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  Lady Sif  
Sif (Scenesys ID: 276)
Name: Lady Sif of Asgard
Superalias: Lady Sif
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Occupation: Goddess of War, Valkyrior
Citizenship: Vanaheim, Asgard
Residence: Royal Palace, Asgard
Education: Private Education
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 1300 Actual Age: 1300
Date of Birth 20 June 720 Played By Lauren Cohan
Height: 6'0" Weight: 440 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: -

Character Info


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Curt and dignified, perhaps cold at first, the Lady Sif of Asgard is no one to be trifled with. Friends know her as peerlessly loyal and enemies know her as the last thing they see. Goddess of War and Valkyrie, the dark-haired woman with ice-blue eyes and keen beauty fears little. Does she smile? Yes, under certain circumstances. Does she laugh? It's entirely possible!


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* 720: Born into the court of Vanaheim.
* 728: Generally found palling around with the Asgardian royal brothers, Thor and Loki. They become a known faction in their many adventures in and around Asgard.
* 735: The target of a prank by Loki, Sif's hair is irrevocably changed from golden to raven-black. She is not pleased.
* 750: Drawn into the war with Svartalfheim over Midgard, Sif gains her first laud as a truly masterful warrior. She earns her enchanted sword 'Brumeoalfold' as a gift for her part in the war. Mortals are encountered in the process.
* 850: Thrilled to aid in the efforts of keeping Asgard's primacy intact, Sif engages in many skirmishes and fights all throughout the Nine Realms. Her travels take her to many worlds in the process, including Midgard now and then.
* 900: Rewarded yet again for her service to Asgard, Sif gains the honor of becoming a Valkyrie.
* 2015: Drawn into the conflict of Thor being cast from Asgard, Sif attempts to find him. In the process, she returns to Midgard and meets envoys of SHIELD, forging a potential friendship there.
* 2020: Engaged in affairs in other worlds, Sif only recently begins returning to Midgard to check on her affairs and those of her friends made over the long years.

IC Journal

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Raised from birth in the courts of Vanaheim and later entering the courts of Asgard, Sif is fully able to hold her own with the best of them. She won't be found twittering away over idle gossip and even more rarely chooses to wear anything but her battle-gear even while circulating with the crowds, but her smile can be sweet and her words pleasant if they need to be. Just as her sword, her words can be equally cutting, which makes her all the more fierce even in a social setting.

Not one to smile easily, the Goddess of War has earned a reputation for being cold. It stems from bucking expectation as a young royal and insisting that she join the ranks of the Einherjar one day in homage to her father's history as a warrior. It doesn't make her the first option for greeting parties at court.

Determined to hold her own in any instance, Sif rarely bends to public opinion. It means her friends are few, but those few have likely seen her laugh and possibly even cry. Her mask of distance hides a heart rich with affection for anyone she trusts enough to bring into her life. Woe betide anyone who comes after her comrades, for they'll find her sword and fury instead.

Sif is perfectly capable of being diplomatic when it comes to keeping the peace between factions and worlds. Having spoken to many people over the long span of her life, this experience provides her with wisdom that will be shared, generally, with a frankness that can be shocked. While it might not be commonplace for her to be supportive of peace, the Goddess of War does realizes that peace must exist.

Character Sheet


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An inherent ability to the Asgardians, Sif can understand and speak any known language in the universe.

Asgardian Physiology:
Born to a lineage of great physical prowess, Sif is a terror on the battlefield. She has the strength to lift and hit at 30 tons of force along with an agility rarely matched. She can run at speeds exceeding an Olympian athlete and react with reflexes to avoid gunfire or arrows if given a chance. Her body's density not only makes her heavier, but more difficult to injure; the Goddess of War can take a hit from many types of extreme force and emerge with a scratch. She isn't immortal by any means and can become injuried, but her body's ability to heal spares her what could be weeks or months of healing time by shortening it to days. She is resistant to diseases not found in Vanaheim and Asgard.

Quick-witted and practiced in making split-second decisions on the battle-field, Sif is swift to learn new things as they benefit her or her circumstances. Her Asgardian physiology allows her to rationalize at a spectacular speed.


