mangled, shot, beaten, and otherwise abused. Two researchers assaulted, one additional in Emma's loving embrace. Drones are on the way.
Hobos in Hobokin. Mutants in Mutant Town. And I'm stuck in the middle with you. May 26th, 2021 Remy encounters a drug trade and then is rescued by Emma before they take a goon back to her place to get more information from him.
A Frosty Reception May 26th, 2021 Emma pays a visit to Andi's apartment, seeking knowledge about an incident in Mutant Town. It does not go exactly as expected for her, Andi, or Mania.
Outreach of another kind... May 25th, 2021 Erik, Mystique, and Emma come to an agreement in principle. Emma commits to an open-ended debt in exchange for Brotherhood protection and assistance. Much wine is consumed for 10AM.
White Queen, Black Coffee May 25th, 2021 A date with... disaster?
Saturday in the Park May 23rd, 2021 No description
An Ant and a Witch meet the Witch. May 22nd, 2021 Emma gets a new protege. (How long will this one last? Betting pools are open!) Hank gets a few mean shots in at Emma and gets return volleys lobbed his way. Ain't love grand?
Beer and Bentleys May 22nd, 2021 Scott's solo night at Harry's is interrupted by Emma. A heated discussion ensues ending in offers of mutual assistance. One blouse was harmed in the making of this scene.
Take-Out Chinese May 22nd, 2021 Emma is triggered. Business is rearranged.
Virtuous Signalling May 21st, 2021 No description
Trial by Character May 21st, 2021 Emma is rescued by a knight in ragged armour. Recruitment commences.
Black King, White Queen May 20th, 2021 Emma finds a new game piece on the board, starts to keep tabs. Blackagar is amused by the silly lady.
A Visit With Emma May 1st, 2021 Magneto visits the Centinel and offers Emma's new team assistance. There is discord over the thought of a new Cerebro.
SUPER MATCH GAME RETURNS! May 1st, 2021 Joker and Superboy play Super Match Game with Nick Drago, Hank Pym, Diana Prince, Pantheon, Shazam and Powergirl. With Emma Frost as hostess. Stay tuned to find out who wins!
Things are afoot at the Centinel. April 22nd, 2021 Roland enters the Centinel, gets attacked by some goons, the bartender steps in.
Sibling Plottery April 6th, 2021 Christian and Emma discuss the plans for the future
Interview with a Emmapire. March 16th, 2021 April O'Neil gets an exclusive interview with Emma Frost at the new Centinel Hotel in Mutant Town.
EXTREME HOTEL MAKEOVER March 14th, 2021 Watch the worker bees raise a building in one week!
Library Police: Amnesty Hours March 5th, 2021 The Library Police successfully retrieve several books, including an interestingly enchanted one from Julio. A fugitive is identified for later apprehension. There are donuts.
To Be Continued... For Real! March 2nd, 2021 I mean, some of the movie got watched! With a surprise visit from an Avenger!
Lazy Sunday March 1st, 2021 A relaxing evening turns tense as personalities clash.
HORSEYS February 27th, 2021 Emma, Christian, and Rogue have a chat, Christian has been sober for four days.
Creative Title Number 6 February 26th, 2021 Christian, Emma, and Simon chat for a bit.
I.C.E. I.C.E. Brother, Oh Dear.. February 23rd, 2021 Emma gets called to come pick up Christian at the hospital. Secrets are revealed. Lives are changed.
Shannoning III February 21st, 2021 Good Shannon is born
Tenage Mutant Nega Skipping Classes. TWITTER POWER! February 20th, 2021 Ellie skips class, learns a lesson in life instead.
Emma has a follow up session with Rogue February 18th, 2021 Emma talks to Rogue, Jean comes in and is the angel on the shoulder to Emma's devil. Devil wins. With bargains.
Unexpected visitor February 17th, 2021 Magneto comes to the Mansion. James and Emma meet him at the gates and escort him to Charles' office. Nobody died.
Emma gives Rogue an Out February 16th, 2021 Emma cheats Rogue with a 'power switch' for her late birthday present and then offers to help work out her muscles
Two Blondes and a Balcony February 16th, 2021 Emma and Alison meet on the balcony, and Alsion BURNS Emma before running away!
