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We're All Doomed
Date of Scene: 10 February 2023
Location: Coffee of DOOM
Synopsis: Monet and Sif encounter Doom at Coffee of Doom. Monet is thus DOOMED.
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Sif, Victor Von Doom

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Why does she end up here so often? THe atmosphere is unique. Maybe it's the Latverian cuisine. Maybe it's for the drinks. More than likely it's just for the very unique atmosphere that Coffee of DOOM has.

Monet is currently having a quiet eve over in the coffee shop, one hand holding up a booklet that has the Themyscrian writings of the Odyssey, even as she works at translating it from the original Greek in her head to compare the two to get a better feel for the language.

Sif has posed:
Sif was just wandering, trying to take her mind off the situation with the Svartalfar for a few minutes. Thus she found herself pausing outside the window of the Coffee of DOOM, glancing at the pastries displayed there. A tilt of the head to read the name, a slight surprise at what had been chosen. It was enough to tempt her to the door and she entered.

Once within, she moved to find a comfortable seat. Which is when she spotted Monet, a familiar face and yet another surprise. Though admittedly, Sif was in Midgardian garb so perhaps wasn't as obvious as she normally might be. Black slacks, boots on her feet, a red blouse buttoned up the front with a light jacket over it since people tended to look at her oddly should she go with short-sleeves in the winter weather outside.

"Our paths cross again," she said to Monet, a smile appearing as she greeted Monet.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance over at Sif and smile, "Ah, hello. I hope that your research has lead to more fruit in the pursuit of the Svartelfs than was at the Embassy." Her own readings had gotten her nowhere. "I take it that more ill has happened since last we spoke?"

Because things never get better. They always have to get worse before the situation improves. And no one ever can tell how bad things are going to get.

"And I hoep that you've had luck finding vermin to insert your blade into."

Sif has posed:
That earned a bit of a face and Sif gave a brief nod of her head. "They have not. Far worse. Though more eyes are on the problem so perhaps we will be able to learn of their plans and curtail them before more lives are lost."

There was always hope. Honestly, she wasn't sure that it was going to help but they had to try. "And sadly, the vermin managed to escape before we located their most recent attack. Thus my blade still thirsts." Which in any other situation, when stated in a coffee shop, might be cause for an alarm.

She opted to change the subject to more polite things. "How fares your studies?" Since she yet again had a book.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     DOOM is many things. The leader of his own nation. Arguably the second greatest magician and scientist respectively in the world. A master of art and a connoisseur of philosophy. A great father and a beloved uncle. Today, he stands behind the counter of the coffee shop that bears his name, wearing a green apron over his traditional green cloak and metallic armor, with a little name tag that says "VICTOR" in gold letters on a black background.

     Next to him there is an employee with wide eyes, sweating bullets, and clearly in fear of her life with a matching apron and a name tag that says "Emily."

     "There is nothing to fear from DOOM." the man in the metal mask says with a dulcet, velvety deep voice as he fixes a latte with an immaculate, perfect flower drawn in the milky foam on top. "Do you know why everything Latverian is perfect, Emily?" the cloaked man asks, "It is because everything is done with confidence, and the knowledge that everything is but one step towards the ideal. A fine latte is not dissimilar to magic, in that it takes a steady hand, concentration and plenty of practice." Victor Von Doom then hands a small, biodegradeable cup to the girl named Emily, leaning in ominously close and saying "You will succeed, not because this is easy, but because of the knowledge that DOOM believes in you."

     There is then a ding of a bell on the counter, followed by Victor's voice calling out "Miss Monet. Your coffee is ready."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
M is busy paying attention over to Sif as she talks, "I understand the language, it's syntax, and it's grammar." Academically she presumes that she knows it flawlessly. "I do not grasp the nuances of it." Those are cultural. Which does not come from reading. "I can effectively translate it though some of the meaning is lost that is.." And as Sif goes on about her blade stil thirsting..

She can only turn over and then just flat out stare. Monet St. Croix does not stare very often. So she just looks for a rare, rare moment like a deer in the headlights as she goes to see the reigning monarch over of Latveria moving to.. Take a shift over and talk a worker through the training process.