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Courtly Graces:
A member of the court must know the gentler arts as well as the martial. Sif might not readily admit that she has fun dancing, but her grace and agility makes her one of the better dancers in the court of Asgard. A natural ear for music also allows her to fully utilize her range of voice to nearly magical effect when she sings. Her preference in instruments tends towards the stringed, such as the harp and violin, but the flute isn't beyond her.

Comfortable on horseback, Lady Sif can hold her seat in a dress or in full armor without trouble. Even the antics of her pegasus, part and parcel of being a Valkyrie, don't give her trouble.

Few can beat Sif in martial combat. Her mastery of the bow, sword, and other melee weaponry is unchallenged by all but one or two in Asgard. Her ability to defend herself without a weapon is equally skilled, given she was tutored in how to utilize her armor as weaponry as well. Her title as Goddess of War is well-earned.

Little will get Sif to bend. She refused to fall into the cookie-cutter of being a lady of the court, refuses to fall in battle as the Goddess of War, and refuses to be taken as anything less than seriously.


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Extremely durable, the armor of the Goddess of War (breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, and greaves) can withstand all but a few types of impact. Its silvery sheen overtop generally red leather padding is a familiar sight in the court of Asgard.

Well-known and loved in Asgardian court, Sif is a protector of the royal family. She has connections and wealth to access in the form of property and gold alike as needed.

While few in number, Sif can count on her friends to come to her aid. Opposingly, anyone counted as friend can fully assume all of Sif's wrath in their defense, a thing absolutely terrifying.

A gift from Odin, Sif's enchanted sword named 'Brumeoalfold', is made from Uru metal. Its capabilities include cutting through nearly any substance in the universe, deflecting magical attacks, and through a series of traced designs upon the pane of reality itself, opening portals to any place Sif knows by visitation or by viewing. The portals are not permanent.

Sif can count upon her fellow sisters to come to her aid if she calls upon them. Conversely, she would go to them as well if called upon; few things could stop this given the deep bond held throughout the Valkyrior. Her pegasus mount is kept in the royal Asgardian stables and can be whistled for even at great distances.

Her home-estate is always available to her as a place to retreat or to come for aid as needed. Even if she bucked tradition as a Lady of the Court, she is no less loved by her family and peers of Vanaheim; they've grown proud of the bold warrior in the wake of her martial successes.


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Berserker Madness:
A state of being brought on by the submersion into war, Sif as well as other Asgardians run the great risk of injuring both friend and foe in this state. The Goddess of War has to be very careful not to slip into it. To hurt a fellow Asgardian or even a friend would mean potentially banishment if not worse, not counting the amount of self-flagellation that would occur.

Few are her friends, which make them all the more worthy of protection and, in the case of enemies, manipulation. Sif does fear for their safety in the corner of her heart at all times. Being a royal doesn't come with just a crown and laud and it doesn't matter that she might hold the title of Goddess of War -- it all comes with foes as well.

Goddess of War:
War is bloody and inherently cruel. Her title is great but also soaked in both assumption and fact. Sif might be beautiful, but it is a sharp beauty refined by her experiences on the field of battle. Her reputation precedes her and doesn't earn her favors as well as friends easily. She has been called 'cold' before and it is not inaccurate.