In need of a telepath! February 14th, 2021 Megan seeks Emma's advice and help in rescuing Shannon.
Full of Regret and marshmallows February 11th, 2021 Talia Emma Kitty Quentin and Henry catch up about how crazy things are in the kitchen.
Emma seeks council from Ororo February 10th, 2021 No description
Traffic February 9th, 2021 Tracking down the party of the century and a drug called Opal lead two groups to a location that is not what it seems. Cloak and Dagger are scary. Scott and Hank are threatening. Emma tries new drugs, and a new friend is found.
A gift for his little sis. February 7th, 2021 And Paige gets her self some brand new second hand wheels.
Student Teacher Conference February 3rd, 2021 Emma and Noriko have a chat after class.
Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER January 28th, 2021 Emma hosts a gala style event at Xaviers for the students. Some fun is had, some trouble is had, some news breaks.
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Sleepy Storm January 19th, 2021 Ororo and Noriko visit Emma. Ororo falls asleep before she even makes it to the hot tub. Emma Dr. decides that the best medicine would be a spa day.
Fighting Cabin Fever and Ourselves January 16th, 2021 No description
Ruth Wants to Hurt Someone. We Oblidge. January 8th, 2021 No one knows how to fight, Warren gets mad Emma expected they could. Ruth beats up Nori, Nori zaps Warren, Jubilee drags Bird-o to the medbay.
Jetsetting and the Values of the Upper Class January 5th, 2021 Ororo is one hell of a thrillseeker and nearly kills Emma.
Down in the Garage: where all the cool kids hang out January 4th, 2021 Emma takes Noriko for a drive and has a teaching moment.
Rogue's 21st Birthday December 27th, 2020 A big gathering of kind and well mannered people all enjoy cake and each other's company.
A Touch of Brimstone: der Schweinehund December 23rd, 2020 Emma has a private discussion with Friedrich von Roehm at the German HFC event. While she expects to have to trade on her own dignity for information, his interests prove somewhat less what she expected. In the end, she discovers more information on their trafficking network, although information about its main lab and project leader remain beyond her grasp. (OOC warning for some adult themes, as its the Hellfire Club being the Hellfire Club!)
Auto-traumatic Laundr-o-matic December 20th, 2020 Emma runs into Noriko doing her school chores and makes Noriko cry...er, helps Nori finally talk about some deep trauma in her past. As a reward, she has to do Emma's laundry too.
A Touch of Brimstone: European Holiday December 7th, 2020 German investigations lead Emma into the dubious company of a former Hellfire Club elite now languishing in continental debauchery, while Ororo and Lorna meet with a German intelligence officer and work out some information exchange and terms for future X-actions.
Emma's Mail Arrives December 4th, 2020 Emma's clothes order arrives, Ruth, Noriko, Rogue and finally Sam help Emma, or make fun of her, or both.
Crimefighter Chic December 1st, 2020 Life choices, guilty pleasures and unstable molecule clothing!
A Touch of Brimstone: The Subject November 29th, 2020 The X-Men meet and discuss plans for dealing with the HFC's mutant kidnapping. A mission to the streets of Mutant Town. Diplomacy in Europe. And perhaps an investigation of the local chapter to gain the information they need. Afterward, the remaining victim of the genetics program awakens from his stasis, only to go briefly berserk as he cannot control his 'chimeric' mix of genetically grafted powers. They're able to subdue him, and his last moments are spent peacefully in the med bay. In his last moments, his memories reveal a face, perhaps the engineer of this entire gruesome plot.
Balcony Above November 28th, 2020 What starts out as a relaxing evening on the northern balcony of Xavier's School, turns into a shopping trip of the bustling Black Friday variety of Manhattan's Bryant Park!
Xavier's On Ice November 25th, 2020 Some faculty, residents, and students go ice skating on the lake courtesy of Bobby. Rogue and Jean show off. Noriko refuses Emma's help. Noriko asks Jean if she can do independent study.
