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Have a Happy Happy Harley
Date of Scene: 03 January 2023
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Diana and Harley exchange gifts, and login information for Onlyfans. Booty shorts make an appearance too. Is Diana a good influence on Harley Quinn? Or is Harley Quinn a bad influence on Diana?
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Harley Quinn

Diana Prince has posed:
It is December 20th. Christmas is just around the corner.

Diana was still taking care of some standard work when she gets a message from the front desk that a visitor had arrived. One Harley Quinn.

It made Diana smile to hear the name, and she of course made some time for her.

She was a big fan of the reformed Harleen, and was always eager to hear how she was doing.

The request to have her come back to Diana's office was given, and Harley was summarily escorted by two Amazon women. One was a blonde with a very fit form, and curly hair loose over her shoulders. The other was a redhead named Adrastea who was a common face around here, and Harley had likely seen her before, while the blonde was a new face, named Fia.

Upon arriving, Diana is sitting at her desk, holiday lights strung up around the office give a nice holiday cheer to the room, and Diana rises up to her heeled-feet and steps toward Harley to greet her.

"Harley...." Diana says in a affectionately warm tone, she reaches out to offer a light hug. "It is so good to see you... I hope all is well?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
December! The month of givin' and receivin'! And today it seems it's Didi's time to receive! So it is that a certain Harley finds herself arriving at the embassy, bearing gifts. On hindsight, should she had called early to warn she was coming?

And maybe not having brought the hyenas?

But they wanted to visit the Embassy so badly. They haven't had as much fun here since they were pursuing Terry through the embassy grounds to train him on Harley-fu.

"Remembah..., if you scritch do it behind the ears, not on the chin!" Harley is saying to the two amazons are tasked with keeping Bud and Lou outside. They are good boys though! Maybe.

"Didi!" Harley greets, arms open to the side. She is dressed to the season. Green. Shorty-shorts of a green color. Tight green shirt. Shoes with a little curl on the tip. And a cap.. Is this Santa elf Harley?

"I come bearing gifts!" And indeed she has a pair of bags on her hands. Then hugging Diana in greeting.

"How have you been, tough girl?"

Diana Prince has posed:
The two Amazons are very eager to watch over Harley's pets! Okay, Adrastea is, Fia maybe not so much. But either way they take the two out to the central courtyard to walk them around the paths there, the well cultivated grounds likely getting a bit messier soon, as the two Hyenas are likely looking for Kangas, or any other odd smells that are new to them on property.

Diana steps back after the hug, and gives Harley a once-over. "Well, don't you look festive." She says with a big grin on her red hued lips. Her own attire consisting of a black blazer over a red top, and black slacks.

"You brought gifts? Oh my... I will have to send for yours for both you and your roommate. How is April?" Diana asks.

Crazy as ever, is the answer, of course! Always up to something, that one...

"Come in, have a seat... Would you like something to drink?" She asks, motioning to the seating area, as she steps toward the drink bar to gather up anything Harley might like. "We have Tea, or even some eggnog if that is your thing..." The Princess says with a playful grin.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Don't you look .., wonderful." Is Harley's retort, followed by a wink. "Mmmm, love the black blazer on red, gotta say..." she nodding her head approvingly at the choice of attire. Then beaming a big pearly-white smile. "April's good. She didn't come home last night. She's either on a job or got kidnapped. Each is equally possible to have happened.." her shoulders rising in a shrug.

"Or actually..." She fishes for her phone out of her backpocket. "Oh right, I didn't see my messages! She's working her ass off for the tv station. Holidays and all that."

"Does the tea have alcohol?" Beat, "I kid, I kid. I will have tea." she then sashaying over to have a seat. "Well, I came early. But you know, I am guessing you might go to the island for holidays or something so thought I'd come early. Anyways. How have YOU been, Didi?"

Diana Prince has posed:
A grin persists on Diana's visage as she hears Harley's words. She'd glanced down at herself and put a hand across her stomach at the compliment to her attire. "Why thank you..." She'd said quietly. And the tea could have alcohol if you'd like, though that is more common in the eggnog this time of year..."

Either way, the Princess sets about getting them both a glass before she steps toward harley to have it offered out. "Glad that she is not kidnapped... I might have to do something about that, if so." Diana says with a sweet smile.

She sets her own tea down by the seating area, but steps back over to her desk. She picks up her phone. "I better let them know that you're here for your gifts..." She idly says as she taps out a message to the central Embassy channel. "There..." She states, setting the phone down, Diana walks back to join Harley. "Things have been... complicated. What with all that has happened at the Starport since it opened, and with the arrival of nearly a thousand new Amazon women back on the island..." She inhales, and then slowly releases it. "It has been quite a year, but one that I feel was by far... mostly good." She states that with a grin chasing it before she starts to sit down.