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Sif has 171 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Asgardian Testing February 6th, 2024 Thor gets weighed, measured and is not found wanting.
We're Pirates from the Moon January 23rd, 2024 All the cool kids win the thing.
Pirates of the Ivory Coast! January 9th, 2024 There are pirates that need a thumpin!
Portent December 30th, 2023 No description
Mjolnir says hi. October 26th, 2023 Discussions are had on the disposition of diplomatic parcels.
Midgard Has Stupid Laws September 22nd, 2023 Matt Murdock is a good lawyer after all! Thanks to Daisy's recommendation, he was hired by Sif. He was able to get the case against Sif dismissed.
ASGARD ASCENDANT: My Dinner With Taal August 23rd, 2023 A long talk at a large table.
To dine an elf August 17th, 2023 The plan is ready for how to deal with the svartalfar ambassador.
ASGARD ASCENDANT: The Ambassador August 1st, 2023 A dark elf ambassador comes to Odin's Court and gets yelled at by Brunny.
FLASHBACK: The Early Days of War July 26th, 2023 Back in the mists of time! Asgardians face the early war.
Beach Asgardians July 7th, 2023 Sif learns volleyball. Thor steals the Thunder. Hilde wants to take a bow for a spin. It's beach with the Asgardians!
I Heard You All Were In Danger, So I Came As Fast As I Could! June 20th, 2023 Sif's birthday trickery could cause a war between pantheons!
The Asgardians and the Hag May 18th, 2023 The Asgardians face the Hag at her Tower and discover things were not as they seemed.
Life at the Embassy May 16th, 2023 Sif and Thor agree to go out into the city together.
Lets Ride April 20th, 2023 Thor, Sif, Kelda and Brunnhilde ride towards Amora's Tower to retrieve Dragonfang. What they encounter isn't what they expected.
The Cracks in the Hammer. April 8th, 2023 Thor remembers how awesome Amora is.
Challenging Homecomings April 4th, 2023 Sif and Brunnhilde return to Asgard, and are met by Frigga and Thor upon their arrival.
Courtyard Recovery March 30th, 2023 Sif and Brunnhilde train at the Embassy's courtyard where they talk of the war with the dark elves and what it may mean to Asgard. Plans are made.
Discordants: Aftermath at the Embassy March 26th, 2023 Thor returns to the Embassy after the war and has a reunion.
Discordants: The Finale Part Deux! March 24th, 2023 The attack on the starport is defeated by Malekith's death, though not without price.
Discordants: The Finale! March 17th, 2023 The heroes confront Malekith and start up a butt-whupping!
This is a thing. March 10th, 2023 Sif and Alexander catch up about the current events.
Discordants: The Ritual February 18th, 2023 The heroes were successful in cutting off the ritual before it could complete. Though there are some loose ends. The Svartalf prisoners must be seen to. The civilians must be returned home. And what happened to the Black Widow?
We're All Doomed February 10th, 2023 Monet and Sif encounter Doom at Coffee of Doom. Monet is thus DOOMED.
Discordants: The Telling of a Tale January 21st, 2023 The heroes gather to the site of what was a dark elf ritual in Yasawa Island, Fiji. They uncover some of the tale and bring about more questions.
Asgardians at the Gates (of the Amazon Library) January 13th, 2023 Sif comes to the library at the Themysciran library to look for information about Malekith and his Kursed.
Discordants: A Look Back December 23rd, 2022 A memory from the youth of Thor and Sif.
In Your Eyes! December 9th, 2022 The light the heat!
Discordants: Return to the Starport November 19th, 2022 An attack on the Starport by Malekith's forces ends with the destruction of the Artifacts, Mjolnir's return, and Zatanna's fall.
