146/All of it is hard

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All of it is hard
Date of Scene: 26 February 2020
Location: Robinson Park - Miagani Island
Synopsis: Harley is cryin', Ivy is schemin', the two friends meet back up in the park!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley

Harley Quinn has posed:
This whole new leaf thing is really hard.

Harley thought it would just be as easy as not doing terrible things, but it's more than that. It's engrained in her now, after all these years, become part of her who she is. Someone cuts her off in traffic? Shoot their tires and let loose the Hyenas! Someone says something about her ass? Shoot them and let loose the Hyenas!

"Ugh, when'd I get so damn borin'..."

Wearing her black leather jacket with all the spikes, chains, and big pink Smiley face on the back, Harley is sitting on the back of a bench drinking Mad Dogg 20/20. The bottle is wrapped in a paperbag in her pale white hand. She's wearing pants, at least, rather than her short shorts.. but she's still wearing a crop-top benewth. Black jeans and her checkered red/black top.. Also a pistol holstered under each arm.

Her blonde hair is tied up in pigtails, one length died cotton candy blue, the other pink..

Oh right and there's an RPG laid on the bench benewth her boots.

"Ugh... I wish Mistah J wus heah..." She doesn't, but decisions aren't really her strong suit.

Pamela Isley has posed:
It's a sunny day in the park. Most of the snow has melted into slush and hints at going away permanently, and the grass underneath sneaks out. Nobody would be as happy to see grass besides Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy, who today is dressed in green. Big surprise.

Ivy is standing at the side of the path looking down hopefully at some of the browngreen grass poking out of the snowslush. She starts smiling slowly, and is clearly insane because she stands there for seveal minutes staring at grass. Maybe the grass is telling her something. She is wearing a green Earth-sensitive one-piece green outfit and a black jacket with no fur. NO FUR.

Suddenly, Ivy frowns, straightening up as she hears something in the distance. That something draws her away from the grass, back onto the rocky path toward this mysterious figure on the bench. "Harley...?" she asks out loud. Is that really Harley?

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's been a few days since Harley broke out of Arkham and there's probably some kind of manhunt on for her, which probably makes sitting around on a park bench in the middle of daytime with a Rocket Launcher sort of an auspicious and dubious decision all around. That's sort of her style though, right? Sucking down cheap wine with her makeup all smeared from cryin' an' her face lookin' a frightful mess.

The fact that she's not started singing 90s loves songs into the crisp, late winter ai-

"There's nothin' wheah, we use ta lIe, conversatin' has run dry, Tha's wuss goin' on! Nothin's right I'm torn!" Nevermind.

Her belting is all off key with her thick Jersey accent drawing all manner of stares where her RPG is just icing on the preverbial cake. She hasn't seen Ivy yet, mostly cus she's drunk and aint payin' attention to her surroundin's. Which, fer a person under a manhunt is prolly not advisable.

"Ivy?" Perking slightly, Mad Dogg dangling from her hand, up near her mouth, she turns towards familiar voice. "IVY!"

Scampering, the demure psychopath falls off the back of the bench going face first into questionably yellow snow and comes up on hands and knees to crawl a few feet, onto her feet, in a rush towards the Green suited Extreme Botanist! "IVY! When'd ya get outta Arkham?!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy turns her head and looks curiously at Harley, as if wondering why her friend is right here in the park looking all disheveled and Jersey, "Harley," she repeats finally. She opens her arms and starts to smile, as if to say, 'Yep it's me, that Ivy lady'.

Ivy puts up a finger and her green lips curl up into a small little smile, "Yesterday," she says as if that was a date to remember, "I...discovered something. Something...wonderful. It really was beautiful. And it helped me find the kids and brainstorm an escape plan. Wasn't really much, the kids helped me out in the end. I never thought to ask them before---well I guess they sorta volunteered anyway," she says and rambles a little in a totally psychotic way.

Ivy walks up to Harley and dusts off her clothes, wiping the wet slush off her shoulder from falling in the snow, "It's good to see you," she tells her.

Harley Quinn has posed:

At full speed, and only picking up more as she nears Ivy, Harley leaps into a full body hug. Legs and arms wrapping around her friend, sharing in the slush if she's not shoved away before impact. Maybe even knocking them both down! WHO KNOWS! Ivy made Harls super strong afterall.

"Remembah when I said tha' lady want't to do tha interview with me at Arkham? Well she totally ask't me to come visit her-" That is not at all what happened, "-So I broke out that night aftah lights out, which is why I missed Salsbury steak night Sunday... an' ya /know/ how much I love Salsbury Steak night!"

