13685/The Magician and the Queen

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The Magician and the Queen
Date of Scene: 29 December 2022
Location: Frost Enterprises
Synopsis: Emma calls on Zatanna to consult on a magical affair.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Zatanna Zatara

Emma Frost has posed:
For precautionary things one sometimes needed a specialist. There were always threats out there. Supervillains, thieves, monsters. And sometimes things of a magical nature. Something well outside the experience of most types who did security. Sometimes one needed a bit more precautionary measures than simply waiting for superheroes to arrive. So Emma Frost had simply gone outside her network to hire a specialist.
    Zatanna Zatara was being paid a considerable amount to setup some defensive wards around Frost Enterprises to hold off basic magical threats or at least slow them. Emma Frost would be awaiting her in the lobby.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Like most scions of wealthy families, Zatanna doesn't sneer at money. She looks for the balance between earning what she is worth, especially when she knows the recipient of her services can pay and fairness. Otherwise, fees are of no consequence.

Frost Enterprises are known to anyone tapped into the business world; Zatanna reads the financial pages and listens to her investment analyst. They were on the Justice League's radar because of the company's impact on current technology and because of the woman at the pinnacle of the company - Emma Frost. Few could claim to be as personally powerful or as formidable. Zatanna looked forward to their meeting.

The mistress of magic's arrival was discreet. A brief violet light on a side street opened. Zatanna strode out into the street as casually as stepping out of a chauffeured car. In the lobby her high-heeled boots tapped sharply on the marble floors as she made her way to Emma, hand held out in greeting.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is known to have made significant donations to Xavier's Institute and to have given some technical consulting to the Starport. So her reputation, at least, is somewhat interesting for those in the right circles. As Zatanna comes in, Emma Frost goes to meet her and gives a nod of her head. "Thank you for being available on short notice. I do appreciate it."

Emma would walk over towards her and offer her hand over. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance in person. Is there anything you prefer to be referred to as?" Zatanna, Ms. Zatara.. Emma was leaving it open for Zee to settle how she wished to have this be. Professional and courteous? Or somewhat more relaxed?

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Smiling faintly, Zatanna takes Emma's hand in a firm, warm grip, "An equal pleasure, Ms. Frost. You are welcome to call me Zatanna or Ms. Zatara, whichever you are more comfortable with. I'm between engagements right now, waiting on the outcome of the recent events at the Starport so I am more available than usual and glad to be of help." Mention of the Starport was not made casually: it is first and foremost on the mage's mind in view of Thor's disappearance and she knows that Emma is cognizant of what happened unlike most of the world.

After withdrawing her hand, she looks Emma in the eyes, eyebrows raised in discreet enquiry. "How can I be of service to you, Ms. Frost?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost shakes the hand firmly, "Events at the starport are.. Chaotic. I suppose one advantage over it has at least is sufficient firepower onhand to respond to most threats and it's away from most other things, so there's a minimized risk of collateral damage and civillians getting caught in the crossfire. I am however sure it does wonders for this planet's interstellar reputation for our place of representation to be attacked and threatened rather constantly, however." Which is why diplomacy is left to the Amazons!

"Given the rising number of.. Shall we call them supernatural incidents in the last few years, I thought it wise to have some general.. Wardings, I believe is the term? Put up around my primary business facilities."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zatanna's eyebrows rise even higher. This time in mild surprise at Emma being so forthright at divulging her need in the lobby. After a discreet look around, she nods and turns a hand over in invitation, "It would be my pleasure. Given that certain types of incidents have been on the rise, that sounds like a wise precaution. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions first?"

Gesturing to the lobby, "Then, I would like to have a tour of your building and access to a ground plan if your security protocols allow it."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod, "By all means feel free. That's why I've hired you after all. What sort of quality can I expect to have if I don't give the specialist what they need to do thier own job effectively? Please, follow me." She would dip her head over to Zatanna, "The last year hasn't been quite as bad as the last, but I see no reason to rest on our laurels and our luck with how the world is."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The elevator matches the high tech design of the lobby. Its glass sides give an impressive view of the Financial District as they swoop upward to the executive floor. Zatanna stands quietly beside the CEO while she extends her magical senses to the building and floors they pass through, scanning for signs of magical intrusion. To her relief, it seems she will be working with a clean slate - almost a surprise in light of Frost's recent involvement in Starport defense.

Zatanna follows in Emma's wake, her fashionably tailored attire, calling no attention to her as they pass other offices. Once behind closed doors, she goes to the office's wide windows overlooking Manhattan to look down before turning to Emma. "I appreciate your confidence in me, Ms. Frost. Are you aware of the magical intrusion that took place recently at the Starport? I assumed you were so excuse me for asking if that is the case."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Zatanna as the two would go along. "I've been lucky at least here to only have to deal with the normal threats." Supervillains, hackers breaking in to stela things, industrial espionage, hostake taking.. Nothing out of the ordinary. There are no signs of anything magical in the building - nor any technology that might have anything remotely to do with it.

She would purse her lips. "You have more familiarity wtih it than I am. I've been mostly following the.. Interstellar incidents present. Assassination attempts on diplomats, bombings.. All of thsoe lovely things. Magic.. I'm only peripherally aware of and even then just by a few words. You mean with.. The dark elves?"

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Nodding gravely, "Yes and their master. Were it not for Dr. Strange linking with me through the artifacts, all would have been lost. Though, I think Malekith," her voice lowers on the name as though reluctant to invoke it, "achieved one of his goals, well, not just one. He disseminates chaos as a matter of course, the shotgun method, trying to take out as many things at once as he can, in hopes that something will work. It was a blow, to be honest with you. I mention it lest you'd be more comfortable with another magic user." The mage raises her chin, mouth in a straight line as she avows, "I didn't see it coming." She does not add that no one did but doesn't feel it mitigates her responsibility in the incident.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Zatanna, "So a smash and grab raid. Try and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible, try and use it to achieve a specific goal. If the primary objective can't be realized, then at least you've destabilized the area sufficiently to cover your escape and slow any pursuit or counter-attacks on you." She would muse over. "I have no issues with magic users. At least non-hostile ones. You have your own world of expertise that I can't remotely grasp. Magic's common enough in the world that one has to be accepting of it, even what they can't understand."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Though Zatanna feels that Emma has skirted the issue of Zatanna's responsibility for not foreseeing the attack, she nods, hands spread as she accepts the commission. "Then I will do my best," she says solemnly.

"As I said in the lobby, I'll need access to your ground plans so I don't overlook points of entry though dimensional portals can blow through those. I'd like to walk as much of the building as possible in case someone has placed shielded wards of their own to bypass any protective safeguards you may take. If that is possible I can begin as soon as possible. Would you object to me bringing a colleague into the project? Two pairs of eyes are never bad when setting up an extensive set of wards."