How Long It Has Been November 14th, 2022 Sif finally talks to Jimmy after everything that has happened. Neglecting boyfriends is bad.
Discordants: Investigating Alfheim October 27th, 2022 The travelers visit Alfheim for answers. They are given...sort of.
Discordants: Red Arrow Briefed October 26th, 2022 Sif fills in Thea on details. Thea volunteers to question Korek.
Kakophonia October 22nd, 2022 Zatanna, Jane, and Sif try to put together the notes on rings and other things. Plans are set, ideas thrown out, and none of the possibilities look good.
Discordants: What Just Happened October 18th, 2022 Immediately following the events at the Starport, Sif is summoned back to Asgard by Loki. She learns of Odin's fate. Loki learns of Thor's.
Resonants: Finale Pt. 2 October 15th, 2022 The battle with Malekith raged, and in the end the heroes were victorious. But at a cost as Mjolnir was destroyed. And Thor lost.
Resonants: Finale Pt. 1 October 14th, 2022 The Ritual is enacted, only it does not go well as the party is crashed.
Survived Death October 9th, 2022 Sif returns home after the adventure in Niflheim to reunite with Jimmy.
Resonants: Niflheim, Pt 2 October 7th, 2022 The Asgardian-Midgard recovery party seeks their prize in Helheim. Cleverly avoiding harassing Garmr and a conflict involving many mortal kings and mesmerism, they confront the horrors of Hela's puzzle-trap. A trial indeed is a trip through Hel, and they come back the richer with a piece of the Black Bifrost.
Resonants: Put A Ring On It October 5th, 2022 Thea has been gifted the One Ring. Okay, a ring. But gifts from former enemies usually aren't good things. Plans are made to consult Loki. Separately, there will be a movie night with ice cream in Felicity, Thea, and Sif's future. Blame the Ring.
Resonants: Niflheim, Pt 1 September 24th, 2022 Something is not right in Helheim. Asgard gets more than it bargained for as the brave seekers of a final treasure head for the heart of darkness. PS - Malekith sends his bitterest regards.
So how do you pack for a trip to the LAND OF THE DEAD September 23rd, 2022 Sif and Jimmy talk about her trip.
Resonants: Nidavellir Pt. 2 September 7th, 2022 The delegation and the dwarfs discuss the form of the artifact to take and make plans for the crafting of it.
Resonants: Jotunheim Part 2 September 6th, 2022 The finale! Who will will the Tug OF WAR!
Resonants: Jotenheim Part 1 September 6th, 2022 The next step in the Resonants plot is Jotunheim! There the heroes are challenged to the most deadly of combats: The Tug OF WAR!
Resonants: Muspelheim September 1st, 2022 The heroes go to Starling to recover an old amulet fabled to be of Muspelheim. But what they find wasn't what they were expecting, though that's the life of a hero.
Resonants: Nidavellir August 31st, 2022 The heroes make it to Nidavellir and meet King Eitri. Festivities are had.
Resonants: Alfheim Pt. 3 August 26th, 2022 The heroes enjoy their time in Alfheim and emerge with the boon of a queen and the artifact so needed.
Amazonian Wonders August 22nd, 2022 Upon returning to Sif's ranch, packages galore await. Sif has some misconceptions cleared up. Loki shows up, meeting Zatanna and Jimmy, and granting gifts. Lots. Of. Gifts.
Resonants: Sneaking Svartalfheim August 19th, 2022 Svartalfheim artifact is retrieved. And probably a war between Asgard/Midgard and the Dark Elves Maaaay have been started.
Resonants: Alfheim pt. 2 August 12th, 2022 The heroes participate in the hunt and acquire a trophy as well as the favor of the Queen!