Give M a moment, her brain is rebooting.

Sif has posed:
As Monet glances away, Sif doesn't really think anything of it. Until Monet just goes still. That draws the attention of the Asgardian as well and she follows Monet's line-of-sight to see what drew the woman's attention.

People working at the counter. Admittedly, the one in the mask did not seem the type she normally had seen in NYC but honestly, it wasn't that strange either considering this city.

She glanced from Doom back to Monet. "Is something amiss?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Emily, with Doctor Doom looming over her shoulder, shakily pours a latte now. Doom's silence as his intense stare is overwhelming, and one can feel his disapproval without words or motion as the poor employee's humble leaf becomes droopy and shakey. "NO." the leader of Latveria commands, and pushes her back with an arm as he says "STAND BACK." With a simple flick of his hand, the biodegradeable coffee cup disintegrates in a burst of light, only further making the poor employee hyperventilate, though only a few small drops of coffee escape the destruction. "This is not what this coffee shop is capable of producing, nor what you are. Again. With confidence." He then leans in over her shoulder, commanding "Relax." in a warm, suddenly fatherly tone. His voice becomes low, to where only those truly listening in can hear, as he says "Everything has come to this moment. From the humble farmer planting seeds in the past to the shipping and logistics that brought these perfect beans from Latveria to here. You are the final piece of this grand machine of my design. You cannot fail."

     Emily takes a deep breath, and then tries again. It's unclear if she really is more confident this time or if Doom put some sort of subtle spell on her, but this time her leaf is far better. "There." the latverian ruler says. "You see? Perfection." He then looks up to the norse goddess, saying "Lady Sif, this one is for you."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
How does one react when they encounter one of the most powerful men on the planet, one of the strongest of.. Reputation.. Over there over in a coffee shop putting a worker through training? Monet's eye twitches a bit right as Sif goes to inquire over with her if eveyrthing is okay. A quick assessment makes her assume that Sif hasn't the faintest idea (or care) as to who DOOM is.

"Merely.. Surprised, was all." Monet would just watch over as DOOM would go on and then blink.. As DOOM would come towards them. "Ah.. Hello." Latverian was not one of those languages that she knew, unfortunately..

Sif has posed:
Now Doom had her full attention. Not simply because Monet was curious but the fact he knew her name. She thought back and was positive she had not met him. Thus, how in the world did he know her name. It had her as surprised as Monet had been a moment ago.

She accepted the offered cup, looking at the design on the top then giving a nod to Emily. "Thank you." Said gently since the woman looked like she might pass out at any moment. Then Sif was focused on the masked man again. "You have me at a disadvantage. If we have met, I find myself unable to recall the event in question and for that I do apologize."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     "Udvolzlom." Doctor Doom replies to Monet, latverian being a dialect of hungarian, before the masked face slowly turns to face the norse goddess, saying "You would do well to know my name, Asgardian. You behold the grim visage of Doom, ruler of Latveria and one day the world. Today, I am assisting the common person and building comradery as all those in power should, to keep themselves grounded and to know their lives. I would not be the perfect ruler that I am if I did not partake in commoner's work now and again." He then looks to Emily having said these words, saying "It is your work that keeps so many other lives running. Treasure this. Without a perfect blend of latverian coffee in the morning, many would find themselves unable to function."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's a low, low twitch from Monet again over as Doom goes to approach the two as the look she gives the Asgardian is 'this is why' before she returns her attention over to Doom. "Ah.. Thank you, we say as patrons of your.. Lovely establishment here." Of all the times to not have Valeria present for as terrifying as M did find the younger blonde. Breathe. Focus.

"The.. Monarch has a rather.. Broad reputation here on Midgard." Oh yes. Very, very wide reputation. Monet is going to need much, much more of that Latverian coffee. Flavored with something stronger than cream.

Sif has posed:
Thus the nametag and the name on the shop. He must be the owner! But as Doom explained further, Sif realized that he was beyond just a coffee shop manager/owner. Ruler of Latveria? Common people?

