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Date of Scene: 10 February 2023
Location: Laundry Room
Synopsis: Two mutants discuss life, laundry, Glob, and clowns.
Cast of Characters: Martha Johansson, Iara Dos Santos

Martha Johansson has posed:
Psssh psshhh psshhhhh pssshhhhh psssshhhhh psssshhhhhhh psssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump

Martha Johansson folds her arms as she sits and she watches. There's a television but she hasn't turned it on. Martha is wearing shorts and a training shirt despite the weather outside (which isn't exactly perfectly hidden inside, either; dry air if nothing else) as she stares at a load of laundry, as if willing it by SHEER PSIONIC FORCE to wash faster.

"This thing takes forever," Martha complains. She reaches to get out her phone EXCEPT IT ISN"T THERE because these shorts have no pockets. Irritated by the absence of something expected, she kicks the bottom of the machine without force. "Ugh!"

"That TV is ancient," Martha continues, regarding the installed source of potential Entertainment.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara comes down with a giant bundle of clothes and all of it smells like it's been in the ocean then... uh, left on the floor, a very briney, mildewey smell. She's currently wearing a JAWS 3D shirt that is somehow large enough to cover all of her and a pair of black athletic shorts underneath, clearly laundry day attire for a lazy shark. "Hey!" she says to Martha as she walks past, the much taller woman dumping it all in a washing machine... which won't fit, so she has to dig half out and then a bit more before adding the detergent. The giant shark-girl smiles that broad, triangular-toothed grin, saying "I'm Iara, have we met? I think we have, just things have been a bit of a blur lately."

     If Martha wanted a distraction, a six foot seven one just walked in...

Martha Johansson has posed:
Someone's coming. SOmeone who is not a television so old it's NOT ACTUALLY FLAT. Martha turns her head. "Oh hey," she says, looking up (because she has to) and putting a hand on her hip. "I think we kind of have but I don't know if we, talked? I had shitty nights the last couple of days so I may just be forgetting things. Sorry if I'm being a jerk. I'm Martha," she says.

"So you feel it too? Do you think it's an omen?" Martha says. "Or just, like, also bad sleep. Which could be an omen. We can't rule that out, given everything."

"... Did you forget about that stuff?" Martha concludes, because she has now experienced the Mildew.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara blinks with a blank expression on her face, but then seems to snap out of it, saying "Huh? Yeah, uh, sorta, was away for longer than I thought at uh... long story..." She then sits on a dryer, feels it wobble, blinks, and decides not to continue to do that for safety. "And I uh... I just was woozy for a long while after what happened with Sauron. He nearly killed me and stuff. Maybe. Point was I was unconscious and it's taken me a bit to get better again. But I'm mostly better now. Mostly."

     She then looks to the TV, saying "Why are you waiting down here for your clothes? I thought everyone just set the timer and went back upstairs. Not that I mind hanging out up here. It's cozy."

Martha Johansson has posed:
"Oh shit what happened," says Martha immediately because, well, You Know, curiosity. "Sauron's the pterodactyl man, right?"

"Because this is literally the only clothes I have that don't have Glob on 'em right now," Martha answers, to the sensible question. "It's not his fault but I don't really want to be, like, in society. Right now. You know what I mean?"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     "Ugh, Glob? How the heck did Glob get all over 'em, do I want to know?" before she makes a face, and then leans in, saying "He wasn't bein' a creep, was he? I swear, the way that guy stares at some of the girls here..." in a sudden, sort of intense fashion, before she leans up, punching her opposite palm as she says "I really aughta teach that guy a lesson."

Martha Johansson has posed:
"He tripped," Martha says.

Nuff said.

"No, Glob's cool," Martha says, raising up a hand. "I don't think he's actually staring, it's just his face." Ish. "Get back to Sauron here. You hit him? I think he is on the 'cool to hit on principle' list."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks, saying "Oh dang, yeah, Sauron, uh, so like... Guh, I don't know where to begin. I bit him a bunch. Like, bad, like rib-crushing bites, but he healed himself as I was biting him by draining my life force. I was never gonna beat him, I just had to distract him for the others. Must've worked because I'm back here now, but still, nearly killed me. Maybe. Can't really say. Shame he's such an asshole, 'cause he's kinda hot, but yeah. Won't listen to reason, don't fall for crazy. Don't end up like that clown girl in Gotham."

Martha Johansson has posed:
Biting, yeah, Martha nods along with that. That'd probably make a big impact. "... so he has a healing factor?" Martha asks, experimentally.

"That's badass, though," Martha says, glancing back at the washer. It seems like it's well along; she has been watching for a little while. "... who's the clown girl?"

"I guess I shouldn't envy it too much, the one time I went on a mission for field credit, I thought Magneto got killed."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks, saying "No no, like, he was using my life force to heal himself faster than I could bite through him... but yeah, you met Magneto!? Man, I'd like to meet him one day, just because, y'know, he was one of the original folks... nevermind that he was y'know, evil for a while, just... I bet he has some wicked interesting stories."

Martha Johansson has posed:
"Yeah," Martha says. "I felt horrible because he kind of took a shot for me." A pause. "I mean like he put himself in danger for me."

"I mean how evil was he though," Martha says. "I thought everyone was getting up his ass because he reprogrammed this Sentinelly thing."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara Dos Santos ehs, saying "I don't know the FULL story, but from what I've seen and read he uh, was a mutant supremacist. As in he felt mutants should rule the world because humanity can't be trusted to not try to wipe us out out of fear and envy. And I mean, well, history's kinda shown he's been sorta right... but at the same time that's not, y'know, an ideal future? So even if he's kinda right, we can't let him be actually right, we have to work towards equality even if we're homo superior and all, because powers don't make you a better person and stuff. I hope I'm explaining this right..."

Martha Johansson has posed:
"I mean, yeah," Martha says - she has doubtless heard some of this, though she took a moment to say it back. "I mean more like, he did bad things but is he, BAD, the way like, I don't know, the Joker? is bad. But everyone was getting up his ass! They were really passive aggressive about the reprogrammed sentinel. I swear. I wanted to yell but we were kind of in a bad place."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
Iara Dos Santos ehs, saying "I think it's also that we have to be really careful, everything we do is kinda political, where the joker guy isn't like... he's not acting on behalf of all clowns, where we're acting on behalf of all mutants a lot of the time..."

Martha Johansson has posed:
What Iara says resonates with Martha. She doesn't seem to LIKE it but she HEARD it. She folds her arms then, as seconds pass.

"Maybe," Martha says, "maybe we should..."

"Get in touch with the clowns?"

There's a clown president, right?

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara blinks, going blank faced for a moment as she takes a few seconds to process that sentence and then a look of horror and dread crosses her carcharodon features as she asks with a voice of uncertainty and terror... "The... The clowns are organized?"