Air cuddles! Every part wrapping around the Insane Botantist of doom!

"I'm glad ya heah, there's somethin' I wanted ta tell ya cus I know ya don't do tha electronic social media...." Big wet puckery, Mad Dogg kiss of Ivy's cheek, "I'm goin' green... or Blue, whatevah color is synonymous wit bein' a hero!"

Which very likely does not change the fact that she's got a manhunt.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy nearly topples over from the Harlbomb and oofs and eefs as she sorta flails at the hug. She puts her arms around Harley and hugs her, at least to keep from falling on her ass or to keep Harley from falling on her ass too, because she's nice like that.

Ivy suddenly smiles at Harley and chuckles, as if she's discovered a little joke, "That's what I discovered," she says and taps Harley onna nose with her index finger, "The Green," she adds, "And it helped me. I think it wants me to stop fooling around and help the Earth. Yes, I'm sure it does," she explains.

Ivy turns Harley's chin and points with her into the sky, "It was so beautiful. Green everywhere. Yes, I see now that we're both on the same mission. Right? If you're going green, well! I know the Green--you're here going green...I'm already green---oh my it's wonderful," she blabs like an insane person.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I unnah'stan some of them words, jus' not in the order ya said'em!" Harley is all grins once she's standing back on her own two feet, looking around with her pig-tails flopping in every direction as she tries to find her discarded bottle of hooch... THERE IT IS! She bends right over to grab it, totally flexable, totally not given a hoot that a group of twelve year olds an' their dad just stared her down. "Ya wanna drink?"

Holding it out to Ivy after swallowing some herself. The sleeve of her jacket runs across each cheek, head tilting, as if she's trying to clear some of the running makeup, but it just smears it worse. Dark smudges with blue shadow running down her left cheek, "So yer gonna go all heroic too?! This is why we're best frien's.. it's like our periods are sync'd up!" Big silly grin and manic eyes.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy holds up her hand and tilts it dismissively, as if to say 'Nope, uh uh'. "You're right this time, my dear. The world has aligned and it's told me---told us what to do," she says in a sorta nonspecific way. "It must have been waiting for me to start listening. How strange," she muses as Harley downs some liquor like a homeless Grandma. She frowns and looks disapprovingly at those eyeing Harley's backside.

Ivy looks carefully at Harley again. She tilts her head as she looks at Harley's make-up and scrambled hair, her own red hair fluttering so perfectly off her green shoulder. The red hair is curled a little and looks in good condition for a convict's doo, "Were you crying? What's wrong?" she wonders.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It aint nothin'..." Harley doesn't say much about the world communicatin' with'em, on account of someone is always communicating with things in her head is sort of her schtick. Ivy's talkin' to trees? Whatevah! No judgement from the Clown Princess. The part about crying though? She rubs at her cheeks more feverishly trying to clear any evidence of this away on her leather sleeve!

"Nah, ain't been cryin', you been cryin'..." CHERP... her phone sings too legit for a second and she fishes it out of her back pocket. Temporarily depositing the bottle of booze between her thighs long enough to send off a tweet, then replace it in her pocket. "Nothin's wrong, Ive's.. I'm jus' a normal girl goin' through normal girl things!" With her usual amounts of insane grinning and wide eyed manic!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy purses her lips in a motherly investigative type way, "What? Oh, that's okay," she says and tugs on Harley to walk down the path with her, "We will go be normal. We'll save some trees, grow some plants, and be heroic. I think /everyone/ will appreciate that," she says and nods her head as if thinking about that good idea.

She tugs Harley to a stop and looks up into a part in the trees...at the sun. She smiles. The loving sun through the wonderful trees. "Well!" she begins, snapping back to their discussion, "Now we need a plan," she explains and looks back at Harley with some interesting anticipation.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Hold on, gotta grab somethin'." Harley holds up a finger to stall their departure long enough for her to job back over to the bench and hoist the rocket launcher up onto her shoulder. There is an understandable amount of apprehension seeing one Harley Quinn carrying a rocket propelled grenade launcher, but she doesn't notice them noticing as she closes the distance with Pamela. "OKAY!"

Grinning like a loon.

The weapon dangles down on her back, held by the trigger assembly in one hand like someone just carryin' their back single shouldered! Totally normal. "I was thinkin' maybe we jus'... ya know how we do all that bad stuff before? Well we don't do that no more.. instead when other people do bad stuff, we stop'em.. or, like, if they're litterin'-" Like that guy over there who totally missed the trashcan with his StarBUST coffee container.