"Again, my apologies, I am still learning of Midgard and know not all of those who rule the many countries." At least she managed to use the right word there.

When Monet mentions broad reputation, that is a curious phrasing but Sif knows to ask another time. When not in front of sade Monarch. "Monarch? Are you a king? Should I use the proper address of royalty such as Your Majesty?" So she could avoid any further faux pas in the company of Doom.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom stands unmoving as Sif explains herself, before eventually giving a small nod, saying "I am the monarch of Latveria, however the only title I claim... is Doctor. Doctor Victor von Doom is my full name. You will remember it."

     Doom's metal masked face then slowly turns to Monet, asking her "Did you enjoy your coffee? I do hope Valeria's friends have as refined a palette as hers."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would just look over at Doom, "Ah, yes, the coffee is wonderful, thank you." What does one refer to Doom as? Not being as ubject. But what's the proper etiquette here? Sir? Lord? Formal? Informal? These are the types of things that normal etiquette training for the well to do doesn't quite cover when it came to M's instruction in royal relations.
    "It is quite excellent." She would look over at Sif with a 'please help' expression that in other circumstances might be hilarious.

Sif has posed:
The man certainly had confidence. And what was that he said about ruling the world in the future? Had she imagined that was slipped in there? No, he'd said it. But it was filed away.

Sif noticed Monet's discomfort and was yet again confused. Despite his interesting way of speaking, and choice of dress, and mask, he was just another person, right? Obviously she needed to learn a bit more about him.

"Doctor Victor von Doom. It is an honor to meet you." A hint of a bow of her head in a respectful manner. Not being royalty, he wouldn't get the full bow or curtsy a ruler might from her.

She did finally take a sip of her coffee, lifting her eyebrows in surprise. "This is quite excellent." She managed to not sound surprised. But it was one of the best she'd had. Far better than that place with the mermaid on the sign.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom nods again to Sif, his eyes narrowing behind his mask as he confirms "It *is* an honor to meet me." to the goddess, before continuing "Your approval is expected, but nonetheless welcome and appreciated. I do hope you will enjoy the banquet hall of my castle some day, when we have an appropriate reason for meeting there. Until then, I need to continue my inspection of this facility. It may have an A+ rating by the local inspectors... but these are the local inspectors, they are not accustomed to latverian standards of excellence. If you need anything further, do not hesitate to ask Emily here. She will attend to your every need."

     Emily, in the meantime, has wide eyes and is intensely focused on the next cup of coffee she is preparing, this one with an image of Doom's mask drawn into it.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Confidence? From the stories that she'd read, from the television reports she had seen.. Monet's memories mostly filled with those videos of Doom's early.. Encounters with the Fantastic Four over the Baxter Building, along with some of the more outlandish things as she would slowly take a few moments to reset herself over.

Poor Emily is for now ignored. Monet has far more specific traumas to prevent. Namely her own. "Ah.. Thank you for your time, Doctor." She can't bring herself to add the last name in there as a formal tone of address.

"Thank you for setting the time aside to greet us." As her facial expressions shift over to what Sif should totally recognize as 'I need a drink' for Midgardians.

A very, very strong drink.

Sif has posed:
Ego is the word of the day. The man's is the size of the shop they were standing in. Or perhaps that was too small. The entire block perhaps.

As Doom gave those parting words, Sif again gave that polite nod of her head that was more than a nod, that sign of respect for the ruler of Latveria. Then she looked to Monet and caught the look.

"If you would care to join me?" And she motioned toward the front door as she invited Monet to make an escape with her from the building. Though she did take a moment to lift her cup. "Emily, you have done well this day. I shall return in the future to partake of your artistry." She hefted the cup to indicate the artistry.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
     Doom has already disappeared back into the kitchen with a flow of his green cloak, various employees in the back giving him a wide berth and trying to keep themselves out of his sight.

     It won't help.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And Monet looks over at Sif with the desperate appreciation of a cat that has been put in a ridiculous sweater by someone and is having it cut off. There are but a few seconds before M moves out at maximum polite speed as can be attained and is then going to extricate herself over from the premises at..

Okay, let's be honest here she's fleeing like the wind.