Resonants: Alfheim Side Story Pt. 2 August 7th, 2022 The team compare notes after a few days work.
Resonants: Alfheim pt. 1 August 4th, 2022 The delegation arrives in Alfheim and are greeted by the people and then the queen!
Welcome to the club. July 29th, 2022 Psylocke is introduced into he madness of Resonants, greeted by Sif and Zatanna.
Resonants: The Harmonics Are Key July 28th, 2022 Thor, Sif, and Zatanna have a chat and get more at ease with each other.
So, about the thing. July 24th, 2022 Jimmy comes clean about his mutation and issues around it.
Resonants: We Need Another Mage! July 24th, 2022 Thor, Sif, and Caitlin travel to speak with Zatanna about her aid in their effort to gather suitable artifacts.
Resonants: Asgard Pt. 3 July 22nd, 2022 The shard of Buri's Shield is recovered, and Frikke Ravenhair is destined for Asgard.
Resonants: Vanaheim July 21st, 2022 The Vanaheim artifact is secured but not until after a few challenges must be overcome!
Resonants: Asgard Pt. 2 July 15th, 2022 The party reaches Northfort and they meet Lord Yoren as well as his great grandson Frikke. Words are shared and some not so polite.
Resonants: Asgard Part 1 July 8th, 2022 Sif, Vin, Thea, Thor, and Jane rush off to adventure together in the Northlands of Asgard.
The Sad State of Midgardian Liquor July 3rd, 2022 Sif and Jimmy catch up.
Resonants: So Here's the Thing July 2nd, 2022 Thor has a gathering of worthies and sets matters in motion!
And Then There Were Dragons June 15th, 2022 Sif tells Jimmy the the tale of their adventures in Trollheim then shows him around the Asgardian Embassy.
That Which is Transparent Cannot Lie June 9th, 2022 Grossness takes control of a fishing vessel and the heroes burn it with fire. And some ice.
Asgardian Gathering May 25th, 2022 A small gathering was held for the Asgardians and company for after the incident in Trollheim.
Trollheim or Bust May 21st, 2022 Korek is faced. Ulik is back on the throne. Caitlin punches a dragon.
The Problem With Getting Into Trollheim May 18th, 2022 The team of heroes invesigate Trollheim and find out much of interest.
Leaving On a Bifrost May 14th, 2022 Sif lets Jimmy know she's going to be leaving Midgard for a time.
Trollheim now May 11th, 2022 Thor makes his mind known of what has passed.
The Saga of Ulik the Troll! May 6th, 2022 Tvark and his raiders come looking for Ulik and find only battle and death!
A Farmstead Fit For a God April 29th, 2022 Sif shows Jimmy around her red barn.
The Journey of Ulik, Part Two. The Embassy of the Enemy! April 22nd, 2022 Ulik and Thor agree to accepting a peace treaty of sorts while they wrangle out the details of their blood feud.
Money To Burn April 18th, 2022 Sif meets with Jimmy and Tabitha about buying some horses.
Why Don't They Listen April 13th, 2022 Thor gets credit for Sif's hard work.
The Changing of the Guard April 10th, 2022 The guard is changed at the embassy and acquaintances are rekindled.
The Devon-Winters Horse Show April 7th, 2022 Sif is gonna buy a horsey.
Yuletide Snow! December 22nd, 2021 Lady Sif and Thor have a drink and discuss the Holidays.
Is there such a thing as 'A quiet night at home' November 24th, 2021 Sif and Loki do chat, and Loki does give Sif a 'good idea'. At least, it seems like one.
A dose of culture November 9th, 2021 No description
Hercules meets his Better October 18th, 2021 No description
In times long past... October 11th, 2021 No description
The Idol: Facing the Cultists September 30th, 2021 The group finally tracks Al-Fidr to an excavation site outside Cairo where they put his plans down to the sand and fend off treachery coming from Khrad. Who turned out to be Damien Darhk.