Harley narrows her eyes and levels the Rocket Launcher, "Wanna start with him or give'em a pass? I'm okay wit blowin' his ass up if ya want.. but I think it sends mixed messages."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy just sorta stares strangely at the small woman with the rocket launcher. She holds up a finger as if to caution Harley, "Hold on a moment---" she begins, prepping her best speech but Harley carries on and Ivy sorta follows her logic. Sorta. She looks over at the fat guy who totally missed the garbage with his coffee cup and her mouth drops open. The coffee cup rolls onto the slush and the grass...leaking a little coffee over the lip down into the brown blades just trying to survive...just trying to live for the next day. The coffee remnants cake over the grass and start to soak down into them like an evil infection, "Oh! OH no!" she lets out. She frowns and points accusingly at the fat man, "LOCK AND LOAD!" she lets out loudly.

Ivy then blinks and freaks out, "Wait wait wait!" she adds, grabbing at Harley's hand, "You'll hit the trees, wait!!!! WAIT!"

Harley Quinn has posed:

Harley already had the RPG up and the big guy was already about to make twosies in his pants seeing the crazy looking blonde woman with her rocket launcher ready to fire, "FOX FIVE RE- Wait?" Glancing up and over her finger hovering on the button what will let fly the blast... staring at her friend with narrowed eyes, "Yer killin' me Smalls.. do ya want me to blow his ass up'er not?!"

It turns out to be Litter Georges' lucky day.

Harley giggle snorts at Ivy and shrugs the weapon off her shoulder to lay upon the pink Smiley face on her back, "Let tha' be a lesson to ya! 1. Coffee aint really that good for ya, kay? Look't at ya, ya don't need a venti caramel macchiato, ya need a Venti cardio program... an' B. -" Yes, she switched numbers to letters, "-Litterin' is bad fer the environmentalisms. Ya tryin' to make the sad Indian Chief cry? Is tha' yer plan? Get outta' here..." Waving both hands, "Pick up the cup first."

He does so.

Bright beaming smile up at Ivy, "See? I'm a good guy now."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy blinks and holds up her hands as if to raise alarm, ready to shout or jump around, or something to stop the impending violence against plants. She suddenly sighs contently as she averts the launch just in time. She shakes her head as Harley talks to the fat man, mostly because he's so darn fat and NEEDS a good speech. Ivy hugs Harley's shoulders, out of relief and celebration of her newfound heroism, "I spoke too soon, sorry," she begins and then smiles, her red hair fluttering again as she raises her chin to eye Harley, "You knew how to teach that guy right! Yes you did!" she lets out in a very pleased way.

Ivy then gazes out at the park again and over at the trash can just to make sure, but mostly at the trees, "And... no trees were hurt. Wonderful," she says and seems really pleased most by THAT fact, "If only things would go so well all the time."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Yeah, but the obvious problem is people are takin' pictures of Harley with an RPG standing with Poison Ivy, threatening people in the park. The context isn't gonna look good in their favor, when they leave out how the guy TOTALLY DESERVED IT for littering a single cup of trash on the mostly dead Gotham Grass.

One person phones the police, then another, then suddenly there's a whole squad of cop cars headed in their direction. These things have a tendency to spitball. Shit, as they say, rolls down hill...

When the sirens start, which isn't a terribly odd sound in Gotham but these are gettin' pretty close, Harley glances in their direction with a pronounced frown. Stopping whatever she was going to say to return Ivy's hug, she looks back and .. "We should prolly get outta here'er it's gonna be one heck of a short hero turn, yeah?" Taking a few hoping steps backwards away from Ivy, "Wanna meet back up at yer Garden later? I'll take'em fer a nice run through the park.. I've been workin' on my cardio an' I need filler pics for my gag reel on twitter anyways!"

Makeup smeared, grin as wide as her face, Harley bounces her brows. "I'm glad yer out, Ivy.. I miss't ya." And now she don't gotta think of that ol' neener head Mistah J.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Poison Ivy raises her nose as Harley looks concerned about the noise, "The sirens are for us?" she wonders. There's a little breeze that flutters backs Harley and Ivy, which makes her seem on edge. What's the park trying to tell her?

She looks around at the park for some answers, seemingly disappointed that The Man is cutting short her time with the trees, "That's why we have to fix people's priorities," she mutters, "My garden?" she wonders, then she remembers what Harley's talking about and smiles. Gardens always make her smile, especially The Garden. Ivy gets all motherly eyeing again at Harley's jokes but smiles all the same, "Please come by," she suggests, "We'll talk."