Quentin AcQuired November 24th, 2020 Quentin does weird stuff. Emma, Noriko, and Gabby frown. They all come to an agreement.
I'm so Thankful. You don't even Know. November 22nd, 2020 It is a Cooking Bonanza Extravaganza. This is Jean Grey's kitchen, you mustaches! So look out! Dodge the floating stuff, and mind the dog in the corner! Nori's got the shocking, Kitty's got the cereal, Hank just wants a gd sandwich, and Rogue is mincin' words over bad types of pies!
You wear THAT November 22nd, 2020 Logan takes Emma down stairs, Noriko happens by
Emmanem Lose Urself November 19th, 2020 Emma doesn't know how to make mashed potatoes.
Hot & Cold November 18th, 2020 Nori takes Emma to relax in the /other/ hot tub and finds her favorite person. Nori throws a tantrum, Julian throws her under the bus, and miraculously, no adults lose their cool in the making of this scene. Must have been the gummies.
A Chilly Walk November 16th, 2020 Noriko takes Emma out for a walk while everyone is eating. Rachel is treated like a hall monitor. Emma is a good girl but doesn't get treats.
Debfriefing Emma Frost November 15th, 2020 Jean plays inquisitor, Emma faces her actions, and her student victims ponder what it means - and takes - to forgive.
A Gruesome Rescue November 8th, 2020 X-Men and some notable Avengers come rescue Kitty, Noriko and others from Emma's mess. Some got away.
Mutants Plundered November 7th, 2020 Noriko Kitty try to make a break for it, Emma gets betrayed, hope fading.
Just a Quick Drink October 12th, 2020 A quick conversation over beer.
Jazz and Girl's Night September 27th, 2020 Emma and Alexis have a chat in the jazz lounge.
A Bit of Hellish Socializing August 22nd, 2020 Four Inner Circle Members Walk Into A Bar....
Dinner Date August 22nd, 2020 Alex and Emma catch back up over a meal at the Strait Lace.
Seven Deadly Sins Ball August 12th, 2020 Surprisingly devoid of any real scandal
The Inner Circle Meets August 12th, 2020 The Inner Circle gathers and plots.
Catching Up: Spa Style August 5th, 2020 Emma and Lorna catch up and have girly talk.
Genosha Burns: Brotherhood's Back in Town July 24th, 2020 Acolytes ambush the X-Men to try to get the shrunken Genosha... and Magneto!
What to Wear - Club Edition July 22nd, 2020 A trip to the Broken Mirror for club clothes for the upcoming night out to the Dungeon at the Hellfire Club for Bobby, Julio, Piotr, Illyana, Jean, and Emma.
You'll Find Me In The Club July 21st, 2020 A fun night out at the Hellfire Club's Dungeon night club!
Mutant Renaissance July 18th, 2020 A group from Xavier's, along with a few guests, make a trip to the Renaissance Fair for snacks, spending, and general adorability.
Telepathic Spa Days Means No Dropping Eaves July 17th, 2020 Shop talk about the founding of X-Force over drinks in a mud spa.
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
Weekend in Alaska July 11th, 2020 It should have been a nice weekend away from the usual problems. But, of course, mutants can get nice things. And Sinister casts a long shadow.
A Quiet Gastropub Adventure July 5th, 2020 Alex and Emma have a peaceful lunch where they discuss Alex's grandfather and space pirate father.
Spa Night for Some X Ladies July 4th, 2020 Spa night with Jean Emma and Neena!
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
Kingmaker: What Would You Pay July 2nd, 2020 Julian gets an email from his parents and incidentally learns a very unhappy truth.
Kingmaker: When Does It End July 2nd, 2020 Julian's soul has been recovered! We're saved!

Or are we?

Kingmaker: What Does It Mean July 2nd, 2020 Plans are made! Stealth, guile, trickery... easy enough, right?
Kingmaker: Was It Worth It July 2nd, 2020 Julian has his soul back after a bit of blood magic to restore it. One day, they'll take their vengeance on The Three, but for now? Julian is whole again.
Kingmaker: What Is The Cost July 2nd, 2020 Julian finds out some truths about his family.