The Idol plot finale!

Cloud Fracking September 30th, 2021 No description
The Verdant is almost done! September 24th, 2021 Thea invites Sif and Vin to come visit the Verdant and test a few drinks before the Verdant is inaugurated. Sif bounces a little (Not the basketball game).
The Sun Still Rises September 17th, 2021 No description
Bidirectional job interviews are tight! September 14th, 2021 Defending the Earth against alien tech users is super easy. Barely an inconvenience.
The Idol: Tracking the Cultists September 10th, 2021 2 Asgardians, a mage and an archer follow a lead on the cultists they have been pursuing in Cairo and end up at an encampment where they have the relic they are after. The Khushu Idol.
The Morning After, Asgard-Style September 5th, 2021 Shocking revelations! Emotional turmoil! What will happen next? Tune in next week for the next installment of Asgard Amour!
1000 Faces: Dirge September 4th, 2021 The Court of Death declares its sovereignty. Several death gods find the forces of Asgard and a rebel 'angel' have something to say about that.
Mister Belvedere's Castle September 2nd, 2021 A chance encounter leads to Sif being curious about the taste of moose. Confused? You won't be, after this episode of...
The Idol: Lets Talk August 27th, 2021 The gang meets up 'Khrad' and the Cult of the Sand Lamia after the attack on Faati's household. They learn they are on the same side and so a makeshift alliance is created. But is all what it seems?
A Tunnel of Color August 24th, 2021 A chance meeting, discussions on art and empires.
Elder Days August 21st, 2021 almost a thousand years ago, Balder is mopey and Sif somehow manages to bring him back from it.
The Hanging Gardens of Asgard August 19th, 2021 Sif and Balder dance renewed, secrets are revealed, something beautiful may yet be born.
Balder-dash! August 18th, 2021 Dance. Romance. Advance. Slaughter.
The Idol: Settling in August 17th, 2021 Having settled at Faati's place the 'gang' barely has time to breathe and relax until they are set upon by sand mages. Are they with the cultists? Featuring chest-naked Asgardians, close encounters with death and lots of magic wand-wiggling! In the end they choose to parlay with this new group.
Mr. Erickson Goes To Asgard August 16th, 2021 Asked to make visitation by Lady Sif, Michael/Cal'hatar finds the conversation to be of revelations and other things - but above all, an ally made as the world gets very serious around him.
Hair Club for Men looks for Thunderpants, finds the Stabinator August 13th, 2021 Stabinator and Vindicator chat up the depressed prince.
Hunting for the Idol: Egypt August 10th, 2021 Two Asgardians, a witch and an archer arrive in Egypt to investigate the Khushu Idol. They meet an old friend of the Queen family, Faati, manage to piss off the rain gods and destroy a couple of cars.
Drinks and Gods at the Verdant August 9th, 2021 Sif and Vinnie meet up with Thea at her still-in-contruction club. Drinks are given out and they speak of recent events related to the Death Gods and the battle royale going on between them.
Matters of life, death, and afterwards. August 7th, 2021 Vintridr informs Sif about the problems with the afterlife, and delivers a cautionary warning.
The Height of Liberty August 3rd, 2021 Back from Wakanda, Black Panther notices something at the Statue of Liberty and investigates, leading to a meeting with Sif.
1000 Faces: Friggatriskaidekaphobia August 1st, 2021 Part 1: Hermod is threatened with death.