"And you? I heard the Hyenas outside, I hope they are well?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yea ..., but eggnog has milk.." Harley makes a face, scrunching up her nose at it. "Heh, the tea will do." one leg folds over the other and her foot dangles back and forth as she looks here and there at the office. She laughs at that comment about April. "Always with the weight of the world on your shoulders, Didi. But April can handle herself. And I handle her!" she pausing to look at Diana more closely.

"Wait, my gifts?" She looks a bit confused. "I am here to offer YOU gifts." then she reaching for the first bag. "Which speaking of..."

"Time to see what you have to say about it..." Mischievous little grin as she gets a package out of the bag. "Go on. Open it.."

A whisper. "Don't worry, we won't tell Santa you opened them before the 25th..."

The talk about the Amazon women has her cant her head to the side. "Huh. New ones in what way? I thought they were mostly in the island except the ones here or on a pilgrimage or somethin ..?"

Diana Prince has posed:
A sip of her tea is had before Diana places the glass back down upon the coaster on the table in front of the leather sofa seat she's now perched upon the edge of. She grins softly, accepts the present and lays it down across her lap, her knees together in her black slacks. "So pretty..." She says of the wrapping paper, before her eyes bounce back up and over to Harley's baby blues.

"Seven hundred Amazon stepped forth from the Well of Souls, which has not seen activity in over a thousand years, since before even I was alive." She informs the Clownette. "Seven hundred new souls to introduce to the Island, and it's ways. They are.. so eager. Some have even joined us here in New York already, as they have expressed a desire to aid me in my efforts as they train with some of our more experienced, veteran, warriors at the Arts Center across the park from here..."

While she spoke, Diana's slender fingers worked at the wrapping paper, finding the edges, finding the scotch taped bits and pulling them open. Yes. She's one of those people.

She gets the package opened and sets the entirely fine paper off to the side as she looks at what resides within!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Woah, woah, woah ...., you gotta go back to the start, baby!" Harley replies, waving her hands. "The Well of Souls? I dunno what it is.." she is such a moogle sometimes. "But .., where were they before comin' heah? And hey, if you need help in getting them adapted I can do it. I am good with people." big wide grin on her expression and she rests her arms on the back of her sofa.

"Go on, go on.. Open it." She's getting antsy with the care that Diana takes with opening the paper! "It's why I try to make the wrapping paper as hideous as possible so people have no problem in tearing through it but .., everyone always loves my wrapping paper.." big, dramatic sigh out of the clownette. She can't even win at wrapping paper.

As the wrapping paper finally starts coming off it's revealed what's within and ..., it's a pair of shorty shorts! Made from designer jeans, of course. "I did the cut myself..." she says of it with a proud grin.

"I thought you needed something on your wardrobe for those wild times out partying. Because everyone should have a wild time once in a while." she points at Diana. "Even you!"

Diana Prince has posed:
The short shorts are revealed and Diana is already smiling at them. She hooks her fingers around either side, and hoists them up to hold them in front of her. She turns them around slowly. "Wow. They are... very short." She surmizes before she lowers them enough to look at Harley again over the top of their hem. "You are very talented. You should sell these online, I bet that you would make a lot with as much of a following as you have on your social media pages..."

She lowers them back down then to her lap and grins yet still. "I am sure Cassie will find a time and place to take me somewhere to wear these... Though I am not sure those who would be gathered at such a place are deserving of seeing quite this much of me..." She glances back to Harley and grins at her again. "I love them, though, Harley."

Her chin comes up then and she exhales just a little again, taking a more serious look. "The Well of Souls is a cavern filled with waters from a natural spring on Themyscira. It is where those who have previously died at the hands of injustice in this world, may return to live as a member of our people. Young women who have lost their life to cruel, and terrible fates, being given a second chance to live again, and fight for the causes of the Amazons. They become new people, but they do yet still hold memories and values of who they were before, in order to help urge them to becoming the best they can be with this second opportunity for the duties that we serve as Amazons."

As Diana says this, a young woman strides in through the door carrying a few boxes in her arms. She brings them over to where Harley and Diana are, and she deposits them upon the table. "Thank you, Melonie." Diana tells the young black haired woman who offers a smile and a wave as she steps back toward the doorway.

Diana motions toward the boxes. "These are your gifts, for both you and April... Be careful opening them though... as they are all, well... you eat them."

Inside the boxes are a variety of cakes, pies and treats handmade by the Chef here at the Embassy, Harley likely knowing him to be 'Ferdinand the Kithotaur'.