Kingmaker: Where Would You Go July 2nd, 2020 Julian, Illyana, and their team goes to Limbo to make a deal....
A Lazy Afternoon at the Rathskeller July 1st, 2020 A chance meeting over a couple beers at the Rathskeller.
A Hellfire Masquerade June 28th, 2020 A Hellfire Masquerade Ball!
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Met Gala: Mandate of Heaven June 22nd, 2020 The Met Gala brings together the city and unleashes medieval artifacts far and wide!
Checking in On Emma June 22nd, 2020 Warren comes to check on Emma.
Interruptions and Bright Lights June 20th, 2020 Bright lights outside, a chunk of city being torn up... What should have been a pleasant afternoon has been disturbed by chaos. Emma and Alex are escorted to thevHFC bunker....
A Little Check Up June 16th, 2020 Shaw and Tessa come to check on Emma, Tessa has some information about Sinister.
Moving In June 14th, 2020 Alex officially moves in!
Inner Circle: Court Has Been Called June 11th, 2020 A Inner Circle meeting, discussion presidential ambitions, the kidnap and return of their own, and further plans for the teen club.
Rest And Recovery June 9th, 2020 X-men gather in the medical bay to check on the freed kidnap victims.
Binding Wounds June 7th, 2020 After the rescue, Emma just wants to forget, but Alex wants her to work things out right.
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Two June 6th, 2020 A hard fight, and the hostages are saved!!! But they are not whole, and it may be some time before they are...
A Sinister Plot: Lending a Hand May 28th, 2020 Gabby and Hank visit Julian and Emma to help tend their injuries. Emma is delirious with fever.
A Sinister Plot: Interlude: Special Delivery May 27th, 2020 Julian appears on the lawn! Scott and Jean arent clones! Rogue thinks we are all crazy!
A Sinister Plot: Chasing the Sun May 25th, 2020 Backscene: Berto is surprised and kidnapped by the Marauders.
A Sinister Plot: The Aftermath May 25th, 2020 Folks check on the wounded and the former captives, beginning the process of trying to heal and make sense of it all.
A Sinister Plot: Another Brick in the Wall May 25th, 2020 Sinisters victims talk about their captivity and try and keep their hopes up... not entirely well.
A Sinister Plot: Everybody's Coming to Get Me May 25th, 2020 The hunters find out who took Julian, which only leads them further down the rabbit hole.
A Sinister Plot: The Time Between May 25th, 2020 The captives get a chance to socialize and check on one another.
A Sinister Plot: Malicious May 25th, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! Side One
A Sinister Plot: The Game is Afoot May 25th, 2020 Plans are made.
A Sinister Plot: Interlude: The Returned May 25th, 2020 Armed with new information, the X-Men make more plans.
A Sinister Plot: Mission Assignments May 24th, 2020 Scott has Betsy scan for the missing. THere's not much to go on, but it's a start. The X-Men are on the trail.
Not Forgotten At All May 24th, 2020 A team of Xavier's folks go out of find what happened to their companions... and find more questions than answers.
Hellfire Additions May 21st, 2020 The Board of the Hellfire Club discusses a new addition to the Club with Maxwell Wave
Dinner with the Parents May 20th, 2020 Alex and Emma meet at her parents place in Boston for dinner with them, and of course, the typical parental questioning.
Catch-Up May 19th, 2020 Emma and Lorna drink, eat, and talk about the Genosha situation and where Lorna's political issues lie for now.
Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again May 17th, 2020 Alex and Emma meet Maxwell in a pizza joint in Brooklyn.
A Quiet Night and Some Drinks May 15th, 2020 Jean, Ali, and Emma have girl time over beers and snacks.
Not Exactly Training May 12th, 2020 Discussions of training and powers and what counts as each.
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
Interview at the Rise N Grind May 8th, 2020 Mary Bromfield applies for a manager position at the Rise N Grind-- and she gets it!
Vacation Plans May 6th, 2020 Alex and Emma make plans for a vacation.
A Day in the Life May 6th, 2020 Alex and Emma stop by the X-Mansion to let people know they're going on a trip and chat with Illyana, Marie-Ange, Warren, and James while they're there. Cookies are had.