Brakes on a Train July 20th, 2021 Rescue arrives. Sif shows both her maternal and her cruel sides. Michael doesn't show his alien side. He thinks.
Interview with the Marshall July 17th, 2021 Sif does diplomacy. It's not a total disaster. Quite.
Asgardian PT July 9th, 2021 Sif and Thea go for a training session in the woods near Central Park. Cider vinegar is on the menu in the end .....
Battle Can Be An Art July 7th, 2021 No description
A different dance for two July 3rd, 2021 No description
It's a date then! June 28th, 2021 Loki is sent to quell a rebellion as part of his princely duties. Sif heads his army. Of course they're successful.
This Place Blows June 23rd, 2021 Random encounter. Titans and Sif. Everyone is weirded out. Glitter is warned about. Ginny hopes to sign up a client without getting sent to Hel. Or Hell. Or anywhere else.
The Asgardian Tinder June 18th, 2021 Sif and Thea meet at a speakeasy but instead of marvelling at the jazz music and the 20s they marvel in creating Sif a profile on Tinder. And much swiping is done that night ...
Sifalicious June 13th, 2021 No description
Hunting the Cult: The Rage Spirit June 11th, 2021 Vin, Sif, Thea and Abcde join forces to liberate one of Thea's mutant friends that had been possessed. In the process they discover it's a rage spirit and a fight occurs! Teamwork prevails though and the spirit gets vanquished.
Out late again June 1st, 2021 Loki returns home and discovers a few things that had passed in his absence.
Under the Boardwalk May 29th, 2021 Blackagar crosses paths with Lady Sif once more and a night observing the humans ensues.
Ninjas: Wacky fun! May 29th, 2021 Ninjas hit the ground like flies as a ninja and a goddess reap them down. Food is consumed. Drink also. Honour is spoken of. Pacts are exchanged.
B&E May 28th, 2021 Vin, Sif and Thea go to investigate Al-Fidr's last known whereabouts but instead of finding more answers about this they instead get more questions. Questions that may need the help of the arcane.
Caustic Personality. May 28th, 2021 No description
Hostage Negotiation Team A May 22nd, 2021 An Inhuman and an Asgardian walk into a hostage-taking. Not all the hostage-takers survive. Blackagar raises the roof. Sif leaves in a rainbow of flavours. Friendship is magical!
Hunting for the Cult Part II - Flirting: Asgard Style May 19th, 2021 Sif flirts in the unique way of the Asgardians so they can find out more about what the cultists are doing in Starling City. Vin, Thea and Sif discover an abandoned building where mutants are being held and all the best ways on how to break someone's bones.
A Backwards Night at the Opera May 17th, 2021 Sif wins the day! With only one dead and a few injured! But she totally kicked Zoom around! Because no way was this a ruse by the evil Zoom in any way so the victory is hers completely! Right? RIGHT!?
On the Trail of Spooky Shadows May 17th, 2021 Sif comes to Earth looking for SHIELD, and answers. Caitlin Fairchild brings her to Bobbi Morse. Friendships and loyalties are affirmed.
Super folks walk into a bar. It might get dented. May 15th, 2021 No description
Hearts of Iron May 14th, 2021 Sif and Owari meet, and depart as friends!
Hunting for the Cult Part I - The Gala May 13th, 2021 Thea, Vin and Sif go to a gala to get more info on the cult under the Verdant. They perhaps get more than what they were looking for when Sif convinces two of the 'cultists' to go with her to their 'special' place. And while Vin provides a distraction Thea slips into the gala to look for info...