Harley Quinn has posed:
That Diana seems to enjoy the gift gets Harley all giddy! "Ooooh, you have an eye for business!" then she gesturing to the shorts. "And if you look over theah on the side, you got my mark.." there's a little Harley face on one side of it. Barely visible but it's there!

"But you are right, I should do these and sell 'em. Maybe even use colors.." Oh yes, there's a whole plan being formed in her head by now.

A plan that is disrupted when Diana speaks of people having to deserve watching her. "Psheh. It's not about other people!" she tells her friend. "It's about you. Gotta dance like no one is watching, and rid yourself from the shackles of what others think!" so sayeth the clown.

She listens to the talk about the Well, blinking a few times. "So they were reborn, in a way. That's a lot of them coming out now though. But that's good, more people to help ya!" a grin. "Maybe you will be able to take a break. Let's go to the club sometime. I know a few in Gotham." a beat, "Ever been to Mos Eisley?"

The gifts do get her curious and she gets up to go watch them, peeking inside the boxes and her eyes going wide. She takes a good sniff. "Oh Good Lord, I have died and gone to Heaven!" a grin, "I am gonna be rolling down the stairs when the holidays are over.."

Diana Prince has posed:
The tag on the edge of the shorts garnered a light laugh at the picture on it. "Absolutely adorable..." Diana says with affection thick upon her tone. She shakes her head at the question of Mos Eisley. "I have not, is it nice?" She inquires back, not being terribly familiar with Star Wars!

"I will see to it that they are boxed up more carefully so you can get them home with the Hyenas... Or, in fact, I could send someone with you to ensure they get home safely." She says, a light smile on her crimson painted lips, knowing full well Harley's companions might make short work of those box contents... maybe even the boxes too.

"And yes, more help. It is a sign of our people's successes, I believe. It is a reward, for our efforts of spreading out beyond the borders of Themyscira.... to helping the world more, as we were meant to."

Diana just smiles softly over at Harley then. "And you are cordially invited to join Cassie and I, and anyone else we can get, for my maiden voyage with these lovely shorts when we find a chance..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh yea, it's fantastic. I know the bartender!" Harley says with a loud laugh. "Had to break his arm like a couple of years back. We thick as thieves now.." she informs Didi. "Not much dancing to be had there so ..., dunno. I will find us a place to go we can bounce those hips.." and by the sound of it seems like it's a promise.

"And damn right I will join you and Cassie on it!"

As for the cakes? "I will bring them in my Harleymobile. You know, my jaguar.." she nods, "A bit cramped with the hyenas and ...." she pauses. "Yea, might be bettah ta have them delivered.." she sighs in defeat. Yes, she knows the hyenas would just devour it all. There's only so far she can go in teaching them manners in eating. It was already hard to get them not to bite people!

"April is gonna be happy with all the cakes too. Maybe we will do an unboxing on our OnlyFans!" She nods sagely at herself. "Yep, that's gonna happen. Cakes from the Amazon Princess herself."

Diana Prince has posed:
A small wince comes when the talk of a broken nose is admitted to, but Diana just raises her tea cup up again for another sip from it. When its being lowered down to its saucer again, she's smiling once more over at Harley. "I look forward to it, and should any other unsavory types need to have some of their internal structures reorganized... well, we will take care of that as it unfolds."

Diana drops her eyes down to the gifts she'd given to Harley and she grins just a little. "Yes, I believe a escort duty is in order for these." She says, setting her tea on the table again, and the shorty shorts alongside it. She stands up once more...

"I'll have a car prepared." She says, yet once more sending a message with her phone.

Once it is sent though, she moves to sit down again, now setting the phone down on the table as well. "You are encouraged to stay as long as you'd like. You can help me prepare for the holiday party that we are hosting here in a couple of nights. You and April are invited to that too, if you'd enjoy such a thing. It will be here at the Embassy, out in the courtyard. We are hoping for good weather, but even if it is cold we will have arrangements setup to make it a pleasant experience... or so we hope."

She grins at Harley again then. "Have you been having success with your online fans? I have heard of OnlyFans, but I haven't checked in to it..." Uh oh.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oh, you sweet summer child....

"You haven't checked OnlyFans...?" Cue devious little smile on Harley's expression. "Don't worry, I will get you a log in, and the site .., along with a VIP access to all our content. All the best! Consider it my second gift. And April's too." she bobbing her head a couple of times. "Ooo, you gonna love it. And I will tag you when I do the unboxing.."

"But yes, lots of success. You have no idea how much people pay for that kind of stuff, and we don't even get to the really hardcore stuff!" Hol' up, did Harley just say hardcore?

"And yep, I am gonna help you prepare the party! Do you need me to jump out of a cake? I can do it.." It's more the 'I want to do it!', "Maybe dressed as Santa..."