A Sinister Plot: A Broken Crown May 3rd, 2020 TW: GORE VIOLENCE NUDITY TORTURE - Sinister begins his experiments, and is not above taking what he wants from his patients.
A Sinister Plot: Lost But Not Forgotten May 3rd, 2020 The X-Men discover people are missing in action. Panic sets in, and groups split to start planning investigations and rescues.
A Sinister Plot: I Was Working In My Lab One Night May 3rd, 2020 Awakening. Doctor Nathaniel Essex has brought them together for a project... one that promises to be likely fatal.
A Sinister Plot: A Shattered Star May 3rd, 2020 Roberto and Gabby have their turn on the table, with varied results.
Glimpses into the Past April 28th, 2020 Alex and Emma use the mindscape to see each of their pasts, to somewhat eye opening results.
On the First Day of Jenny's Birthday... April 26th, 2020 On the first day of Jennymas, Jenny gave to everybody: cake. And got an awful lot of awesome gifts.
Elis Society: Checking with Ms. Frost April 25th, 2020 Alexander speaks with Ms. Frost to find out a bit about the Elis Society.
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
Proper Society April 23rd, 2020 Allegra, newest member of the Hellfire Club!
Lunch at the Strait Lace April 23rd, 2020 Old friends catch up for lunch and discuss relationships, work, and some future plans.
A Dungeon Aftermath April 23rd, 2020 After the night at the club, Alex and Emma have a honest conversation about what happened and how they feel.
Taco Tuesday at Xavier's April 22nd, 2020 Taco night! Food was had by everyone, Gabby is now a dinosaur, and Marie-Ange spoke with the cards to find out what's going on. There was also churro carnage.
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Sauron has been found, and punched a lot to get the information and the data to reverse the dinoplague!
Winds of Change: Savage Lands Part Two April 22nd, 2020 The X-men make it to the Savage Land, and collect the items needed for Hank to cure the dino-problem! Next-- Sauron!
What Might The Future Bring April 20th, 2020 A relaxing evening out back of Xavier's turns to a lot less than relaxing with Hope learning Bishop has arrived... and a surprise cameo by Deadpool.
Hand Vs Foot April 17th, 2020 A rumble between Hand Ninja and Foot Clan goes horribly wrong as a few heroes(?) rush in to apprehend them. Mayhem ensues!
An Unlovely Night In April 15th, 2020 Emma tries to dump Alex, but those Summers boys are stubborn!
HFC Oktoberfest in April April 14th, 2020 The HFC's Oktoberfest in April is rousing success with good food, good beer, and good company.
Bro Bro Bro! April 14th, 2020 Some bad Bro Bro Bros shake down a nice old couple. A handful of good Samaritans save the day!
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
Rise n Grind April 12th, 2020 Jean and Emma chat.
Made of Stardust April 11th, 2020 Emma gives Alex a thoughtful gift... and he gives her an emotional revelation.
Street Piano April 10th, 2020 In Tribeca, a quartet of mutants meet and mingle.
A Frosty Clandestine Meeting April 9th, 2020 Alex and Emma share secrets and family drama.
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Queen on the Diagonal April 7th, 2020 Emma and Alton talk, Emma reminds the kid of some options he has, and his future fate.
Spa Night April 7th, 2020 Some X-Ladies have a spa night. There is mud baths and gossip.
Home Sweet Hovel April 6th, 2020 Alex shows Emma his hovel...er, apartment.
I Could Never Get The Hang of Mondays April 6th, 2020 Scene finished.
Lemonade fresh from the vine. Ice cream fresh from Iceland. April 5th, 2020 Jubilee holds an impromptu lemonade sale in the Xavier's foyer. Lots of faces show up, some of them are wearing clothes!
Down-Home Double Date April 4th, 2020 All is not well in the state of Lafayette's Beau Cherie. Emma and Janet, accompanied by Alex and Steve, find this out the hard way and finally -- FINALLY -- someone silences the singing animatronic gator.