So... Here's the Thing May 11th, 2021 Ben Grimm introduces Sif to pastrami. Sif introduces Ben Grimm to arrogant display.
Goddess meets Titan May 10th, 2021 Titania and Sif meet and bond over beers and beatings.
Retail battles May 8th, 2021 Form and fashion fit Sif!
Spying on the OTHER Odinson May 6th, 2021 Thor forbids Spying. Sif does it anyways.
Blending in. May 6th, 2021 No description
The hunt is on! May 5th, 2021 No description
So a War Goddess Walks Into A Coffee Bar... May 4th, 2021 Sif has heard the Odinson speak much of this beverage called 'coffee'. She sets out to try some, and meets an unexpected old acquaintance.
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting May 4th, 2021 Two Asgardians enter. Two Asgardians and one who deserves to be one leave. In their wake is pain, fear, blood, and destruction. A perfect night out, really.
The great hospital escape May 3rd, 2021 Sif comes to Uppsala's hospital, helping Thea escape with a little help from Sif's brother and a little stolen healing stone. They go back to the Verdant and they talk of shopping sprees and when Thea will die. Prune juice is a warrior's drink!
Gods go to Church May 2nd, 2021 Sif tells Loki she's spying on him. He naturally lets her stay at his place.
Visiting Death May 2nd, 2021 Lady Sif pays Lady Death a visit in her Earthly abode and plans for future battle are hatched.
Re-View May 1st, 2021 Two old compatriots find each other in a dive. One clears the dive. The other is depressed. Good times!
1000 Faces: Walpurgisnacht April 30th, 2021 Death comes to Uppsala. It doesn't go well.
In the year of our lord 1502 December 1st, 2020 The Death Dealers and Goddess of War fight Lycan's allied with the Sweddish during the seige of Stockholm Castle. A loose friendship is struck.
Battle God Royale November 16th, 2020 Thorfeld.
Talking with the Dead November 15th, 2020 Lady Sif meets Hela, to seek an audience with one of her souls.
Reunions November 15th, 2020 After all these centuries, Brunnhilde has finally run into someone from her past. Six degrees of separation. Apparently a galaxy isn't enough. Brunnhilde believes Sif has come to take her to Valhalla and blows her rent money on booze not worth dying to, but was alright in a pinch.
Training Yard or Gossip Court November 15th, 2020 Amora visits upon the training courtyards where she comes across Sif. They banter but Amora's interest is peaked when she mentions visions of a past. Amora decides to help and a meeting between them is set so those dreams can be discerned and explored.
Seeking SHIELD August 25th, 2020 Sif approaches SHIELD to warn them of ill omens. What are those omens? The bad kind.
Fallen Angel May 27th, 2020 Sera arrives upon earth and is greeted by a myriad of souls.
Dobby is a free elf May 14th, 2020 Loki lies, uses magic, and returns to Asgard, with Sif in tow.
The Bells: Artifacts of Hell's Gate May 9th, 2020 A number of heroes fight shadow-spawned creatures, and learn a thing or two about their behavior... and taste in weapons.
Softly the Petals Fall May 5th, 2020 No description
Tiny teeth are still sharp April 24th, 2020 Loki and Sif encounter and capture a Shadow critter in metropolis.
Asgard Past: Coming Home April 18th, 2020 Heidi and Sif finally return the missing box of memories to Einherjar Valdar, he most grateful for it. With the spirit laid to proper rest, life continues in glorious Asgard.
Asgard Past: A Double-Edged Present April 14th, 2020 Sif and Heidi descend into the hidden passage in the Armory again after nearly six-hundred years to find...history repeating itself? A new and honorable task is gained.
Did You See What I Saw April 12th, 2020 Sif and THor talk... and Loki makes a cameo.
Asgard Past: Sword in the Dark April 11th, 2020 A young Sif and Heidi both discover a secret beneath the armory of the Royal Barracks in the Golden City. They bring with them a weapon from another time and while it is left roughly where they found it, it won't be left alone forever. Spooky sword is spooky!
The Bells - Pristine Horns Necessary April 3rd, 2020 Despite the challenge and sheer rugged defiance of the Skirranas creatures, Sif and Heidi both succeed in gathering four necessary horns.
The Bells - Followed me Home April 2nd, 2020 Sif and Loki encounter a strange shadow-creature, and discuss what it might be.
Gnori: Birds of a Feather March 30th, 2020 Sif brings Caitlin to meet the King of the Eagles on Asgard's mountains.
Artistic Ennui March 19th, 2020 Sif and Heidi bring news to Loki (Thoki).
So Anyways, My Point Is... March 16th, 2020 Up on the rooftops, pegasi shenanigans. Sif is a fuddy-duddy. Heidi is correct in noting that Midgardians flaunt in the same manner. Regardless, both Aesir warriors share mulled wine and camaraderie as well as trust in lesser-knowns.
Of Goddesses and Happenstance March 14th, 2020 Sif and Amora discuss milkshakes, icecream, and the two Asgardian Princes
Avengers: Some Assembly Required March 10th, 2020 Tony unveils brand new Avengers merchandise to his fellow Avengers!
Cait and Heidi Meet March 8th, 2020 Heidi and Sif meet Caitlin at the stables in Asgard
Most Popular Soda Machine in Midtown March 7th, 2020 Sif and Heidi mull over plundering a soda machine and Singularity comes along to help out in this process. Achilles is a gentleman and suggests the food carts in response to that dastardly soda machine not sharing!
How to Hide a Lair 101 March 6th, 2020 Natasha speaks with Sif about the current state of the Princes of Asgard.
Rooftop Rumbles March 5th, 2020 Warriors from multiple pantheons spell the doom for a revenent creature. Sif is her usual cool self. Heidi is a ray of sunshine. Poor Alexander, he must put up with cracks at his height.
Food is the Bestest March 5th, 2020 Two Nosy Valkyries hassle Alexander
To Catch a Cumulus Cloud March 4th, 2020 Sif and Heidi take to the skies on their Pegasi and enjoy the freedom of open air and conversation.
Languishing away on Midgard March 3rd, 2020 Loki gripes about his situation, and Sif gives some options.
What's a Few Centuries Between Valkyries March 2nd, 2020 Heidi and Sif find one another on Midgard and Sif treats the younger Asgardian to lunch. Loki briefly shows, charming as always, before leaving the ladies to their tete-a-tete.
Indomitable Frustration February 24th, 2020 Sif helps Loki's injured ego.
Got Some News Here, Buddy Old Pal February 23rd, 2020 Surprise! Loki's not in a dungeon, Thor, and you have some talkin' to do!
Out of Jail Free February 22nd, 2020 Sif checks in on a very UPSET prince of Asgard, Loki.


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