Stitch Witchering April 3rd, 2020 Emma approaches Janet to get a new dress made for the upcoming Gala!
A Learning Process April 1st, 2020 Emma begins to teach Alex how to mentally shield himself from telepathic intrusion
Speak Easy in the Speakeasy March 31st, 2020 Drinks and conversation turns to Lorna working out her frustration on some muggers.
The Art of Not Micromanaging March 30th, 2020 The Black King and White Queen discuss the recent troubles at the Hellfire Club with the ever-dutiful Tessa. No expense is spared.
Don't Ask What We Did Last Night March 30th, 2020 No one gets between Emma and what she wants. Which is probably a nice bubble bath, a book, and another chapter in Guide To Dealing with Crazy People.
Breakfast March 29th, 2020 Alex attempts to make breakfast for Betsy, Emma, Laura, and Gabby, but tempers flare in an argument over suspicion of Emma's reasons for being at the mansion and closeness to Alex.
No One Gets a Telepath... Like a Telepath March 28th, 2020 Jean and Emma heal Alex's mind... and determine the cause of the hidden memories.
Brotherly Love March 28th, 2020 Emma brings Alex back to Xaviers. Scott and Jean discuss with them what (rather, who) caused Alex's mental block; as several of the students swarm like sharks. Hope does NOT have a gun in her room, grandpa.
R U OK March 27th, 2020 Alex and Emma talk after the incident at the HFC club where they experienced their greatest fears, due to the Scarcrow's fear toxin. Emma discovers an odd mental
Hashtag: Selfie March 25th, 2020 Fear and terror abound in the Dungeon Nightclub at the Hellfire as Dr. Crane tests out his newest ingestible fear toxin. And the big hero of the night... is HARLEY QUINN?
Psychic Lightning Bolt Eyes March 25th, 2020 Jean and Emma have a surprisingly polite conversation about the 'security breach' at the X-manse.
A Sweet Surprise March 24th, 2020 Illegal cupcakes! Bickering teenagers! Frustrated adults! Sugar rushes and sage advice from a child that listens to Dr McCoy too much. Emma's surprise birthday treats for the X Mansion were well received by the kids, but the adults... something something security risk.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Charity Gala March 24th, 2020 Schmoozing, boozing, donations and more. The Hellfire Spring Charity Gala is a huge success, benefitting Genosha.
Subterfuge, the Name of the Game March 22nd, 2020 Lorna, Emma, and Mystique meet up on Genosha and discuss plans moving forward.
Shots Shots Shots March 22nd, 2020 Deadpool annoys Powergirl, Tony Stark rises in the (twitter) polls, and Deadpool causes chaos. A typical night at the club.
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous March 22nd, 2020 a few VIPs chat and drink and discuss VIP things.
Genoshan Visitations: Of Queens March 21st, 2020 Lorna shows Emma the ruins of Hammer Bay and Emma attempts to find answers
The Eternal Archaeologist of the Spotless Mind March 21st, 2020 A second date goes awry, between villains and pouring rain-- but Alex and Emma make the most of it.
A Historical Date March 19th, 2020 Alex Summers and Emma Frost go on a first date to the museum, and end up discussing mutants, parents, and why exactly Emma asked Alex out in the first place.
Just a Little Nudge March 18th, 2020 Discussions of the upcoming Charity Gala and socialization!
A Meeting of the Court March 17th, 2020 The Kings of the Hellfire Court plot, with the White Queen and Black Bishop. Plans for a charity ball and Genoshan assistance are made.
A Private Dinner with the Queens March 17th, 2020 Queen Lorna gains another ally; does the White Queen gain another pawn?
The (Not So) Public House March 16th, 2020 Shaw meets with Lorna and makes her and offer she can't refuse; Maxima discovers the HFC
An Afternoon in the Rathskeller, Hellfire Club March 15th, 2020 folks meet and mingle.


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Mirror Mirror May 23rd, 2021 Emma starts her day

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The Match Game May 21st, 2020 This is a game that involves a panel of celebrity guests who are given a fill in the blank sentence. Two contestants compete to try and get the most matches to the celebrity responses for a cash prize!

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